[Videos] Clearing Challenge 8, 9, & 10 with a variety of teams


I managed to stream for a brief period today and was able to successfully clear Challenge 8, 9, and 10 with a variety of teams. I tend to blink a lot and may not be able to see the orbs with the same clarity as I usually do, but hopefully my Mantastic skills pull through in the end!

Challenge 10 vs Sarasvati

Definitely not overkill on Kali….

Challenge 9 vs Blue Sonia

Another Splashing success!


Challenge 8 vs Dark Metatron

Hit me harder


Playing with one eye is a lot harder than it looks. Eye hope eye am back to normal shortly.

Happy Puzzling!

10 thoughts on “[Videos] Clearing Challenge 8, 9, & 10 with a variety of teams”

  1. I’m still just not a coop guy very much, even though my alt could someday makes some great alt teams for me (Yomidra, Bonia, just rolled Liu Bei, and could even use Beach Lakshmi for heart cross stuff)…

    It took me a couple tries, but I managed to solo the top of these challenges with combinations of BMyr and You Yu, which always makes me happy after spending big MP on those cards. (I tried to do some with Ronove, but my blues always carry the day.)

    (PS: are the video links backwards?)


  2. Sarasvati is a boss! She is probably my favorite go-to glass cannon or really just any lead for “difficult” content. (Not very with her πŸ™‚ ) That is exactly the reason why I gave her a hyper maxed team with

    Sara/Blonia/Andromeda/BEscha/Skuld(can switch places with Urd or Hermes)

    and this team is literally no joke. I don’t even have to worry about the predras (unless they are green of course but even then with a couple of sky falls…) in Arena runs or Legend +. I just can’t even describe how good she is and people still claim water to be one of the weakest elements…


    1. Sarasvati is still amazing for her primary role: dealing outrageous damage. She may struggle with stalling or damage control, but she obliterates bosses with only 12 orbs. I dont’ use her all the time, but when a dungeon calls for her, she is Myraculous =D


  3. I couldn’t do challenge 9 on solo mode. All the resolves, binds, increasing cooldown,as well as needing all elements was too much for me.


      1. I finally cleared challenge 9! There is something very satisfying about clearing a dungeon after several defeats.Your video for C9 was very helpful and gave me some ideas on how to approach it.

        I used Rukia – Scheat – Blue Eschamali – Kushinadahime – D/B Okuninushi – Ryune (friend)

        It wasn’t an ideal team, but its the best I could do with my box. Santa wasted a turn removing the water skyfall. Awoken Hinokagutsuchi was the toughest part for me. It required some luck because I didn’t know he could use Yomi wave twice, but luckily for me he didn’t reduce Okuni’s active the second time.


        1. Congrats on your clear! I presume you finished all the other ones too?

          A tank team definitely seemed to be the best way to clear this dungeon as there are several different types places you should try and stall. Did you delay the final boss?


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