Dracoblader Godfest + New GFE (Sericha & Kio) Review


This coming Friday marks the debut of two new Godfest Exclusives (GFE), Sericha and Kio , along with a regular 5-Magic Stone Godfest. For the most part, this Godfest should be skipped as it will feature lackluster rates due to the non-Super status and mostly exists to bait players into trying to roll the two new cards.

As a whole, the two new Godfest Exclusives are wonderfully powerful and unique but will have significantly less applications for the average player. Their main strength comes from their Weapon Assist forms as they are able to transfer awakenings that were never available before.

This article will be focusing on the strengths of the two new Godfest Exclusives, Sericha and Kio.

Video commentary

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Do not roll in the Godfest

Low rates combined with the eventual return of Monster Hunter and YYH Collab means players should be saving their Magic Stones.

New Godfest Exclusives

The two new Godfest Exclusives may seem strange at first due to the mediocre value of their evolved forms and some players being unaware of how powerful the Weapon Assists are.

Weapon Assists are cards that will be solely used as inherits as they are able to provide additional awakenings to whichever card they are inherit onto. In the case of these two new cards, they are able to provide one popular Killer awakening (God God Killer or Dragon Dragon Killer) which translates into a 3x boost to personal damage against that respective spawn.

For everyday usage, it will have little applications as we tend to have more than enough damage already. Furthermore, their 8-turn cooldown when unskilled leaves a small window of opportunity to use the base skill. This is because their actives are middling overall and players will usually wish to retain their base card’s ability.

Where to use them?

I can foresee these cards having the most merit in a farming or Ranking Dungeon context. This is because both mediums are short enough to prevent charging up of the inherited skill along with the additional damage enabling players to have more team building flexibility.

Both these scenarios prizes speedy clears and being able to make less combos or requiring less subs/actives to kill a specific spawn is invaluable.

For example, using Sericha’s Weapon Assist on Sherias Roots will give him 81x effective damage against God type spawns. This would enable him to delete these spawns with relative ease and lowers the need to have additional damage/burst.

Expanding upon this, using Kio’s Weapon Assist on Yusuke will enable him to more effectively VDP against Dragon spawns as he will enjoy an additional 3x damage.

In essence, these Weapon Assists are the most potent way to add damage to any card but their short 8-turn cooldown paired with a middling active makes them challenging to use all the time.


The two new Godfest Exclusives are powerful due to their unique Weapon Assists but are not worth pursing during their debut Godfest. This Godfest is simply a regular 5-Magic Stone affair and will have terribly low rolling rates. Furthermore, Shericha and Kio will be featured again in the future and can be acquired when the rolling rates are stronger.

Let me know what you think about these two new cards along with how you would use them in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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22 thoughts on “Dracoblader Godfest + New GFE (Sericha & Kio) Review”

  1. Let me just say that I rely heavily on your advice about which godfests to roll in. I appreciate you sharing your experience. Others do that, but you explain your reasons and I can then decide if the advice applies to me.


  2. Hey, do you happen to know what the rest of the featured cards will be? I’m chasing Gremory, sylvie, reech, and saline.


    1. Also, I always appreciate your thoughts and insights on these GodFests. Helps me to make my decision to keep hoarding my stones for better things. I’m over 100 right now. Will not roll this one.


  3. Hello Mantastic,I hope you are having a wonderful March so far. I wanted to ask if you were aware that this Dracoblader godfest is going to be a seperate REM with a separate lineup from the regular REM. While this might not change the terrible rates, I wanted to know what you thought of this change. And a random question for you: do you think these 2 new godfest exclusives are women or just very beautiful guys?


    1. The rates for this Godfest are pretty horrible regardless if it is a different machine and I would avoid rolling. Also, DBDC is coming back on Monday

      As for women or beautiful guys, I have no idea as GH is sneaky


  4. Let me get this straight, so if your opponent is not gods or dragons, and you “accidentally” max skilled their active, then the dracos are just mediocre, am I right?


  5. 11 rolls and got sumire, green guan Yu, mitsuhide, kushinada, green knight, minazuki, blue valkyrie, robin, xiahou dun and couple riders, all dupes as usual, but rolled 3 diamonds out of 11, so the drop rate is actually not that bad for a 5 stone GF tbh.


  6. Lol whenever i see GODFEST i always role and this time i accually got draco dude child whatever. Lol i would never have done if i’de seen this page


    1. Another two 6-stars I rolled, that makes it total of 5 diamonds out of 15 pulls, guys I really think that this GF is worth a try… btw congrats on rolling Dracos 🙂


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