Heroine Egg Machine Review and Analysis


The Heroine Rare Egg Machine is one of the most highly anticipated events to come to Puzzle and Dragons. These monsters feature popular Godfest Exclusives, but are a seperate card that is only available through this exclusive machine for a limited time.

Unlike a regular Rare Egg Machine, each pull will cost 10 Magic stones. However, do not let the amplified price discourage you as the featured cards are all brand new (thus chances of dupes are lower) along with featuring powerful and unique abilities. Furthermore, all cards are worth at least 15,000 Monster Points and there are no silver eggs.

I highly encourage you to liberally use your Magic Stones in this event as well as trying your best to acquire as many for the duration of this event. This is because the cards featured here bring skill sets that cannot be replicated by other REM cards and being unique is incredibly valuable when tackling new content as many provide unique Killer combos along with 7×6 boards. In addition, most are pretty girls.

All players above rank 50 will receive 1 free pull on the Heroine Rare Egg Machine.

Video commentary

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Rolls overview

Heroine Egg Machine Overview
7 star rolls 3274
6 star rolls 3276 3275 3277 3278 3279
5 star rolls 3284 3283 3282 3281 3280

7 star rolls

Devil / Attacker
4,185 HP / 2,205 ATK / 124 RCV
901 Total
Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend Time Extend 37 God Killer Dragon Killer

Active Skill:
100,000 true damage to all enemies
All Arrow Fire Light
13 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
All attribute 3x ATK / 2x RCV when maching Fire & Light. Changes to 7×6 board
9x ATK / 4x RCV

Pros Cons
  • 7×6 board
  • True damage and board change
  • 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • 3 Killers
  • Various leader pairings:
    • Ilm 3235
    • Kenshin Kenshin
    • Tsubaki Ult Tsubaki
    • Minerva 3238
  • Easy activation
  • 75,000 MP Value
    • Please don’t sell
  • Makes me want to read books
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Killers hurt damage control
  • RCV tied to dealing damage
    • Harder to stall

Ilmina is the only 7-star roll from the Heroine Rare Egg Machine and will be one of the most desired monsters. Her active skill is unique in that she is able to fulfill two role simultaneously through her true damage component and full board changer. This enables you to execute high defense monsters and then sweep the next floor with the generated board from a single active. This saves you an active skill slot when playing through challenging content or can even help with preserving time in Ranking dungeons or mass farming.

Looking at Ilmina’s leader skill, she is one of the few cards that are capable of creating a 7×6 board and you should pair her with a higher multiplier leader as dual Ilmina only deal 9x damage. Some notable pairings include Ilm 3235, Minerva 3238, Kenshin Kenshin, and Tsubaki Ult Tsubaki. All of these leaders are able to deal significantly higher damage along with providing additional benefits. Despite the fact that your your multiplier may feel low on paper, the fact that you have an additional 12 orbs to play with (42 orbs on 7×6 boards) grants you the potential to deal significantly more damage. Most notably, pairing with Kenshin allows you to make more than 3 colour crosses for outrageous amounts of damage. One minor drawback to Ilmina’s leader skill is the need to match fire and light to trigger the RCV component. This can make stalling more challenging due to the fact that you are dealing damage while stalling and that could push bosses into dangerous health zones.

Their 3 Killer awakenings can allow them to deal massive amounts of damage to those particular bosses and can allow you to more mindlessly farm specific content but will also make damage control nearly impossible on absorption/damage void encounters. As such, you will need to carefully research the dungeon beforehand to ensure you do not run this risk. In addition to the Killer awakenings, the 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost enable you to easily have all of your crucial actives ready by turn 1.

Transitioning away from a leadership role, Ilmina can make a stellar sub on all of those respective teams along with the potential to be used on mono-fire teams. However, you should be conscious of your level of Skill Bind Resist as Ilmina is lacking one.

6 star rolls


Machine / God
3,875 HP / 1,468 ATK / 334 RCV
792 Total
Water Row Water Row Water Row Water Row Water Row Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Dark Heart Arrow Water
+2 combos for 1 turn
12 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2.5x ATK & RCV for Water. 3x ATK when clearing 6 connected water orbs, max 4x with 8. No Skyfalls
100x ATK / 6.25x RCV / No Skyfalls

Pros Cons
  • 49x ATK with 6 Water
  • 100x ATK with 8+ Water
  • 5 Rows
  • Active helps overcome combo shields
  • No active skill clause for damage
  • No Skyfalls
  • Potentially fastest farming leader
    • Faster than ALB A Liu Bei
  • Can pair with Neptune Dragon 3263
  • Damage control
  • Australis sneaking a peak
  • No skyfalls
  • One Skill Boost
  • No SBR
  • Harder to play as a traditional leader
  • Farming team is hard to form
  • Vulnerable to binds

Meridionalis is an interesting card at first glance. She has a synergistic active skill and awakenings, but the no skyfall clause may be off-putting for the average players. However, she will the most desirable card for many hardcore players simply because she can function as a harder hitting Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei that does not waste time via skyfall matches.

