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JP 8th Anniversary Stream (Feb 20) Predictions/Hopes


PAD is an incredibly old game from a mobile standard and it is somewhat amazing that we are still playing after thousands of days.

As such, new content has to be continuously released in order to keep players excited/happy and anniversary streams tend to have a higher degree of hype. This is a common practice across all games (Fire Emblem Heroes is the other I play) and even though we are stuck 1-2 months behind JP in regards to content, it is still exciting to see what new big things are coming to PAD.

This post will mostly be a conversational piece that talks about features/content I would like to see in the future as well as being a place for my readers to voice their thoughts and concerns.

The PAD 8th year anniversary stream will take place on Feb. 20.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Quality of life improvements

The landscape of PAD has greatly changed over the years as we have had several major UI overhauls along with changes to improve our overall experience outside of dungeons. Continue reading JP 8th Anniversary Stream (Feb 20) Predictions/Hopes