Scorching Hunting Grounds Godfest Review and New Cards Analysis

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or complement your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post which is in the process of being updated. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase any of the Monster Point cards, please refer to my updated Tier List for help and advice.

I also encourage you to visit my discord Discord server as it is full of knowledgeable and friendly people.


The Scorching Hunting Grounds Godfest will feature the highly desirable 5x Pantheon and GFE rates along with +50 to a random stat and a free Tamadra with every pull.

All of this may sound very appealing on paper, but you have to remember that there is only one pantheon being featured along with them being 6-star bases.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Rolls at a glance

Scorching Hunting Grounds Godfest
Tamadra Special occurring instead of Gala

Day 1

  3390 3391 3392   
  Sherias Roots Sherias 3372 3371 Gremory Ronove 2991
2993 2997  3268

Day 2

Kali Dark Kali Gadius Cross Typhon Ryune Saria Sylvie Ult Zuoh 3236
3414 3416  Eschamali Scheat Australis Fenrir Fenrir Viz Ult Tsubaki
Ult Sumire Ult Kaede 3233 

Ranking the cards – Pantheons & GFE

These rankings I assign cards are my own and take into consideration the card’s value as a leader, sub, inherit, and possibly any niche role they fulfill. In order to rank in the highest tier, the card has to excel in their respective role and cannot feasibly be replaced by anyone else. This can also be thought of as a Best in Slot card and tends to have applications on the top tier teams.

Despite my best to remain neutral, there is always the potential for bias and you need to be able to examine a card and determine if it can benefit your unique Monster Box and situation.

Legend guide

Symbols condense the time spent processing information and here is a brief explanation for each one I will use:


The best of the best. These cards compromise a best in slot role on top tier teams. They are largely irreplaceable and tend to offer something unique that cannot be easily replicated. This mostly exists to showcase the jump in power between the rest of the cards available.


All of the cards in this tier bring tremendous value to a variety of teams as either leaders, subs, or inherits that are challenging to mimic elsewhere. For example, Green Odin 3390 remains one of the strongest bind clears and only card that can remove 5 turns of awoken skill binds (outside of Odin Dragon 3264). It may not be paramount to your success, but is well worth owning overall.


This category indicates cards that have value, but are not as widely used/irreplaceable as the above tier(s). While they may make your life easier and still bring an additional layer of power to your team, they are far from necessary. With that being said, some of these cards could hold the key to your own teams as everyone has different tools to work with.


Cards in the question mark category tend to be those that are a luxury and are often not widely used for the average player. With that being said, they may bring niche value to your monster box or provide an additional option to use. A great example of this is Red Odin 3392 who is a premiere button farming option, but with the addition of Red Tamazo 3162, players at least have a “farmable” poison inherit along with the future implementation of Descend inherits.


This category indicates the bottom of the Puzzle and Dragons barrel. These cards tend to have almost minimal value as they simply do not fit in the current meta and are badly in need of a buff or new evolution to give them viability. With that being said, you should still keep them as they technically have the most potential for improvement.


This arrow indicates if a card has moved up since the last posting/tier list. The category/bracket they are placed in will be their new home and each arrow will show how many brackets they moved up (eg. 2 will indicate they climbed up two rankings).

This takes into consideration the the + and – within tiers.


This arrow indicates if a card has moved down since the last posting/tier list. The category they are placed in will be their new home and each arrow will show how many brackets they moved down (eg. 2 will indicate they were demoted down by two rankings).

This takes into consideration the the + and – within tiers.


A + indicates that these cards are relatively stronger than the other cards in that respective tier bracket and are trying to move up and may do so if a minor buff or new card/evo is released that can full capitalize on their strengths.

No plus/minus

No plus/minus indicates that the card is in the middle of their respective tier bracket.

A – indicates that this card is relatively weaker than the others in their respective tier bracket and are on the cusp of being demoted.

Three Kingdoms 2 overview

The Three Kingdoms 2 series features cards with the somewhat unique orb unlock ability. Being able to remove the locked orb status is another viable alternative to board refreshes (Keiji 3107 style), but can remove the randomness of new orbs falling down as most of the 3K2 come with an orb changing component.

While the orb unlocking feature is not needed in most scenarios, it can be invaluable against certain encounters and these cards can act as powerful inherits if you are more inclined to use stronger base subs.

A full, but somewhat dated, review of the 3K2 pantheon can be found HERE.

 Xiahou Don – B+

Fire TPA TPA teams are still somewhat relegated to Reincarnated Shiva 3241 who is still a respectable leader, but is certainly falling behind due to Powercreep. As such, Xiahou Don may struggle to find a suitable home to take advantage of his dual TPA and 7 Combo 45 awakenings unless you play the Water Male Hunter  in coop mode.

