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New GFE + Exchange Medal + 10 Magic Stone Super Godfest – April 2021


Today marks the debut of three new 7-star Godfest Exclusives (GFE) who will be available through the current Super Godfest. Furthermore, all players who log in between April 16 – May 9 will receive a special 9-Year Anniversary Medal which can be exchanged for one of the three new GFE .

This means players can choose their most desired card and not have to gamble with rolling or spending Magic Stones. As such, the question of who to choose will be on the forefront many player’s minds and there is no easy answer as all three provide value in their own way. Building upon this, if you are unable to make a decision, there is no rush as once you acquire the Exchange Medal, it does not expire. This means you can wait and see if your Box develops in a particular way which in turn makes one choice better overall. Finally, players who are at or near Rank 1000 will eventually receive the Rank 1000 machine in a future update (soonish) where 3/5 cards available are these new 7-star Godfest Exclusives.

Regardless of all this, I will be taking a closer look at each of the new 7-star GFEs to give players a better idea of how to use them in hopes of making a meaningful decision for their Exchange Medal.

Finally, this article will also take a look at the current Super Godfest as it does feature quite a lucrative line up with notable collateral benefits for newer players.

Video commentary

New Godfest Exclusives

The 9-Year Anniversary Medal can be Monster Exchanged for one of the three new GFEs and once this Medal is in your Monster Box, it will not expire which means you can wait and see how your Box develops if none of the three options are appealing right now. Continue reading New GFE + Exchange Medal + 10 Magic Stone Super Godfest – April 2021