5 Magic Stone Thanksgiving Godfest + Yurisha Debut Nov. 13 – 15


Friday marks the start of a special 5-Magic Stone Godfest where players will have a 20% chance of rolling any Godfest Exclusive and 80% chance for a Pantheon card.

While these are lower rates when directly compared to a Super Godfests, one must remember that Super Godfests have double the Magic Stone cost and a 33% chance for a GFE.

This means players can enjoy 2 rolls for the same price with a 20% chance of hitting a GFE each time. Furthermore, newer players will be able to acquire more Pantheon cards with greater ease as many of them will still be meaningful to their Monster Box’s development.

With that being said, this Godfest features less collateral benefits compared to Super Godfests as all rolls only come with 55 Pluses along with the Pantheon cards being less Evolved.

For a brand new player, this may be a slight turn off as it was possible to potentially roll a ready-made team from Super Godfests. On the other hand, Pluses and Evolution materials will be plentiful at some point and the Magic Stone discount is always meaningful.

Finally, this Godfest will also feature the debut of the brand new Godfest Exclusive, Yurisha .

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Rolling line up

7* GFE (1% each, 6% total)
7* GFE (0.5% each, 4% total)
6* GFE (1% each, 6% total)
6* GFE (0.5% each, 4% total)
3268 Scheat Eschamali
Pantheon cards (1.45% each, 79.75% total)


  • Powerful post-Transform active
    • Generates 6 Fire, Dark, & Hearts
  • Solid LS multipliers
  • 7×6 board
  • Strong VDP damage
  • 18 turns to Transform
    • No SB Skill Boost in Base form
  • LS reliant on Fire or Dark L
    • Cumbersome when matching VDP
    • No Auto Follow Up
  • LS restricted to Physical and Attackers
  • Feels like a large amount of effort for relatively little gain
  • No personal damage without VDP
  • 7×6 is currently punished

Yurisha is a new Transforming card that has an 18 turn cooldown along with no Skill Boosts Skill Boost in her Base form along with minimal Effective Health per-Transform. Thankfully, finding 18 Skill Boosts should not be too hard, even with the Physical and Attacker restrictions.

Once Transformed, she will be able to provide much more reliable multipliers, albeit lower Effective Health, along with a powerful 4-turn active skill. This active produces 6 Fire, Dark, & Heart orbs along with a 1.5x orb movement time buff. As a whole, this is a powerful active that also aids in her activation clause.

Yurisha’s activation clause will be her most polarizing issue as she must match an L of Fire or Dark in order to trigger her multipliers including Damage Reduction. While the 7×6 board will help offset this, she will become orb hungry when trying to match a 3×3 Box along with her own personal damage being relatively insignificant without. Even when pairing with someone like Fatalis , damage output still seems strained/stressed and her lack of bonus combos or Auto Follow Up hinders her overall potential. While this pairing does yield high durability and can clear plenty of content, I feel it requires more effort compared to current options.

With that being said, perhaps she mind find some sub value in the future as her active skill is quite powerful and she still has reliable VDP damage.

To roll or not to roll

Generally speaking, Super Godfests cost 10 Magic Stones and feature at worst, 1/3 chance for any Godfest Exclusive. As such, it is most advantageous to try and line up as many key cards for your Monster Box as possible before shaking the REM’s hand.

On the flip side, this special 5-Stone Godfest features a discount of 50% but the rolling rates were not halved for Godfest Exclusives. As such, for the same 10 Magic Stones, you are able to perform 2 pulls with a 20% chance each time for any Godfest Exclusive.

Now I am well aware that odds/averages do not always work out perfectly but in a large enough sample, players should come out ahead in this event from a purely Godfest Exclusive point of view. For example, with 100 Magic Stones, you can perform 20 rolls and should acquire 4 GFE. By comparison, regular Super Godfests will allow 10 rolls with an expected 3.3 Godfest Exclusives.

Furthermore, because you get to perform 2 rolls, players will also be able to expedite their Box building by acquiring more Pantheons compared to normal.

With that being said, this Godfest does not feature as many collateral benefits such as +297 or free Evolution steps which should not be an issue for more veteran players, but for those just starting out, those benefits are quite helpful as they can somewhat pull semi complete teams.

Furthermore, the Godfest Exclusive line up feels less ideal overall. I say this because many of the newer and stronger GFE are absent from this event but at the same time, this may not apply as strongly to you as my Box needs differ from yours.

Regardless of that, this event is still a viable way to acquire Trade Fodder for future events due to the discounted rolling cost and respectable rolling rates. With this in mind, I do plan on rolling several times as I ended up not using that many Stones during Sin Dragons and can always benefit from more Trade Fodder.

As a slight tangent, if you would like to read more about my thought process for rolling or Monster Exchanging for cards, check out my article HERE.


The current 5 Magic Stone Thanksgiving Godfest features strong rolling rates for less ideal Godfest Exclusives, but stronger rates nevertheless. Of course, my perspective of which Godfest Exclusive is influenced by my own Monster Box and this event may be beneficial for yourself. With that being said, I do plan on rolling several times just to acquire more Trade Fodder as I used significantly less Stones during the Sin Dragon event.

Regardless of this, let me know what you think about this event in the comments below and whether or not you plan on rolling. If you did roll, let me know how it went.

Happy Puzzling!

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9 thoughts on “5 Magic Stone Thanksgiving Godfest + Yurisha Debut Nov. 13 – 15”

  1. Rolled a little on the main and somewhat more on the alt.

    Main only rolled 7 times with astounding luck: Yurisha, Remu, Gremory for GFEs and the notable Indra from the pantheon rolls which didn’t have.

    Alt rolled 10 times total, zero GFE which was a bummer but every single one of the 10 pantheon rolls were not dupes and some useful eventual subs like I&I so really can’t complain that much.

    Alt does have a Fatalis to pair with the main but I do have to agree there are likely better options but it might make for an interesting change of pace team. Thanks as always for your insight.


  2. wish yurisha’s active generates only purple and heart orbs, seriously, the fire orb is useless specially when pairing with fatalis.


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