Awoken Sakuya discussion and team building


Sakuya was my first real REM god (I semi-started with a Gabriel Gabriel) and it completely changed my playstyle and enjoyment of PAD. She has carried me through countless descends and I still choose to use her in my most challenging encounters.

Sakuya has always historically been one of the top tier leaders and only began to fall out of favour within the last 6-8 months due to powercreep and the advent of TPA mono-colour teams. Mono-colour leads such as Shiva Shiva provide almost the same multiplier, but are able to focus on one colour and utilize TPA and numerous orb changers. (I go into more detail on the strengths and weakness of rainbow teams in a previous Guide I wrote.) But the long and short of the matter is rainbow teams with the exception of Ra  Ra and Ra Dragon Ra Dragon are currently underwhelming in terms of their damage potential due to relatively low multipliers and colour restrictions. However, Awoken Sakuya now rejoins the ranks of top tier leads as her leader skill now scales with each additional combo starting at 6. As such, Sakuya can now reach 100x damage at 10 combos provided her four colours -red, blue, green, and light are triggered.


  • Amazing Artwork!
  • Leader Skill starts at 25x for basic four-colour match and increases by 1.2x at 6 combos and an additional 0.2x per combo beyond 6, and caps at 2x at 10 combos for a combined 100x damage.
    • 6 combos = 36x
    • 7 combos = 49x
    • 8 combos = 64x
    • 9 combos = 81x
    • 10 combos = 100x!
  • Fulfills blue slot and thus opens up new sub options
  • Unbindable along with bind recovery awakening and active
    • This completely removes the need to bring a bind clear sub as Sakuya’s upgraded active can deal damage and remove 3 turns of binds. This essentially removes Metatron  Metatron from the team lineup
  • Gains uses as a sub and is no longer restricted to a lead.
  • Leader skill is not reliant on using a skill to trigger a higher multiplier. This becomes relevant during periods of skill lock or when you need to save an active for a different floor


  • The removal of her two +light orb awakenings will actually lower her team’s damage output as fewer orbs will be enhanced and each enhanced orb will deal less damage. This is important to note when making smaller combos because the benefit of the revamped leader skill will break even around 6 combos. 7 combos is where a noticeable difference appears as you now hit for 49x
  • As with any rainbow lead, the risk of orb troll/bad boards can be the difference between victory and defeat. Thankfully, Awoken Sakuya gains a fast-scaling multiplier and even with only 3 light orbs, can still produce very high damage with 7+ combos.
  • Awoken Sakuya’s skill cap has significantly increased due to no light orb awakenings and only 1 TPA. As such, you must focus on making 6+ combos every turn to have a benefit

Overall, this new evolution is a massive upgrade to all Sakuya users in terms of damage, team building, and utility, but it comes at the price of a higher skill cap. Sakuya teams have historically been relatively REM light, and with her new awoken form covering blue, she only needs to cover red and green, which makes team building and REM dependence lower. I will try to cover all the best subs to use along with sample team builds. At the end I will also address the popularity of a dark based-Sakuya.

orb changers: 
valkpad Chibi Valk Pollux Elia Verche Apollo (blue) Arthur Rider
Full board
Kali Keiji Fat Chocobo Mastering Dark Kali
Athena Venus Izinagi Kanna Sun Quan
Bind clearing: Amate Metatron Isis Awoken Ceres Ame Green Odin
Susano Diza Kush Indra Isis Light Izanami
Delay: Sun Quan Awoken Oorochi Echidna Christmas Echidna Christmas Siren Christmas Alurane Christmas Angel Christmas Lilith
Gravity: Hathor Hera-Is Awoken Hades
Skill lock
Resist Skill Lock Resist:
Amate Izinagi Elia Kush Indra Isis Keiji
Kali Pollux

Offensive Orb Changers: Offensive light orb changers make fantastic subs on Sakuya teams as they will allow you to condense your board along with making numerous TPA matches.

