Player’s Choice Godfest December 2018 Review + Commentary


Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) is a special event where players are allowed to vote on their favourite cards to be featured in a Godfest. Historically speaking, PCGF has become an underwhelming event pre-disclosed rolling rates due to the fact that Godfest Exclusives (GFE) were always voted in and had abysmal rolling rates. With that being said, things have taken a turn for the better with this current format featuring the top 25 GFE and top 25 Pantheon cards with any GFE having a 33% roll rate.

Of course there is a catch as all rolls will cost 10 Magic Stones with GungHo trying to sweeten the deal by having all rolls come out at +297, Max Level, Max Awoken, and their 7-star form (evolved/Awoken if possible). While this is frustrating due to the inflated cost and arguably redundant collateral benefits, this is the way of the future for high-value Godfests.

Based on the JP-server and their events, this format of 33% GFE for 10 Magic Stones will become the norm so we will have to get on board at some point. Thus, the decision of whether or not to roll comes down to your own Monster Box and how well the line up can benefit you.

In addition to presenting the line up with commentary, I will also include a reaction table to the voting for various categories such as most surprising, most over-hyped, and more.

The Player’s Choice Godfest will feature the three new Fest Exclusives, Valkyrie – Ciel , Zeus – Giga , and Athena – Non . In addition, players are able to Monster Exchange a special token for any one of these three cards and this exchange should be done after rolling to avoid the possibility of acquiring dupes. More information can on the new Fest Exclusives can be found on my previous post HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Featured cards

The Player’s Choice Godfest is split into two parts with each one lasting a week. While they technically feature the same monsters, the rolling rates for each part are different with the Highlights having 2x the rolling rates compared to non-Highlights for GFE.

Part 1’s Highlights will become non-Highlights in Part 2 and the reverse is true for the Non-Highlights in Part 1.

From the disclosed Rolling Rates, any GFE has a 33% chance of being rolled and even taking into account the inflated Magic Stone cost, it is more efficient compared to Vanilla Godfests (about 10-11% GFE for 5 Magic Stones).

Part 1

Highlight GFE (1.5% each, 22.5% total)

     3235    3268   


*Ney and Cottons come evolved with each evolution having 0.3% chance

Highlight Pantheon (3% each, 39% total)

 3386        3385   

Non-Highlighted GFE (0.75% each, 10.5% total)

rodin           Eschamali  

Non-Highlighted Pantheon (2.33% each, 27.96% total)

3271  3104  3384   3449 3071   

Part 2

Highlight GFE (1.5% each, 21% total)

rodin           Eschamali  

Highlight Pantheon (3% each, 36% total)

3271  3104  3384   3449 3071   

Non-Highlighted GFE (0.75% each, 11.25% total)

     3235    3268   


*Ney and Cottons come evolved with each evolution having 0.15% chance

Non-Highlighted Pantheon (2.33% each, 31.72% total)

 3386        3385   

Part 1 or Part 2?

For the most part, both Parts are quite solid overall as the voting was reasonable overall. With that being said, you should be rolling for what you can benefit from most. The difference in Pantheon rates is proportionally smaller compared to GFE so i would focus on the GFE pool you are interested in.

While it is usually best to follow your own intuition, there will be many players who are missing most of the featured cards. If this is your scenario, I would recommend rolling in Part 1 because it features better GFE and less bad Pantheons.

Part 1

Part 1 features the two stronger Fest Exclusives (Valkyrie – Ciel  and Athena – Non ) along with 4/5 Great Witches (7* GFE    ). Generally speaking, 7* GFE have significantly lower rolling rates but become equal to their 6* cousins during special Godfests and being able to acquire them at a higher rate is wonderful. In addition, Cotton  is still one of the most universally powerful subs available along with Part 1 Featuring better Pantheon cards.

During Part 1, Izanagi , I&I , and Anubis 3385 all being Featured. These 3 cards are some of the most commonly used Pantheon cards as they offer utility that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

Of course, Part 1 is not without faults and having as it does feature some less desirable cards and this is probably attributed to the fact that the list includes the top 25 Pantheon and GFE. In terms of less savory cards (in my opinion), Lugh  is redundant considering there are so many Fujin -style actives now available and even featured in PCGF. In addition, Blue Sonia  is eclipsed by Green Soina  and Ryune  along with Fenrir Viz  being overshadowed by Sherias Roots .

