2,500 Day Special Super Godfest + 3 New GFE Review


Today marks the debut of the special 7-stone Super Godfest that features higher rolling rates, three new 7-star GFE, +297/level 99 on each roll, and a tough decision for players to make.

The official GungHo NA stream announced this special event along with the promise of the GungHo Collab returning soon but we also know Monster Hunter and eventually Heroine will be back at an undetermined time.

All of these events are quite lucrative and will fight hard for your Magic Stones. This is one nice aspect of being 2-3 months behind JP as we are better able to plan out our stone usage for events that provide us with the most value.

Regardless, this article will provide an overview of this Godfest along with the three new GFE cards.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

2,500 Super Godfest overview

Most Super Godfests have a 10-stone cost to roll and by reducing it to 7 may make it more appetizing for players. Of course the rates have been lowered but are still higher compared to a regular Super Godfest when you calculate the percentage of a GFE per stone.

As such, if the line up is appealing, this may be one of the best events for you to participate in as you have a slightly higher chance of acquiring a Godfest Exclusive. Of course, there is no guarantee and it is always possible to end up on the wrong end of the distribution curve.

2,500 Days Super Godfest – September 14, 2019
  • 7-stone event
    • Slightly higher chances for GFE
      • 21.6% chance
    • Easier to stomach a bad roll
  • 1.5% chance for 7* GFE (12% total)
  • Features Gemstone Princess Weapon Assists (1.63% each)
  • Smaller pool of GFE
  • No Seasonal cards
  • We know several high-value events are coming soon
7* GFE (1.5% each, 12% total)


6* GFE (1.2% each, 8.4% total)

Ney (0.24% each, 1.2% total)


Samurai 3 (1% each, 5% total)

Various Pantheon cards (1.63% each, 73.35% total)

Silk Carat Cameo Facet Sheen
Features Gemstone Princesses in their Weapon Assist form along with many many other cards.

New Godfest Exclusives

The three new 7-star Godfest Exclusives follow the current trend of coming out as a Weapon Assist and gaining the option to evolve into a leader/sub form.


Active: For 1 turn, bypass void damage shield effects; Change all orbs to Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark, and Heal orbs (30 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: 1.5x all stats for God type; Increase orb movement time by 3 seconds; 2x ATK when matching 3 or more colors (2+heal) up to 20x at 5 colors+heal [2.25/900/2.25]

Awakenings: Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist
Super Awakenings:
Balance / God / Dragon
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1205 (1386)
HP 5658 (6507) / ATK 2399 (2759) / RCV 479 (551)
Weapon Assist: Jammer Resist Poison resist Blind Resist Imp ATK

  • Strong LS multipliers
  • Amazing Super Awakenings
    • = 5 awakenings/100% Resist
  • Voids Damage Void (Grey Shield)
    • Skill Charge
  • Lackluster in coop due to no SA
  • Rainbow leader
    • Can be orb trolled
    • Harder to get the right orb distribution
  • No damage awakenings

Akine is the fist of three new Godfest Exclusives to come to NA and features the brand new 100% Resist awakenings Each one provides full immunity to their respective mechanic and is equivalent to 5 awakenings and is the main reason why she only has 5 before Super Awakenings.

Being able to fully counter two of these mechanics (with dual leaders) is incredibly powerful and grants a significantly easier time in team building as you are able to bring the inherits you actually want, not just Weapon Assists for Resists.

Furthermore, she has strong leader skill multipliers while featuring a reasonable sub pool and scaling multiplier. Hitting 900x with all 5 colours + Hearts is quite spectacular but one has to remember that your two leaders have low personal damage (1/3 of your team) and it is harder to concentrate colours due to Rainbow clause. With that being said, 900x is huge and should be sufficient to sweep most content.

In addition, her active skill solves the largest issue for Rainbow teams: Void spawns. Void spawns are usually not an issue for most teams, but Rainbow compositions tend to suffer as it is much harder to obtain a board with 9 specific orbs while also having each other colour represented. Thus, being able to cancel the Void mechanic for a single turn is invaluable and will transform them into a regular encounter. Of course, being tied to an active is less ideal, but it does charge up reasonably fast when combined with Skill Charge .

Weapon Assist: Jammer Resist Poison resist Blind Resist Imp ATK

Akine’s Weapon Assist is nearly identical to the Trojan Horse as they both share the 20% Resist against Jammer, Poison, and Blind but comes with higher weighted stats and a different colour. For the most part, this is not going to be the form one would pursue as it does not offer enough to justify losing the evolved form.

