[Review] January 18 Content Update – New Evolutions & Snow Globe Noir Buff


The January 18th content update brought the release of three new Egyptian 1 Reincarnated evolutions along with a buff to the Snow Globe Noirs 1006. However, many people are left with a feeling of disappointment as the wrong chicken received a new evolution. This review will quickly go over how the new Egyptian 1’s fit in today’s meta as they are in somewhat of an awkward place at the moment.

Video commentary

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Egyptian 1 background

3272 Isis 3384 3273 3385

The Egyptian 1 pantheon have all received reincarnated evolutions with the exception of Isis. This pantheon is one of the oldest in Puzzle and Dragons and for a while contained some of the strongest leaders the game had to offer. They went through a wild roller coaster ride ups and down for a few years. Presently speaking, they are in somewhat slump for a period of time now. Their main problem was the dependency on using  an active skill to achieve their full multiplier which lowers their potency.

Active skill reliance places constraints on your clear potential as you have to either stall for actives or simply sacrifice a team slot for a quick charging ability. You are able to work around this in short dungeons or through coop in order to guarantee an active skill every turn but may struggle in dungeons with non-fixed spawns as it is harder to plan around.

Reincarnated Horus
Devil / God / Attacker
3,875 HP / 2,164 ATK / 630 RCV
1,000 Total
Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist TPA TPA

Active Skill:
Enhance all fire orbs
+2s to orb movement time for 1 turn
4 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
4x ATK with 4 colours. 5x ATK with 5. 2x ATK & RCV when active skill is used
100x ATK / 4x RCV

Pros Cons
  • Flexible Leader Skill
  • 1,000 weighted stats
  • 100x ATK
  • Short cooldown can inherit easily
  • Double SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Cover Fire & Water
  • Can use orb changers
  • Active skill reliant for damage
  • RCV is tied active skill
  • Damage is okay
  • Wrong chicken

Reincarnated Horus has always traded a higher damage multiplier for greater consistency. This worked well when he was first released as there were fewer options to choose from along with most of the content not requiring amazingly high multipliers. However, in today’s meta, it is just not worthwhile as we now have access to board refreshes and time extends. Thus, the safety net is no longer required and is actually hurting his potential overall.

A 100x rainbow leader is perhaps average nowadays. Unfortunately, being average is not really good enough as you ideally want to have a card who excels in one particular aspect. Furthermore, having a large percentage of your multiplier tied to the usage of an active skill truly kills Horus’s potential. Without an active skill, you will only be able to achieve 25x ATK along with 1x RCV. If his RCV component was passively built into his leader skill, he could at least stall. Sadly, if you want to heal, you must also use an active and run the risk of killing the floor as well.

With all that being said, Horus has some merits, most notably his potential to act as a sub on various teams. His base cooldown is only 4 turns and allows you to easily inherit something over top along with covering the awkward Fire and Water elements. Furthermore, he has dual Skill Bind Resistance which can greatly ease team building constraints in solo mode. Finally, his dual TPA and massive base attack will allow Horus to achieve amazing burst damage.

Reincarnated Bastet
Devil / God / Balance
4,760 HP / 1,757 ATK / 519 RCV
1,000 Total
Poison resist Time Extend Poison resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Time Extend TPA Enhanced Wood Orb TPA

Active Skill:
Mass attack for 3 turns
+2s to orb movement time for 1 turn
5 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
3x ATK with 5 combos. Scales up to 5x with 9 combos. 2.5x ATKwhen active skill is used
156.25x ATK

Pros Cons
  • Scaling Leader Skill
  • 1,000 weighted stats
  • 156.25x ATK
  • Short cooldown can inherit easily
  • Flexible team building
  • Cute
  • Active skill reliant for damage
  • 25x at 9 combos is weak
  • Damage is okay
  • Base active is weak

Reincarnated Bastet is a massive improvement to her Awoken form as it significantly boosts her maximum damage from her previous 36x. In addition, you have a higher combo threshold for additional damage (7->9) along with a stronger multiplier when using an active skill. This further cements Bastet as a glass cannon leader as she still has no defensive multiplier component.