Puzzle and Dragons does involve a large amount of grinding (repeatedly playing a particular dungeon) in order to successfully advance in the game. As such, you will want to find the most time efficient method for doing so along with the playstyle that requires the least amount of conscious thinking. This has led to the popularity of Awoken Liu Bei as he is capable of clearing most content at the push of a button. However, his clear times could be dramatically improved if he did not have to deal with skyfall matches. Skyfall matches add additional time to your clears and begin to add up once you start playing the same dungeon 100’s of times over and over again.

As such, Meridionalis is a more appealing option as you can save massive amounts of time due to less animations. Unfortunately, she does not have a second skill boost, is vulnerable to binds, and has a great difficulty building a buttonable team.

Liu Bei has access to the farmable (and powerful) Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios while Meridionalis is left looking for options as the water equivalent is lacking. Thus, you will have to turn to the Rare Egg Machine and even there you are lacking options and instead must turn your attention to Bleach and Toshiro Toshiro. Toshiro comes with two Skill boosts and an active skill that produces a full board of water with a single turn of haste on a 17 turn cooldown. Unfortunately, this will not yield enough Skill Boosts and you will need to rely on high skill boost-low base cooldown cards such as Blue Odin Blodin and Sarasvati 3069 to succeed. Naturally, you can run other high yielding skill boost cards, but may have less Toshiros at your disposal. Furthermore, NA does not have access to any 5 skill boost card (which may change in the future) and the vulnerability to binds may hinder you progression in some dungeons.

All of that may sound negative, but if you are able to form the ideal button team, you will farm content at unprecedented speeds.

Moving away from a button-supremacy role, Meridionalis is capable of leading a reasonably powerful mono-water team. Due to a relatively gentle activation requirement (8 orbs for 100x) and a passive 6.25x RCV, you are able to tackle quite a bit of content. Provided you can survive any single hit, you will be able to always heal back up to full health with only 3 heart orbs.

Furthermore, the no Skyfall clause can be used to better control your damage (match 6 connected water in a non-row, minimize combos). In addition, she is able to be used as a powerful double orb changing sub who can help pad your combo count.

Machine / God
3,295 HP / 1,775 ATK / 317 RCV
790 Total
Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Green Heart Jammer Poison Arrow Fire
4 turns fire skyfall
10 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
1.5x HP & ATK for Machine types. 4x ATK when matching 5o1e
2.25x HP / 36x ATK

Pros Cons
  • Fire Eschamali Eschamali
  • High value active skill
  • All fire orbs are enhanced
  • Can use as a sub on virtually any fire team
  • Dinner plate is best method for travel
  • Low leadership value
  • Breaks heart orbs
  • Krishna 3068 does not need more OE Enhnaced Fire Orb

Elgenubi is a fire version of Eschamali and comes with the same benefits of her GFE cousin. The 7 enhanced fire orb awakenings provide a massive amount of passive damage along with ensuring that every single fire orb that appears comes enhanced. Regardless if you are playing a row or TPA team, the additional layer of damage is always welcome.

Dark Eshamali is able to fit well on Yomi Dragon 3266 teams while having few competing options from an orb enhance perspective. Unfortunately, Heroine Eschamali is unable to be fully utilized on Krishna 3068 teams due to dual leaders already providing 10 orb enhances. Perhaps you can use her on Ilmina teams as they are not reliant on heart orbs for activation along with the varying pairings available. However, with the future Shiva Dragon 3262 evolution, she may have more value as that team rarely has any orb enhances.

While powerful, I feel that Elgenubi is lacking a solid home as fire lacks a leader that can at least compete with Yomi Dragon outside of Krishna. As such, she may be more regulated into an inheritance role to upgrade existing active skills.

Devil / Physical
3,280 HP / 1,562 ATK / 449 RCV
790 Total
Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Skill Boost Dragon Killer

Active Skill:
All Arrow Fire Green Dark
8 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
3.5x ATK when matching Wood, Wood, Dark or Dark, Dark, Wood. Board becomes 7×6
12.25x ATK / 7×6 Board

Pros Cons
  • Creates a 7×6 board
  • +2 seconds to movement time
  • Dragon Killer Dragon Killer
  • Cuter than Zuoh
  • New wood tri-colour sub
  • No Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist
  • Active does not make hearts or additional benefit
  • Poor leadership potential

Romia is a rehashed Zuoh Ult Zuoh that tries to seduce you via her cuteness instead of practicality. Zuoh’s active skill does not have much value outside of combo synergy for certain teams, but is excluded from any heart cross or Dark Athena 3193 / Aizen 3359 teams. Thus, in order to encourage us to use a wood Zuoh, Romia would need to come with stellar awakenings.