Part 2

On the otherhand, Zeus – Giga  is the worst option for new players and is Highlighted in Part 2 along with Dark Kali , Gremory , and Eschamali Eschamali having middling value at this point in time. Furthermore, only featuring 1/5 Great Witches and 1/3 new 7* Fest Exclusives already brings down the total value for Part 2. Furthermore, Part 2 includes the questionable Hino 3271, Gilgamesh , Allatu , and the poorly aging Haku .

Thankfully, Part 2 does feature the stronger 6* GFE as Dark Metatron  is arguably the best leader in the game along with the new Sherias Roots  being a monstrous card. Furthermore, Part 2 does include Indra 3449, Mori 3103 (bicolour haste for Ranking/farming), Arch Angel Lucifer , and Ganesha 3071.

With all that being said, I am still more inclined to roll in Part 1 simply because it features more rare cards that are normally harder to acquire along with Part 1 having less bad Pantheon cards.

Voting reactions

The following section is mostly for fun and is my personal opinion for which voted card wins a respective “award” for various categories. Each category has a separate division for Pantheon and GFE.

PCGF Awards December 2018
Most Surprising
Most Overhyped
Most Underhyped 3235
Surprisingly absent 3391
Why are you here? 3271
I want to roll you 3104
I don’t want to roll you
Well chosen
Most Useless 3271


The Player’s Choice Godfest is a potentially strong event as it features North America’s most popular Pantheon and GFE cards. While some of the votes may be questionable, it is mostly attributed to the fact that the top 25 of each type was voted in. As a result, some cards are strange and we do not know who the bottom 5 were.

Regardless, any GFE has a 33% chance of being rolled and is a strong opportunity to acquire valuable cards.

Let me know if you plan on rolling and which voted cards would win Awards based on my above categories.

Happy Puzzling!

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33 thoughts on “Player’s Choice Godfest December 2018 Review + Commentary”

  1. just wonder why Consider Awoken Gremony as useless ? Hope that I might get some reason in detail. Same as Revo Hino Kag. It is unreasoably like you to put such harsh comment.


    1. Awoken Hino gets voted in every PCGF because it’s the first choice in the dropdown and lots of people don’t change it (derp!). I wish they’d randomize the order of the list to get rid of that. Anyway, it’s pretty stale to have him in every single PCGF.

      Gremory’s new mega evo is not a great leader, she’s got restrictive typing, and too many clauses to activate her leader skill. I’ve played her, and the ROI on her playstyle is not great. Her mega -could- be a decent sub on some teams, but L-unlocks are really niche still. Her other forms are as good as they ever were (decent, but never meta), but heart crosses remain a tough sell these days.

      As always, if you can find a use for a leader or sub, feel free to use it! (e.g. Hino on Madoo, or Mega Grem on Shishio)… overall though I personally agree with Mantastic’s assessments.


      1. Another thing to remember is that Gremory is a 6* GFE which means she should be stronger along with the fact that this is her Mega Awoken form

        Comparing her Mega form to the other ones is quite depressing and she will probably not get any love for a prolonged period of time

        As for Hino, GH should really not have a default option…Dark Vaj is pretty much better in every way


  2. Okay, I’ll admit I’m not good at this game but I don’t understand why Mega Gremory is considered useless. If you have Halloween Myne, isn’t she just straight up 400x ATK, 4x RCV with a 75% shield for matching a single heal cross? Light Myr is weaker than that and still considered a usable lead, so I assume I’m missing something here.


    1. You have to remember that this is her mega awoken so she will not be getting any love for probs a year+ and she is so much weaker compared to all the other mega awokens while also having little sub potential. Furthermore, she is a 6* GFE and Myr is farmable

      Heart crosses are not in a nice place at the moment and Myr is okay at best for end game content (Myr has some merits as a sub though)

      Perhaps one nice aspect is the new Arena where the heart cross aspect carries forward on a sweep so you have 400x and just pop an active to retain it


  3. Hmm can’t seem to delete my first accidental post,

    1st Account
    Athena – Nom

    2nd Account

    15 rolls total and 6 copies of Set, how is that a 3% chance… wow… I always want to roll these, but then this happens, buyer’s regret


