60 Million Downloads Godfest Review and Analysis with GFE Tier List

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or compliment your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase any of the Monster Point cards, please refer to my updated Tier List for help and advice.


To mark  the special 60 million worldwide downloads, GungHo has blessed us with a rather exciting Godfest that not only features desirable pantheons, but also 5x GFE and +20 to all stats (60 pluses in total). This is probably one of the best Godfests in recent memory and will be very tempting to roll for the majority of players. However, many people are speculating the release of Fujin 3414 and Raijin 3416 who both posses gamebreaking new active skills. Unfortunately, both of these cards are 6* GFE so the chances of you rolling them will remain low. Furthermore, GungHo has a tendency to release new cards alongside poor Godfests and it may be a long time before we are fortunate enough to this desirable of a roster again.

With this post, I am going to once again tinker with my formatting in order to streamline the information delivered as my previous tier lists/checkmark reference tables proved successful. As such, I will rank all the cards featured with an explanation/justification for each placement. This will yield a faster posting for me and more condensed information as people tend to enjoy a quick reference table.

2918 Gala of Tides Carat

Day 1
Japanese 1 Indian 1
3271 3386 3387 Amate Awoken Yomi 3241 3242 3243 3449 3450
Metatron dtron Red Sonia Blue Sonia Green Sonia Urd Skuld ult evo Verd
Ult Tsubaki Ult Sumire Ult Kaede 3233 Baby Satsuki 3268 Ult Zuoh 3235
Gadius Typhon Ryune Saria Sylvie Sherias Roots Sherias 3372

Day 2
Three Kingdoms Indian 2
A Cao Cao A Sun Quan A Liu Bei Awoken DQXQ A Lu Bu 3068 3069 3070 3071 3072
Kali Dark Kali Sherias Roots Sherias 3370 3372 Ronove 2991
2993 2997 Gremory rodin Blodin Green Odin 3268 Eschamali
Scheat Australis Fenrir Viz Fenrir Ult Tsubaki Ult Sumire Ult Kaede 3233
Baby Satsuki

Video commentary

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Ranking the cards – Pantheons & GFE

As part of my new format for Godfest posts, I will try my best to tier the featured pantheon cards along with GFE and then combine the two to showcase how strong of a day it is to roll. These opinions are my own and take into consideration the card’s value as a leader, sub, inherit, and possibly any niche role they fulfill. In order to rank in the highest tier, the card has to excel in their respective role and cannot feasibly be replaced by anyone else. This can also be thought of as a Best in Slot card and tends to have applications on the top tier teams.

Despite my best to remain neural, there is always the potential for bias and you need to be able to examine a card and determine if it can benefit your unique Monster Box.

Legend guide

Symbols condense the time spent processing information and here is a brief explanation for each one I will use:

download download download

The best of the best. These cards compromise a best in slot role on top tier teams. They are largely irreplacable and tend to offer something unique that cannot be easily replicated. This mostly exists to showcase the jump in power between the rest of the cards available.

download download

All of the cards in this tier bring tremendous value to a variety of teams as either leaders, subs, or inherits that are challenging to replicate else where. For example, Green Odin 3390 remains one of the strongest bind clears and only card that can remove 5 turns of awoken skill binds (outside of Odin Dragon 3264). It may not be paramount to your success, but is well worth owning overall.


This category indicates cards that have value, but are not as widely used/irreplaceable as the above tier(s). While they may make your life easier and still bring an additional layer of power to your team, they are far from necessary. With that being said, some of these cards could hold the key to your own teams as everyone has different tools to work with.


Cards in the question mark category tend to be those that are a luxury and are often not widely used for the average player. With that being said, they may bring niche value to your monster box or provide an additional option to use. A great example of this is Red Odin 3392 who is a premiere button farming option, but with the addition of Red Tamazo 3162, players at least have a “farmable” poison inherit along with the future implementation of Descend inherits.


This category indicates the bottom of the Puzzle and Dragons barrel. These cards tend to have almost no value as they simply do not fit in the current meta and are badly in need of a buff or new evolution to give them viability. With that being said, you should still keep them as they technically have the most potential for improvement.


This arrow indicates if a card has moved up since the last posting/tier list. The category they are placed in will be their new home and each arrow will show how many brackets they moved up (eg. 2 will indicate they climbed up two tiers).


This arrow indicates if a card has moved down since the last posting/tier list. The category they are placed in will be their new home and each arrow will show how many brackets they moved down (eg. 2 will indicate they were demoted down by two tiers).

