7* GFE Menoa Review + Debut Super Godfest


Friday marks the debut of the brand new 7-star Godfest Exclusive (GFE), Menoa during a Super Godfest. New cards are always exciting and in the case of Menoa, she is akin to Ney and Cotton in that all of them have 6 distinct forms which will cover all 5 attributes.

As such, Menoa offers wonderful flexibility and it is important to choose the form that will best help your individual Monster Box.

Unfortunately, her debut Super Godfest is nothing special as it features the standard 1/3 GFE rates along with the regular +297, max level and awakenings. With this in mind, I would be hesitant in spending Magic Stones here as stronger events will eventually come around.

Regardless, this article will highlight each of Menoa’s 6 different forms to give players a better understanding of her potential.

Video commentary

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Debut Super Godfest

At this point in time, 10-Magic Stone Super Godfests have become the norm and the routinely features approximately 1/3 chances for pulling any Godfest Exclusive along with miscellaneous other fluff benefits. When this was first introduced, these rolling rates and additional benefits were unparalleled but they have now become the norm/baseline in which we evaluate Super Godfests.

Taking this into consideration, the upcoming Menoa debut Super Godfest is nothing special aside of her being included in the line up. It does not feature higher than average rolling rates, no Seasonal cards, nor the promise of ex Godfest Exclusives, just the standard 1/3 chance for a GFE and 2/3 Pantheon.

As a result, I feel that this Godfest can be easily skipped unless you are a brand new player who has a fledgling Monster Box, but even then, you could probably wait a couple of weeks for another event as Super Godfests cannot get any worse than this 1/3 rate.


As mentioned above, Menoa has the capacity to evolve into 5 distinct forms that will cover all the various attributes. Doing this will change her active skill (meaning she will have to be skilled up again) but will still retain her unlocked Super Awakening. While the cost to evolve her is not exceptionally high, there is no sense in wasting resources frivolously and if you are undecided on which form will best suit your needs, it is best to simply wait.

Base Menoa

  • 1 turn CD active
    • Locks all orbs
    • Easy to inherit over
  • High Effective Health with L match
    • Not matching-colour restricted
  • +2 Combos with 4 colours
  • LS can be flexibly paired
    • Powerful pairing with future GFE Algeir
  • Does not provide 7×6 or Auto Follow Up Attack
    • Somewhat offset by +2 combos
  • Must match L for shield
    • Should always be possible

Base Menoa has a wonderfully strong active skill that will provide a full board lock on a single turn cooldown. This means she will always be ready to counter Spinners while also being able to carry an inherit of your choice with ease. This gives her wonderful flexibility along with having a potent Leader Skill.

Menoa’s Leader Skill does not have any typing nor colour restriction (eg. not having to run Wood cards and relying on sub attributes) which grants her an open sub pool but must have every colour represented to tap into her +2 combo mechanic and full ATK multiplier.

As such, she is able to function as a potent Rainbow leader and her goal is to match 4/5 colours while also forming an L of any colour. This will grant her 16x ATK along with 50% Damage Reduction which is equivalent to 2x Effective HP while also being able to survive >100% Gravities.

While she can most certainly pair with herself, Base Menoa will gain more value when the future 7* GFE and Transforming Algeir is released. Algeir also requires 4/5 colours to fully active and also requires an L while boasting stronger awakenings and higher ATK multiplier.

With all that being said, if you do not feel particularly drawn to any other evolution, you should keep Menoa in her Base form until that changes.

Light Menoa

  • Active overwrites Poison/Jammer Skyfall debuffs
    • Tremendously important in higher content
    • Also lowers cooldown of active as it is considered a “penalty”
  • Auto Follow Up Attack with 5 colours
  • +2 combos with Wood & Light match
  • No typing restriction
  • 5 colours may not always be available
    • Should have FUA just in case
  • Lower Effective HP
    • 35% Damage Reduction with 1 leader
  • Her icon in dungeon is covered by orbs and looks silly

Light Menoa is also a Rainbow leader but will also provide Auto Follow Up Damage when matching all 5 colours. This is important as you can overcome Resolve spawns with natural matching but at the same time must be aware that not all boards will have 5 colours present. As such, it would still be best to have a FUA somewhere on the team just in case as you will fully activate your ATK multiplier with 4/5 colours.