Like Horus, Bastet can only offer up to 25x ATK without an active skill and will make it challenging to use her efficiently in content that requires a large amount of damage repeatedly. However, when using an active skill, you are able to deal lethal damage as you can efficiently stack TPA TPA awakenings. Granted you do lose out on your maximum damage multiplier, but if your team has enough TPA, the lower combo count can be justified. In fact, 7 combos (which is a realistic amount) will result in 100x ATK and that should be sufficient for most content as she is leading a mono wood team.

When compared to Acetet Cross Bastet, Reincarnated Bastet wins out from a maximum multiplier point of view along without running the risk of flooding the board with wood and compromising combos. However, Acetet is superior from a combo perspective if no active skill is used. Acetet can achieve up to 64x ATK and gains her additional multiplier from matching 3 wood combos. This wood combo clause will usually result in an active skill being used, but will force you to bring more orb changers by comparison.

Reincarnated Bastet is better able to load up on utility-based actives as you do not require numerous wood orbs and can simply rely on the higher base multiplier and a TPA match. Another thing to consider is the risk of using God Killer God Killer on Acetet which could lead to the inability to kill certain absorb bosses (most notably Sopdet). Finally, Reincarnated Bastet has a shorter cooldown along with higher weighted stats.

Reincarnated Anubis
Devil / God / Balance
5,048 HP / 1,450 ATK / 618 RCV
1,001 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Time Extend Auto heal Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Auto heal Bind Clear awakening

Active Skill:
Green Jammer Poison Arrow Dark
4 turns counterattack
8 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
5x ATK with 9 combos. 10x with 11 combos. 3x ATK when active skill is used
900x ATK

Pros Cons
  • Has some damage control
  • 1,001 weighted stats
  • 900x ATK
  • Unbindable with Bind Clear awakening
  • Active removes hazards
  • Niche counterattack
  • One true God
  • Inconsistent activation
  • Skyfall/praying required
  • No defensive multiplier
  • Active has a long cooldown

Reincarnated Anubis is a significant improvement to his Awoken form as you only require 11 combos for maximum damage along with active skill usage and 9 combo damage being improved. This somewhat lowers the risk involved along with providing some form of damage control as you can activate 9x damage with an active skill.

A 6×5 board can provide at most 10 combos with a perfect distribution. Unfortunately, the more likely scenario is a board with 7-8 combos and after matching perfectly, praying for adequate skyfalls is required. This playstyle is incredibly risky along with inconsistent as there will be many times where the skyfalls are not in your favour.

Reincarnated Anubis brings up to 30x ATK by himself and has some potential to pair with 7×6 leaders even if they have lower damage multipliers. Unfortunately, the best option currently is to use Aten 3268.

Shifting away from a leadership role, Reincarnated Anubis has strong potential on mono dark teams due to his bind immunity and recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening. This enables Anubis to clear 3 turns of binds with a single row of hearts. This would be more helpful if he had a heart generating active, but you can always inherit something over top his own active.

Finally, looking at Anubis’s active skill, it has a reasonably long cooldown for the benefits it provides. Most single orb changer plus hazard removal is pinned at 7 turns along with a turn of haste. Thus, you are trading haste and an additional turn for the occasionally useful counterattack. Counterattack has most applications against resolve bosses that have a 1% attack you can survive. This will enable you to instantly kill the boss as their ability will hit you and then have the counterattack hit and kill them. Perhaps the best example of this is against Zeus & Hera as their damage goes out before the healing component.

Snow Globe Noir Buffs

Snow Globe Noirs 1006 have been buffed to provide 3 million off-colour experience instead of the original 2. Hooray.


The new Egyptian 1 evolutions are nice, but not necessarily game breaking. They do add another dimension to leadership potential, but many players are probably disappointed by no Ra Dragon 3265 as he is one of the most anticipated evolutions to be released.

