Player’s Choice Godfest Voting Strategies – November 2021


The Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) makes a triumphant return to North America and gives players the opportunity to vote for their favorite cards to be featured in a special Rare Egg Machine. Historically speaking, Player’s Choice Godfests have been lucrative events as the rolling pool is comprised of the strongest and/or best cards currently available.

With that being said, there is no “best” card to vote for as what is best for your own Monster Box will differ from other players. Furthermore, voting for cards you do not currently own will often provide more value compared to voting for something you already have as it can fill various holes that you would not have been able to address otherwise.

Taking all of this into consideration, I would like to outline my thoughts and commentary on cards that are worth voting for. But regardless of what I say, what is best for your self will often be cards you do not own.

Video commentary

Voting breakdown

Players will be able to cast a total of three votes in three different categories:

  • Top 15 ★7 Fest Exclusives and Samurai Series 3 monsters

  • Top 15 ★6 Fest Exclusives

  • Top 40 God Series monsters

Do not vote for Samurai 3 cards

The Samurai 3 Pantheon is one of the strongest series available due to their amazingly useful Weapon Assists ( ) that provide a single Skill Boost Skill Boost and 80% Resist in either Blind, Jammer, or Poison.

As such, acquiring your first copy of each card can be tremendously valuable for a given Monster Box but your second and third copy tends to be less magical.

Unfortunately, the Samurai 3 series is lumped together with the seven star Godfest Exclusives who are the most powerful and rare of all cards. Not only are these cards used as Trade Fodder for the more powerful Collab/Seasonal cards, they are also some of the strongest monsters currently available. Furthermore, GungHo tends to buff these cards the most often along with granting them powerful new evolutions. Long story short, these cards tend to be the best for investing in as they will almost always remain relevant moving forward due to the repeated buffs, new evolutions, and value in owning duplicates.

Taking all of this into consideration, it is best to only vote for the seven star Godfest Exclusives as they have significantly more value as a duplicate due to their various forms and ability to be used as Trade Fodder.

Seven star Godfest Exclusives

Essentially every single seven star Godfest Exclusive is incredibly powerful and the best one for your own individual Monster Box will often be the card you do not already own.

Another things to keep in is that you may have some of these exchange Medals sitting in your Monster Box. If that is the case, you may be able to acquire any of the following cards which in turn may change who you wish to vote for.

Medal exchange sets:

With this in mind, I would be more inclined to vote for Godfest Exclusives that are not available via Monster Exchanging.


This Players Choice Godfest will also featured the debut of the new and incredibly powerful Daytona. Daytona is similar to Nautilus and Royal Oak in the sense that they are all multi-step Transforming cards who feature a system-able active skill that provides an Attack buff and an orb changer.

For Daytona they scale off of TPAs TPA and are able to deal comically high amounts of damage with relatively little effort. Furthermore, they have amazing durability along with massive Auto Follow Up Attack and huge amounts of bonus combos. Their only main weakness is the inability to deal with Damage Voids, thus, utilizing Void Damage Void actives becomes mandatory.


Seawolf is the most recently added Godfest Exclusive and like the other multi-step transforming leaders, they are absurdly powerful and are capable of clearing all current content.

Nautilus and Royal Oak

Both Nautilus and Royal Oak are tremendously strong leaders that are capable of clearing all available content.

Multiform cards

The following cards feature multiple different coloured evolutions which means at least one form will provide value for a given Monster Box.

Other strong Godfest Exclusives


Essentially any 7-star is powerful but what is best for yourself tends to be something you do not own.

Six star Godfest Exclusives

For the most part, the Six star Godfest Exclusives have been demoted to Trade Fodder status along with their relative availability from various events.

Of course they still have value, especially those that have Weapon Assists.


Neys come in five different colour Weapon Assists with each of them providing essentially the same thing for their respective colour.

I still use these on a regular basis and having more of them gives you additional flexibility when choosing which colour to utilize.

Dark Kali

With that said, just vote for whoever you do not already own.

Pantheon cards

We are able to vote for a total of 40 Pantheon cards and due to their availability, many players may already have the vast majority of these cards. With that in mind, it is still best to vote for what you do not already have.

Ame No Uzume

Arguably the best Fire Cleric available at this point in time.

Chinese Celestials

The Chinese Celestials feature wonderful Weapon Assists along with powerful Story Mode evolutions. Having two copies of each will be meaningful.


Other notable cards

This is not an exhaustive list and it is possible have overlooked some cards.



Players Choice Godfest is an exciting event because we are able to vote for the rolling roster which oftentimes leads to the most powerful and valuable cards being featured in the same REM.

For the most part, the best thing to vote for is something you do not already own. I am a strong believer of that first time you acquire a given card tends to be the most valuable as it helps to fill holes in your Monster Box.

With that being said, please do not vote for the Samurai 3 Pantheon cards as it will reduce the number of seven star Godfest Exclusives possibly available. This is because seven star Godfest Exclusives are the most powerful, rare, and valuable cards available at this point in time. Furthermore, duplicates can be utilized to pursue their various evolutions or as trade fodder for top rarity Seasonal and Collab cards.

Regardless of all this, let me know who you voted for in the comments below and how much you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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