8p PvP Breakdown & Strategies


PAD is primarily a solo-oriented game and while it does have the option for multi-player, it is many times only used in 2-player with both accounts being owned by the same person.

Regardless of that, the latest update has brought us 8-player PvP (Player vs Player) which is surprisingly fun as it utilizes various Fixed Teams and features a scoring system akin to Ranking Dungeons as Matching Bonuses, combos, and Time remaining all play a key role.

Due to the Fixed team nature of this game mode, all players can participate as your Monster Box and progression is not tied to your potential here which means everyone can enjoy this.

This article will highlight some basic strategies to help improve your performance in 8p PvP for Horus, Bastet, and Isis Fixed teams.

Video commentary

Turn Skill Off

You will be using actives so having your Skills set to Off will save time:

Others -> Options -> Dungeon -> Skills Off

Scoring breakdown

Wave Clear Bonus scores Points based on how many floors you were able to successfully clear. It is possible to “time out” which will result in a lower score as less Waves are cleared along with no Remaining Time points.

Matching Bonus

Matching specific patterns yields bonus points throughout the dungeon along with the chance to secure even more post-dungeon during Results Screen.

Not every team will have access to all Matching Bonus as the awakenings have to actually be present in order to trigger the Bonus

Post-dungeon Bonus Points

The player who was able to fulfill the following requirements better than any other player will a bonus 10,000 Points per category:

  • Max number of Combos in a single turn
  • Max Damage in a single turn
  • Number of Matching Bonuses made (eg. 12x TPA TPA, 2 FUA  = 14)

Modified actives & awakenings

In 8p mode, various cards will have different actives and awakenings catered specifically for their respective Fixed team. Always check before entering as cards you normally expect to do XYZ may now  provide a different benefit.

Horus Team

Must match 4 colours for damage, 5 for maximum multiplier

  • Primary Matching Bonus: TPA TPA Fire Water Light Dark
    • 600 points per TPA (x12)
  • Secondary Matching Bonus: L Green Light
    • 800 points per L (x2)
  • FUA needed on Floor 2 & 6
    • Dark Kali Dark Kali & Rozuel are your only source of Heart generation
  • Rozuel provides 3x ATK buff but removes Light
    • Make sure all 4 other colours are present or use a Kali after
  • Sending 1 Jammer to other players feels underwhelming
    • 2 Board changers to remove it

Bastet Team – No Dark orbs

Match as many combos as possible but use RBG Rows to maximize score.

  • Primary Matching Bonus: Row Fire Row Water Row Wood Row
    • 1,000 points per Row (x5)
  • Make SFUA (3×3 Heart Box) on Floor 5 to overcome Super Resolve
    • Saves an entire turn
  • Use Orb Changer () & Burst () to overcome final floor
    • Helps ensure maximum damage bonus

Isis Team

Match 3 colours, use an active to provide 1.5x ATK

Isis  active is a 1 turn CD that provides 6 orbs of each colour. Solving this board with a single Dark Row yields 9 combos and is reasonably easy to do so. I feel that this is the best approach overall.

Matching a Row will yield the highest damage

  • Matching Bonus: Dark Rows Dark row
    • 400 points per Row (x2)
  • ATK buff via Alfecca provides a more reliable way to achieve higher damage
    • Use right before you time out to bolster your damage
  • Cross Fire Dark
    • 500 points per Cross
  • L  Light Dark
    • 400 points per L
  • Matching Bonus: TPA TPA Water
    • 100 points per TPA (x5)
  • 3 different offensive actives to attack other players
    • 1 turn Cloud
    • 2 Jammers
      • Countered by Isis board change
    • -50% movement time
      • Countered by Firo buff

What to do with BP/EP?

Your total/cumulative BP (Battle Points) is used to unlock various (and lucrative) achievements; however, many of these will require a massive amount. As such, these will be a long term goal but there may be future events to make this go faster.

EP (Event Points) do not seem to have a use yet? Maybe when an Event goes live…?

Icon shop

The Icon Shop lets you purchase a display icon that is visible to all other players. The icons available to you are restricted to cards you have either acquired or seen in a dungeon (seeing may or may not be true). This is purely cosmetic and purchasing a new Icon requires a copious amount of in Game coins.

The cost appears to be 100,000,000 Coins per Rarity (number of stars) for the respective card.


8-player is a surprisingly fun game mode and I truly hope we will get either new teams or more events to encourage players to participate. At the time of releasing this article, I believe we could only get 4 humans with the Auto Match but that will probably change in the future.

With that being said, let me know what you think about 8p PvP in the comment below.

Happy Puzzling!

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3 thoughts on “8p PvP Breakdown & Strategies”

  1. In the achievement section the last one at the bottom say bosses killed in match play. I’ve done that several times on the Horus 8 player mode but still say uncleared for even one kill. What am I missing


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