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New GFE: Sitri, Dantalion, and Paimon Review and Analysis


What’s better than a new GFE being introduced? How about three! Sitri 2993, Dantallion 2991, and Paimon 2997 are all coming to North America and are following the cross-meta pattern to trigger their leader skills along with powerful actives alongside. In addition to all sharing the cross formation, they all are heavily skewed towards orb enhances as their primary damage enhancement as crosses can only utilize 5 orbs at a time.

Video commentary

Sitri review

Sitri – 5* GFE
Devil / Healer
3,306 HP / 1,442 ATK / 835 RCV
897 Total
Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb

Active Skill:
Fire Green  Arrow Water
8 turn CD

Leader Skill:
1.35x HP / ATK for Devils. 3x ATK for clearing a water cross (max 2 in a 6×5 board)
1.82x HP / 147.62x ATK

  • Is only a 5-star GFE
  • One of the best double orb changers as you do not remove hearts
  • Amazing burst damage potential
  • Can control your damage via 16x with 1 water cross
  • Not as orb hungry as Sarasvati 3069 or You Yu You Yu
  • Has a small HP multiplier
  • An amazing sub or assistant via skill inheritance
  • Could be a pretty girl, but my vision is still blurry

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