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Lunar New Year Godfest Review and Analysis

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or complement your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase a Four Gentlemen card, please read my Review and Comparison HERE.


Happy Lunar New Year! Hopefully you have been spending time with your family and loved ones along with feasting upon copious amounts of food. In order to mark the year of the Rooster, the Lunar New Year Godfest will feature the newly Reincarnated Egyptian 1’s along with (surprise surprise) Chinese Celestial pantheons. To sweeten the deal further, we will also be benefiting from 5x GFE along with +20 to a random stat.

For the most part, the Egyptian 1 pantheon is capable of forming powerful and fun teams. Even with the diminished value of leader skill restrictions due to an active skill clause, they can still clear plenty of content while Isis and now Horus being powerful subs.

On the flip side, the Chinese Celestials have not aged as well due to a lack of new evolutions and buffs for quite some time now. In addition, they somewhat struggle in a heart cross meta due to their board changers only producing three colours. However, there has been a gradual shift back towards colour board changers so there may be a shift back towards the Celestials in the future.

Where to spend your Red Pocket Money will be up to you, but this is a modest Godfest for the most part.

As a side note, I changed the format for the analyzed cards and would like to know what you think.

Video commentary

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Featured cards overview


Lunar New Year Godfest Lineup


Day 1

Egyptian 1
3272 Isis 3384 3273 3385
rodin Blodin Green Odin Metatron dtron Red Sonia Blue Sonia
Green Sonia 3260 Ult Sumire Ult Kaede 3233 Baby Satsuki Ult Zuoh
3236 Gremory Ronove 2991 2993 2997 3268
Baldin Balboa Sherias Roots Sherias


Day 2

Chinese Celestials
Awoken Leilan Awoken Karin MeiMei Sakuya Haku
Eschamali Scheat Australis Kali Dark Kali Baldin Balboa
Sherias Roots Sherias Gremory Ronove 2991 2993 2997
3268 Gadius Typhon Ryune Saria Sylvie Fenrir Viz
Fenrir Urd Skuld ult evo Verd

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