  • valkpad  Valkyrie is probably my favourite green sub for Sakuya and was my second hyper maxed monster as her synergy is amazing. Sporting two +light orb , TPA , and Skill Boost awakenings along with high base stats, makes this lovely lady one of the best farmable monsters in the game. A relatively easy to skill up 5-turn hearts to light active allows for rapid activation and burst damage throughout a descend. Her chibi form Chibi Valk is superior from an awakening point of view because of the lower reliance on +light orb and emphasis of TPA for Awoken Sakuya. With that being said, the chibi valkyrie is a rare pull from a special REM, placing her out of reach for the average player.
  •  Chibi Valk Chibi Valkyrie has the same active as her larger and prettier counterpart. The chibi form does pull ahead due to her triple TPA , Skill Lock Resist , and Skill Boost awakenings but, as mentioned above, is very hard to obtain. If you are fortunate enough to pull her, she should be heavily invested in as she will be most likely your hardest hitting sub.
  • Pollux Pollux is a part of the Mechanical Star God series and offers a 7-turn orb changer that converts heart, jammer, poison, and mortal poison orbs into light along with 1 turn haste. This is similiar to Elia Elia in terms of cooldown duration and haste effect. It is hard to say who is a stronger option as I am loathe to remove heart orbs but the removal of jammers and poison orbs is very tempting. In addition, Pollux has 2 +heart , 2 +light orb , and the rare 2 Skill Lock Resist awakenings. This opens up sub flexibility as you can choose cards who are missing a Skill Lock Resist while the +light orb offers passive damage to your other light cards ever turn. Lastly, with the an ultimate evolution coming at some point in the future, Pollux stands to become a powerful sub.
  • Elia Elia is the definition of a luxury sub as she requires an unprecedented amount of effort to become viable with a 7-turn dark-to-light orb change with one-turn haste. Farming for skill ups let alone invades is a nightmare, and are perhaps better off by using Shynpy . Effort aside, Elia has incredible power on an Sakuya team because she not only removes the dead purple orbs, but can combo with Kali board change to ensure ample light orbs. High base stats combined with ideal awakenings of TPA TPA Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Dark Resist AwakeningsDark Resist Awakenings grant defensive and offensive capabilities. I am currently waiting to see how lucky I get with Jewel of Light for my Sakuya and then debate on the usage of Shynpy for both cards.
  • Verche Verche is essentially a lower grade Elia  but with hardly any investment required by comparison. Verche is easily skilled up and requires very basic materials to evolve. He drops frequently from countless dungeons, and I used him extensively during my earlier Sakuya days.
  • Apollo (blue) Apollo now has his superior L/B evolution, but his older Light/Red Apollo (red) evolution can still be used to fulfill colour requirements. If you are able to safely cover red, then change Apollo to his other ult evo as he gains another TPA. Apollo (blue) is the only double orb change (purple and hearts to light) sub that has synergy with Sakuya and I have always dreamed of owning one. At an 8-turn cooldown, you can ensure a massive light burst of damage to any floor in your way. The drawbacks of using Apollo (blue) are a lack of Skill Lock Resist along with potentially flooding the board with too many light orbs and thus preventing you from matching 7+ combos.
  • Arthur Rider Arthur is probably seldom seen, but his active works as an awkward light maker. His main appeal is his dark sub type (for other rainbow teams), but he is worth mentioning as an option for less developed teams. Due note that he does not provide a Skill Lock Resist and his active is challenging to skill up.

Full board changers: The reliance rainbow teams now have on board changers is higher due to higher level content being less forgiving and also possessing status immunity shields. In an ideal world, you would be able to bring 2 to combat orb troll, but that may not always be feasible.