Unfortunately, she falls flat as she is mostly blessed with ample time extends and the situationally useful Dragon Killer awakening. Time extends are beneficial to a certain degree, but this is edging on excessive and could be easily occupied by other awakenings. However, many wood teams, such as Bastet 3384 and Kushi 2983, are heavily reliant on forming combos so Romia may find value there along with forming strong Acala 3202 boards.

The Dragon Killer awakening can serve a dual purpose role of helping you overcome challenging bosses when used in a farming perspective if you do not own Leeza Leeza. Romia’s active does have synergy with Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei in order to produce a 2/3 wood board and the ample time extends facilitate easier matching and combos.

As a leader, she will be awkward to use due to the fact that she has no ideal pairing as dual Romia leaders will be lackluster.

Dragon / God
3,085 HP / 1,909 ATK / 292 RCV
788 Total
Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Skill Boost

Active Skill:
All Arrow Fire Water Green Light Dark
1 turn haste
9 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
3x ATK, 2x RCV when 3+ colours attack at once. 7×6 Board
9x ATK / 4x RCV / 7×6 Board

Pros Cons
  • Creates a 7×6 board
  • 4 Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist
  • Same active as Sherias Sherias
  • Low uses overall
  • Awkward to pair with

Navi is unfortunately an awkward monster for the most part. Having a full board changer that produces fire, water, wood, light, and dark orbs has low value as the majority of strong rainbow leaders are reliant on heart orbs for activation. Granted Navi’s active can be seen as an upgraded Light Kali Kali, the places you can efficiently use her are far and few. Granted you could inherit Navi onto Light Kali to provide some stats transferred via Skill Inheritance, but that is underwhelming for a 6-star card.

As a leader, having only 3x ATK is problematic as even pairing with Ra Dragon 3265 would yield only 36x ATK. Thus, Navi will most likely used as a situational sub for her 4 Skill Bind Resists. Providing 80% coverage is pretty amazing and would grant the more button-farming style teams of Liu Bei A Liu Bei, Cao Cao A Cao Cao, and Meridionalis 3276 the opportunity to gain SBR coverage and two skill boosts. This also means that Tengu Tengu plus Navi provides the  best mix of SBR and Skill Boosts between two cards.

Dragon / Machine
3,217 HP / 2,106 ATK / 134 RCV
788 Total
Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Healer Killer Devil killer Machine Killer

Active Skill:
All Arrow Fire Dark
2.5x ATK for Dragon & Machine for 1 turn
16 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2x HP / ATK / RCV for Machine types. 3.5x ATK when matching Dark and Fire. Cannot match 3 connected orbs
4x HP / 49x ATK / 4x RCV / Cannot match 3 connected orbs

Pros Cons
  • 3 Killers
  • Bi-colour board changer
  • Built in enhance active
  • Dragon & Machine typing
  • Cannot match 3 connected orbs
  • Lower combo count

Barbara is an interesting card in that her active skill looks powerful on paper; however, the Dragon and Machine enhance component is awkward for the most part. Presently speaking, there are few fire or dark teams that actively run a purely Dragon or Machine cards. However, I could foresee this working well on Yamamoto 3357 teams when running Yamato Bankai Yamato and Tsubaki 3260. Both these subs are Dragons and Barbara’s three skill boosts greatly help ensure all active skills are ready on turn 1.

As a leader, Barbara looks strong on paper from a multiplier perspective; however, being unable to match 3 connected orbs makes her play like Noctis 3305, but instead of TPA, relying on your Killer awakenings. This playstyle is unique, but can leave players feeling frustrated and this is further compounded by being restricted to Machine types.

However, with 4x HP/RCV, you have an unconditional heart cross level multiplier that is always present. Furthermore, you have an unconditional 49x ATK. In terms of powerful dark-machine cards available, you may find yourself relying on Eschamalis Eschamali, Castor 3062and the Cyber Dragons Diadem.

Looking at Barabara’s Killer awakenings, she has the potential to be an efficient Machine Hera farmer through her tankiness and unconditional multiplier.

