July 29 New Evolutions & Buffs


Monday night saw the release of several exciting evolutions along with various buffs to existing cards as was promised on the GHNA stream. The other key/major announcement is the the highly anticipated return of the Final Fantasy Collab which will be coming soon (my guess is next Monday).

Regardless, this article will provide my thoughts on the more notable buffs/changes that were released last night.

Official posting can be found HERE.

Fenrir Viz Solo Arena 5

–video coming soon–

New evolutions

Mega Awoken Skuld

Active: Delay enemies for 1 turns; Unlock all orbs; Change all orbs to Water, Wood, and Heal orbs (12 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 5x ATK for Water Att.; 2x HP for Wood Att.; 3x ATK and reduce damage taken by 25% when matching 5 orbs in L shape [4/225/1/43.75%]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune   Skill Lock Resist
Super Awakenings: 45 
Typing: Machine / God
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1100 (1320)
HP 6175 (7410) / ATK 1911 (2293) / RCV 301 (361)

  • Massive effective HP
    • 4x HP / 43.75% Damage Reduction
  • High personal damage with L
  • LS triggers from any 5 orbs in L
    • Easy to activate from any board
    • Not tied to combo count
  • SA can cover FUA if needed
  • HP tied to Wood cards
    • Not really needed for all cards
  • L’s are clunky
    • Lower combo count
    • Harder to VDP

Skuld follows the trend of tremendously durable cards due to her massive Effective HP. She combines both 4x HP and 43.75% Damage Reduction which is only tied to any L (5) match of orbs. This gives her significantly higher consistency compared to Fatalis as both her Damage Reduction and maximum multiplier can be fulfilled from any given board.

With this in mind, players can still trigger 225x without Water L’s which may enable triple 7c 45 cards to shine or for proc-ing VDP boards. One major drawback of Fatalis was requiring 14 Dark orbs for VDP but Skuld can achieve this with the regular 9 as she should be able to incorporate an L elsewhere.

With that being said, L’s are not without faults as one major hurdle is the less natural nature of matching, lower combo count, and greater difficulty in incorporating additional matching patterns. This places greatest strain when VDP + FUA is required. It is possible to do those two and an L, but the board will be quite restrictive and can be easily messed up with a poor orb distribution.

In terms of team building, priority should be given to cards with Water/Wood but it is okay to have some subs without it. This is because you already have enough HP to survive every preemptive and having the correct utility is more important. Several standout options are Blue Saber , Beach Fujin , Lutina , Y’shtola 3294, and Alrescha . When choosing VDP cards, try to find those without any 7 Combo as you board will most likely hold a smaller number of combos. With this in mind, Blue Odin may be a great option as he can gain triple VDP and thus have all his penetration tied to the 3×3 Box.

Mega Awoken Fenrir Viz

Active: For 1 turn, Jammer orbs are more likely to appear by 25% (1 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 4.5x ATK and reduce damage taken by 25% when 6 or more combos; 5x ATK and reduce damage taken by 25% when matching 2+ Jammer combos [1/506.25/1/68.36%]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend Skill Boost 45 God Killer God Killer
Super Awakenings:  45
Typing: God
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1103 (1324)
HP 5866 (7039) / ATK 2399 (2879) / RCV 111 (133)

  • The most majestic dog
  • 1 turn CD
    • Can inherit anything with ease
  • Does not need Jammer Resist Jammer Resist
  • Easy to trigger 43.75% Damage Reduction
    • Full 68.36% with 2 Jammer combos
  • High personal damage against Gods
  • Jammer-hungry
  • Activation inconsistency
    • May require stalling of Skillfalls
  • Jammers do not contribute damage
    • Offset by high ATK multiplier

Mega Awoken Fenrir Viz tries to make a Jammer play style relevant and does a pretty good job overall.

This is because their Leader Skill features an easy to achieve 43.75% Damage Reduction with 6 combos (which should be done every time) and can be further bolstered to 68.36%. Depending on the team comp, this may be sufficient to survive most reasonable hits and his main concern is having a steady flow of Jammers present to trigger 2 unique combos.

Thankfully, Venrir Viz comes with an amazing 1-turn active that grants +25% Jammer Skyfalls. This is invaluable as it gives a decent chance for sufficient Jammers to be present but may lend itself into a max combo board and pray for skillfalls. Furthermore, only one Fenrir Viz needs to be used which means the other can inherit any kind of inherit but special emphasis should be made towards Venomous Midgard Snake, Jormungandr-Ullr who creates a board of Light, Heart, and Jammers.

