7* GFE Great Witch Medal Exchange


From April 5th to April 31st, all players who log into PAD will receive a free Great Witch Exchangeable Medal which can utilized to acquire one of the ten Great Witches.

This is a tremendously exciting event due to the fact that players can choose which Godfest Exclusive they want to acquire and do not have to leave anything up to luck from rolling or community-based voting. As such, this is a fantastic opportunity plug in a theoretical hole in your Monster Box as many of these 7-star Godfest Exclusives are powerful.

Due to the fact that there are 10 different choices available, the one you choose will depend on which cards you have already acquired as it is almost always going to be more meaningful to have a new unique Witch as opposed to another duplicate of an existing monster.

With this in mind, I will be going over each of the 10 possible choices by showcasing their most relevant form and current usage to help players make a more informed decision if missing multiple Witches.

Finally, players do have a modest amount of time to decide on who they wish to Exchange for. As such, if you do roll in any upcoming Super Godfest (these always occur), you may acquire something you did not already have.

Full GHNA post can be found HERE.

Video commentary

Great Witches


  • Team HP
  • 2 turn Delay active
    • Can function as Effective SB Skill Boost
  • Bind Immunity
  • 4 Rows Fire Row
  • Competes with Bind Immune + SB Weapons Skill Boost
    • Eg. Leilan
  • Other Delay options

Madoo’s Weapon saw significant usage a few months ago when Gileon was at the top of the meta. This is because the Bind Immunity helps protect him pre-Transform along with the Team HP adding valuable bulk. Furthermore, the Fire Rows Fire Row can provide a meaningful amount of damage along with being a Mass Attack solution for WoC2.

While all of this can still hold true today, we are now blessed with Leilan’s Earring which provides both Bind Immunity and Skill Boost Skill Boost. These awakenings do not have to rely on the Base card having the inherit charged up to benefit from Effective Skill Boosts from the Delay along with being relatively easy to acquire.

On the other hand, we now have other Delay options who provide more turns of Delay along with a different array of awakenings which may be more synergistic with your team needs.

As such, I feel that this Weapon is aging poorly and would not be something I pursue if lacking other options.



  • 2 turn Colour & Damage Absorb Void
    • Always need 1 in basically every dungeon
  • 3 Skill Charges in Evo form
    • Offsets 25 turn cooldown
  • Weapon provides Bind Immunity & SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Weak Rainbow sub compared to modern options
    • Low personal damage
    • Uninspiring awakenings outside Skill Charge
  • Weapon is not a reliable solution for the active
    • Too long cooldown
  • Weapon’s awakenings are more situational
    • Bind Immunity is the main appeal

Reeche is another old card and while their Evo form can be utilized as a Rainbow sub, their overall potential is much lower compared to modern options.

While their Skill Charge does offset their 25 turn cooldown for their valuable active, the rest of their kit is relatively underwhelming. This is because they do not provide enough personal damage which in turn wastes two of their awakenings along with being grossly outpaced by NY Reeche and Zinogre who fulfills the same role.

As a Weapon, their long cooldown can prevent it from accidentally charging up but at the same time, makes it difficult to use if you actually want the Damage/Colour Absorb Void. Furthermore, the awakenings provided are somewhat situational as the main appeal is probably the Bind Immunity which we can find on numerous Weapons with stronger other awakenings.



  • Modest Wood VDP solution
  • Provides Board Changer on a fast CD
    • Wood + Hearts
    • 75% Damage Reduction
    • 9 turn CD in JP (soon in NA)
  • Weapon provide Bind Immunity & Rows Wood Row
  • Does not fulfill a unique niche well
    • Outclassed by other cards in every metric

Zela has been receiving various buffs over the past year and while it has made her significantly stronger, she is still outpaced by other options for the various roles she can fulfill.

Presently, speaking, Zela’s main appeal will be to function as a VDP solution for mono Wood while also carrying a 75% Damage Reduction active tied to a bicolour board changer. Both of these are meaningful traits to have, but as a VDP card, her damage output is actually not that high due to a lower ATK stat and only 20x personal damage with the 3×3 Box. This pales in comparison to Albrecht or the Farmable Jurond who both hit significantly higher numbers with greater ease.