5 star rolls

Dragon / Attacker
3,931 HP / 1,728 ATK / 40 RCV
752 Total
Dark row Dark row Skill Boost physical killer Machine Killer

Active Skill:
All Arrow Light Dark
12 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2.5x ATK & RCV for Dragon and Attackers. 1.5x ATK on turn skill is used
14.06x ATK / 6.25x RCV

Pros Cons
  • Unique active skill
  • Two Killer awakenings
  • Toothless in top right corner
  • Not a leader
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Dragon & Attacker typing


Sheena possess a unique active skill as no one else is able to produce a bicolour board of light and dark orbs. Granted no relevant teams are reliant on these two particular orbs (barring future Reincarnated Vritra/Indra), but it grants dark teams the opportunity to utilize a bicolour board changer whether as a sub or inherit who is able to transfer some stats.

The Dragon and Attacker typing does exclude Sheena from many popular dark teams along with the inability to generate heart orbs. As such, she may be pushed into an inheritance role for teams such as Yomi Dragon 3266.

Exploring more niche uses, Sheena may find value on Dark Metatron Casino teams in future ranking dungeons. The Killer awakenings can help bypass troublesome floors along with her active skill granting the opportunity to form many combos with little time spent matching.

Finally, Sheena’s active is another option for bicolour boards for light teams if you do not own an Ilm 3235.

Dragon / Attacker
2,637 HP / 1,825 ATK / 369 RCV
752 Total
Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend TPA TPA

Active Skill:
All  Arrow Green Light Heart
9 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
3.5x ATK with 2 light combos. 4x with 3+ combos. +2 seconds to orb movement time
16x ATK

Pros Cons
  • New board changer for light
  • Generates hearts
  • Possible inheritance option
  • Combos with Fuma Fuma
  • Lackluster awakenings
  • Not a leader

Presently speaking, Myr Miru is one of the most powerful monsters in the game. Her ability to deal large damage and survive incoming attacks is rivaled by few and the fact that she is farmable makes her accessible to everyone. Granted a leader is only as strong as her sub support and gaining access to another board changer is invaluable. With that being said, Momiji offers another option for Myr teams, but has more restrictions due to the only combo synergy she has is with the seldom used Fuma Fuma.

This can place constraints on usage as the other board changers are largely superior as they have more favourable combo synergy. However, not everyone has perfect teams and Momiji offers a fine alternative along with her stats being transferred over through Skill Inheritance.

God / Healer
2,615 HP / 1,163 ATK / 775 RCV
752 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Devil killer Devil killer

Active Skill:
3 turn bind clear
Heal 6x card RCV
4 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
4x ATK for Healers. +2 seconds orb movement time
16x ATK

Pros Cons
  • Double Devil Killer Devil killer
  • 4 turn base cooldown
  • Wood typing
  • Poor card outside devil content
  • Ugly

Light Metatron Metatron is a running joke in the PAD community in that she constantly receives numerous insignificant buffs that do not put her back into the meta. However, this Heroine version provides a unique niche through her double Devil Killer awakenings.

Dual Devil Killers enable Mito to deal 9x damage and this has tremendous applications on Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei teams. Mito is both wood along with possessing a short 4 turn active. While the bind clear may be situationally useful, you may find more value through inheriting something else to better tackle the dungeon.

Awoken Liu Bei teams are able to achieve 64x ATK and Mito will be dealing a lethal 576x ATK to devil cards and makes for efficient farming. Unfortunately, outside of devil content, Mito is an even worse Light Metatron.

Devil / Attacker
3,224 HP / 2,069 ATK / 44 RCV
752 Total
+heart +heart +heart +heart +heart +heart TPA Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Second right column Arrow Heart
5 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
6x ATK when matching 2+ heal combos. +2s to move orbs
36x ATK

Pros Cons
  • 6 enhanced heal awakenings?
  • High base attack
  • 5 turn base cooldown
  • Budget Ronove Ronove sub
  • 6 enhanced heal awakenings?
  • Generally lackluster active

Someone may have made a copy/paste error when designing Mel’s awakenings and no one bothered to say anything. As such, I am not quite sure how to justify 6 enhanced heal orb awakenings. Perhaps it is to improve the value of heart breakers along with dramatically boosting your healing potential, but it still is strange.

Awakenings aside, Mel may serve as a potential budget Ronove Ronove to replace Rozuel Rozuel as both cover Fire and Water. Unfortunately, Mel is significantly weaker than Rozuel due to less ideal awakenings while her active is maybe on par. Forming a column of heart orbs will guarantee enough for a cross and is immune to orb trolling. In addition, by having the heart orbs spawn in the second column allows for an easier time matching the cross.

Unfortunately, Mel cannot truly compete with Rozuel as the lack of bind immunity and no TPA lowers her overall proficiency.