Ranking the pantheons

60 Million Downloads Pantheon Rankings
Day 1
Day 2
download download download 3386 3449 A Liu Bei 3071
download download 3387 Awoken DQXQ A Sun Quan 3068 A Cao Cao
3070 3072
download 3243 3241 3242 Awoken Yomi
2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400 Amate 3450 A Lu Bu
Day 1

Day 1 features some of the best utility actives in the game. It is well established that Orochi 3386 and Indra 3449/Indra row are premiere cards for their unparalleled delay and shielding potential. Furthermore, Orochi’s new Reincarnated evolution grants him an amazing amount of base HP which can be crucial for playing through solo content in order to overcome the next hurdle/threshold for surviving an incoming preemptive. While Susano 3387 did receive a powerful new evolution, Indra is simply the better shielding option as 75% > 50%.

The single check mark tier is heavily populated by the powerful, albeit not consistent Shiva 3241, Lakshmi 3242, and Parvati 3243. They are capable of clearing a wide array of content in a timely manner, but tend to falter in end game content. However, Parvati does have modest value as a base for Skill Inheritance as a substitute for a key sub on Ra Dragon 3265 teams.

Yomi Awoken Yomi gains more viability as a sub with their future Reincarnated evolution due to their numerous time extends and dark orb enhance awakenings along with water sub typing. Hino 3271 is still a powerful fire sub, but is somewhat lacking a perfect home to fully take advantage of their kit.

Finally, Amaterasu Amate and Vritra 3450 have minimal value as hard bind clears have a diminished value with more bind immune teams and Vritra is truly a luxury button inherit/sub and their reincarnated form does not bring that much value as a leader.

Day 2

Day 2 features of the best cards in the game and am pleasantly surprised they are combined in a single day. Liu Bei A Liu Bei is the most universally accessible coop button farming leader with numerous alternative pairings such as Green Odin Green Odin, Australis Australis, and Perseus Bankai Perseus. On the other hand, Ganesha 3071 has gone from zero to hero over the course of their release in Puzzle and Dragons. Presently speaking, no one else can improve your rank experience gains from a dungeon and being able to control your rank ups or condense the time between them is invaluable for all players. Furthermore, their active skill is now a viable inherit for both a damage enhance and 100% damage void.

While having two cards in the top category is wonderful, the fact that we also have 6 cards in the double check tier adds further value to your rolls. DQXQ Awoken DQXQ is a staple sub on row Myr Miru teams along with possessing an invaluable active skill along with the capacity to form a powerful leader on her own. While Sun Quan A Sun Quan may not have as strong of a delay as Orochi, the fact that he also boosts your water damage for two turns is invaluable as it can fulfill two different tasks with a single active slot.

Cao Cao A Cao Cao is a fire alternative to Liu Bei, but also features a powerful single turn delay and water/poison to fire orb changer. Once again, dual purpose actives are tremendously valuable and the fact that he is bind immune allows him to be transformed into a hard bind clearer through Skill Inheritance. While Krishna 3068 may not be the flashiest leader available, he is still able to form what is perhaps the strongest fire team at the moment. His clears are somewhat slow, but the consistency is quite high and the massive HP pool and RCV enable you to sustain large subsequent hits.

I was debating where I should place Vishnu 3070 as he is never the most desired sub on any team, albeit still a strong one. Kaede Ult Kaede and Ronove Ronove teams are able to use him efficiently if you are missing additional Kaedes. On that same train of thought of debatable placements is Durga 3072. She appears to be lackluster at the moment, but is actually the best double SBR sub for Dark Athena 3193 solo teams as she features all your desired awakenings along with a reasonably powerful active.

Sarasvai 3069 could be easily argued into the double check mark tier, but I feel she is a noticeable step down compared to others who populate that bracket. While her ability to form a 100x ATK leader with only 9 water orbs is impressive, glass cannon leaders are somewhat a dime a dozen and is mostly suited to shorter dungeons where you can repeatedly burn actives. As a sub, she is a reasonable base for Skill Inheritance due to her awakenings and short cooldown, but is by no means mandatory for success outside of luxury button teams.

Finally, Lu Bu A Lu Bu is simply in an awkward place as he does not fit efficiently any where. While he is able to help carry you through the early game, his potential quickly drops off due to no viable home to fully use his body or active skill.

GFE tier list

I feel that having a tier list that visually ranks the various GFE against each other when looking at their viability as a leader, sub, assist, or niche role is beneficial. Being able to cover numerous aspects will result in a higher placing along with their value in rolling dupes. This will attempt to rate these cards from a general box point of view and your individual situation will dictate just how important each card is.

