8th Anniversary Festival! Survey Reward Egg Machine


The votes have been tabulated and the winners have been announced for the 8th Anniversary Festival! Survey Reward Egg Machine.

This is a special one-time gift pull where players will be awarded one of the five most voted Pantheon cards for free. I always love free stuff but sadly, this event does not feature a separate Egg Machine to continue pulling from this event and you will have to hope you pull the card you actually want from your one free pull.

On the other hand, all of the featured cards are highly relevant for a variety of teams and I wish to highlight each of their uses.

Video commentary

Winners & Commentary

If you find yourself with multiple copies of any of these cards, one possible use can be having several copies with different Latents as we cannot easily change/swap them between a single card.

For example, if you owned only 1 Diaochan , you may want to have one of them using a Poison Surge and the other with Jammer Surge depending on the dungeon at hand.

Allatu (#1)

Allatu has quickly become one of the most valuable Pantheon cards in the game and this is reflected by her being voted the number one most desirable Pantheon card.

Perhaps this can be attributed to her relative newness compared to other options but at the same time, she offers a plethora of valuable aspects for a wide variety of teams.

Allatu comes with 7 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost with her 3 turn Delay, respectable personal damage, Super Poison Resist , 8 Latent slots, and an L awakening. Furthermore, her active also provides a tri colour board changer which will always have value through a given dungeon.

As such, Allatu will function well on mono Dark and Water teams. especially those that wish to Transform such as Euchs .

Diaochan (#2)

Diaochan has been a tremendously powerful sub for nearly her entire PAD life and her current iteration still stands high. In fact, she may have had the longest staying power of any sub as she has been used across a wide variety of teams since her inception.

This is because she has a 2 turn cooldown that features a useful active along with the capacity to inherit an active of your choice with ease. In addition to this, she provides 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, L , Super Blind Resist , and Passive Light Damage Reduction which has merits in Shura Realm for Raphael’s 150% Gravity preemptive.

In fact, I often find myself defaulting to using Diaochan if I am not sure who else to bring as she sheer amount of utility is hard to compete against and her ability to inherit an active of my choice adds more flexibility.

Inahime (#3)

Inahime has become an almost mandatory sub on Gileon teams for Shura Realm due to their high Machine Killer damage in order to overcome floor 1. This is because Gileon will not be able to Transform right away (30 turn CD) and the middle Blue spawn must die within 3 turns.

While it is always possible to kill the Blue spawn without Inahime, it will often be riskier along with the fact that Inahime’s active skill can be used to generate Fire orbs for floor 1 or for floor 3 after the Full board of Dark and Gileons are not ready.

Furthermore, Machine spawns are the most common and deadly within Shura Realm and having another high damage card is meaningful but their main appeal is solving Floor 1 and 3.

In addition to all of this, it is best to place Inahime as the leftmost sub as you can somewhat control how damage is dealt as they are the first card after your un-Transformed Gileon to attack.

Tachibana (#4)

Tachibana provides 4 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost which can probably be pushed to 5 due to the single turn of 75% Damage Reduction. In addition to this, she also boasts reasonable personal damage along with Super Poison Resist and 20% Jammer Jammer Resist and Blind Blind Resist Resist. These two 20% Resists can be comboed with Samurai 3 Weapons to provide 100% coverage for either Blind or Jammers.

In addition to her valuable awakenings, Tachibana has 3 different typings which can help her find a place on a wider range of teams which will be meaningful when the future Mega Awoken Raijin comes to North America.

Amaterasu (#5)

Amaterasu boasts an incredibly high RCV stat along with 3 Enhanced Heart Orb +heart awakenings. This ensures she is able to heal massive amounts with a 4-Heart match and functions best on teams with high HP and no RCV multiplier.

Due to her Fire sub attribute, Amaterasu is able to function on mono Fire teams such as Dante x Remu or Gileon where her Healing potential has tremendous value.

Furthermore, her base active provides a 4 turn Bind and Awoken Bind along with a single turn of Haste. Building upon this, Amaterasu’s 8 turn cooldown can be abused to carry a Haste or Delay active which can add to her Effective Skill Boosts. For my Gileon team, I use the Fire Cursed Key and if my Gileon or Grandis has not Transformed, her base skill once it charges back up again.

On the other hand, Amaterasu is one of the oldest cards in the game which means many veteran players may already own her.

Honourable mentions

Only 5 cards can be crowned the winner but here are a few more I thought could have possibly made it in.


Indra is able to provide 5 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost which could be arguably 7 as the two turns of 75% Damage Reduction may often be enough to survive the first floor. Furthermore, they are also able to provide Super Poison Resist along with a respectable amount of HP.

While Indra may be older, I still find myself using them for Rainbow teams as they solve several issues at once and never feel like a bad card to include overall.


The ultimate Fire chicken boasts a low base cooldown, 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, Guard Break , L , and modest personal damage. This is a hefty amount of utility squeezed into a single card and Horus is often used as a Ranking Dungeon solution due to the plethora of Style Points he brings.

With that being said, I can understand why he received less votes compared to the top 5 as he is an older card and not a first-pick for team building against Shura Realm.


Nohime follows a similar template to Tachibana but instead offers Super Jammer Resist and Devil instead of Attacker typing. I feel she was excluded as her Super Resist is weaker along with Allatu being a stronger option for Dark and Water teams.


North America has voted and the top 5 cards all have a relevant place in today’s meta. Sadly, this event will only grant players a free roll and will not be featuring these cards in a separate Egg Machine for players to spend Magic Stones.

With that being said, who did you vote for along with who you managed to roll from the in-game mail.

Happy Puzzling!

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  1. Do we know when the raijin evolution comes to NA? I pulled her recently and I’m excited to use her but I haven’t been able to find a timeline


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