Machine / God
3,217 HP / 1,166 ATK / 590 RCV
752 Total

Active Skill:
Green Light  Arrow Fire
2 turns heal skyfalls
9 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
3.5x ATK with 2 fire combos. 4x with 3+ combos. +2 seconds orb movement time
16x ATK / +4 seconds orb movement time

Pros Cons
  • 4 TPA
  • Double fire orb changer
  • Does not remove hearts
  • Heart skyfall overwrites debuffs
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist

Kuvia is a surprisingly powerful five star roll and is hard to find fault in her. Her active skill enables you to flood the board with fire orbs while retaining your heart orbs. This is quite unique and opens up the opportunity to use alongside heart-oriented leaders. In addition, the two turns of heal skyfalls will help your sustain for the next two turns as well as overwriting debuffs or baiting out status voids. As such, she makes for one of the stronger inherits for mono fire teams, but also has the potential to capitalize on her 4 TPA awakenings.

Looking at Kuvia’s base stats, she is similar to Scheat Scheat as both share more heavily skewed HP and RCV while having their TPA awakenings carry their low attack upwards.

As a sub, Kuvia will most likely be your hardest hitting card when matching a TPA and is presently best suited on a Shiva 3241 and futre Shiva Dragon 3262 teams. You can always use her on other fire teams, but unless you are matching a TPA, her output will be lackluster due to her low base attack value.



The Heroine REM is one of the most exciting events to come to Puzzle and Dragons. It features unique cards that can either have unique actives, Killer awakenings, and ample 7×6 opportunities. Despite the fact that it costs 10 Magic Stones per roll, I encourage you to do at least a few rolls because for the most part, every single card you do roll will be new and add something different to your monster box. Again, I want to stress the value of unique cards as they fulfill roles that no one else can achieve.

What do you think about the Heroine REM and how much do you plan on rolling?

Happy Puzzling!

124 thoughts on “Heroine Egg Machine Review and Analysis”

    1. Well, I rolled one pack… I was off to a good start with Meri for my free roll. Ended up with Ilmina and Egenubi within 5 rolls! Also got Navi, Momiji * 2, Kuvia, Mel and Sheena.

      I thought I was going to end up rolling on this more, but since the only thing left I’d be interested in pulling is Barbara, the value proposition is too low now. I was expecting to get some MP from this, but I guess not!


  1. I feel like the heroine series is the perfect name for this. It seems that these monsters can be a saving grace to a lot of peoples boxes and fill holes that otherwise cant be filled. A heroine in some way or another. Either way, they are all unique and worth picking up. I hope I can roll a Meridionalis. Even without the SBR and other awakenings. I feel the SBR and bind reduction can be made up for with subs like A. Isis. Not to mention, most bosses wont even have the chance to bind you with a leader skill like that. 10 rows for the leads alone makes any subs with rows a huge bonus, which means one or two rows with combos will sweep anything in its path. You are the one who got me to dust off my Sarasvati and try her out as a lead (thanks btw, im in love) i feel like she is a crazier version of Sarasvati. On the same hand though, Sv has a permanent spot on this team, should i pull this heroine anyways. Haha

    Any ideas for an ideal sub setup?


    1. Meri will be a more efficient leader than Sarasvati due to the lower activation requirement (8 vs 9 orbs), more imactful active skill, and 6.25x RCV

      The recovery component is vital to success when using as a non-button team as you can stall on any floor along with never running the risk of your water orbs being accidentally erased.

      As for an ideal set up, its hard to say as you have to build according to the dungeon at hand. Sarasvati will be a strong sub due to the skill boosts and other awakenings

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Can out make a push button team with meridional is as the lead and four more motonari’s as subs like would that work?


    1. That does work as you have 9 skill boosts per side so 18 in total. However, the haste can slow you down, so a Blue Sonia would be a stronger option from a speed POV


  3. My time has finally come! I’ve got at least 120 stones ready. Maybe 130 if I hit my 1000 day mark near the end. Please come to me Meridionalis. Anyway, it might be worth noting that the JP 5th anniversary stream will probably overlap the event on the last day. Those still on the edge might want to wait as we should be getting the Heroines ults revealed in that stream.


      1. Did my 11 pulls. Kuvia, Momiji, Barbara, Romia, and a whole bunch of Mitos and Mels. Of course, I couldn’t get Meri. Going to hold the rest of my stones until the stream and also hope my coop partner rolls Meri to pair with my Nepdra. Lastly, I just noticed this but, Barbara’s killers are amazingly suitable for Arena. The only damage shields that trip her up are Gaiadra, which shouldn’t be a problem due to the shield, and Parvati, who is easily stallable. I really hope her ult doesn’t mess this up.