In terms of team building, I would favour cards with valuable awakenings who also have shorter cooldowns. This enables players to inherit Jammer-creating boards with greater ease or simply run Jormungandr-Ullr for a free 40% Poison Resist. Furthermore, players can run any type of sub as he is not colour-restricted which can open up space for more Jammer-generating subs. For myself, I would like to also have an L awakening as I do not think there are any board changers that unlock and produce Jammers. Just remember that you may not need to build a mono-colour team as the 506x ATK should be sufficient overall.

Reincarnated Trailo, Kundali, & Acala

Gaining new evolutions for Pantheon cards is always exciting as players often have them lying around their Monster Box. Sadly, GungHo is shying away from making Pantheon cards truly strong as they are probably considered “Godfest Fodder.” With that being said, GungHo is starting to release new Super Reincarnated forms for older Pantheon cards which may give them some new life.

In regards to Trailo, Kundali, and Acala, they do gain new value, but they may still be less commonly seen.

 Reincarnated Trailokyavijaya

Trailo’s main appeal is her double Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus awakenings when paired with her high base ATK. This enables her to become a potent Button base for those that rely on ATK values.

Reincarnated Kundali

Like Trailo, Kundali also has double Coop Boost but his base ATK is slightly lower (-164 at 110) but comes with a +1 Combo count for 2 turns. This may or may not be important but may fulfill a niche role.

Reincarnated Acala

Continuing the trend of double Coop Boost is Acala but her Active and Leader Skills are much stronger. Her active grants +2 combos and changing the second row from the bottom into Wood. If used after a mono board changer, this results in 4 matched combos (+2 from active) that can be easily made into a VDP. Depending on the type of Leader Skill being used, this may be sufficient.

As a leader, Reincarnated Acala can be an explosive Wood Cross leader as she caps out at 1024x with 2 Crosses while also having 4x HP. Sadly, this is orb hungry and only 64x with a single Cross.

Super Reincarnated Meimei

Super Reincarnated Meimei is the latest Pantheon monster to gain this special type of evolution. Super Reincarnated forms are the next step after Reincarnation and require an exceptionally high level of Monster Experience to raise. This an be off putting but does make them noticeably stronger.

In the case of Meimei, acquires double 7c, Dragon Dragon Killer, and Devil Killer Devil killer along with the ability to gain VDP Super Awakening. This enables her to be a potent piercing option for Void spawns but may compete with other stellar options. As a whole, I feel she makes for a strong option but has a high investment price.


Numerous cards have received various buffs/upgrades and I will highlight the more noteworthy ones.

Blue & Green Sonia

Both Sonias gain a third 7 Combo 45 within their original 9 awakenings as it replaces a Skill Boost Skill Boost which is then compensated by the second Skill Boost becoming a Skill Boost+ . This means both of them now have 8x personal damage with 7 or more combos along with 2 L’s for even higher damage output. This can be further supplemented via Super Awakenings and breathes new life into these older 6-star GFE.

Super Reincarnated Haku

I was not a big fan of Haku’s final form and still do not place much value on her. With that being said, she gains a 5th TPA TPA which dramatically improves her damage output but the same problem exists of her finding a valuable place to use her on. Furthermore, the high investment cost due to the 50m EXP curve may be hard to justify.

Blue & Red Odin

Both Odins gain Super Awakenings and can choose from VDP , 7c 45, or Devil Killer Devil killer. All three are valuable and improve his damage output but I place more value on VDP. This is because his only base damage awakenings are VDP and we might as well make him better at what he already does. Thus, gaining a third VDP is wonderful as he can deal piercing damage without worrying about Combo count which plays well with blob-style leaders/those who do not need high combos for damage.

With that being said, Devil Killer can be useful if you are planning to dedicate him to be used as a Devil Killing VDP card.

Dark Metatron

Dark Metatron is still one of the best leaders in the game despite the constant influx of new cards. This is because she features high damage output, has access to strong subs, and has massive Effective HP. Thus, gaining new Super Awakenings (and stats) improves her impressive kit.

She is able to gain Cloud, , VDP , and <50% which bolsters her total output. For myself, I am more inclined to using VDP or <50% as I want my VDP cards to have as much personal damage as possible to ensure they can sweep a given floor.


Baldin functions as a potent VDP card who already comes with God and Dragon Killer. Thus, by gaining the option to take Attacker, Physical, or Healer Killer Super Awakenings further expands his killing potential.

Killers overlap when the opposing spawn has those respective typings and can enable Baldin to deal spectacular damage without worrying about Combo count. If you already have a dedicated place to use Baldin, simply pick the Killer that has the most relevance for you.