Regardless, Light Menoa should be asymmetrically paired due her lower Effective Health as she only provides 35% Damage Reduction when matching Light and Wood. While this should be doable from most given boards, you will be a sitting duck if orb trolled but also potentially still dying even with the Damage Reduction.

This is probably because she provides Auto Follow Up Damage and +2 combos which can be a pseudo alternative for 7×6. As such, she can be favourably paired with strong Rainbow leaders such as NY Reeche , Valentine’s Ideal , or Base Shinji . One thing to keep in mind is that Light Menoa has no typing restriction so pairing with cards who impose these is not as limiting and having a single card being off-type will be fine.

Dark Menoa

  • High personal damage against God types
    • Value in Arena 6 and future AA4
    • Can use God Killer latents
  • Devil typing
    • Yugi rejoices
  • Useful active
    • Generates Row on low CD
  • Primarily a sub
  • LS is impractical / inefficient

Dark Menoa will be used as a sub for mono Dark teams as she can function as a tremendously potent damage solution against God types which are the hardest spawns in Arena 6 and the future AA4.

As such, she will be a desirable choice for many players and her Devil typing means she can be used on Yugi teams. Yugi is one of the best leaders in the game and he is always on the hunt for more Devils, especially those who boast personal damage when not matching a 3×3 Box. This is because it is possible for Yugi teams to only have VDP and Rows Dark row for offensive awakenings and may potentially deal insufficient damage with only a Row.

Thus, Menoa can help close this gap as she naturally has two 7 Combos 45 along with even more damage against God spawns.

While her sub usage is relatively straight forward, that is extent of Dark Menoa’s value as her Leader Skill is impractically orb heavy while also not having Damage Reduction if <6 Dark orbs are available along with more difficulty with VDP as she requires 2 Dark combos.

Fire Menoa

  • Tricolour Board changers on 6 turn CD
    • Makes Fire, Wood, and Hearts
    • Cuts HP by 50%
  • Higher HP and ATK
  • Strong TPA TPA potential
  • Physical typing
    • Grigory makes excited noises
  • Primarily a sub
  • Low RCV

Fire Menoa has a tremendously powerful active as she is able to produce a board of Fire, Wood, and Heart orbs on a blisteringly fast 6-turn cooldown. This is three turns faster compared to a vanilla tricolour with Hearts and is because of the self 50% HP cut.

While losing half of your current health may seem like a bad thing, it should not be an issue here as you will be generating Heart orbs and should be able to easily heal it back up.

Moving beyond her active, Fire Menoa has Physical typing, strong TPA TPA potential, and a hefty amount of HP. These all make her a solid Grigory sub and her active has beautiful synergy as well. While she does have abysmal RCV (so does Grigory), this will not be an issue as a single 4-Heart match with Lakshmi or Amaterasu should be enough to solve your healing needs.

Looking at Fire Menoa’s Leader Skill, the +2 combos can be appealing, but her lower Effective Health cuts down on her potential and her Auto Follow Up potential is quite orb hungry without 7×6.

Water Menoa

  • Natural Tape Resist
  • Strong VDP potential
  • Tricolour board changer with heavier emphasis on Water
  • High HP
    • Over 10,000 with Pluses
  • Active does not produce Hearts
    • Relies on Auto Follow Up to kill Resolve
  • LS requires 3 colours + 6 Water orbs
    • More restrictive
    • Lacks an ideal pairing
  • Low Effective Health
  • 0 base RCV

Water Menoa features a natural Tape Resist along with strong VDP potential. These help give her merits on mono Water teams as she can free up one inheritance slot. Unfortunately, she lacks an ideal home and pairing for her Leader Skill.