        1. Well Parvati means you have to wait 99 turns which is not an ideal scenarios outside of your first clear attempt, not for speed farming

          I am excited for the future JP stream to see how they buff/modify these cards and Neptune Dragon is a very potent pairing as you still have the no skyfall buff


  4. I don’t know if i read wrong but those cards don’t seem too good, apart from ilmina, meridionalis and kuvia all seem rather lackluster, they don’t have enough awakenings to be called good and their skills are unique but not that great, the 10 stone GFE REM seems a lot better.


    1. It is more so for the niche roles they can fulfill. This REM is more oriented to players who have modestly developed monster boxes and are looking for additional options as they do provide unique benefits.


  5. Am I crazy for thinking the rem is not that good? None of the drops are high end leaders like bleach and other collabs have. And not many of them work as subs on the top teams right now. Maybe I’m pessimistic but as NIAP it doesnt seem like the REM has very many valuable things that synergize well with other teams.

    It is cool that they are atleast pretty unique, so maybe they will be more relevant as the meta shifts?


    1. Being unique is valuable as they provide a niche no one else can. They may not make or break any team at the moment, but their niche roles can help round out your monster box.

      They can also help min-max certain setups as you cannot replicate them otherwise

      In addition, there is no silver fodder and every card will on average have more value than a regular GF

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I’d pulled Momiji in the previous heroine REM, and I just pulled a dupe of her as one of my two rolls this time, but I’m okay with that, because hers is an awesome skill to use for assist on my light team, and it’s not that hard to level up.


  6. Hey mantastic! I love your review!

    I was wondering if I should roll purely just for the MP (except barbara who may have a useful active) in preparation for dark athena (I’m that dark row devil a. panda guy); however I noticed that we may get that 390,000 MP gift- so should i still roll here?

    Also, about the D. Athena team building, I have subs like a.okun, a. Loki, devil haku (will change evo path if i get d. athena), z8, 2 pandoras- with these subs, should i still persue d. athena? (I saw your video about how d.athena is ready for use and can consistently and quickly clear stuff like a3)- is she worth it/ should i stick with my d. row team?

    Similarly, I have the green GFE baladin who seems to have similar active still (new ult with 7x attack and rcv and hp)- but not very good subs (like 2x verdandi, meimei etc)- is he a good alternative?

    Any advice very welcome!


    1. From a purely MP perspective, this is just as strong as the 10-stone GFE machine as every card will come out is at least 15k MP and you naturally run the chance at acquiring something valuable

      In regards to your Dark Athena team, you are missing quite a few of the stronger TPA cards along with orb changers. Granted you do have the chance to acquire the Heroine Grisar as a farmable invade who does provide ideal awakenings.

      We do have a few months before Dark Athena so things can change in terms of your REM pool.

      I would still roll this REM as the cards are unique and you can then decide if you want them or MP more


      1. Thanks for replying! I was thinking of something like D.Athena, a.okun, z8, a.haku, farmable grisar, d.athena. However, this means giving up my current a.panda row team (removing a.haku). Is d.athena that much of an upgrade? I have around 510,000 mp rn; if i sell all my unrelated cards i can definately get 750,000- problem is I don’t have the piis needed right now. If I continue pursuing this team, what pantheons should i be rolling in?

        Thanks a lot Mantastic &Fantastic!


        1. Dark Athena is miles ahead of Pandora in terms of end game potential

          You still have several months to prep for Dark Athena, so you may not need to sell that much of your box as you have the opportunity to farm MP from Rogue Descends

          In terms of your team, it is a lot stronger for sure as you now have full SBR coverage and an average of 2 TPA per card.


  7. Now I want a Hero REM with beautiful graceful husbandos 😛

    Debating whether to roll or not…the value is high since no silvers, all sell for good MP but I just don’t really feel the appeal…the better rolls aside from the bicolor light/dark (who I kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of want for Revo Vritra??? His new LS sucks omg, so many dark orb changers get rid of light fffffffs RIP my triple Pandora setup) are all the 6* plus that one coveted 7*.

    I’m pretty sure if I rolled more than once I’d end up with an army of Metatrons. Because, you know.

    I appreciate that we’re getting a free roll though! I thought since it was a 10 stone machine we wouldn’t get one!


    1. Well a single Metatron is pretty amazing as she does have double devil killer =P

      The main idea outside of pretty girls is having access to new and unique cards that help diversify and round out your box


  8. I really really want Momiji!! I know she’s based on Kaede but she also looks a lot like Yamatsumi, which is kinda funny since she’s the perfect Board changer for both teams! Also she’s cute.

    Thanks god she’s a 5* and not as hard to get. 🙂


  9. I’m thinking Navi might have a place on the new L/F Hathor. Since she lacks any SBRs, Navi (and her active) would ne just what the cow ordered and would theoretically allow for more flexibility in team building, no?


