Which Starter Team to Pick for 3 Choices! Win a Team!


Friday, May 1st marks the start of a special new event/dungeon that will award players with the pre-made team they selected. This choice can only be made once and once awarded the pre-made team, you should not sell the Starter Dragon as it will be used for another set of challenges that requires said Starter Dragon.

For the most part, you should be selecting the pre made team that features a Pantheon card you do not own but in the case of missing multiple cards, the decision becomes a bit more meaningful.

This article will briefly outline my thought process for selecting a team for this new event.

Video commentary

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Selection is permanent

Your selection is irreversible once you clear any one dungeon so it is in your best interest to choose the team that can benefit you the most.

With that being said, what will benefit you the most is choosing the team that features the Pantheon card you are missing as a new card will almost always have more value compared to a duplicate.

I will examine each Pantheon card’s most valuable form(s) to give players a better understanding of what each card has the potential to become.

Fire Starter

Key cards: Ame No Uzume and Leilan

Ame No Uzume

At this point in time, there is no practical use for Ame No Uzume but with that being said, she should receive a Super Reincarnated Evolution one day which may give her more merits. Furthermore, choosing the Fire Starter will give you two Pantheon cards instead of one.


Leilan’s Super Reincarnated form is able to provide 3 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost along with strong personal damage against non-Void spawns and 40% Jammer Resist Jammer Resist. At this point in time, I feel she makes for a solid Grigory sub as she can deal meaningful damage without a TPA TPA along with her board changer being valuable as Grigory does not require Hearts to execute Resolve spawns.

Pixel Leilan trades away Effective Skill Boosts to instead bolster her damage output along with being able to gain a Super Jammer Resist . While this looks appealing on paper, she does have significantly lower weighted stats but the bigger issue is a lacking an ideal home to use her on.

All Chinese Celestials will gain access to new Weapon Assist evolutions and in the case for the three featured here, they will provide a single Orb Enhance for their tricolour boards, Skill Boost Skill Boost and Full Bind Immunity .

This is phenomenal value from an awakenings point of view as we currently only have one Weapon Assist in North America that provides Skill Boost and Bind Immunity.

Water Starter

Key card: Karin


Karin’s long awaited Super Reincarnated Evolution is live in JP and will come to NA soon. As a whole, she is able to function as a stellar Skill Boost Skill Boost solution as she naturally comes with 4 along with a single turn of Haste. Furthermore, she provides 40% Poison Resist Poison resist along with modest VDP potential.

Furthermore, her Attacker typing means she can be used on Fasca teams if you are struggling to Transform. While her Poison Resists are redundant with a Lamp pairing, her board changer can act as a finisher as you will not require Hearts to overcome Resolve spawns.

Pixel Karin functions in a similar fashion as Pixel Leilan in the sense that she is a strong damage solution but also features a Super Poison Resist . While the lack of Skill Boosts will hinder her ability to be used on Transforming teams, she can be used on mono Water teams reasonably well.

As mentioned above, the Chinese Celestial Weapon Assists are tremendously powerful considering they come from one of the oldest cards in the game. They will greatly aid Transforming teams, especially those who have Auto Follow Up Attack as the tricolour boards can still be used to kill Resolve spawns.

Wood Starter

Key card: Meimei


Meimei’s Super Reincarnated form differs from her Celestial sisters as she offers no Resists but instead provides more Passive damage against Dragon and Devil spawns. As such, the value of Meimei will depend on your need for a damage solution for your mono Wood teams.

Pixel Meimei is a much stronger damage solution compared to her SR form and will also provide Super Blind Resist . While this is valuable, her Weighted Stats are significantly lower and she will provide 2 less Skill Boosts Skill Boost.

Not to sound like a broken record but Meimei’s Weapon Assist is wonderfully strong, especially for Transforming teams who can make use of her tricolour Wood, Light, and Dark board.

Which one to pick?

As mentioned above, the priority should be the team that features a Pantheon card you do not own. If you are missing multiple cards, you should choose the colour that will provide the one that you feel will benefit you the most.

If all missing Pantheons feel they would provide the same amount of value, I would choose the Fire Starter (assuming you are missing one of them) as getting a second Pantheon card is much better compared to another Rider or other REM junk.

In the case of owning all of the cards, the Fire Starter is again a solid choice simply because of 2 Pantheons. If this seems irrelevant or you have no real use for any of the cards, choose the team that features the prettiest girl.

For myself, it would go Karin > Leilan > Meimei from an aesthetic point of view.


The 3 Choices! Win a Team! event is an exciting one as players will be able to acquire the Fixed team they used to clear this dungeon. As a whole, you should choose the team that features a Pantheon card you are missing as something new almost always provides more overall value compared to a duplicate.

Regardless of your choice, it is important you do not sell the Starter Dragon reward as you will need to use one of them for another set of Challenge dungeons.

Let me know which colour you are picking in the comments below along with how you came to this decision.

Happy Puzzling!

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28 thoughts on “Which Starter Team to Pick for 3 Choices! Win a Team!”

  1. slightly off topic but I’m a big fan of these fixed team dungeons featuring old cards… reminds me of the good old days when I was using awoken pandora back in 2015 lol


      1. Leilan is indeed the thicc-est

        I actually don’t know what to choose. I have 3x each including 3 Ames too. If only there was a Sakuya option! The only one I don’t own


  2. I have 3-5 dups of all the pantheon monsters in this event. I also have the red starter. So I got the green starter. Now my personal challenge is to clear as many May quest dungeons with that lead as I can.


      1. Using the team I won, easily cleared novice. Died on C6 so upgraded the subs and cleared int. Got bored and went back to my usual teams for the rest.


  3. I went red. I have multiples of the pantheon cards on each team, and of the other two starter cards. I also have all of the subs on the blue and green teams. I only had 1 Tyrannos and I didn’t have red/dark Zaerog. I’m too lazy to make Zaerog so that helped prompt my choice. It also means I have two pantheon cards to sell or exchange rather than one.


  4. You didn’t mention the assists evolve from the super revo forms. I think the balance between the investment and reward is actually pretty balanced, given how good the assists are.


      1. Sorry, I just meant the assists require a lot of xp to get, given they come from the super revos, but they actually seem worth it


  5. Just thought I’d make a generalized suggestion. The text in the panels that feature a card’s stats would be larger if you cut out the portrait on the right hand side. That would make things easier to read on a phone screen. Just a thought.


    1. Thanks for your feedback but the issues is I take the card panels from Discord/Miru Bot who arranges them like this regardless of how large I make my own screen


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