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Royal Oak & Nautilus Debut Super Godfest Review


Sunday marks the debut of two new 7-star Godfest Exclusives who are both outstanding leaders that help push Powercreep to the next level. Unfortunately, they are debuting within a reasonably average Godfest as it only features 33% chance for any GFE which is as low as it can go. On the other hand, all five Samurai 3 cards ( ) will be featured in their Weapon Assist form which helps bring the “good” rolling pool up to 40.5%.

As such, the value of this Super Godfest will be higher for those who lack Samurai 3 cards but will be more underwhelming for those who have already rolled them all.

With that being said, this article will examine both new Godfest Exclusives in greater detail.

Video commentary

New Godfest Exclusives

Both Royal Oak and Nautilus are special 7-star GFE who have a 2 step Transformation that does not cycle back around like Jiraiya. As a whole, this is a better design as it enables Royal Oak and Nautilus to have Skill Boosts Skill Boost in their Base form (something a cyclic Transforming card cannot) along with no true worries about juggling a certain active skill for a specific floor. As such, it is best to try and reach the Final form as fast as possible but both have a 6 turn cooldown after they Transform for the first time. This means that without Haste, it will take a least 6 turns to Transform into their final and strongest form. Continue reading Royal Oak & Nautilus Debut Super Godfest Review