The Water Male Hunter has no typing or colour restriction and it is mostly a manner of filling your roster with as many 7 Combo/TPA cards possible. Thus, Xiahou (and the rest of his pantheon) has a viable home provided you build around their base orb changer.

In addition, his leadership potential to make a 7×6 board is outclassed by Diablos . This may seem like an unfair comparison, but you do not actually need to own Diablos to take advantage of his incredible leadership potential and thus somewhat obsoletes most other 7×6 leaders. As such, Xiahou Don and all the other 3 Kingdoms 2 cards have little merit as a 7×6 leader outside of very niche ranking dungeon scenarios (will that ever come back?).

Thus, Xiahou Don is mostly condemned to a specialized inheritance role as a means to unlock orbs while generating fire and dark orbs without removing hearts.

 Gan Ning – B+

Gan Ning shares the same awakenings template as Xiahou Don while also suffering from a lack of an ideal home to take advantage of his awakenings outside of the Blue Male Hunter .

The main goal of Blue Hunter teams is to populate your roster with as many 7 Combo/TPA cards as possible along with a sprinkling of Time Extend Time Extend awakenings. HP/RCV values tend to be of less importance due to the 2.25x multiplier providing sufficient survivability for the majority of content.

Thus, the main hurdle to overcome for using Gan Ning on Blue Hunter teams is trying to not use Dark or Wood subs as his base active skill will convert them into Water and Fire respectively.

 Ma Chao – B+

All of the above points for Xiahou Don and Gan Ning apply to Ma Chao, except he has merits on mono wood combo teams. However, this archetype is heavily on the decline and Ma Chao’s best value will probably be on Blue Hunter teams.

Just remember, he can produce Wood and Light orbs and can act as an inherit for those teams respectively.

  Diaochan – S

Diaochan has risen in popularity for her powerful kit and not just for her tasteful sideboob. She is the only 3K2 card who does not posses an orb changer and instead trades that for +2 seconds to move orbs along with orb unlocking on a 2 turn cooldown. While this may seem underwhelming at first, it is actually amazingly powerful for combo-oriented leaders, especially Anubis 3385.

With double Diaochan, you are able to use their base active skill every single turn which has beautiful synergy with the active skill clause for Anubis. Furthermore, their 7 combo awakening ensures they deal spectacular damage while the 20% dark and light damage reduction helps ensure you survive various encounters/preemptives.

If you do not plan on using Diaochan for her base active, she can act as a powerful base for Skill Inheritance as she can carry a valuable active skill while only adding 2 turns to the overall timer. Furthermore, this can allow you to use her base skill towards the end for a little extra orb movement time and orb unlock.

In addition to Anubis, Diaochan can be utilized on Kushinadahime  teams for her healer typing and 7 Combo awakenings.

Overall, Diaochan is a fantastic sub on combo oriented teams and two of her can complete an active skill system to fulfill active skill clause requirements.

 Sima Yi – S-

Sima Yi has the most relevance on mono dark teams as he acts like a lesser Haku . While that may sound negative, it is actually a high compliment as Haku is simply one of the best cards in the game.

Sima Yi carries dual TPA and 7 Combo awakening and only loses out due to the lack of Healer typing (for Kushinadahime) and lower weighted stats. However, Sima Yi may have a more meaningful active skill in various scenarios and takes out the luck factor as you will know exactly how many orbs will be produced.

Being able to produce both Dark and Water orbs is Fantastic for Dark Athena 3193 teams, but also has value on other teams due to the fact that you condense your board down to Water, Wood, Dark, and Heart orbs.

Outside of beautiful mono Dark synergy, you can also use Sima Yi on Blue Hunter teams to arguable the best success as you do not break Dark orbs while also producing water.

Samurai Series 2 overview

The Samurai Series 2 is the latest pantheon to be released in NA/EU and they are trying their best to push the envelope of Powercreep through amazing actives and incredible awakenings.

Just be aware that all of these cards are 6-star bases which lowers their overall roll rates. Furthermore, their evolution is an Awoken one which changes their active skill. As such, you need to decide which is more vital to your success as the non-awoken form is going to be mostly an inherit.

Remember, their board changers can be utilized across different colour teams and the bind clearing aspect can be invaluable for upgrading a bind-immune card.

Due to the fact that they were featured in the previous Godfest, I am simply copy/pasting the same information again.

