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Yamatsumi Tournament Guide and Strategies


The Yamatsumi Tournament comes to North America 8-9 months after Japan and has the all attributes restriction. All attributes forces to bring at least one (sub)element of fire, water, wood, light, and dark. This could cause you to use less than ideal teams as you may be required to bring subs that are simply there for colour coverage. Thus, you may have to heavily rely on Skill Inheritance for success.

The 8-9 months of delay will most likely result in different teams being used as JP players did not have access to the same cards as we do.

In these ranking dungeons, we are scored based on 3 criteria:

  1. Average combos made: 5,000 points per combo
  2. Time Remaining: 500 points per second remaining
  3. Maximum damage: up to 10,000 points if you hit 40 million.

Be aware that you will incur -5,000 for using an active to kill a floor without matching combos.

Clear videos

131,550 score

Mantastic commentary

—talking about the dungeon itself—-

JP top 10

The JP top 10 all consisted of that style of Anubis teams that brought Lucifer for true damage along with 5 Sonia inherits to produce bi-colour boards. Unfortunately, most players do not possess 5 Sonias to inherit or the skill to match at that level. In addition, North America has access to significantly more cards than JP did so the teams we use to may greatly differ.

Dungeon Overview

The goal of any ranking tournament is to clear the dungeon as fast as possible and only take one turn on every single floor. Thus, speed is crucial to your success and the less actives you use, the better your score will be as they add additional time to the end result. However, you should always use an active if it can save you from wasting a turn. Continue reading Yamatsumi Tournament Guide and Strategies