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5 Magic Stone Thanksgiving Godfest + Yurisha Debut Nov. 13 – 15


Friday marks the start of a special 5-Magic Stone Godfest where players will have a 20% chance of rolling any Godfest Exclusive and 80% chance for a Pantheon card.

While these are lower rates when directly compared to a Super Godfests, one must remember that Super Godfests have double the Magic Stone cost and a 33% chance for a GFE.

This means players can enjoy 2 rolls for the same price with a 20% chance of hitting a GFE each time. Furthermore, newer players will be able to acquire more Pantheon cards with greater ease as many of them will still be meaningful to their Monster Box’s development.

With that being said, this Godfest features less collateral benefits compared to Super Godfests as all rolls only come with 55 Pluses along with the Pantheon cards being less Evolved.

For a brand new player, this may be a slight turn off as it was possible to potentially roll a ready-made team from Super Godfests. On the other hand, Pluses and Evolution materials will be plentiful at some point and the Magic Stone discount is always meaningful.

Finally, this Godfest will also feature the debut of the brand new Godfest Exclusive, Yurisha .

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Rolling line up

7* GFE (1% each, 6% total)
7* GFE (0.5% each, 4% total)
6* GFE (1% each, 6% total)
6* GFE (0.5% each, 4% total)
3268 Scheat Eschamali
Pantheon cards (1.45% each, 79.75% total)


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