 Inahime – A

Inahime is able to produce a board of fire, wood, and heart orbs along with a secondary benefit depending on which evolution you pursue. Her non-awoken form will add +2 combos while awoken grants 3 turns of bind and awoken bind clear.

Both of these are incredibly powerful and it is worth noting that the +2 combo mechanic is quite rare, especially when paired with a valuable board changer. Furthermore, you can use it to upgrade an existing Verdandi  on Kushinadahime  teams.

On the flip side, the 3 turns of bind and awoken bind clear is valuable, but is not sufficient to clear Linthia’s 5 turns so Green Odin 3390 may still be the desired choice in some situations.

As a sub, Inahime will be a wonderful support sub due to her bind immunity, bind clearing capability paired with a powerful board changer. Furthermore, her other utility-based awakenings help solidify her as a powerful support card.

As a leader, she is able to provide 16x on her own, but is unable to clear 3 connected orbs. Thus, you require 8 fire orbs for your offensive and defensive multiplier (25% damage mitigation). As such, I feel she would be too inconsistent for challenging content.

 Nene – A

Nene is a colour changed version of Inahime as she has the option of +2 combos in her non-awoken form and 3 turns of bind and awoken bind clear in her awoken evolution. Furthermore, she shares the same utility-based awakenings and awkward leader skill.

As such, you will probably use Nene in a similar manner, but water already has a natural +2 combo card through Khepri and Meridionalis so it is not as unique.

However, being able to produce a board of water, light, and heart orbs is relatively new/unique and finally lends a combo synergy for Wukong  and Gabriel Gabriel

 Oichi – A+

Oichi is once again a colour-swapped version of Inahime, but her main novelty is 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost when Awoken.

This will help her compete with Tengu Tengu on farming teams, but has the added benefit of providing two SBR Skill Lock Resist awakenings which can be invaluable for Liu Bei A Liu Bei teams. Furthermore, her board changer produces wood, dark, and hearts which can be completely converted into wood via Liu Bei.

Finally, their dark and wood board changer paired with +2 combo count (non-awoken form) has tremendous potential for Kushinadahime and Noctis teams. Not only will it produce a high-combo board that can also heal, the +2 combo count acts as a damage enhance as it will allow you to hit maximum multiplier.

 Tachibana Ginchiyo – A

Tachibana differs from the Fire/Water/Wood sisters as she produces a 5-elemental board (all but Dark) along with trading bind immunity for two 7 combo 45 awakenings.

Dual 7 combo awakenings will provide them with 4x ATK which will most likely result in them being your hardest hitting card. Unfortunately, the active skill is less than desired.

Despite the fact that Kushinadahime is able to produce amazing amounts of damage from 8 combos, a board changer that does not produce dark orbs is terrible in this current meta (was thinking from an inherit point of view for +2 combos).

However, there is great potential for Tachibana to pair with Reincarnated Sakuya . This pairing will result in 100x ATK / 25% damage mitigation on a 7×6 board. Furthermore, Tachibana’s active skill has perfect synergy with their colour activation requirements. Furthermore, the dual 7 combo awakenings will deal amazing damage.

 Nohime – A-

Nohime mirrors Tachibana, but instead, they produce a board of fire, water, wood, dark, and heal orbs. Thus, their value is significantly higher due to the fact that dark orbs are included. Furthermore, Nohime can transfer stats to Haku while providing a +2 combo in their non-awoken form.

All of this leads to massive burst damage potential as let’s say that the board produces only 7 combos, it is pushed up to 9 and will more than likely sweep the floor. As a result, Nohime can act as both a burst and board changer for Kushinadahime teams.

Outside of their inheritance potential, Nohime can make a reasonable sub on combo-oriented teams as they provide three Skill Boosts, a board changer, and 75% damage reduction shield on top of their dual 7 combo awakenings. Unfortunately, it is harder to place them on a team as they lack God or Healer typing.

 Amenominakanushi – A

Amenominakanushi is a mouthful to say and is also the newest GFE to be added into the REM. Amen is akin to a row- oriented Aizen 3359 that is unfortunately awkward overall.

The main problem is that it is challenging to find relevant light cards with water sub-attributes. Furthermore, his damage output is heavily reliant on finding light cards with rows otherwise the  225x may feel “low”. Now 225x is still pretty amazing considering you have the potential to stack rows, but it may still be challenging to pierce through PreDRAs without 2 separate rows. However, this can be overcome by an active skill (usually budget one there anyway), but at least you only need to use an orb changer.

However, the ease in which you deal damage will be a drawback despite having a flat 36x ATK. This is because you generally need to stack rows which leads to fewer TPA and orb enhances so you are going to be modestly orb hungry despite 5 light orbs equaling to 81x.