  • Kali Light Kali is pretty much the single best sub for Sakuya as she has high base stats, Skill Lock Resist , two Skill Boost, a Time Extend , two TPA , and her full board change to red, blue, green, light, and dark. Kali ‘s active will guarantee at least three of every colour so with her usage, you can in theory proc the board and sweep the boss. She is able to combo her active with Verche Verche and Elia Elia to produce a light-heavy board with red, blue, green also present. If you are fortunate to have two Kali , feel free to use both of them as subs to ensure consistently proc-able boards. However, her active will not remove locked orbs.
  • Fat Chocobo  Chocobo is an overstuffed chicken can be used as a “farmable” board refresh that is essentially the same as Dark Kali but with a longer cooldown a and 1000 HP heal. He is given out for free during the Final Fantasty Collab and may not be available again until its return so I hope you managed to pick one up. Chocobo would be a viable sub on your Sakuya team provided you can fulfil the other colour requirements.
  • Keiji Keiji is a part of the newer Samurai pantheon and he is similiar to Kali in that he has a full board reset, but his active is slightly different and he has inferior awakenings. Kali will guarantee a full board of red, blue, green, light, and dark orb with at least 3 of each kind. Keiji will randomly reshuffle the board to include red, blue, green, light, dark, and hearts in any random amounts. This can potentially produce an un-procable board, but the major upside to bringing him is the ability to make hearts, one turn haste, AND removing locked orbs as his active is a reshuffle, not board change.
  • Mastering King Mastering is essentially a poor man’s Keiji in that both reshuffle the board randomly. This can result in any combination of the 6 elements and could still result in orb troll. Mastering’s awakenings are quite underwhelming, and the amount of work needed to evolve him is very daunting. Thankfully he is easy to skill up and at 6 turns can be a quick solution to bad boards.
  • Dark Kali Dark Kali fulfils different gaps in your team roster as she has different awakenings and dark typing. The high base stats along with unbindability, Time Extend , 2 Skill BoostSkill Lock Resist and Bind Clear awakening awakenings bring more utility to your team. Being unbindable allows Dark Kali to bait out dark binds and Bind Clear awakening passively clear binds from your other monsters. Her active also generates heart orbs and can be used as a way to heal and deal damage. However, you are more likely to only spawn 3 light orbs, but this can be corrected with other offensive actives. It is hard to find fault in either of the Kalis as they both provide an amazing amount of power and utility. The one notable benefit of Dark Kali is that you can refresh the board, heal, and sweep the boss all in one turn.

Damage enhancing (either type or orb enhance): These subs augment your already formidable damage output and are able to be stacked on top of orb changers to ensure you can burst through the tankiest of bosses. With the advent of stronger and more resilient bosses, the dependency on bringing damage enhancing subs is at an all time high if you are not confident in your burst potential. It is generally better to bring a low cooldown yellow orb changer as this should be sufficient in providing high combos, TPA, and light orb matches.

  • Athena Athena is another powerful farmable monster who brings an amazing attack value and double TPA . This allows Athena to burst incredibly high and lets her punch through high defence-monsters with ease. Also, having 2 Blind Resist means your Sakuya team will have 80% resistance to blind attacks! However, Athena has 0 base recovery and her active is a bit underwhelming due to it double dipping and enhancing green as well as light orbs. I tend to only seldom bring my hypermax Athena, but she may get more attention when I need to fill the green slot especially, when it is a no heart spawn dungeon.
  • Venus Awoken Venus was my 10th hyper maxed monster and my solution to an offensive blue sub to replace Metatron  prior to Sakuya. Venus has only 5 awakenings on a Sakuya team as the row enhance is essentially worthless, but what she does bring to the table is very powerful. Being light and possessing a TPA adds more damage to the team along with having +light orb . Also, having 2 Auto Heal provides more sustain when stalling and her active ensures a massive burst on only a 5 turn cooldown. Venus ‘s active has the double effect of enhancing light and giving free movement for 6 seconds. This can ensure you maximize your combo potential along with TPA etc. In addition, her enhancements mean she combos exceptionally well with valkpad heart to light active and both are synchronized at 5 turns. This active alone pushes your damage to higher levels and can be comparable to type or colour enhance actives, but on a much shorter recharge timer.
  • Izinagi Izanagi provides synergetic awakenings and on-colour typing for Sakuya. He is arguably better as a Kali sub due to the dark typing, but his raw power can benefit Sakuya too. I will most likely not have him on my team because Sakuya loses her God typing and as such, 2 cards will not benefit from his active. However, if the rest of your team is god based and you are for some reason in a desperate need for a damage enhance or a beefy card to bolster damage passively every floor, Izinagi is a reasonable choice. His awakenings become very powerful with +light orbTPATPA contributing damage and Skill BoostSkill BoostSkill Lock Resist+heart providing utility and defensive benefits.
  • Kanna Kanna, on the other hand, brings more damage than Izinagi due to 3 TPA awakenings along with providing Skill Lock Resist and 2 Skill Boost awakenings. What sets Kanna  apart from Izinagi is her ability to enhance both god and dragon types (as Sakuya is a dragon, not a god). Although the reliance on burst damage dealers is lower, it can be an option should you feel you need to pack an extra punch along with dealing massive damage every turn with a TPA match.
  • Sun Quan Sun Quan’s active combines a delay and burst which can be a life saver in certain situations. With Sakuya being able to take advantage of his active, Sun Quan can be a viable sub who can combine offensive and defensive abilities. The Time Extend and Blind Resist are also nice little additions. Just be careful when team building as he lacks a Skill Lock Resist awakening.

