Xiu Min Ranking Dungeon Overview


The Xiu Min Ranking Dungeon is simply a terrible Ranking Dungeon. This is because it is a 10 floor adventure with no Leader Skills. As such, buttons reign supreme along with the need to have highly specific cards. Lacking even just a few key cards will make it significantly harder to crown to the point one has to pray hard to skyfalls to succeed.

In fact, not having at least 10+ combo count average (on 6×5) will place you outside of a crown unless you are able to move blisteringly fast.

This article will give an overview of the generic team template used for this Ranking Dungeon along with my own compositions/modifications to achieve a reasonably high score.

On a side note, this article is being released late due to health issues.

Video commentary

—video coming soon–

Score breakdown

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Each Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points
  • Each active used to kill a floor (no combo made) is -5,000 points

Due to the fact that the Xiu Min Tournament is 9  floors, each Combo is quite devalued as per the following calculation:

5,000/9= 555.5 points per combo.

As such, the best way to bolster your score is to utilize as many buttons as possible to lower the number of floors that are combo-ed. For example, using 4 buttons across the 9 floors will result in each combo being worth 5000/5 = 1,000 points. Following this logic, using as many as possible means one has to get lucky via skyfalls on fewer floors while ideally abusing bicolour board changers.

No Leader Skill

The No Leader Skill restriction means players will have to rely on actives and awakenings to progress through the dungeon. This results in bringing numerous Skill Boosts Skill Boost to have key actives ready to skip as many floors as possible.

In an ideal world, actives that provide two or more benefits are desired as they can potentially solve 2 floors at once. For example, Ilmina 3274‘s 100,000 True Damage (buttons a floor) plus bicolour board gives a significant advantage as it can effectively deal with 2 floors.

Key cards to own

This Ranking Dungeon is horribly restrictive and it does require players to own specific cards to succeed. The more of these you own, the easier time you will have in obtaining a high score as you have to actually do less thinking/orb moving and are less vulnerable to skyfall luck.

Just remember that you are able to use a Friend’s card so you can be missing 1 piece.

Core pieces

The following cards are invaluable for this Ranking Dungeon and are somewhat mandatory for success:


Brachydios is able to provide a massive Button to execute a single floor, but the double Jammer Row and Devil Killers Devil killer are the main reasons why he is needed.

The double Jammer Row is essential in forming a VDP  board while the Killers help ensure he hits damage cap on Floor 5. Using a Physical Killer physical killer Weapon Assist is highly desired.

 Revo Satan

Revo Satan is another mandatory card as he is able to Button a single floor along with forming a full board of Dark orbs. This when used in conjunction with Brachydios results in a 7 Combo VDP board.

Thankfully, Satan is farmable so everyone is technically able to have him.

Dark VDP card

Due to the fact that we are planning on using Satan + Brachydios, we will need a dark card with the VDP  awakening. Unfortunately, this is slightly restrictive as the VDP card has to essentially deal 3 million damage on their own. While this can be helped along via burst actives, using either Sheena , Dark Metatron , or base Veroah  is preferred. With that being said, Sheena has the highest personal damage due to her innate Physical Killer and ability to take Physical Killer latents.

All VDP cards can be bolstered via a Physical Killer Weapon Assist.

Not having these three components will make the final floors far less consistent and should be prioritized over everything else.

High value card
3274 Ilmina

Ilmina is technically not needed, but she is incredibly valuable and will make your runs significantly easier as she is the best Button solution for Floor 1/2 while also producing a bicolour board after. Furthermore, she has 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and can be run as either an inherit or sub.

if you are missing 1/3 above Core cards, do not bring an Ilmina friend.

Skill Boost Skill Boost cards

Due to the fact that we are planning on using numerous Button actives, it becomes paramount to bring sufficient Skill Boosts. While one can technically use anything that provides enough total Skill Boosts, there are several farmable options.

While Whaledor  has 5 Skill Boosts, he also has lower ATK (which can be an issue for some Buttons) along with no SBR Skill Lock Resist. As such, it may be risky to bring too many Whaledors as one can be Skill Bound on Floor 8.

By comparison, Dark  and Light  provide 4 Skill Boosts (with Super Awakenings), have no sub attribute (faster animation times), higher stats, and SBR.