Generally speaking, if a this is your first time acquiring a GFE, it will have at least some value and you should never sell a non-duplicate card.

This is an updated list compared to last time to reflect the officially announced/released cards during the JP 5 year stream. Within each tier, the cards are in no particular order outside of the highest tier and is simply how they appear in my icons master list.

Finally, this list takes into consideration all the cards in JP that we will receive (such as the future MP dragon evos).

GFE Tier List – February 27/2017
download download download 3233 Dark Kali Ult Kaede

** Not in NA yet 3414 3416 **

download download 3390 Eschamali Ryune Saria 3235 Sherias Roots Gremory

392b70e12e748670f1bbe7c17d3c3885_download-this-image-as-blue-arrow-pointing-up_276-591 3391
download Blue Sonia Urd Skuld ult evo Verd 3372 Sylvie Scheat
2997 Ult Sumire 3260 dtron

arrow-down-red-300px Australis
392b70e12e748670f1bbe7c17d3c3885_download-this-image-as-blue-arrow-pointing-up_276-591 2991 Baby Satsuki
2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400 3392 Red Sonia Green Sonia Ult Zuoh Gadius Typhon 3370
3268 2993

392b70e12e748670f1bbe7c17d3c3885_download-this-image-as-blue-arrow-pointing-up_276-591 Fenrir Viz
x Sherias Kali Metatron Fenrir
Notable changes

I feel that I probably overvalued Australis Australis too highly in my debut posting as his ability to be utilized as an alternative Liu Bei is not merits enough to be compared to the other cards in that same bracket.

Blue Odin’s 3391 new evolution has granted him significantly more viability as both a leader and sub. As a leader, he is able to provide 6.25x ATK and 2.5x RCV for water cards when forming a row. This does enable him to be used as a budget Meridionalis 3276 pairing that is still quite respectable. While the loss in ATK can be felt, you are still dealing a wonderful amount of damage along with having one leader being bind immune. That bind immunity is crucial for a variety of reasons as it can transform him into a hard bind clearer while helping you dodge Meri’s biggest weakness. As a sub, Blue Odin comes with an incredible 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost which is hard to replicate and is able to act as a wonderful flex slot on essentially every water team.

On the flip side, Dantalion’s 2991 buff in JP propels him into a viable leader due to his damage mitigation component when matching two sets of heart orbs. This provides a large damage mitigation component along with amazing burst damage potential.

In addition, Satsuki Baby Satsuki finally gained their long awaited ultimate evolution that granted them an additional TPA, SBR, and Devil Killer awakening. This is a dramatic improvement and will certainly grant them more usage. My only concern is that they lack a somewhat strong home to be used on as this form lost their Attacker typing for Dark Athena (the awakenings could help justify their water removing active).

Fenrir Viz Fenrir Viz was recently buffed in JP to 2.25x HP / 225x ATK / 2.25x RCV for devil types when matching connected Jammers. This can be achieved while stacking rows or TPA (sub depending) and you will not always need the full multiplier. In addition, you are able to generate Jammers from your two leaders (fire and hearts) every three turns so you should have a sufficient supply. Granted healing can be an issue, but this certainly makes Fenrir Viz go from terrible to okay which is a big step.

I am almost feeling inclined to demote Kaede as her team and uses are starting to diminish as the value of system teams is lowered in end game content. This may not occur until the release of the new GFE.

Verdandi’s Verd new buff from the JP stream really did not change much and her position remains the same. Scheat Scheat did gain a noticable ATK buff, but it still does not change the fact that she is mostly an inherit as there are no currently water TPA teams that are exceptionally potent.

Putting it all together

This will probably be the chart people would be most interested in as it combines the pantheon rankings and the GFE for each day.

60 Million Downloads Godfest Rankings
Day 1
Day 2
download download download 3386 3449 Ult Kaede 3233 A Liu Bei 3071 Dark Kali Ult Kaede
download download 3387 3235 Ryune Saria
Sherias Roots
Awoken DQXQ A Sun Quan 3068 A Cao Cao
3070 3072 Sherias Roots Ronove
Gremory 3390 Eschamali 3391
download 3243 3241 3242 Awoken Yomi
3271 dtron Blue Sonia Urd
Skuld ult evo Verd 3260 Ult Sumire
Baby Satsuki Sylvie 3372
3069 2991 2997 Scheat
Australis 3260 Ult Sumire Baby Satsuki
2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400 Amate 3450 Red Sonia Green Sonia
 Ult Zuoh Gadius Typhon
A Lu Bu 3370 2993 3392
3268 Fenrir Viz
x  Metatron Sherias  Kali Sherias Fenrir


Overall, this will probably be one of the strongest Godfests for the foreseeable future. The fact that they are featuring two desirable pantheons at the same time is incredible as the chances of rolling something valuable is significantly higher along with the 5x GFE rates.