On the other hand, Susano has somewhat a monopoly on mono Wood Shielding options as his active skill lasts for 3 turns, provides Haste, has Super Blind Resist , strong personal damage against Dragons and Devils while also being able to gain a VDP via Super Awakenings.

As such, if you have strong options for mono Wood, the need for Zela drastically goes down.


  • 1.8x Rank Experience
    • 1 of 2 cards who can do this
  • Blindly farming Rank Exp is a double edge sword

Saline is one of two cards that can provide 1.8x Rank Experience. This can be utilized to drastically increase the amount of Rank Experience you receive for clearing a dungeon.

This can be most easily seen within Experience of a Lifetime dungeons but can also be abused by Leader Swapping strategies. This Leader Swap approach has players entering a dungeon with Saline as a leader and then Swapping into something better. Once clearing the dungeon, players will still receive the 1.8x bonus Rank Experience.

While this may feel appealing, blindly farming Rank Experience can be detrimental to lower rank accounts. This is because Ranking up will fully restore your stamina and any unused will be wasted. This also means that gaining more than 1 rank from a single dungeon will waste an entire bar of Stamina.

Now, I am well aware that Stamina is much more readily available now compared to before, but lower Rank players would still be wasting large amounts if blindly Ranking up. This will eventually slow down and once players pass Rank 920 or so, the EXP curve becomes outrageously steep and Ranking Up will be a much rarer event.

I have never abused Rank farming to avoid this conundrum but you may simply wish to ascend Ranks as quickly as possible and Saline will be invaluable for this.


  • 1.3x Egg Drop Rate
    • Double Veroah = easy Medal farming
  • Requires numerous Dungeon Boosts to be efficient
  • No value in coop

Veroah’s Base form is able to provide +1.3x Egg Drop Rate which does stack with dual leaders. This in turn allows players to play the lower difficulties for Event Medal dungeons to both save stamina and the ability to possibly Button floors for extra speed.

This in turn can greatly ease the pain of farming for these Event Medals as the bonus Egg Drop Rate offsets the lower drop chance of the easier dungeons. With that being said, this has no impact on the actual drop value (eg. Gold vs Silver drop) as it only increases the chance of any drop occurring.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the success of this team somewhat hinges on the number of Dungeon Boosts you can bring on your team as these will further increase the Drop rates.

On the other hand, if you primarily play these dungeons in coop, Veroah will have no value as her Leader Skill does not function in multiplayer.


  • Incredible Cleric option
    • Works for Rainbow, mono Light/Wood
  • Amazing active
    • TE buff
    • Full Unable to Match clear
    • Full Bind/Awoken Bind clear
    • 5 turn CD
  • Viable leader
    • Pairs well with Raijin
  • Can bs used for 7×6 Leader Swapping
  • Strongest universal Great Witch
  • 18 turn CD to Transform
    • Underwhelming awakenings pre-Transform

Fasca is the strongest universal Great Witch available at this point in time as she is able to function as one of the best Cleric-type cards in the game. This is because she combines meaningful personal damage, an incredible active skill, and the flexibility to be used across a wide variety of teams.

Presently speaking, she can function as a potent Rainbow, mono Light, or mono Wood solution to Binds/Awoken Binds, Unable to Match Effects, and movement time debuffs. Furthermore, Fasca has respectable Leadership potential and can beautifully pair with Raijin which can clear nearly every dungeon in the game (my WoC1 clear HERE). Building upon this, players can potentially abuse Fasca’s 7×6 board to utilize Leader Swapping.

Taking all of this into consideration, I would choose Fasca over the other Witches should you be in the situation where you are missing multiple different ones. This is because I do not foresee her sub potential truly dying down as her active skill will always be needed and the only downside is requiring 18 turns to Transform.

With this in mind, Fasca will be who I plan to Exchange for on my Mantastic account as she is the most valuable Witch I do not own.