Bind clearing: When deciding if you should bring a bind clearing sub, you must determine how dangerous the binds are. If the bind is preemptive and impossible to stall through, then of course you must bring bind removal. However, if the bind will only occur at certain health thresholds or specific turns, it may be best try and burst through the floor instead. Generally speaking, bind removal subs do not bring damage to the team and can feel like “dead-weight” if the binds can be avoided. Lastly, if your team has high recovery and the binding floor is not too dangerous, it may be advantageous to stall it out. In addition, all the following subs are bind immune and can be used to bait out specific binds to provide a free turn. Take all that with a grain of salt as Sakuya already has bind clearing through her active and Bind Clear awakening awakening.

  • Amate Awoken Amaterasu is a newer evolution that provides bind immunity, 2 Skill Lock Resist , 2 Skill Boost , and a single TPA . These awakenings alone are amazingly impressive,  and her active provides a significant heal along with haste. Granted the bind clear may be redundant, but there could be situations in which either you do not wish to use your Sakuya or it is not ready as Amate is only 8-turn cooldown. Lastly, being bind immune can allow you to bait out green binds safely.
  • Metatron Light Metatron has been the most important blue sub for Sakuya teams since her ultimate evolution was created. She has fallen from grace due to powercreep, and now her role as the bind clear queen has been overshadowed by Sakuya ‘s new bind clearing active and the lower need to have a bind clear. Metatron still has the best bind clear active as she can remove 3 turns on only a 5-turn cooldown. Other overlooked benefits are her double Skill Boost awakenings, her bind immunity and thus her ability to bait out water binds safely, and the highest base recovery in the game. I have started to develop a love/hate relationship with my Metatron as many of the most challenging dungeons cannot justify using her as a sub. This was an issue for my Sakuya and Kali teams and I had to find a more offensive option for a blue sub.
  • Isis Awoken Isis is not quite as beneficial as you should already have sufficient bind removals; however, she still covers the blue and green slot for rainbow teams. The 15% reduction shield may prove to be situationally useful and is readily available at 3-turn cooldown. She is also bind immune and contributes a Skill Lock Resist and Time Extend , so she is not a terrible option.
  • Awoken Ceres Awoken Ceres may not be as ideal due to the readily available bind clear on Sakuya, but she should at least be mentioned as she covers green and can provide a modest amount of healing. In addition, Awoken Ceres is also bind immune so can be used to bait out green binds safely.
  • Ame Ame no Uzume is another bind immune, bind clearing sub who also covers the red sub type. I would rank her as the weakest of the bind clearers listed here as she contributes no offensive capabilities, average awakenings (no Skill Lock Resist), and a very difficult to skill up active. However, her active is unique as it can allow you to easily stall through high damage due to the recovery boost.
  • Green Odin Green Odin is currently an underwhelming card because his active is very lackluster, but now provides 2 turns of bind removal. His raw stat value and amazing awakenings are not quite offset by the fact that his active is essentially pointless on Sakuya. High base stats eventually experience diminishing returns as your team reaches more +297s. All that withstanding, Odin can be used as an unbindable stat stick green sub who can heal you 2000 hp every turn with his 4 Auto Heal awakenings. Lastly, his 2 Skill Boost awakenings can allow you to have certain actives ready by a fixed point, and I did use him for my U&Y team on my alt account for a brief period of time. Due keep in mind Green Odin is bind immune and can safely bait out green binds, but his lack of Skill Lock Resist further diminishes his value.