How do you feel about the new evolutions?

Happy Puzzling!

20 thoughts on “[Review] January 18 Content Update – New Evolutions & Snow Globe Noir Buff”

  1. hmmm thinking to change my acetet to revo bestcat and geting me that country chicken with 1 CD case closed 😀 and i think hey the longer we wait for the True chicken for his badass chicken transformation the better cuz more time for the preparations


    1. Well we have been waiting for Ra Dragon for a while now. Granted it does not impact me as I don’t own him, but I do want the other MP cards to be released as I do have Yomi


  2. This update makes me realize there really hasn’t been anything interesting released in quite a while, except for Bleach (and a lesser extent FF). All the reincarnations, while interesting, are very samey to their awoken forms, and the Wisdom Kings have yet to make much of a splash. The UUvo MP dragons are something of game changers, which is why I think people are so salty about their slow rollout outside of JP.


    1. I agree that there has been a certain degree of slug-ishness for content being released. I find myself simply buttoning SDR to dump stamina as I don’t have much to play atm outside of random small side projects


  3. I’ve got Horus and Bastet since my first PAD days… well, I’m not really interested in evolving them, I’ve got a lot of stronger cards to play with.
    Also, as a Krishna player, even ReHorus isn’t really useful :/

    Well, where’s the Tan evo? ^^’

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Friendlist changed into Revo Bastet from Acetet. I have dupe Bastet and of course made Revo form too. My 3 green combo leaders – Awoken Kushi, Acetet and Revo Bastet – I like Revo the least. Damage is too low without using skill. I’m OK with doing 8+ combos every turn – it’s like 5kk + damage per card with Acetet and only 2kk with Revo.
    Come on, why everyone thinks she’s better? 😐


    1. People tend to favour RBastet because the damage is both more controllable and higher. You can throw in TPA matches more efficiently than Ace along with having an easier time in A1 due to no God Killer and Sopdet.

      However, the differences are quite small and I would still use what you prefer


  5. I wish ReAnubis’ atk multiplier started at 8 combos like D/L Anubis. I’ve been pairing with D/L Kanna to get some practice with ReAnubis. Still a lot of Skyfall/praying required though.


  6. This is off topic, sorry, but is wukong a better sub than A. DQXQ for myr since he has better awakenings, or is DQXQ’s extra row more important?

    Also glad to see Baste’ts new form….. on my first account (almost 2 years ago) she was my favorite goddess for most dungeons!

    Unfortunately I have yet to roll one on this account…..


  7. Bastet has been my main lead since I awoken evolved her, got me through a whole bunch of content. While I wish her reincarnated evo had some defensive component, the damage buff is very nice. My team consists of:
    Revolution bastet (Guan Yu inherit)
    Awoken Meimei(soon to be extra awoken meimei inherit)
    Max evo Osiris(archangel Michael inherit)
    Awoken Susano
    Flex, either awoken amazing for binds or ult spica

    Is there anything you would recommend to make this team better?


  8. I currently use New Year’s Chicken on a Krishna team and have considered replacing him with the Awoken Chicken. With the TPAs, it be worth switching the team focus from rows to TPAs (one reason I was hesitant to evolve Shiva). Currently, I run Krishna, New Year’s Horus, RGY, Uriel, and Shiva (evolved, but not ultimate), but I feel that the performance is mediocre.


    1. With that outlined team, I would switch to Shiva as a leader. Both Shiva and Krishna has similar multipliers, but Krishna is far better played as a row leader.

      TPA Krishna requires 10 orbs for maximum activation and will not deal that much damage. By comparison, Shiva only requires 4 fire orbs for massive damage and will quickly blitz through content by comparison.

      Reincarnated Horus makes a strong sub on Shiva due to the dual TPA and modest OE.

      For perspective, maxed Shivas hit for ~2 million with a TPA and 7 total combos


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