  • 4 turn Damage Absorb Void
    • 4 turns!
    • Creates a column of Hearts + Dark
    • 1 component is always used
  • Respectable VDP potential
  • Respectable Leadership potential
    • 7×6 board
    • Various asymmetrical pairings
  • 18 turns to Transform
    • Underwhelming awakenings pre-Transform

Nelle has received numerous buffs since her debut and her active skill is now a blisteringly fast 4-turn cooldown. This active will provide a column of Heart and Dark orbs along with a single turn of Damage Absorb Void.

Presently speaking, Damage Absorb is a horribly designed mechanic and forces players to bring at least one counter in virtually every dungeon and having a 4 turn cooldown is meaningful. The reason for this is that GungHo has started to favour sprinkling in numerous Damage Absorb spawns within a given dungeon, but spacing them out across multiple floors which in turn prevents multi-turn Absorbs from functioning.

As such, Nelle’s amazing cooldown can be greatly abused and the orb generating aspect ensures nothing goes to waste. With this in mind, I often find myself utilizing Nelle for the majority of my mono Dark teams as her active skill is hard to beat.

Furthermore, Nelle can still function as a respectable mono Dark leader as she provides a 7×6 board and the option to asymmetrically pair with a wide variety of leaders.

Taking all of this into consideration, Nelle is a highly competitive choice for your Great Witch Exchange Medal and she will be a significant boon to your mono Dark box.



  • Viable mono Fire leader
  • Counters Spinners
  • Valuable Weapon for mono Fire
    • 2 turn Colour Absorb Void
    • Generates columns of Heart + Fire
    • 5 OE Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb
  • Outpaced by other Fire leaders
  • MH Rathalos Weapon 2 (Suncore) is similar
    • 2 turn Colour Absorb
    • Orb generation
    • Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb

Remu is still able to function as a viable mono Fire leader but at the same time, is greatly outpaced by current options. This is not to say she cannot clear content, but she is not as strong compared to her debut.

On the other hand, her Weapon Assist is a fantastic solution for mono Fire teams when Colour Absorb is needed. This is because it provides a significant amount of Passive Damage along with the ability to generate numerous Fire and Heart orbs.

While this is valuable, we now have many other options for Colour Absorb with the new Rathalos Weapon 2 (Suncore) being a highly competitive and similar solution.

As such, if you already have a solid solution for Colour Absorb for mono Fire teams, Remu becomes less appealing. On a personal note, this is the exact situation Mantastic is in as I lack Remu but have Suncore which in turn means I can pursue a different Great Witch as I do not have all of them.


  • Powerful post-Transform kit
    • Valuable active
    • High personal damage
    • 45 45 45
    • Cloud
  • 2 turn CD
    • Generates 3 Water & Hearts
    • 1.5x RCV & TE
  • Potent leader
    • Asymmetrically pair with Velkhana , GH Yomi , Blades
  • 18 turns to Transform
    • Underwhelming awakenings pre-Transform
  • LS needs an active every turn
    • Norza only solves 1/2 of this
    • Need a dupe or Blades
    • LS has lower Effective HP
  • Water is arguably the most disadvantaged colour

Norza remains a tremendously powerful mono Water card due  to her outstanding 2 turn active skill. This active provides 1.5x RCV and Movement Time along with generating 3 Water and Heart orbs.

This enables all teams to deal damage, heal up significantly, and overwrite any RCV or Movement Time debuffs. Furthermore, Norza boasts solid personal damage and Cloud Resist . All of these aspects make her a stellar option on mono Water teams due to the healthy mix of utility and personal damage.

As such, the majority of mono Water teams can take advantage of Norza along with her own leadership potential. While Norza teams have lower Effective HP, this can be offset through asymmetrically pairing with Velkhana , GH Yomi , or Blades . All of these have their own pros and cons but regardless of who you pair with, you will require an active skill every turn.

Half of this is taken care of through one Norza and her own best sub is a duplicate of herself. This creates a self sustaining System of 2 cards where you will always enjoy 1.5x RCV and Movement Time along with continuous orb generation. Barring a dupe Norza, pairing with Blades is an efficient method as Blades provides his own 2 turn cooldown (WoC2 video HERE).

As a whole, Norza is a powerful mono Water card who will most likely see repeated use as a sub due to the sheer amount of utility and damage she brings.