Shielding / damage mitigation: These subs provide you with the ability to reduce your damage taken and the shield carries over to the next floor provided you sweep your current boss and the subsequent floor has no preemptive ability. In addition, you can use these shields to reduce damage taken from large preemptive strikes. Lastly, it is far better to reduce damage taken compared to heart generation as shields can allow you to survive hits you could generally not live through.

  • Susano Awoken Susano covers green and red attributes and he alone can allow unrestricted sub options for Sakuya. His 3-turn shield combined with haste on an 11-turn cooldown allows you to safely tank attacks that would have otherwise killed you. Being unbindable ensures that you are always able to activate Sakuya’s leader skill as she her self is also bind immune. I would say his only weakness I would say is a lack of Skill Lock Resist ,but his double Skill Boost and Time Extend more than compensate for this. I would rank the dream boat Susano as a top tier sub for Sakuya and was overjoyed when I pulled him in a recent godfest.
  • Diza Dark Izanami may be the wrong colour for Sakuya , but her sheer power deserves mentioning. A 35% damage reduction shield for three turns with only a 6-turn cooldown is immensely powerful. She is easily the best farmable shield character in the game, and her triple Auto Heal awakening provides 1,500 hp worth of healing each turn to compensate for her low recovery. In addition, with Sakuya scaling up to 100x damage, you are most likely going to be matching purple and the damage loss will not be as great as with her pre-awoken form. Lastly, the dark typing can make Diza an ideal choice for all attribute dungeons.
  • Kush Kushinadahime (Kush) provides the single largest damage reduction shield (75%) for one turn on an 8-turn cooldown. You can essentially survive any hit with this shield active, and her awakenings provide a bit of everything including +heart Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Auto Heal Time Extend Bind Clear awakening . The major downside is that she is not bind immune, but this is not as great of a concern because of Awoken Sakuya’s bind removal. Being non light based is not as big of a concern now that Sakuya can reach up to 100x damage.
  • Indra Indra has resurfaced as a powerhouse sub for combo/rainbow teams with his Skill Lock ResistSkill Lock ResistSkill BoostTime Extend awakenings. His 75% reduction shield is on par with Kush , but lasts for 3 turns instead of 1. Granted this increases the cooldown but can be more valuable in the right situations. Lastly, Indra does not have an awoken evolution so we may be in store for a significant boost in power and viability.
  • Isis Awoken Isis is not quite as beneficial as you should already have sufficient bind removals; however, she still covers the blue and green slot for rainbow teams. The 15% reduction shield may prove to be situationally useful and is readily available at 3-turn cooldown. She is also bind immune and contributes a Skill Lock Resist and Time Extend , so she is not a terrible option.
  • Light Izanami Light Izanami is a weaker form of her dark sister, Diza with a worse active, evolution tree, and awakenings. Her only saving grace is being light and contributing 1 +light orb . It is still a damage increase and if you only need one turn of shielding, it can be a viable farmable option. One down side is Light Izanami is harder to skill up as she is not a guaranteed drop even on Mythical.

Delays / menace: Even with the advent of more bosses having status void shields, delays are still valuable as you can use them to safely bypass different floors while conserving other actives or restalling for skills. In addition, it can be a way to avoid perseverance mechanics as you can bring the boss down to 1 HP and kill on the subsequent turn without being punished by their special execution abilities.

