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8p PvP Breakdown & Strategies


PAD is primarily a solo-oriented game and while it does have the option for multi-player, it is many times only used in 2-player with both accounts being owned by the same person.

Regardless of that, the latest update has brought us 8-player PvP (Player vs Player) which is surprisingly fun as it utilizes various Fixed Teams and features a scoring system akin to Ranking Dungeons as Matching Bonuses, combos, and Time remaining all play a key role.

Due to the Fixed team nature of this game mode, all players can participate as your Monster Box and progression is not tied to your potential here which means everyone can enjoy this.

This article will highlight some basic strategies to help improve your performance in 8p PvP for Horus, Bastet, and Isis Fixed teams.

Video commentary

Turn Skill Off

You will be using actives so having your Skills set to Off will save time:

Others -> Options -> Dungeon -> Skills Off Continue reading 8p PvP Breakdown & Strategies