Yamatsumi Tournament Guide and Strategies


The Yamatsumi Tournament comes to North America 8-9 months after Japan and has the all attributes restriction. All attributes forces to bring at least one (sub)element of fire, water, wood, light, and dark. This could cause you to use less than ideal teams as you may be required to bring subs that are simply there for colour coverage. Thus, you may have to heavily rely on Skill Inheritance for success.

The 8-9 months of delay will most likely result in different teams being used as JP players did not have access to the same cards as we do.

In these ranking dungeons, we are scored based on 3 criteria:

  1. Average combos made: 5,000 points per combo
  2. Time Remaining: 500 points per second remaining
  3. Maximum damage: up to 10,000 points if you hit 40 million.

Be aware that you will incur -5,000 for using an active to kill a floor without matching combos.

Clear videos

131,550 score

Mantastic commentary

—talking about the dungeon itself—-

JP top 10

The JP top 10 all consisted of that style of Anubis teams that brought Lucifer for true damage along with 5 Sonia inherits to produce bi-colour boards. Unfortunately, most players do not possess 5 Sonias to inherit or the skill to match at that level. In addition, North America has access to significantly more cards than JP did so the teams we use to may greatly differ.

Dungeon Overview

The goal of any ranking tournament is to clear the dungeon as fast as possible and only take one turn on every single floor. Thus, speed is crucial to your success and the less actives you use, the better your score will be as they add additional time to the end result. However, you should always use an active if it can save you from wasting a turn.

All ranking dungeons have a certain degree of luck involved, but this one seems to be exceptionally high as many things can go wrong and are challenging to counter when trying to balance all attributes.

The following table breaks down all the spawns and relevant killers that can be used:

Yamatsumi Ranking Tournament
Floor Spawn HP Notes
1 2307
physical killer Healer Killer
3,592 preemptive
10 jammers preemptive
4 combo shield (make 5+)
2 988
God Killer Healer Killer
3 2429
37 Dragon Killer
Skill bind attack THEN
3 turn bind (leader or sub)
4 1193
37 Devil killer
1,810,293 +15% Jammer Skyfalls
-50% damage from fire
5 2300 45 10 million defense
6 756
God Killer 37
1,068,097 99% gravity preemptive
7 2549
God Killer physical killer

As mentioned earlier, this dungeon has a lot of RNG due to the fact that the first floor produces 10 jammers at random, floor 3 binds a random monster, and the jammer skyfall can result in horrible board for floors 5-6. It will be challenging to overcome all these mechanics and full board changers are to a certain extent the best counter to jammers. The binds can be partially mitigated via bind immune cards or the solo mode bind immune badge.

Keys to success

Despite the luck factor involved in ranking dungeons, there is a large degree of skill involved and more rewarding to players who do their figurative homework. However, you still need an able bodied team to succeed and there are a few key aspects to look out for when choosing a leader/team:

Ease of activation

Unconditional leaders with an additional activation requirement are wonderful for ranking tournaments. You are able to use the base multiplier to sweep the easier floors and then have burst damage readily available. A wonderful example is Aizen 3359 who has a flat 36x ATK and then exceptionally high damage with each dark cross.

Conversely, the more unconditional your leader skill, the better. You ideally want to be mono-colour as it is easier to activate along with a lower chance at orb troll compared to a rainbow leader. With that same train of thought, a combo based team will also be able to do well as you only need a few of your important orbs for large damage.

Hit damage cap

Dealing 40 million damage on a single floor will yield 10,000 points and is crucial to success. With ample access to numerous glass cannon leaders (who excel in ranking tournaments), you should be able to put together a viable team. The higher the multiplier, the easier it will be along with the decreased need to bring a damage enhancing sub.

In addition, you should try your best to make use of Killer awakenings as these add 3x damage for that particular monster against certain bosses. In this dungeon, God Killer God Killer has the most relevancy as three of the seven floors are God type.

You only need to deal large damage once and can match as usual on the other floors. You burst should be done on floors that your team deals double damage (eg. Floor 7 for Fire teams).

Use as few actives as possible

Each active skill used will add a couple of seconds to your clear time which will lower your final score. Thus, you should try your best to minimize their usage.

It is also worth noting that actives that have dual effects have a longer animation time. Eg. Claire Dark Valk is superior to Castor 3062 from a heart breaking perspective as the haste animation wastes another second.

Bring a counter to the PreDRA

The PreDRA on floor 5 has only 45 HP, but 10 million defense. This is will prove to be problematic for many teams as they cannot simply burst their way through. Thus, you will need to find a way to deal with them and outside of burst damage, can be done in three different ways:

  • True damage will instantly kill the floor and allow you to proceed to the next. No active skills will be charged up and your combo count will not be altered. This is the fastest method; however, you will be also penalized 5,000 points.
  • Poison will deal a fixed amount of damage that ignores defence. This can be achieved by a 0 combo match, but is quite slow from an animation point of view. You should ideally use this turn to tidy up the board from the jammer skyfalls.
  • Defense break will reduce the PreDRA’s defense by a certain amount, but 100% is the best. This will allow any colour match to kill it as it has only 45 HP. This is faster than poison from an animation point of view, but does require at least 1 combo to achieve.

All of the high end JP clears used true damage of some sort and this may have been to preserve their high combo count as you can only have so many Sonia actives as their boards tend to be flooded with Jammers.

Potential leaders to use

These are some of the leaders off the top of my head who I feel could do well. This will not be an exhaustive list, so feel free to add your own insight in the comments below.

  • 3359 Aizen
  • You Yu You Yu
  • 3241 Reincarnated Shiva
  • Shiva D Shiva Dragon
  • Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon
  • dtron Dark Metatron (my tentative team)

Additional advice

Remember to turn off the skill confirmation animations through Others -> Options -> Dungeon -> Skills Off to save a couple extra seconds.