  • Sun Quan Sun Quan’s active combines a delay and burst which can be a life saver in certain situations. With Sakuya being able to take advantage of his active, Sun Quan can be a viable sub who can combine offensive and defensive abilities. The Time Extend and Blind Resist are also nice little additions. Just be careful when team building as he lacks a Skill Lock Resist awakening.
  • Awoken Oorochi Awoken Orochi can be max-skilled to 15 turns and provides an overwhelming 4 turns of delay. This is quite excessive as most things should die within 2 turns but I am sure someone will argue that 4 turns of delay is justifiable. However, as a saving grace, Awoken Oorochi has an unbelievable 4 TPA awakenings which results in amazingly high passive damage with every water two prong activation. This is where you will need to weigh the pros and cons of using an somewhat lackluster active sub who has no Skill Lock Resist awakening and is the wrong colour for Sakuya teams. He may constrict your sub pool choice, but does provide a substantial blue burst of damage. If given the option (even if max skilled), I do not think I would use Awoken Oorochi on my team as he is slow to activate and somewhat overkill and does not offer much aside from safety on one floor.  However, everyone has a different playstyle and expectations so take my own usage with a grain of salt.
  • Echidna Echidna has been a staple sub on most rainbow teams as she covers the awkward red slot while providing high recovery and an immensely powerful delay. In addition, she is also very easy to acquire and skill up as she is one of the oldest farmable monsters in the game. Unfortunately, newer content is pushing her out of the meta as most of the difficult floors resist her delay. Nevertheless, Echidna still provides three free turns on a challenging floor and every account should have one. Her one saving grace is her Blind Resist ,which combined with Sakuya provides 60% resistance. Expanding on that, pairing with Athena Athena enables 100% blind resistance; I have used this combination on rare but successful occasions.
  • Christmas Echidna Christmas Siren Christmas Alurane Christmas Angel Christmas Lilith The 5 Christmas “trash” rolls are actually quite powerful as they share the same active as Echidna Echidna and can also fulfil your colour requirements if you pull the correct ones. Regardless, their 3 turn delays are just as valuable and it is worthwhile to pull at least once on the Christmas REM as they are a boon for newer accounts. For further reading as to why Echidna is valuable, click HERE. Just bear in mind that they have lackluster awakenings and stats when compared to the newest and flashiest monsters.

Gravity: Gravities are starting to come back into style as they can be used to push a boss into specific health percentages and is most useful to either knock them into a favourable colour or to by pass perseverance. With your two Sakuya actives, you can immediately push a boss to 64% health and it may not be mandatory to bring another gravity; however, I did use Hera-Is Hera-Is to successfully clear a previous challenge 10 dungeon to bypass a 50% perseverance ability. You can read about it HERE.

  • Hathor Hathor just received her ultimate evolution and it will granted her a Skill Lock Resist , Time Extend , and a total of 4 +light orb awakening. The +light orb ensures 4/5 light orbs will be enhanced and adds significant damage to your team overall. The 25% gravity is substantial and at least starts at 18 turns compared to Hera-Is Hera-Is and her 30 turn non-skilled base form. Situationally you may find yourself using Hathor to bypass 50% perseverance abilities on bosses who cannot be delayed. As a saving grace for a situational active, your passive damage will not falter as much when compared to other gravity subs.
  • Hera-Is Hera-Is is the poster girl of farmable gravities and can still be used to clear high end content. Her awakenings are not the best, but she provides a dark sub colour to bait out dark binds (even though not bind immune, but it will not affect your leader skill activation). She still has reasonably high base stats and her largest pitfall will be her 30-turn cooldown if not skilled up. Older players may have max skilled her by now, but newer accounts have probably forgone her usage in favour of more REM or flashier things
  • Awoken Hades Awoken Hades is a sub I often overlook even though I own one myself. The 5 second buff to orb movement time in conjunction with a 25% gravity should ensure you sweep the floor with relative ease. His awakenings do not contribute much to overall team utility, but you can abuse his 2 TPA and high base attack to punch through high defence light monsters. I have not used Awoken Hades much, but am confident he could be put to better use with certain team compositions. Although his lack of Skill Lock Resist is a large pitfall that needs compensation from your other subs.