Let me know what you think of the new format and if you plan on rolling and on which day.

Happy Puzzling!

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I have my eye cancer follow up early Tuesday morning and best case scenario is I have my eyes dilated for a prolonged period of time (last time it lasted 2-3 days) so replies to comments made after tonight may or may not occur.

127 thoughts on “60 Million Downloads Godfest Review and Analysis with GFE Tier List”

  1. I really hope that you get better asap. Really can’t stand the thought of you suffering…

    About post, just a small fix. Australis is still male, if I’m correct. Or maybe I’m wrong. Dunno lol

    Thank you for this amazing post! Really love these new tier lists. Best invention of year 2017 goes to – MantasticPAD!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you enjoyed it =D This is far easier to compose and I feel it streamlines the important information much faster so I will probably stick with this relatively speaking


  2. Actually dont know when to roll, day 1 has susanoo, indra, orochi, urd… day 2 has ganesha, liu bei, cao cao, dkali

    Was thinking 1 or 2 day 1 and 7 or 8 day 2

    Currently have 3/4 for radrag but my only shield is kush and i dont have a delay (do have carat)

    Currently play krishna too so urd and cao cao would be helpful (current team sanada, dantalion, elgenubi, tsubaki)


    1. How does that Krishna team play for you? what is the highest dungeon you have cleared with that?
      I have Krishna, sanada, elgenubi, and others, but havn’t found a way to really deal the high amounts of damage I have been hoping for.
      I also have minerva, set, hino, ‘that other sanada’ and dino rider.


      1. Ive been able to do legend plus rogues fairly well (time extend badge) and would be able to do mythical plus with a laser. Honestly the plus eggs help a ton cause base rcv is very low so its harder to stall.

        Damage is fine partially because of dragon killer tsubaki and doing a row is like another 1.7x multiplier

        Ive also attempted arena 1 a couple times but the farthest i got was grisar, died cause hino delayed me (no delay to use on hino or bind immune cards to taks his 49%)


        1. Dragon killer – I forgot about that!! good to know. Thanks! Hmm, seems like I should create a ‘base’ team, and then look at 1 particular dungeon rather than trying to just build a stock team. Thanks for the info!


      2. Krishna is capable of clearing a3 although I have only gone as far as a2 with him. He is very consistent on a1. Sanada is able to create a board for significant damage output when paired with something like urd (or somewhat less reliably with a bi-board changer like RSonia). You do need some form of bind clear as leader binds can spell quick death. My standard team is Krish(RSonia)/ReMinerva(GuanYu)/Urd(Urd)/ACC/Sanada. Plenty of damage to 1 shot Kali through her shield in arena on most Urd/Sanada combo boards. If you can come up with a delay and a bind clear, it is likely you can put together a decent team. Krishna is fairly flexible with sub use. Just need enough fire orbs to activate but you can stall a lot for skyfall and/or actives thanks to the teams high HP and good recovery.


  3. Best wishes! Hoping your tomorrow goes well! I appreciate the tier list, I am hoping for some meriodonalis subs! Here’s to my (hopefully) first Skuld or Ryune!

    I really like day one as I am hoping for:


      1. My brother and I and our friend’s rolled a total of 8ish times: Thought you might be interested in the results so here they are!
        1. Sumire!
        2. Norn Verdandi!
        3. Sherias 🙂
        4. Green Cyber dragon :/
        1. Blueberry dragon (gold) 😦
        2. Silver pad tourney roll :*(
        3. Vritra :/
        1. Yomi!
        2. Silver pad tourney roll :*(
        3. Indra!
        4. WoodBahn 😦

        All in all, my 3 GFE chars where the best – maybe I trolled all the luck! Well, there you have it, new fluff in our box!


  4. I feel like Fenrir should be a tier above the bottom tier.. If you’re going to make your tier lists based on JP changes anyways, (which I feel like we shouldn’t until the changes make it to NA) we should also give credit where credit is due, which is Fenrir is can now hit a max of over 2000x dmg, and can also easily hit over 400x without full activation.


    1. I prefer to have the lists reflect all the changes in JP as we will be receiving them and it is better to be informed and is one of the rare occasions where being behind is advantageous

      Fenrir’s buff allows him to deal more damage, but he is simply an awkward to use glass cannon (which we don’t need more of). Viz only requires linked jammers whereas Fenrir requires linked jammers and rainbow activation with no defensive safety net.