  4. How did I do?

    Dmeta (New)
    Yog (New)
    Ea (New)
    Izanagi (New)
    Kamimusubi (New)
    Vajrayaska (New)
    Veroah (New)
    Nohime (New)
    Tachibana (New)
    Mori Motonari (New)
    Mori Motonari


  5. these pantheon choices are so pushed toward Dmeta i feel bad for those who dont have her :s GFE being not tradeable RNGesus awaits your offerings
    also allatu may have some use on gintama x joihra when he’s out dont you think ?
    And fujin is really good on CIEL team, one of the few damaging healer with ideal and uriel
    100% agree on the Set underhyped train this guy is really decent, played him on reeche sometimes it does the job
    On the overhyped train i would put izanagi >< i really dont get why people are so fond of him on Dmeta team, seraph luicfer is so much better as a leader activation, generate an easy fua + dark orbs and better awakenings, and i really dont see the need to have a x2 dmg on a 3 turn cooldown, i mean i usually need 1 boost per donjon, and carat provides 2 turns, a lot of other xX dmg exists i feel like this guy is expensive for what he does


    1. It does make sense that Dark Metatron’s subs are featured so I am glad they are here

      Izanagi is quite invaluable and the 3 turn CD is a big deal. It helps save on active skill slots as it recharges so fast along with incorporating haste for end floors in longer/harder dungeons. Furthermore, Izanagi always has value in coop mode unlike Lucifer who loses the FUA due to SA


      1. i get the 3 turn can help having some actives faster, like fujin, lock orb, delay, shield or w/e and then having a x2 dmg 3 turn later is a really good option thanks for that tip 😀 i’ll use it

        on lucifer you’re a bit beside the point, i dont need him to have FUA, in fact i play quite only in coop
        not having 5 healing orb on a resolve floor happens quite often in longer/harder dungeons with so many spawns having resolve
        my fua comes from Planar which does not activate it easely, high cd and rather use the +combo for box
        i can use eir but i rather keep the debind also
        i use lucifer as a better choice


        1. Lucifer without FUA is essentially a better Time Extend stick compared to Yomi in the sense that he has more damage and a better active skill

          The best FUA option is still going to be Planar in the vast majority of situations


  6. I got absolutely destroyed this time around 😦 Two GFEs in 16 rolls and both were pretty iffy dupes (Ilm and Aten). I got neither the Tachibana nor the Nohime I voted for, but instead got two fricking Kagas, Haku, two more Lughs, etc. Probably the worst 10 stone godfest I’ve ever had by a long shot 😦 I almost considered an early retirement. My alt faired equally badly. At least I was able to get Ciel…

    As someone with pretty mediocre combo skills, I’m actually pretty fond of Allatu. She packs 7cs, an extra second, and is on type for DMeta who has no time extends built into her leader skill. I’m using her on Reeche for similar reasons (see above comment about Nohime and Tachi). I was actually happy to see Ryune make PCGF. Sure she’s already eclipsed by the top of the meta, but she’s also very beginner friendly and is the only rock-solid row lead around. I love having leads like Madoo or Ryune that mix things up a little when it comes to playstyle. I’m getting a little tired of combo leads (DMeta, Ed, Ciel, Reeche, Roots, etc.) dominating the game and my friends list.


    1. That is truly unfortunate luck =(

      That is the main problem of gatcha games as you can end up on the wrong side of the bell curve and there is nothing you can do about it

      Do you plan on running double Ciel with your two accounts?


  7. I feel like I rolled really well, though its a pretty good representation of the 33% GFE chance.

    GFE: 6
    Fujin (first)
    Blue Ney (first)
    Blue Ney
    Aten (first)

    Pantheon: 9
    Anubis (first)
    Light Vaj
    Aife (first)
    Ohkami (first)
    Ea (first)


  8. Got extra $ to do two sets of six rolls. On the first set, I got second Valk Cleo, Aten, 4th Ilm, & 2nd Lucifer. On the second set, I got Reiche, third Aten, 4th Kamusumi, and 3rd Lucifer. Don’t know if I should keep the second Reiche or use it and the other extras for Christmas Colkab trade.


  9. Mantastic Id like to best friend you, my ID is 395951262 and I am rank 553 and I have dmeta, ameno, and blue yog as my best leaders.


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