I may have missed a favourite sub or two, so please leave a comment if you feel there is a card who deserves mentioning. With this extensive list in mind, how do we go about actually team building our Sakuya ? From my own descend clearing compositions, I always try to bring a mixture of defensive utility and offensive subs to the party, but have lately been leaning more heavily upon board refreshes and survivability and relying on my matching skills to deal damage.

Team Building:

I used to own 1 Kali and once I rolled my second, I have used her as a staple sub because Sakuya gains more damage from 7+ combos than focusing on matching light TPA. Defensive utility is more important now because content is becoming more difficult to clear and with the advent of preemptive binds, attacks, and orb manipulation, rainbow teams need to be able to survive un-matchable boards. 100% skill lock resist is reasonably achievable with Sakuya due to her having 1 and thus you only need to find 3 more across your subs. My current pre-awoken Sakuya team consisted of:


I will often interchange Kush Athena and Echidna as needed. As I mentioned in my Venus section, I do enjoy the ability to drop out Metatron when the dungeon has no preemptive binds. Once Sakuya went live, I may not have a reason to ever use my Metatron  as a sub unless for some reason I NEED to have the double skill boost or emergency heal. I had a hypermaxed Echidna , but I did feed her to Elia Elia for the pluses as Echidna is becoming less relavant in the hardest content. Echidna is farmable and thus replaceable and I do feel Elia will be an excellent, albeit expensive addition to my team. Before I was tentatively considering the following team once  Sakuya was available:

A Sakuya1
100% SBR and safer choice
A Sakuya2
80% SBR and more offensive in nature

Naturally, this did change as I rolled more exciting subs including a second Kali and Susano . That being said, no team is completely fool-proof, and each will have their own weaknesses and strengths. It is up to you to research the dungeon at hand and choose subs that will provide the most benefit. When deciding who to place your plus eggs on, try to determine who will benefit the most (either through TPA) or who will be always present on your team. Some subs I will most likely never replace, such as my single Kalibut others such as Venus  have been sidelined.

Possible dream teams that I could not assemble include but are not limited to:

  • SakuyaKaliKaliSusanoEliaSakuya Probably my most ideal dream team, but I am missing a second Kali  and Susano
  • SakuyaKaliKaliEliaChibi ValkSakuya
  • SakuyaKaliEliaChibi ValkApollo (blue)Sakuya

And speaking of dreams coming true, after pulling several godfests after this post, I am finally able to assemble my favourite team!

Sakuya Dream Team
Sakuya all attribute
All attribute team

My dream team of SakuyaKaliKaliSusanoEliaSakuya is amazing and use it for nearly all my content, but one major pitfall I have is a lack of heart orb generation especially when I use Kali actives and need to sweep and heal on the same turn.

Lastly, I want to at least acknowledge the advent of a dark Sakuya team that has been used to great success by some players. The main premise of the team is to utilize the overwhelming power of dark subs and play Sakuya in a combo-based manner (while simultaneously matching purple orbs). The subs will provide excessive time extends, enhanced skyfalls, board refreshes, and survivability. It looks weird, but it does work as Sakuya can cap out at 100x damage with 10 combos. A sample team may look like this:

  • Sakuya Awoken Yomi Dark Kali Diza Z8 Sakuya

Maybe change around Diza or Z8 for another Dark Kali to further increase time extend, but I do not know the true potential of a dark Awoken Sakuya – it is simply something else to consider.

Dungeon Playstyle:

Sakuya is a rainbow team and will be susceptible to orb troll and you must have the patience to stall and survive. You should always enter endless corridors to test your damage output (with a two prong match and without) with varying number of combos to give yourself a relative idea of how much damage you can deal. It can be sometimes challenging to accurately predict your damage output as your multiplier goes up significantly with each additional combo. You should always aim to match at least 6 combos in order to trigger a 36x multiplier as well as statistically refreshing your board (18 orbs matched should result in 3 of each element falling down). In addition, you should determine your base recovery (how much healed when matching 3 heart orbs) as each subsequent combo adds 25% healing. For example, 4000 base recovery will heal 8000 HP when matching those 3 hearts and 4 additional combos (5 in total). You will need to stall throughout the dungeon and this information helps you determine if an active is needed.