With that being said, this can be useful if you are concerned about inherits charging up as this has a 35/30 turn cooldown.


Active: Create 2 Water orbs; For 1 turn, increase orb move time by 1 seconds (3 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: 3x ATK and reduce damage taken by 50% when matching 5 Water orbs in L shape; 6x ATK when matching 6 or more connected orbs; 50000 additional damage when matching 6 or more orbs [1/324/1/75%]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Devil killer
Super Awakenings: Devil killer
Attacker / God / Dragon
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1202 (1382)
HP 3710 (4266) / ATK 3940 (4531) / RCV 130 (150)
Weapon Assist: Devil killer Water Red Water Red Imp ATK

  • Built-in follow up damage
    • Counters Resolve
  • 3 turn cooldown
    • Easy to inherit over
    • Provides Time Buff
  • Strong LS multipliers
  • Devil Killer Devil killer Weapon Assist
  • Damage Reduction only occurs with Water L
  • Naturally lower combo count
  • Difficulty doing VDP  + L

Kyori is unique card as they come with a built-in follow up damage through their Leader Skill which means they can overcome Resolve spawns by simply matching as normal. This is invaluable as players do not have to rely on the presence of 5/9 Heart orbs and makes performing VDP significantly easier as a bicolour board can be used. Furthermore, Kyori has powerful multipliers attached to his Leader Skill but is unfortunately orb hungry.

Kyori can achieve 324x ATK and 75% Damage Reduction when matching a Water L and any 6 connected orbs (can also be Water). Sadly, the Damage Reduction is completely tied to the Water L which means players may often be without activation and Damage Reduction when it matters most. As such, Kyori will have some consistency issues and a naturally lower combo count as players must also match 6 alongside the L.

With that being said, Kyori can be a potent leader in shorter content when actives can be more liberally used and the free Resolve killing can shine bright.

Weapon Assist: Devil killer Water Red Water Red Imp ATK

Kyori’s Weapon Assist features a spicy Devil Killer Devil killer which will add 3x personal damage to the owning card when facing Devil types. 3x is the highest value that can be added via a Weapon Assist and can make various farming set ups, Ranking Dungeon compositions, or end game teams function better. For the most part, high level content tends to feature Devils and being able to give a key card 3x damage is amazing.

With this in mind, the decision of which form to pursue would come down to personal preference: a powerful but situational Weapon Assist or a modest leader.


Active: Create 2 Dark orbs; For 1 turn, increase orb move time by 1 seconds (3 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: 1.5x all stats for Dark Att.; Reduce damage taken by 25% when above 80% HP; 10x ATK when matching 6 or more connected Dark orbs; 50000 additional damage when matching 6 or more Dark orbs [2.25/225/2.25/43.75%]

Awakenings:  Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Dark row Dark row Dark row Dark row Machine Killer
Super Awakenings:  Machine Killer 
Attacker / Devil / Dragon
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1202 (1382)
HP 6074 (6985) / ATK 2645 (4531) / RCV 130 (150)
Weapon Assist: Machine Killer Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Imp ATK

  • Built-in follow up damage
    • Counters Resolve
  • 3 turn cooldown
    • Easy to inherit over
    • Provides Time Buff
  • Strong LS multipliers
    • Has a Phenominal pairing
  • Requires 6 Dark orbs

Ina is the final and most powerful new Godfest Exclusive to be released today as she is able to function as one of the most powerful leaders in Puzzle and Dragons.

Her main strength lies in her ability to counter any Resolve spawn through her built-in follow up damage which means no column or box of Hearts is required. This makes comboing significantly easier as players have less mechanics to focus on as one of the more troublesome ones is countered via the Leader Skill.

This free countering may be a bad precedent to set as it may encourage GungHo to release more leaders with this built in ability and possibly tune up any Resolve spawn or make more encounters have this ability to semi force players to have one of these cards. Regardless, Ina is here now and is on the cutting edge of Powercreep and players do not have to own one to fully take advantage of her.

Ina only requires 6 Dark orbs for full activation so any leader that has a similar requirement can favourably pair with her. For example, Phenom requires 4-8 Dark orbs while also being able to benefit from the Water sub attribute on Ina. Their team is quite tanky while also having a small Damage Reduction component when above 80% HP. Furthermore, players are able to more easily hit the 100% Resists due to Phenom which means players can adjust their teams/inherits more easily.