  5. Argh, if only Ryune was day 2… but I need Krishna! Also Paimon and Dantalion would be cool.

    So we have this Godfest, then Fujin and Raijin will be coming out, AND Evangelion is coming back… well played GH, well played.


    1. I had no inheritable shields or delays on my alt account (big factor in making A3 coop difficult), so I was able to roll 4 times. I totally lucked out: I got Merlin, Fuu, Delgado and… ZETA HYDRA, WOOOOOO!!!

      Seriously, what a pile of crap rolls. But a delay is a delay *grumble*


      1. Spend money on main, finally got Krishna. Got two Gremories back to back, #3 and #4… are dupes beyond the first two useful? Maybe with the incoming buffs? Also got a dupe Baldin, he’s useful.


        1. Not sure on using a third Gremory on her team. There is no haste for cycling but it does provide a massive boost in base stats and keeps everyone bind immune with strong RCV. I’d keep for now and tinker when buffs come


  6. do you think that reincarnated orochi has gained signifigance on a ra dragon team? he gained his god typing and althouhg he is bindable, he has lots of two prongs and may be able to burst as high as kanna


  7. dude u do have an issue with cards genders u know..lol, now in regards to the whole post, very good, I like the implementation of the check mark system as it is less complicated as you said, also thanks for updating the GFE card tier, I follow jp streams now but a lot of new players tend to give value to cards, that are not holding up that much and developing them without thinking of their application , Day 2 definitely has more value as it has more quality cards to roll in, however day one has indra and orochi…no more comments on that…well lets us pray to roll something good


    1. PAD & genders is always a confusing subject…

      Glad you enjoy the checkmark system and I will probably use this moving forward and update accordingly

      I find it better to base our current decisions off the future JP changes as that is perhaps the main benefit of having a release delay. Also, being able to use a new card on day 1 is valuable as you can take advantage of them as long as possible


        1. Day 2:

          main: dantalion, ronove, sadalmelik #2
          alt: berry dragon, sharon, sub quan, ganesha, hermes

          Have 5 more rolls on alt to do later.

          All in all, a very good haul. 🙂


        2. I play blue and like Nut, and find Alfecca to be a solid inherit for her. Keeps her functionality the same, gives her some stats, and if the inherit is up it grants a nice haste kicker. Could also safely go on Rukia.

          Seems like the red cyberbeasts are the ones that get the most actual use as subs (I guess diadem gets a little too).


    1. I was more so commenting that if their double SBR form retained attacker, they could be potentially used as a dark athena sub as the inappropriate active can be compensated via the ideal awakenings (presently, Durga is the best double SBR card). However, they went dragon/physical so it doesn’t help overall


  8. Honestly, I think I’m gonna keep waiting. I have at least one of every one of these pantheons already, and as much as I want some GFEs (Ryune please!), I feel like I’m better off waiting for a GF with a new pantheon.

    Plus…I am so unbelievably hyped for Voltron! Gotta save stones for that!


  9. You final chart isn’t quite right.
    Unlike previous godfest, there is something different with thise godfest and it is in small fine prints in the official notice.
    “*During this Godfest, non-featured Godfest Exclusives will not appear from the Rare Egg Machine.”
    Usually GFEs will appear at a 1x rate regardless on either day, but this time, they would not appear at all. Smaller GFE pool, at the same time making the pool more specific, overall rates might take a small hit.


  10. 6 rolls and not even a gala featured monster 😑

    The alt account did roll Cerberus rider, though. Also hit rank 250 and got vishnu from memorial egg machine, but remaining eggs weren’t ideal.


  11. The tiers make this faster to judge, great work.
    You missed Balboa on day 2 on a quick note.

    In addition I am always interested in probabilities, like how big is the chance to actually get a card. So i tried to assign values to find out, if that changes the impression of day 1 vs day 2. It does not really and my rates are just assumptions anyway. Still I wanted to share this analysis i made, maybe it’s interesting for some.

    Mantastics tiers split up by chances, which I assign by assuming a base rate of 1 for a 5-star and 0,3 for a 6-star, meaning i’d seemingly pull three to four 5-stars before i pull a 6-star. Now GFE get multiplied by 5 and pantheon by 3.