    1. That is a good point along with covering water (as Hathor became Light/Fire)

      My main hope for Hathor is gaining access to more 7c awakening cards to put her more inline with the damage needed


  10. Thank you for the write up Mantastic super helpful as always!
    I’m only about 3 months into the game and soon after learning about the benefits of co-op I started a second account on my old phone. I now exclusively play multiplayer with my two accounts and rarely play solo. I’m looking to further develop my alt account to find synergy with my main as the only mirror leads I own between the two are DQXQ and Acala which I’m still lacking many optimal subs for.
    My question is that I’m looking to start putting in a few IAP’s and I was wondering if it would be wiser to split the purchased stones between the two accounts or bank them all on one account for this REM and future REM’s to come. I felt you would be the perfect person to ask as you have a lot of experience playing with yourself 😀


    1. Well if you are truly GungHo in playing with yourself, you should ideally have both boxes at a similar level of proficiency. If your first account is the one to receive all the IAP stones, it will most likely have far more options and your alt may struggle to keep up. You differ than most players as both accounts are similar ages and neither is acting as a super hard carry by comparison

      For myself, the only IAP I do tends to come in the form of iTunes gift cards so only Mantastic receives the additional stones. However, my poor rolling luck still has Fantastic with a better box for the most part….


  11. It may not be a big use but Sheena may work for a dark light Akechi. With the free MP what do you think is a good buy? Ra dragon doesn’t interest me, can’t beat Arena 3 yet.


  12. I really want Ilmina. I mainly want her as a sub for my Krishna team to farm rouge descend dungeons. She can replace Red Odin. Her cooldown is shorter and like you said, can pretty much clear 2 floors with her active. Plus God + Dragon killer combination is always welcomed.

    Elgenubi will probably be an assist monster if I get her. I have Beach Eschamali and don’t really use her since Nut and Sumire provide plenty of enhanced water orbs. Dark/Light Eschamali seem to provide the most value.

    Poor Light Metatron. Even Mito has offensive awakenings.


    1. I hope you do get lucky chasing those rarer pulls =D

      I feel Mito will be quite powerful as she fulfills a niche not normally accessible. I also agree that elgenubi is in an awkward place as no one can fully take advantage of her like her dark cousin


  13. Well Mito is the Long Lost LMetatron Buff? yay funny is when u look into the backstory of them each has a connection like the MAchine cards Kurvia can be seen as little sister to scheat and both are parts of the Star Constelation, Navi is maybe the daughter from Sherias? and so on Mel and Dandalion and Barbara Dandalion … and we has soon the evolution of them that will come xD but i cant decide which i want of that pantheon Momiji,Kuvia and Ilmina would be my favourits but i dunno


            1. well at least i hope dat when the heroines panth gets their Uevo that Mito will evolve into a bombshell xD well at least she has the potential when u give her a bit Make up


  14. I feel that for higher level players who own 80+% of all cards in every pantheon, I find the cards in the REM mostly geared to being subs. Although their awakenings and skills are unique, there aren’t unique enough that other pantheon cards can’t be used for similar purposes. Skills that I find truly unique and useful recenty would be the combo shield breaker but unfortunately not in this REM. As well this REM doesn’t have any game breaking leader skills so kinda meh for higher level players. For lower level players i think this REM is great.


    1. Part of the appeal with this rem is the uniqueness they offer. Being unable to replicate these abilities means you have more opportunities for min/max potential along with using new killer combinations. They may not be so awe-inspiring but do have value across various boxes


  15. Hey, have you ever thought of doing a TL;DR of your analysis? Or even just rank the cards or give them some kind of rating. I know your post are meant to be in-depth, but sometimes I just want the quick version….


    1. That’s why I started adding in a Pros & Cons and having the option of reading more if it appeals to you. Now you can simply scroll through easier along with seeing all their stats without opening padx

      Ranking/rating is pretty subjective as cards vary based on your box/goals so it is harder to put a hard label (at least for me)


  16. Doesn’t Romia have synergy with A. Astaroth? (They can also make a 2/3 green board
    Also are there other leads that I can use with A. Astaroth because I want to use her more often but I can’t find an other leads?

    Thank you


    1. I was lucky enough to pull ichigo on my alt and have a hyper maxed A. Lucifer on my main. I was toying around with the idea of running the DB Ichigo with my Lucifer for a slightly more offensive pairing.


      1. You can still clear plenty of content with Lucifer, will just be slower. With SI changes and badges, you are quite durable and have access to stronger abilities. Sheena can be used on Lucifer teams as either a base or inherit =)

        As for pairing with Ichigo, that is a great way to add more offensive capabilities


  17. Pulled Ilmina on my main for the free pull. My alt has ilm. Was quite the surprise, usually my alt draws all the cards my main needs.