  • Potent Void solution for mono Wood & Rainbow
    • Void Damage Void for 1 turn
      • 5 turn CD
  • Reasonable leadership potential
  • Solid personal damage vs all spawns
    • 45 45 45 45
  • Tape Resist
  • 18 turns to Transform
    • Underwhelming awakenings pre-Transform
  • May be hard to incorporate for mono Wood
    • Cleaner Void options exist

Aljae is the final Great Witch available and she is able to function as a potent mono Wood and Rainbow solution to Void spawns. This is because she possesses a 5 turn active skill that Voids Damage Void which in turn enables all cards to deal their full damage without having to form a 3×3 Box and have the VDP awakening.

This helps ensure Void spawns die within a single turn and does not rely on heavy orb changers to function. With that being said, mono Wood teams can utilize VDP to overcome these spawns with Albrecht and the Farmable Jurond being 2 stellar options. Another thing to consider is that Aljae does not produce Heart orbs from her active which means auto Follow Up Attack is needed to overcome Resolve spawns. These two aspect in conjunction with her need to Transform may hinder team building options as she does not provide meaningful awakenings pre-Transform.

In regards to her Rainbow potential, she can function as a viable solution for Voids and does alleviate the need to load up on VDP Latents but players still need to be mindful of her weak pre-Transform state and lack of Hearts from the board changer.

As a whole, Aljae can be a viable solution for Voids but is marred by the need to Transform along with mono Wood and Rainbow teams potentially having enough solutions to overcome Void spawns.


The Great Witch Medal Exchange is a wonderfully exciting event as it allows all players to choose the best 7-star Godfest Exclusive for their Monster Box. As a general blanket statement, choosing the Witch you have no copies of will often be a larger upgrade for your PAD life as opposed to another duplicate.

With this in mind, if you are lacking multiple different cards and one of them is Fasca , Fasca will be most likely the best possible choice for the average player as she has the most universal usage of any card. Furthermore, I do not foresee her sub potential truly diminishing as her active skill will always be needed along with her leader skill being potent enough to clear the majority of dungeons in the game.

Of course, the decision of who you choose will hinge on your own individual Monster Box and PAD goals.

With that being said, let me know who you plan on Exchanging for and why in the comments down below.

Happy Puzzling!

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15 thoughts on “7* GFE Great Witch Medal Exchange”

  1. Who are the best pairs for Nelle as a leader? I was thinking transforming Yugi, but then I’m doubled up on damage absorb which feels like a waste.


    1. I still use Yugi with Nelle. It’s a really solid pair. Yugi is not just an absorb, his active also adds 2 combos And you get poison immunity through his leader skill which might be very relevant for some dungeons


  2. My main acct was missing only Nelle, no brainer there.

    First world problem: Alt is missing only Reeche 😦 Possibilities: get reeche or a dup (acct has 2x remu, 2x norza, 1 fasca, 2 nelle, 3 madoo, 3 zella, 1 aljae, 5 saline, 4 veroah). Turn the dup into a weapon or use as trade fodder. If I knew padpass would offer an additional medal, I would get Reeche and a dup.


  3. Thanks for the in-depth review!
    I am only missing Remu and Aljae and I am not sure which way to go. I get that Remu is not the strongest but I can put together a nice fire team whether my green box is the weakest by far and I am missing all the latest additions to the green renaissance


  4. Missing Nelle and Aljae, given that we’re probably going to get a second medal for PAD pass users, I think my choice is straightforward 😀


  5. Re: Madoo’s Hat: I use multiple madoo hats on my seina team due to using Christmas Uriel as my damage dealer instead of Grandis. I find it much easier to make rows than vdp, tho when vdp is required it’s been no problem, as I use pixel napoleon for burst and orbs.

    However AS1 is as far as I can go consistently with this team, and I have one or more of everything else, so will have to get a dupe of . . . something.


  6. Thank you for another useful review and all the great information.
    The witches I have are “Blue reeche” x4, Light Reeche (NY) x1, Dark Reeche x1, Madoo x2, Veroah x1, Zela x2, Saline x2, Fasca x2, Aljae x1.
    So, what do you think would be the best use for my medal?

    Best regards ✌️


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