Finally, Tengu Tengu is the easiest Skill Boost card to acquire while also having SBR.


Button cards tend to be inherited on Skill Boost bases as actives may not come up in time otherwise.

When deciding on which Button to use for a given floor, always check to see if you are facing 1 or more spawns and how many targets the Button hits.

The following icons include some of the more popular Buttons that have not already been mentioned:

  • 3363 Grimmjow – when Low HP
  • 3450 Vritra – when Low HP + Dark damage boost
  • D.F Lucifer Arch Demon Lucifer – Floor 4 Button
  •  Awoken Archangel Lucifer – Floor 7 Button for 8c VDP
  •  Dark Metatron – Floor 3 Button + bicolour board
  • 3273   Ra, Famiel, Lumiel – Budget Floor 1/2 Button

Dark Metatron is  a viable card for this Ranking Dungeon as she is able to produce a bicolour board while also being able to Button Floor 3. This can be used in lieu of Ilmina.

Higher value Buttons

One major limiting factor in this Ranking Dungeon is hitting Damage Cap. While it is not impossible to do, it will either require a dedicated burst inherit or using one of the following Buttons in conjunction with an Ilmina board:

  • 1201 U13 – 3x burst
  •  Lance – 2x burst
  •  Bahamut – requires Haste

These cards are able to button Floor 3 (have a Button kill Floor 4) and then use the retained Ilmina board to solve Floor 5 as the damage buff carries over.

These options are superior to a burst inherit as they act as both a button and solution to damage cap.

Useful inherits

If using Whaledors and Satan, your team will most likely not have 100% SBR. As such, using the Sumire Weapon Assist . Furthermore, using any Weapon Assist the grants a Physical Killer physical killer will help kill the final boss or have Brachydios hit Damage Cap.

Dungeon overview

Every floor is button-able (except Boss) so it comes down to finding the ideal places to use them; however, Floor 5 is the most common place to hit Damage Cap while the Boss is a simple solve of a memorized VDP board.

Spawn, effective Killers, HP, & notes
Floor 1 5 Ninjas 37
9,422-10,011 HP, ~2700 DEF
Floor 2 3 Golems (R/B/G) physical killer Machine Killer
~14,000 HP
Floor 3 Phoenix 37
125,920 HP
Floor 4 2 Light Chimera 37
210,827 HP
Floor 5 Amon physical killer Devil killer
300,485 HPBest place to hit Damage Cap
Floor 6 Red Sonia Dragon Killer Devil killer
225,335 HP5 Combo Shield
Floor 7 Defoud Dragon Killer
365,280 HP5 Combo Shield
Floor 8 Leviathan Dragon Killer physical killer
739,712 HPPreemptive Skill Bind
Boss Xiu Min physical killer
3,100,000 HPJammer/Poison skyfall, 1 million Damage Void
Must use VDP 

Sample teams

There is no “perfect” team for this Ranking Dungeon, but many of the more consistent scores will feature several key cards.

Xiu Min Ranking
SA flex
Inherit physical killer
D.F Lucifer 1201
Latent physical killerDevil killerDevil killer physical killerphysical killerphysical killer physical killerDevil killerDevil killer

The above team will be able to Button 6 floors while only needing to solve 1 non-modified floor. Floor 5 will be solved via Ilmina’s bicolour and the burst from U13 will ensure Brachydios hits Damage Cap. In addition, Floor 6-8 will be buttoned and produce a 8 Combo, cascade-able VDP board for the boss.

  • Floor 1: Combo
  • Floor 2: Ilmina Button
  • Floor 3: U13 Button
  • Floor 4: Arch Demon Lucifer Button (Whaledor inherit)
  • Floor 5: Solve Ilmina bicolour
  • Floor 6: Satan Button
  • Floor 7: Archangel Lucifer Button (Sheena inherit)
  • Floor 8: Brachydios Button
  • Floor 9: solve 8 Combo VDP board

If lacking U13 or other button + burst inherits, one will need to use a Gemstone to hit damage cap which means there will be one less Button available.

Sample crown score

The following took far too many attempts as I am missing almost all of the higher value cards. I only used 5 Buttons with a Carat Carat to hit damage cap after a Dark Metatron  board. This set up relies on me matching 2 non-modified boards on Floor 1 and 2 which has resulted in numerous 7-combo boards with no Skyfalls.