    Now looking at my box, no surprise I have the upper line and again, mantastics overview already tells me my chances are better on day 2. I have too much time… 🙂


    1. That is an interesting table you have come up with but no one knows for certain how the actual roll rates pan out. Regardless, I am glad you were able to conclude that Day 2 is better for yourself =)

      And thinking you have too much time on your hands makes me wonder about myself =P


      1. Now in reality my 25 rolls on day 2 ended in:
        1 6*GFE – Gremory
        6 5*GFE – 2x Tsubaki, 2x Australis, Ronove, Fenrir
        3 Pantheon – Sun Quan, DQXQ, Sarasvati
        6 Gala
        9 Other

        40% in the desirable group (GFE, pantheon) at least. That helps to get to the critical mass of being able to juggle the shortcomings towards any ideal team.

        But at 200 days I now have 14/18 5-star GFE and only 4/22 6-star GFE. Going forward it seems hard to avoid loads of GFE dupes while chasing either 6-star or pantheon.

        All the more reason to vote pantheon into PCGF, but i see why there are lots of 6-stars in there, supported by their strength anyway.

        On a side note, there were 4 silvers in those 25 rolls. Gold really doesn’t mean that much i guess.

        I subscribed on your Twitch account and hopefully i can make it some day to actually see the stream. I am not much of a stream-viewer but i like your videos. And page. And you are obviously a nice person.

        I wish you all the best, get better soon.


        1. Your rolls are reasonable for the most part and your pain/struggles with 6* GFE are not uncommon. GH does not seem inclined to reshift the power out of them and back into pantheons or 5* and it can be frustrating trying to pursue them.

          I am not sure as to whether pantheons are more common in larger sample sizes, but 5* GFE are always available by comparison so you may find yourself with excessive amounts

          Also, thank you for your support through Twitch and hopefully you are able to swing by one day!


  12. Hey, great article thx so much. I run a shiva dragon team and a myr and a lucifer / Yomi dragon team and have the monster points for future dark Athena. So here is my question: wich day would be better for me to acquire some good subs to push any of my teams? Thanks for the answer.


  13. I have 8/10 of the pantheon cards for day 1 and 7/10 for day 2. Of those it would be great to get vishnu, sarasvati and cao cao. So that would put me firmly in day 2.
    Fortunately, that is the also the day that Dark Kali is available. I have been praying for her since she was released. And after getting 6-7 Light Kalis over those many months, it is getting very frustrating.


    1. I think we can all guess that I did not get a Dark Kali.

      or a Vishnu

      or a Sarasvati

      or a Cao Cao

      On a positive note, no Light Kalis! Though Sherias seems to be Light Kali 2.0 so i got 2 of those.


        1. More rolls then I care to admit as i did some IAP. Unfortunately, the only semi worthwhile ones being:
          -Fenrir Viz (its jammer meta but with 1.5 for all devils, he can put up some good damage and be tanky too.)
          -a 3rd Orochi(many teams can use delays to inherit so not too bad)
          – somehow a Parvati even though it was day 2.

          Other then that:
          -2nd Gabriel
          -3rd Ronove,
          -2nd Balboa,
          -the 2 Sherias(to match my other 2)
          -Patricia Ezel which feels like the biggest slap in the face being a 4 star.


            1. My other comment in the Monster point Post outlines my Krishna options. But the gist is that i have max skilled subs for both rows or TPA but am short on plus eggs. Still am going to give Arena a go with Krishna.


  14. I’m LOVING the new formatting! Makes it so easy to help me think about rolling or not without overwhelming myself!

    I went ahead and gave in and rolled once this morning…Sarasvati XD

    I’ll take it as a sign I’m supposed to roll tomorrow lmao

    Please get plenty of rest and I hope you recover swiftly!!!


    1. Glad the format worked out well =D Seems to be the general consensus that it is beneficial overall so I plan to keep it

      Hopefully your day 2 rolls go well!

      My right eye is still quite dilated but not as bad as previous visits and I can be somewhat productive sill


  15. The new format makes it much easier for me to follow and understand your rankings of the Godfests. Also it would be nice if you updated your master list of pantheons and your popular leader list. I only bring them up because the are linked at the beginning of the article and to be frank they are so heavily outdated that they contradict the points you are making. Like the pantheon analysis not being up to date with the current evolutions of Ganesha, Liu Bei, Orochi, or Krishna and the popular leaders not including cards like Aizen, Krishna, and Acala.


    1. I tend to c/p older godfests as templates to save time and I should probably edit/update or remove those links as they are outdated. Skill Inheritance killed a lot of team building as you can now simply fill in the gaps and bring strong bases which in theory condenses the number of cards actually used.