All of this is not to say that Amenominakanushi is a poor card, it’s just that they are not heavily favoured in the current meta along with having less ideal subs compared to Aizen.

Pantheon tier list

Due to the way that Powercreep works and how GungHo does not actually nerf cards, I may have to do a soft reset in a few months where I demote everything but the very top down 1 ranking and then readjust if things have become stronger. Presently, I only demote cards if I have overvalued them or they have completely fallen out of the meta. However, this is not the case for this list’s ranking but may be something I do in the future.

Pantheon Tier List – July 14, 2017

  3385  3071 3449 Isis  3386 Carat Facet


   Blue Valk 

A Cao Cao 3110 Sheen 3387  3070  3243

     Raphael 3068 3069 3238 3101 Rozuel Ariel 3202 Dark Valk

3269 3062 2985  3241 3242
3384 3271 3103 3198 Cameo Avalon Drake Michael  Red Valk
GValk 2920

Awoken Ares     3105 Famiel
3200 Muse Silk 2918 Leeza   Awoken Archdemon Lucifer 3273

Uriel Gabriel   Set I&I 3270 3054 3056
3058 3060
 2982  2916 Nobunaga Valen Zeta Hydra Thor 
  Red Guan Yu Guan Yu  3272

Cerebrus Rider Green wee jas Hamal Fire Dragon Knight Water Dragon Knight Earth Dragon Knight Shining Dragon Knight Shadow Dragon Knight 
 Awoken Karin Genie

3239 3240 3450 3107 Thanatos  Wee Jas Laila Sharon Dark Chester
Light Zhuge Liang  Red Riding Hood Snow White Thumbelina  Sleeping Beauty
Thuban Sadalmelik Alnair Shedar Diadem  Green Zhuge Liang 2922 3204 3206

A Lu Bu Chiyome Hatsume Sasuke Fuma Hanzo arcline Shaitan Undine Sylph
 Dino Rider Merlin Rider Marine Rider Arthur Rider Gryps Rider
Nim Delgado Creuse Denebola Lucifer Griffan Rider
Kraken Rider Unicorn Rider

GFE tier list

I feel that having a tier list that visually ranks the various GFE against each other when looking at their viability as a leader, sub, assist, or niche role is beneficial. Being able to cover numerous aspects will result in a higher placing along with their value in rolling dupes. This will attempt to rate these cards from a general box point of view and your individual situation will dictate just how important each card is.

Generally speaking, if a this is your first time acquiring a GFE, it will have at least some value and you should never sell a non-duplicate card.

This is an updated list compared to last time to reflect the new evolutions that have been announced/released in JP. Within each tier, the cards are in no particular order and is simply how they appear in my icons master list or after reshuffling.

GFE Tier List – July 14, 2017
3414 Dark Kali 
 3390 Eschamali Ryune Saria 3235 Gremory Ronove 3391 3372
Ult Kaede 3260 Cross Typhon     3416 3233
Sylvie Scheat  2997 Ult Sumire Australis 2991 Fenrir Fenrir Viz Sherias Roots
 3392 Gadius 3370 3268 2993
Sherias Kali

Putting it all together

5x GFE and Pantheon rates apply.

Scorching Hunting Grounds – July 14, 2017
Day 1
Day 2
Dark Kali 3414

3391 3390 
  3372 Gremory
  Cross Typhon Ryune
Saria 3236 3416 Eschamali
Ult Tsubaki Ult Kaede 3233

  Sherias Roots 2991

 Sylvie Scheat Australis Fenrir
Fenrir Viz Ult Sumire
3392 3371 2993 3268
Ult Zuoh Gadius
 Sherias  Kali


The Scorching Hunting Grounds Godfest does have the appealing 5x rates, but the relative rarity of 6-star Pantheon cards will also be further compounded by the Tamadra Special occurring alongside instead of a meaningful Gala.

Let me know what you think about the this Godfest and whether or not you are planning on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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37 thoughts on “Scorching Hunting Grounds Godfest Review and New Cards Analysis”

  1. This doesn’t have anything to do with the God festival and was going to wait for when Super Ragnarok Dragon came to NA to found out it’s intended purpose but, would it be worth getting Ragnarok over Ra Dragon. I currently have Yomi and DAthena and have all the subs for Ra Dragon (even Revo Karin if I revo Isis). I can’t tell if Ragnarok is an amazing sub or a luxury sub or possibly a leader. I’m pretty set on Ra but, I don’t want to make a wrong purchase if I have the MP.