Xiu Min Ranking – Mantastic’s team
SA Skill Boost Skill Boost
Inherit physical killer
Carat D.F Lucifer physical killer
Latent Devil killerDevil killer physical killerDevil killerDevil killer

I am unable to achieve amazing Skyfall luck but thankfully am able to move quickly.

In all honesty, if you get a lucky run where your combo count is 12+ and you do not take an exorbitantly long time, you will Crown. For example, if you got 12 average combos, you could be a full 22 seconds slower compared to my score and achieve the same finish.

More buttons means you have to get less lucky as there are fewer floors to puzzle.

VDP boards

Floor 9 is doable with a Dark VDP card when using the premade boards created by Satan + Brachydios and Archangel Lucifer in some setups.

Due to the fact that they are always going to have the same distribution of orbs, they can be quickly moved into the following positions:

Satan + Brachydios (7 combo, no cascade)

Satan + Lucifer + Brachydios (8 combo with cascade)

JP Scores

The following chart was compiled by pandaa and it shows the first few days of the Ranking along with the JP scores.

JP Crown: 131,152

JP Xiu Min and Magic Stone: 95,022


The Xiu Min Ranking Dungeon is a pretty horrible Ranking Dungeon as it relies heavily on specific cards and skyfall luck to succeed. Scores that hit under 10 average Combos will greatly struggle to Crown unless the player is able to move at blisteringly fast speeds.

In essence, the more Buttons and key cards you own, the easier it will be to Crown. As such, this has been one of my least liked Ranking Dungeons.

Happy Puzzling!

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25 thoughts on “Xiu Min Ranking Dungeon Overview”

  1. As a PSA to everyone who reads this. The type of button based team Mantastic is describing is strictly for crowning. If you want to just get Xiu Min at 20%. You can use killer subs like Kiri, Shazel, and Bigfoot, along with Sheena for VDP to go for a speed based team. This strategy got me around a 116k score. Enough for the 20% range easily.


  2. Xiu Min tourement is the hardest ranking dungeon thst i have seen. i have spent nearly 30 mins and 20 mins on this one. Just be sure to bring Sheild and recovery sub for stalling.


  3. Thanks for the guide, I am stuck at 10.5%, highest I have ever been in all the ranking dungeons. I couldn’t follow exactly the suggested teams so had to mix and match


      1. Yeah, I managed to climb to 7.8%
        I don’t know how else I can better my team, my mix and match team has one more step cause I use Kaoru to make top/bottom row and she has no true damage.
        my current setup and strategy:-
        fl 1 combo
        fl 2 ilmina (FRIEND)
        fl 3 tengu (Reincarnated Archdemon Lucifer)
        fl 4 sheena (Archdemon Lucifer)
        fl 5 combo
        fl 6 metatron (sumire for SBR)
        fl 7 combo
        fl 8 satan (sumire for SBR)
        fl 9 whale (Kaoru) and VDP

        I wish I can make it better.


  4. I ran a dark row team. Combo,combo,luci,combo, liliana from magic, durga, combo with dark multiplier and row already there, veroah great witch and dark multiplier, lubu and pop blonia for dark rows on boss. Needed 3 dark rows and a 6 combo to do enough to one shot her. Trust me took me multiple trys to one clear all the floors. Got to 15%. Not enough buttons for everything and no Bracydios.


  5. My team is different but has the same concept of your suggestion team, I got above 135500 score and now at 0.6%. This is a easy crown for me compare to the last one, because this one is just depent on skyfall luck when you have the right team but last one was purelly depend on comb skill. I was depressed for about one week sinces I spent more than 80 stones on last ranking dungeon and final score was only 3.4%.


  6. I got to 22% with Satan and friends bd. Problem was that I didn’t have a 2nd whaledor and had to stall an extra turn. Sigh.

    Trying janky teams now with Chad and Satan.
    Only have 2 bd friends!!!


  7. I don’t have the key cards, nor any buttons. On the day of this posting, I did not even have Metatron (got her now though 😀 ).
    I played this tournament normally, just doing combos, because I had no other choice.
    I ended up in 16.4% :/


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