      Not sure how I am going to do this but I do plan on creating a guide on how to build a team in the most efficient manner along with researching a dungeon


    1. The new formathe is so helpful especially to a generally non IAP player. It also lets me know how to divide the few stones I get. Hopefully Day 2 gives me something to put more excitement into this game


        1. I got DQXQ!!!! I don’t even know where they’ll go but I’m so excited plus I already have their level up mats in my box

          I got a silver egg Mitsuki right after, but you know, I’m just going to be happy.

          1 more roll unless I manage to farm 5 more stoned 🙂


              1. Nope it was a Folen Lazule.
                I decided to spend money because this godfest was so good. Welp, GungHo taught me better. (:


                  1. If it’s a dupe red fruit sky dragon, should I sell it for the MP or fuse it for the pluses because I have two 60+ and 51+ and one of them might be used as an inherit at best


  16. I don’t actually need anything at this point, but I do wish for Gronia to bless my box. Sadly, dupe rei sirius, muse, riding hood, and a 4th yomi 😦


  17. I like the new format. 😀 Holding my stones though … Day 1 I’d like to chase Ilm, Saria and Orochi (he’s the only one I’m lacking to complete the pantheon), but I’m not going to with water gala. I already have tooooo many water cards that I don’t use! Time to just accept that I only run fire and light, and quit rolling outside their galas. :/ My patience will be rewarded … someday[TM].


  18. Another crapfest here (third in a row) 😦
    – Kakkab (nice sub/inherit for a Dark Athena team?)
    – Earth Dragon Knight
    – 2nd Susano
    – Red Dragon Fruit :/
    – Thanatos ^^’
    – Dragonette O_o

    Three out of six were useless cards GungHo will be eliminating from REMmachine in the future, sold for 9k MP with no regret.

    Well, at least I’ve got my first free 100k MP, Dark Athena I’m waiting for you 🙂


    1. same as me, i only got 1 of 6 from the goofiest, that sucks a lot! does anyone know when we can welcome dark athena?


  19. Rolls:
    Storm Dragon Mistrain
    Dupe Sarasvati
    Dupe Australis (3rd)
    Dupe Liu Bei (3rd)
    Dupe Vishnus (3rd and 4th)
    Dupe Karin (3rd)
    Dupe DQXQ(4th)
    Yo Minazuki
    Dupe D.Kali!!!! Yay :3
    Dupe Krishna
    Dupe Dantalion
    Shining Knight Dragon
    Dupe Ganesha
    and some other silver?
    happy even though mostly dupes since some are okay for inheritance.


    1. Congrats on the dupe Dark Kali! As for the other rolls, they do have applications on certain teams as the Indian 2 tend to be reasonably strong bases for SI along with your other rolls having desirable actives =)

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I realized that fire bugs were going away today, so I farmed up a bunch last night… 4 guaranteed with a king tan, 3 skillups fusing 5 more raw, and 2 flampys… day 1 max skilled krishna, not too bad imo!


          2. I will just bad sleep patterns right now and can sleep through alarms. Though was able to finish all my Heroine rolls on the last day because of tans so that was nice. Don’t have enough pys even if i wanted to be that lazy with it lol


  20. Rolled a decent amount, ended up getting dupe krishna, dupe aten, dupe fenrir, sarasvati, dqxq and liu bei. really happy about the liu bei rest were meh to meh to me.

    Wanted cao cao, ganesha, roots, and dkali ( also orochi and indra from yesterday which i did not get) but oh well, pretty much out of f2p stones now except from coin dungeons and challenge modes in alt techs.


      1. Rolled again and got muse, my first inheritable laser lol… already got carat for damage enhance

        Plan to run radrag(muse) kuramitsuha(aten) dkali, isis (aten) kanna (carat)

        Also yesterday i rolled a second verdandi so thinking about running acala, verd verd, vishnu, grodin but i dont have too many great utility inherits and cross meta doesnt interest me too much

        At least aten gives me an activateable board… only problem is i cant super ult radrag cause those mats are nowhere near my reach


          1. i am bringing muse for the laser (my only other option would be awoken neptune which doesnt feel worht it), and my only inheritable delay is wee jas haha


      1. Really? I didn’t know that! Should I combine the Odins? The reason I was saying rip my luck originally was because they are all wood monsters and I unfortunately am lacking a good wood leader.


  21. 9 rolls, in order: Sherias, Ganesha, Sarasvati, Neptune, Vishnu, DQXQ, DKali, Sitri, second Sumire

    For a new player, this was like winning the lottery! Thanks for all your amazing articles, and passing along my luck to you for your appointment.


