One-Punch Man Collab REM Review – January 2022

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The One-Punch Man Collab makes their debut in North America and features a 7 Magic Stone REM along with a host of new cards. Unfortunately, the bottom rarity comprises 75.8% of the rolling pool and I personally feel that they hold minimal value to developed Monster Boxes.

This is frustrating as I am always excited for new Collabs as they can often provide new solutions to various problems and usually encourage modest rolling. Sadly, One-Punch Man feels a little flat due to the overwhelmingly poor bottom rarity who lack Weapon Assists .

While there is still value to be found at the 7/8-star rarity, it may be challenging to justify too many rolls unless you are feeling exceptionally lucky. On the other hand, I highly encourage all players to Monster Exchange for 1-2 Garou as they are an outstanding mono Dark sub. You can read more about Garou HERE.

Due to increasing wrist pains, I have only done the overview section and will go into more detail via the Video Commentary.

Video commentary


All Monster information gathered via Tsubaki Bot (Discord Bot) and monster icons come from PADx or Tsubaki Bot

One-Punch Man Collab REM Pros & Cons – January 2022
  • New event
  • Several 7/8* cards are strong
  • No Weapon Assists for Bottom rarity
  • Bottom rarity has low value overall
    • Comprises 75.8% of the total rolling pool
      • Makes rolling quite questionable
  • Only one card is Monster Exchangeable
    • Have to roll 7*
      • Some 7* feels a little weak
  • Pool of truly desirable cards is quite small


One-Punch Man Collab REM
8 Star base
(2% total)
7 Star base
(22.2% total)
6 Star base
(75.8% total)
Icons show Base form/form they come out in
One-Punch Man Collab Rankings – January 2022

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Bottom rarity quick summary

The bottom rarity should be the main motivation to roll in an event and the following chart shows all the 6-star Rankings. In total, they comprise 75.8% of the rolling pool and for the most part offers little for modestly developed Boxes.

One-Punch Man Collab Bottom Rarity (6*) REM Rankings – January 2022


The One-Punch Man Collab feels like an underwhelming top-heavy affair with the bottom rarity comprising over 75% of the rolling pool and offering minimal value to modestly developed Boxes.

Furthermore, several of the 7-stars feel less than ideal along with few cards that are truly needed overall. As such, I feel that minimal rolling would be best or Monster Exchanging for Saitama to use as a Leader or for his wonderful Weapon Assist.

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5 thoughts on “One-Punch Man Collab REM Review – January 2022”

  1. Are you going to trade for a Saitama (or 2)?

    I’m thinking about it when I have 4 Dracoblades alone. So even if I keep one and find 2 others I’m willing to dump.


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