Sherias Roots

Sherias Roots gains access to L Shield , Guard Break , and >80% ATK through his Super Awakenings. For myself, I am most inclined to pursue Guard Break as he would be mostly used on Rainbow teams and one might as well take advantage of the 5 colour matches.


Gremory has found new value on L teams due to her awakenings and useful base active. Thus, by gaining the option of L , 7c 45, or FUA as Super Awakenings grants her more utility.

If your team is lacking a solid FUA option, this would be a wonderful addition to your team but if that is already covered, another L is always welcome.


Scheat also gains access to Super Awakenings which can grant her a 5th TPA TPA, VDP , or Super Skill Boost . For the most part, i am inclined to pursuing the TPA to make her specialty even stronger. Scheat is able to sweep durable floors with a single 4-match and adding additional damage is always great. I am more hesitant to adding VDP due to the fact that her damage is tied to TPA which may be hard to do alongside a 3×3 Box.


Rex gains access to TPA TPA, VDP , Cloud , or Tape Resist as a Super Awakening. All of these are valuable and the one to pursue should be based on your own team composition and needs.


Sara gains access to God Killer God Killer, Attacker Killer 37, Tape , and VDP as Super Awakenings. At this point in time, she somewhat functions like Baldin in that she has double VDP  + Killers and I wish to preserve/enhance this. Thus, gaining a third VDP is the most universal way to go as she will then own three VDP along with Physical physical killer and Dragon Killers Dragon Killer.


Luna can gain a VDP through Super Awakenings which can transform her into a stellar piercing option. This is because her evolved form already comes with three <50% (8x personal damage) and the VDP means she can pierce through Voids without worrying about combo count.


Ilm can gain a Dragon Killer Dragon Killer, 7 Combo 45, or Combo Orb Super Awakening and the preference comes down to what you feel is most important as they come with two base VDP and a single Dragon Killer.


Dantalion is already a triple Skill Boost Skill Boost, double 7 Combo Dragon Killer card so by gaining either a VDP , 7 Combo, or FUA can bring value to your team. Skill Boosts are often rare with FUA but having the chance to make a triple 7 Combo card is also appealing.


Paimon is a high ATK Light/Dark Cross leader who can deliver comical amounts of damage but must also remain above 50% HP. As such, by gaining access to >80% , SB+ , or Tape simply gives him more utility. What I would do is get SB+ or Tape and have my friend do the opposite.


Mega Awoken Typhon can gain a VDP , Devil Killer Dragon Killer, or FUA via Super Awakenings. Any of these can give him more value with VDP potentially alleviating the strain of piercing through tough spawns if used alongside other VDP cards.

Shelling Fords

All three forms of Shelling Ford gain access to 7 Combo 45, Cloud , and VDP as Super Awakenings. For the most part, the 7 Combo and VDP will gain the most value and which one you choose should depend on which form you have chosen and how you use him.

With 7 Combo, his general damage is improved, especially on his Light form whereas VDP gives him the potential to execute Void spawns. With that being said, if you already feel you have a strong VDP option (also somewhat redundant in Light form), I would pursue 7 Combo.


Last night saw the release of many buffs to existing cards along with new evolutions. Which of these do you find most exciting along with the value of these types of posts.

Happy Puzzling!

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13 thoughts on “July 29 New Evolutions & Buffs”

  1. I think there’s an arithmetic mistake in the Skuld review, isn’t her multiplier 15^2 = 225 not 256? Great article and appreciate the reviews.


  2. I had to decide between trading Blodin and my last Macha copy to get Zela Kitty

    I traded in Blodin on the logic that I hadn’t used him in forever and have Suou anyway, and now Blodin is a good Mega Skuld sub, I don’t want to evolve Suou because I’m using him as a Ciel damage stick, AND I ROLLED ANOTHER MACHA

    Seriously that’s like four copies of her.


  3. Re: Mega Viz, the 1-turn cooldown helps with inheriting Li on for 7×6 leaderswap shenannigans. Since only one lead is needed, your pairing can provide skyfall until the swap, and then your lead can take over activating and your pairing can charge for its assist. With Diablos pairing you can still achieve ~200x multiplier, so not-stalling and swapping mid-dungeon is an option for time efficiency.

    I personally use Sensui for my 7×6 lead, and Aten is also a possibility if you want to restrict team building to God type.


    1. I don’t feel Viz needs a 7×6 board to truly shine and inheriting a leaderswap still takes away from an active in the sense that the other viz must be used until the swap then can charge up


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