Water Menoa’s Leader Skill requires 3 or more colours for 35% Damage Reduction which is not impossible but at the same time, a lower value for Effective Health. Furthermore, she requires 6 or more connected Water orbs for the final component of her ATK multiplier and can also provide Auto Follow Up Attack with 9 or more connected Water.

Taking all of these metrics into consideration, there is a fair amount of hurdles to jump through for what amounts to relatively low multipliers. As such, I am not too particularly interested in her leadership potential.

As a sub, she can function on any mono Water team but her Machine and Physical typing does exclude her from Lamp teams along with Water having a large pool of strong VDP options available which makes it harder to stand out.

Wood Menoa

  • 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • Perfect 15-15 board every time
    • 10c on 6×5
    • Fantastic for Ranking dungeons
  • Viable Fasca pairing
    • Relies on Wood Rows & VDP for Auto Follow Up
    • +2 combos
  • Strong personal damage with VDP + SFUA
  • Low/no personal damage without 3×3 matches

Wood Menoa is the final form of this new Godfest Exclusive and comes with 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost along with a unique active that will generate a perfect 15-15 Wood/Heart board on 6×5. Furthermore, she has strong personal damage when matching 3×3 Boxes of Wood and Hearts along with the capacity to be paired with Fasca .

The 15-15 active has natural synergy with Wood Menoa’s awakenings as it can be easily solved into a 6 combo board with a VDP and SFUA for tremendous personal damage and is also a brilliant Ranking Dungeon solution. This is because this active features no additional animation and will always produce a 10 combo board if matched as sets of 3. Furthermore, the board changer is Wood and Hearts which reduces pings.

On the other hand, Wood Menoa shares a similar archetype with her other forms in that she must match 2 specific elements (Wood and Hearts) for her Damage Reduction and +2 combos. The rest of her ATK multiplier comes from matching 6 or more connected Wood orbs with Auto Follow Up Damage with 9.

What gives her an edge is a viable 7×6 pairing which will greatly reduce the chance of orb troll and Fasca does provide modest Effective Health multipliers. Together they form a 1.5/256/4 Resist 51.25% team on 7×6 with Auto Follow up if 9 Wood orbs are present.


Menoa is an exciting new 7-star Godfest Exclusive who has 6 distinct forms. This grants her unparalleled flexibility as every player should be able to benefit from at least one of them. With that being said, if you feel that there is no “ideal” evolution for her at this point in time, you can always wait and see if you acquire new cards who open up new team building compositions.

Let me know what you think about Menoa and her upcoming debut Super Godfest in the comments down below.

Happy Puzzling!

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7 thoughts on “7* GFE Menoa Review + Debut Super Godfest”

      1. ^

        But returning to the original question, rolling in a SGF and hunting for a single card is always going to be difficult and the best way to do this is to time it with an event that features better overall rolling rates for GFE. The actual chance for Nelle is unlikely to change but having a higher chance of any GFE is the best way to compensate for non-Nelle rolls


  1. I think that 10 stone GF should only be for GFEs only without any pantheons unless they can be used to trade in Monster Exchanges. Not going risk this due to low funds.


    1. I don’t think that could ever happen as rolling pools have to be diluted in some way to keep players always wanting more. This sounds strange but if you have everything possible, you may not enjoy the game as much as there is no “struggle”


  2. We know from JP lead time that heroine is returning with new cards and buffs, greater witches are getting added/returning, and seasonals are returning with a few additions/buffs. The three of those just outcompete this run of the mill average super godfest. It’s fine if new players or people with few cards roll, but everybody else, as you say, should probably be saving stones with their eye on one or more of these other events coming up in the next month or two.


    1. Even excluding other events, this is essentially the worst type of Super Godfest as it has the lowest rates possible but just happens to include Menoa. This is motivation enough for me to avoid


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