One nice aspect of Ina is her 4 Dark Rows Dark row providing a sizable damage boost when activating along with her short 3 turn cooldown being able to inherit an active of your choice.

Weapon Assist: Machine Killer Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Imp ATK

A Machine Killer is nice, but you would have given up one of the best leaders in the game. Do not considering this form.


The 2,500 Days Super Godfest debuts three powerful cards along with favouable rolling rates for the 7-stone price tag. This is a great opportunity to try and acquire some of the 7-star GFE as they feature a healthy 1.5% chance along with Ina being featured.

With that being said, the GungHo Collab will be coming back soon along with Monster Hunter and Heroine which all compete for our hard earned Magic Stones.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comments below and whether or not you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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45 thoughts on “2,500 Day Special Super Godfest + 3 New GFE Review”

  1. Uhhhhh didn’t it introduce FIVE? There’s also a wood and light dracoblade. Also, it looks like all five dracoblades can be used as leaders even in their weapon assist forms, and that their weapon assists have their own leader skills, some of which are extremely different and should probably factor heavily into their review evaluations. Akine’s weapon assist adds a damage reduction and higher mulyiplier to her leader skill for example.


  2. Oh man I was able to roll ina with my 3rd roll. do you plan on doing a team building article for her for certain end game dungeons like aa or aa2? as always ty for the post. your input helps a ton


  3. Seeing only diamond eggs make the anticipation worse.

    1st Neptune
    3rd Madoo (!)
    2nd Facet
    1st Horus
    1st Light Fog (!)
    2nd Nephthys
    4th Madoo (!)
    2nd Horus

    I’m out of stones now, but I think I did pretty well. I got one of the newest GFEs along with 2 Madoo, and it’s my first Neptune and Horus. Since we’re getting more stones in the mail, should I spend those stones here or save them for later?


  4. How unusual is it for the gemstone princesses to be part of a Godfest lineup? And where do people usually get them, if not as the pantheon rolls in Godfests?


  5. 6 rolls so far and 5 new chards. 4th Ame no Uzume, 1st U&Y (remembers the good old days on EU server where Pandora was meta and 5x Atk was the strongest), 1st Neptune, 1st Carat, 1st Madoo (for what is she good?) and 1st green Dracoblader after I sold the old one for a rediculous monster.
    So I am really happy with tjis one.

    Oh oh, I see 32x Atk. It is time to revive Orochi, Famiel and I&I for some old school plays.


  6. I did a few rolls and got duplicates of filler junk (3 Anubis ugh). I’m done with this godfest and will wait for Gungho collab where the real value lies.


  7. Pulled Akine on one account, and Ina on the other. I’ve been playing this game for 4 years now, and I still would love a more seasoned player to take a look at my monster boxes and put together teams. I feel like I’m doing it wrong.


  8. Does Ina require a Hiei on her team? The Ina/Phenom pairing doesn’t have a big shield or that much HP so it feels like they can’t handle orb troll really well?


    1. Hiei is excellent (best in slot) but not required. I’m using Noir instead until YYH Collab returns to great effect. Ina/Phenom has more than 140k HP with an additional 25% shield. The team also runs Eir.

      Honestly, hands down the most busted lead I’ve used.


      1. Hiei is just the most ideal fire card as he has 7c and vdp so he fulfills several useful roles.

        With that being said, Ina is so strong you can use less ideal teams and still cruise through the vast majority of content


  9. Gunning for ina like everyone else… got a carat after 2100 days! Wheeee. Otherwise dupes.

    Would have loved a second zela, or trade fodder.


  10. rolled 24 times, amazingly, all were 5 stars evolutions, rolled one more and didn’t bother looking since I pretty much gave up and down to 0 stones, opened my box a while later and saw a zela, I would be happy if it wasn’t the first gfe in 25 rolls


          1. Hahahahha if only, that’s why I vent out my disappointment on this thread I rolled 4 more times after Zela and also no gfe, I can assure you it’s not impossible, I hope the gh gf has better rates for me


  11. So I had no self-control and ended up rolling 17 times. On the bright side, I got 5 GFEs so I guess my rates were decent.

    I’m happy about the dupe Valk Ciel (IDK why but I think her assist is good), my second Zela (bc I have Yoh and NY Artemis), and a Tokugawa Iyeasu (I really need a dark VDP sub for Fatalis and DMeta).

    But you know, it would have been nice to get Akine or Ina… I just tell myself that there will be plenty of chances to roll them in subsequent Godfests…


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