    New year rem saw me getting 3 hattori hanzo so this is a pleasant change.


  18. I think people should keep in mind that these will be receiving a buff soon. Not sure what those buffs/Ults will do to these cards. But if they look lackluster then that has the potential to change and this machine will probably not be back for a little while.


    1. Personally I feel she’s a great inheritance option for Kaede if you aren’t concerned about getting the boosted stats.


  19. Hey, I spend my last 70 stones to get some good assets. I got Kuvia, Elgenubi, 2x sheena, Mito, Momiji and Barbara. Are Kuvia and Elgenubi the right subs or my Shiva Dragon Team? What to do with the others? Should i keep them?
    Thx for the replay!


    1. All of these cards are getting Uvos, which are being announced in the middle of the month, so definitely keep them!

      As for a Shiva Dragon team, IMO Elgenubi will always bring a lot of damage with the enhances, skyfall buff and big orb change. Kuvia might be more situational… while ShivaDra often operates with rows, there are some pretty solid TPA options these days that could work pretty well. Set, Rozuel, Revo Hino and Revo Shiva come to mind. Might not be the most end game team, but it would kill fast… now I have to try it lol 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. As frontendchaos mentioned, you should keep all the cards for now as they will be receiving new evolutions in the very near future.

      As for Kuvia on TPA Shiva Dragon, it does work well, especially for speeding through content such as Ranking Dungeons. Elgenubi can usually find a spot due to the massive passive damage she offers on a team that generally has very little orb enhances


  20. Bought just a bit of stones, and in 9 rolls (including the free one) I got every 6* except Elgenubi, 2 Momiji, 2 Kuvia, and a Mito. If this is anything to go by, the 6* look to be more generous than a normal egg machine.

    I would like to pull Ilmina but I’m IAP-light and don’t want to fall further down that rabbit hole. I’ll take my 30K MP from my dupes and call it a day.


      1. Thanks! I’m actually excited to have both Navi and Meri, considering I pulled a Toshiro a while back and don’t have access to ALB.

        Good luck on your rolls, and keep up the great content!


  21. I did 4 pull and my last 3 were all Mel T_T
    Are the dupes worth keeping. I’ll be keeping one since I don’t have a Rozuel, but wasn’t sure if I should keep the rest for SI.


  22. Ilmina is a dream inherit for Fenrir Viz, especially if you don’t own an Ilm. RNG blessed me with one, oddly enough the day before I rolled NY Kanna and NY Ohkami (goodbye luck for the year lmao). Really hoping Viz gets an Ilm treatment with a split evo and becomes Meta at some point, currently sitting on 3


  23. During my freebie roll, I pulled Meridionalis. I’m very low IAP and generally don’t roll during events or GFs. I have 50 stones saved up, but I’m not sure if I want to roll again. I’m basically a pro at getting dupes immediately, and 10 stones is really steep. Yeah there are no silvers, but knowing my luck, I’d get 2 more of Meridionalis and I don’t think I can utilize the one I already have. :/


  24. Can you just use Awoken Zeus Mercury as sub for Conquest Bow Steel Star Goddess, Meridonalis because Awoken Zeus Mercury’s active skill is change all orbs into water orbs?


      1. Work which is apparent when seeing the quality of your analyses. I’m impressed you’re able to give such excellent and in-depth thought in them while still getting them out very quickly, and I’m obviously not the only one. Greatly appreciated!
        m(_ _)m


  25. Ilmina graced my presence after pulling Mel for my freebie.

    Trying to figure out a team for her. Right now its…
    Ilmina, Kiriko another, Kenshin, Tsubaki, and Fragrem(Generic Saria).

    I know its way too many board changers but I can’t figure out what else to add.


    1. Ilmina’s team is quite flexible and you should utilize cards that work for you. There is now hard fast rule of subs you must bring and it is better to counter the dungeon at hand


  26. I am done rolling this REM, used all my stones.

    main: momiji x 2, kuvia, romia, navi, sheena
    alt: momiji x 2, kuvia, mel, mito, meri(!)


  27. Four rolls: Sheena, Mito, Navi, Romia… Well, three out of four (Sheena already maxskilled) can be skilled up outside the event dungeon 🙂


  28. Hey Mantastic,
    I always follow your threads and appreciate how you analyze each godfest. You’re my go to whenever something new happens in PaD.

    I rolled this heroine and got a Uruka, but your guide doesn’t say anything about her. She doesn’t even come up in the star rating. She seems like a good card. Any analysis?


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