    1. ragdra’s ideal team is 3 of himself plus 2 other color coverage subs, if you already have 2 dkalis just get radra for your rainbow team needs
      do not use revo karin over awoken isis, karin is bindable and will ruin your day if she is bound and u cannot activate. revo kushinadahime is better than awoken isis if you happened to have her.


      1. I did actually buy Ra dragon with your input on using kushinadahime, which I do actually have her (and since no forum really says anything on the output of Ragnarok Dragon), Thanks so much, anon!


  2. “will also be further compounded by the Tamadra Special occurring alongside instead of a meaningful Gala.”

    I’m pretty sure that not having a gala is actively beneficial. This way you have 5x gfe, 5x pantheon, and 1x green (or whatever) 4*, instead of 5/5/1.5. It makes you relatively more likely to get featured cards. On the downside, no chance at a gemstone, but that chance is low anyway.


  3. In need of a second diaochan (for Anubis team) and Kali (for RaDra team), maybe throw a couple of rolls to try my luck.

    Recently beat Machine Zeus to uEvo the golden chicken and hoping Arena 1 is in my near future.


  4. Your tier list(s) needs to be more relevant with current JP metas so folks know that the cards they get in this godfest will have even more uses in the future. Like Skuld not being a top tier card, or the lack of a mention for Inahime being used in Cosmic Trinity (able to oneshot Nyarlathotep) etc.


  5. So how is this ‘no longer able to clear 3 orbs’ working? What will happen when I ‘clear’ 3 orbs? Will the 4 orbs still do the Job or did I wasted my turn and even the 4 orbs will be do nothing?
    Anyway, I really hope for Day 2. 13 cards I am interested in. Day 1 has only 7.


  6. Day 1, pulled metatron (darn! Not the dark one), tinnin, and my second Diaochan. Wasn’t going to pull a third time but my gut told me to haha. 1 pull left for tomorrow…

    Really happy w using my current diaochan so I’m thrilled to have another. Pop her as soon as she’s available for extra move time and it definitely helps.


  7. Thanks for the review.
    I rolled a Dmeta in my first pull, so I won’t pull again in day 1.
    Do you think that Dmeta is viable without a selfgravity active (Durga-like)?


  8. Why exactly is Sherias Roots so low considering he has a DKali active+true damage and more hp for slightly less attack. And he has a god killer. And he’s a better lead.


      1. It’s my fifth one. It’s for sure now my most drawn REM pull. Day 2 I got Amenojgan^#*%^&%&^ though so that wasn’t bad, and a Zuoh, dupe Kundali, and Cruese.


  9. I got my elf another bargain for 2 more pulls (and a Sakuya).
    1st pull was sleeping beauty. Very good Start I think.
    2nd roll was a Nim…yeah. At least 50 Atk+ for my attackertron.
    3rd pull was a green egg with eyes. Could it be more terrible (got to knew that it is a 8000HP green wisedragon which is not that bad for my green box, which is the biggest of all colors I have).
    4th roll was Satsuki. It is a gf exclusive and I have no clue what to do with her and my box.
    Ok next roll. Hey, it is…Parvati. Like I said. My green box is good. But What is Parvati? 😀
    Rolled again. Hey it is…Oichi! Way that was a strike.
    7th roll. Indra. Homeless, but I am sure you will get some love.
    8th and last roll. Give me something good.
    I love this playstyle. It is a bit more challenging then fujin just 7 combos.
    In the end it was a great gf for me.


  10. Six rolls here:
    D1: second Beast Rider, third Andromeda (in evolved form), Red Odin
    D2: Clever Egg Dragon Bacches, Nene (!!!), Typhon

    Not bad for me 🙂


  11. Pulled 5 eggs, all dupes as usual, it first popped 2 “golden” silver eggs, then a “silver” silver egg called gamble Mage the 3rd , then I rolled my 8th kushinadahime, then finally, my 5th chrono turtul came out on the last pull.
    OMG! I’m calling customer support right now!


  12. *sees that Scheat is getting two split evolution* well that’s nice for people who have Scheat, she was falling behind in the meta anyway.
    *Rolls for this godfest, expecting nothingTM*, ***Scheat rolls out. Well then I guess I’ll roll again. GET’S AN OICHI.
    Honestly I was going to skip this godfest as I was planning to save up. Happily surprised


  13. Could you possibly elaborate on why Revo Astaroth is rated so highly? I’ve had the option to Revo her for ages but I never felt a need to do so.


    1. She has the potential to make a strong team, problem is it is somewhat challenging to build and is not as amazing as other current options. However, it can clear Cosmic Trinity, A3, etc but is just not a popular option


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