    1. Congrats on your stellar luck! Glad someone managed to walk away with desirable rolls =)

      My appointment went reasonably well in that it was mostly monitoring the very slowly growing lump, but my eye is still dilated and another follow up in 4 months. The very slow growth is good as it lowers chance of it being malignant


  22. Mantastic! I hope your appointments are staying positive. We all feel for you.

    In light of your review here I pulled three times yesterday since I don’t have many of those pantheon’s, and pulled three times today, despite the high risk for a dupe, as I was looking g for Liu Bei, or DXQX. Instead I got a dupe Kanna… I wanted to know what you would do with her? My Myr team is desperately needing DXQX or Daria, but instead I am using:


    I am also coidering getting a RaDra after all of this MP candy. If I do that, I don’t have awoken ISIS, but I do have two D. Kali’s and now two Kannas. Obviously I cannot use that team since I need B and G, but just wanted to state my thoughts. How would you use a dupe, or should I sell her, save the MAP, and get DAthena?

    Additionally, I have a Gremory team and I was thinking of getting Xin Hua instead of RaDra. What’s your opinion? Non IAP here with some real strokes of luck!

    Please get better soon. I genuinely mean that.


    1. It is going to be challenging to find a water/wood card to replace Isis, do you have any? If yes, than run the Dkali and Kanna and that new card and that should be more than sufficient.

      As for the dupe Kanna, you should make her dark to take advantage of her for Dark Athena. I would not sell her under any circumstance

      As for Myr team, you can take out Sakuya for a second Light Kanna but you ideally need to have orb changers to work with

      And thank you for your well wishes =)


      1. So you would recommend getting RaDra? I have never bought an MP monster before. I am still considering saving up for a DAthena…

        I have two DKalis and LKanna for the RaDra team if I get him. I don’t even have the evo materials though. As for the G&B sub, the only two viables candidates I have are Coloring Book Kali and Top Droidragon. Seems a bit weak. I also am missing some of the preferred inherits, but this is also attempting to make your dream team that you posted about.


        1. Neither of those are ideal, but CB Kali is not terrible, simply inherit something over top of her. Do you enjoy the playstyle and how feasible are the materials?


  23. The new format is a keeper. I’m big on visuals, so this is super helpful.

    Sumire (dupe)
    Dantalion (dupe)
    Liu Bei
    Australis (dupe)
    Alrescha (3rd)
    Dherias Roots

    Sun Quan
    Zeta Hydra
    Dark Dragon Swordsman
    Sea Serpent
    Snow White

    Overall I’m pleased as I finally got my Liu Bei. My alt has Australis and I’ve been working on the Zeus Dios Army (all max skilled, just working on evolving and + eggs now).

    It was a good mix of GFE, Pantheon, Gala and silvers where my main finally did better than my alt for once.


    1. Congrats on your ALB! Your rolls are pretty reasonable overall as you did manage to get a heathly mix of cards.

      As for your Australis/ALB pairing, you can pretty much button any rogue descend but should be conscious of your final floor burst


  24. Basically got 4-5 trash cards… a couple silvers, dupe Amon, Made one final roll and got one decent card ganesha. I think I will stop while I am behind.


  25. Rolled Creuse my first day, then made my friend roll today. She rolled an Alfrecca, so I was rather bummed, but then when I made her roll again she got DQXQ! I’ve wanted them for a while so I was really happy (*´∇`*)


      1. I actually don’t, to be completely honest with you(;ω;) It’s just that the chibi twins were my main leaders when I was just a rookie, so I’ve always wanted the full version for both the awokens and the art. I might put together a team for them since I struggle with using Ra, if not I’ll see if I can use her as a sub. Team building is something I’m still trying to learn. It’s hard! _(:3 」∠)_


        1. Well it is better to team build with better pieces!

          As for a leader, she is capable of clearing Arena 2 level content (maybe 3 with exceptionally good luck) so there is potential =)


  26. Love the tier list and the format!

    Anyway, I rolled a few times, pulled half junk, but I did get an evo’d Shiva (3rd), evo’d Urd (2nd), Nut, and Tinnin. And a pair of evo’d Australis.

    …I don’t even know what to do with one Australis, much less two. I just wanted Orochi *sobs into pillow*

    Liked by 1 person

  27. I try my luck yesterday and get fully disappointed. I got

    1. Ceres
    2. shining goddess of secrets kali
    3. Confusing Face Great Duke of Hell, Dantalion

    any thoughts? specially on the Light Kali (for wich team can i use this?) or Dantalion (is he a future game changer?).

    Thx for the reply


    1. Dantalion is now a reasonably strong card with his future buff that enables him to have amazing damage and damage mitigation. Light Kali is not so useful at this point in time


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