Furthermore, try to make a tentative plan and mental note of which floors you want to use actives. This provides some guideline to your usage and helps you plan out your team composition and awakenings accordingly. When determining how much skill lock resist you should try to achieve, you need to determine how dangerous having your skills locked is. Can you stall through the binding floor without actives? If the answer is yes, you may not have to alter your subs if it hinders your performance on other floors. The same can be applied to monster binds: if the bind will not result in your death, feel free to just stall it out instead of gimping your team with a bind clearing sub.

When trying to decide if matching a light TPA or an extra combo, you need to determine how many light TPA awakenings you have and if you are trying to pierce through a high defence monster. If your total team TPA awakenings is equal or greater than 4, going for the additional TPA match is more worthwhile as each match adds 50% bonus damage for that monster. If you are required to pierce through a high defence monster, always got for the TPA match. Mastering Sakuya will take practice, but is well worth the investment as she can clear all the content in the game.

Happy Puzzling!

32 thoughts on “Awoken Sakuya discussion and team building”

    1. Key is being able to burst the 10 million damage on Elia along with surpassing the 250k-ish defence. I am able to duo with myself on Yomi Dragon teams. May make a video one day


    1. Yeah Ichigo works as a viable replacement, just note that his dark colour may lower your overall damage if you are focusing on light damage (especially when you bring Elia). However, if he is your only board changer, use him


      1. well yeah but when she get a ult evo she should more or less get higher stats than Lkali between her and Lkali its just around 50 weighted stats


              1. with orb troll i meant when water orbs are on all 3 edges and the green orbs are trolling around all over so u must try to place them that can be sometimes quite challenging when u try to get a fire,water,green, light combo with some other to get at last 7-8 combos


                1. Ah well that’s just bad rng and shouldn’t happen too often =P I like the option to combo with a dark orb remover but ofc does require an extra active


  1. Hey Mantastic!

    I just pulled Kirin in today’s player’s choice! Talk about late timing.

    Could you help me with teambuilding? I’m currently thinking of doing

    Kirin / Verche / Kali / Kali / ??? that’s wood / Kirin

    Wood would have to be either chibi valk or Amaterasu, no other real option. I don’t have Elia, she has NEVER spawned for me, but reincarnation Verche is the next best thing and he even has OE.

    Here’s my padherder which is updated, I’d love it if you could give me suggestions aside from what I have that could incorporate utility like delay etc.,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;element,0


    1. Def a little late XD

      Strong options for wood would be Sun Quan and Kush. Both provide wood coverage and either delay or shielding. Unfottunately, Sun Quan has no SBR, so if you do run Verche, you would not have 100% immunity. Chibi Valk is a better choice than Ama as you dont need a third bind clear. Elia will always spawn in M+ Godrush if you are able to clear it

      Pollux is also a viable card and provides lots of SBR and orb enhances. However, your core team should always have 2 Light Kali

      Potential team you could build: Sakuya, Kali, Kali, Sun Quan, Chibi Valk. You cover all your colours and SBR along with massive burst via TPA and healer types. Drop out Chibi Valk as needed for Kush. I know orb enhances are nice, but survivability via sbr is more important and I’d prefer Sun quan over verche

      If you want to run verche: Sakuya, Kali, kali, Verche, Kush


      1. Ah, thanks for the opinion!

        I can’t clear Mythical God Rush on my own and co-op is still really clumsy as of late (I disconnect A LOT for some reason). Not really so sure what team I’d bring to Myth God Rush anyways…

        I guess I’m somewhat glad I pulled the second Kali a few weeks ago. And then almost max skilled her off of all the light jewels I got from farming Kanetsugu until my eyes fell out of my sockets.

        Thanks again for the advice 🙂


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