Skill Disable.jpg


Hopefully this overview will help shed some light on how to better approach the Yamatsumi Tournament. You should always try to push yourself to achieve a new personal best as the rewards (and quest rewards) are reasonably lucrative.

Happy puzzling!

39 thoughts on “Yamatsumi Tournament Guide and Strategies”

  1. I’m gonna try with Genryusai, Rodin, RevoMinerva, Yukimura and A.isis.

    There Will be no problem dealing with damage cap, and rng should.determine If i Will have to use any skills besides Rodin (predra).

    Not sure If its fast enough though….


    1. It is very doubtful you could get away without using an active skill as he requires 6 linked fire orbs

      Thus, cards that spawn a guaranteed row are ideal or heavy board changers

      Do this with quick comboing


    1. If by Saras, you mean Sarasvati, it is because she requires 9 water orbs to deal enough damage in most cases and it is too orb hungry. 6 does grant 25x, but that has to be separate combos


  2. Had most successful with a you yu team, and if you stall one turn on the first floor the penguin guy uses a 99 turn water skyfall, which made it super easy for me to blast through everything, including the predra


  3. Currently using a DMeta team and I can’t break 118k. Everything seems to be perfect, but I can’t do it fast enough.

    DMeta(AMeiMei), ALuci, AAnubis, Durga, Zuoh, DMeta(orb changer inherit)


    DMeta(AMeiMei), ALuci, AAnubis, APandora, Zuoh, DMeta(Durga inherit)

    Flr 1 – Zuoh + Durga
    Flr 2 – Match 3 dark
    Flr 3 – AAnubis
    Flr 4 – Friend DMeta
    Flr 5 – A.Luci
    Flr 6 – Kill with current board. It’s possible because you at least have 3 dark orbs
    Flr 7 – My DMeta

    Is there something wrong here?


  4. Thank you for your insights on this tournament. With your help I was finally able to break into positive number territory (currently 75,000), so that feels pretty good.

    I owe this to your advice and the fact that I was lucky enough to recently pull Aizen, who is really powerful even though my sub pool isn’t that great here. Below is what I’m running.

    Aizen- Hyper Maxed
    Jize- Level 93, max skill, no pluses
    Ronia- Max level, skill level 6/8, +30
    Vector Finn- Level 70, max skill, +30
    Satsuki- Level 93, skill level 1/6, no plusses

    All skills are awoken, but I realize that the state of my subs are far from ideal. Still, this speaks to the power of Aizen. Now I just have to pull some decent subs for him.



    1. Congrats on your new personal best! His team building isnt too restrictive for the majority of content as even dual Aizen leaders should have respectable amounts of RCV


  5. Thanks for the post but sadly, I don’t think I can’t get a crown this time. I used revo shiva(a.leilan)/red tamazo/anima/a.sakuya/GZL/revo shiva
    I used the sboost badge
    Pretty dank but it got me to 119,178(3.5% right now).
    6.4 combo, ~160 sec, ~28mil


  6. No love for Fenrir? WIth all the jammers around, he seemed like a natural fit. Got just shy of 100k on my second run with him.


    1. Problem with fenrir is he is not very unconditional and will have lower consistency. Still you only have 10 jammers until floor 4’s skyfall so you need a few actives in that time. Does work, but will be hard pressed for top 10%


  7. Managed 117k with Dios. Could do better on a run that lucks out with no heal skyfall. Have had to use Durga to lower hp which takes time and makes it much like the DMeta run above. Top 5% for now which would be my first Top 10% and finally complete the last of the original quests. Not sure I can get it to be crown-worthy tho.


    1. You probably will need about 10k more points for crown by the end of the event so that’s a huge difference.

      Regardless, I’m glad you were able to achieve a new personal best! My dark metatron appears to be capped at at 126.4 atm so I’ll probs drop from my 0.9


  8. Hey mantastic what is your opinion on defense break vs true damage? 5k is a pretty hefty hit to overall score.
    im using yamamoto who i feel is probably one of the best leads for this and got top 4% on my first try (other runs got screwed over by binds and Im already using sbr badge). somebody like goukami could take of the predra and make a row which is GREAT but then i lose out on 5k points which kinda makes a big difference for reaching 1%. If only i had sado from bleach this ranking would probably be a huge cakewalk.


    1. I am still tinkering around with the true damage vs poison/defense void. I feel with super high combo teams, the true damage is better to preserve your combo count, but teams purely focused on speed will be better off with the poison/true damage option

      My dark metatron is at 126.4k and just dropped to 1.1%


  9. Awesome guide. I used Shiva dragon as he is my only unconditional leader with high damage but I really can’t perform under stress. I am currently sitting at 15% and I am sure I will drop my ranking soon enough. I always, let me stress on ALWAYS screw up on one of the stages be it combo or something silly. I don’t know I can do better and it’s a little frustrating. Sigh.
    I use Shiva dragon, re Minerva, ame no uzume for bind, Antares and red Odin. That’s my rainbow team.


  10. Using Revo Shiva, Sherias Roots, Awoken Haku, Gadius, Verdandi, Revo Shiva

    Haven’t a couple optimal RNG’s that I messed up so still havent gotten my best score but got in the top 33% which is good for me

    Try and only use actives on the bind floor if needed, predra, and onlast floor for for damage cap.


  11. Ace bastet is pretty viable in this dungeon too. My team hinges on two points of luck, being the f1 jammer and the f3 bind not screwing me up. You can even burst the predra with just gronia+kushi. ~120k score


  12. used kenshiro with a friend’s sephiroth
    and just combo’d it up every floor
    brought squall just to clean up jammers once in while


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