8 Magic Stone Super Witches Godfest Review


Today marks the debut a special Super Godfest that features all 9 Great Witches that have been released thus far along with a discounted Magic Stone cost. This leads to an interesting situation as each roll will only cost 8 Magic Stones along with the featured roster containing many useful and powerful Godfest Exclusives along with the entire Samurai 3 Pantheon.

The Samurai 3 Pantheon are one of the newer cards to be released who have received Weapon Assist evolutions in JP which should becoming to North America now/soon. These Weapon Assists are unique and powerful as they are able to provide 80% Resistance against a certain mechanic (Jammer Resist Poison resist Blind Resist) along with a single Skill Boost Skill Boost.

With this in mind, the Samurai 3 Pantheon is highly desirable and I will add their 7.5% total chance into the “good” stuff to roll category for this Super Godfest.

The official GungHo post can be found HERE.

Video commentary

Samurai 3 Weapon Assists

Puzzle and Dragons is an incredibly deep game that requires an exceptional amount of in-game knowledge to efficiently build a team with Weapon Assists playing a vital role in this process. This makes sense as you have 2 leaders, 4 subs, and 6 inherits/Weapons along with a potentially long checklist of mechanics to cover/counter.

As such, gaining access to Weapon Assists that provide a single Skill Boost Skill Boost along with 80% Resistance to either Jammer Jammer Resist, Poison Poison resist, or Blind Blind Resist mechanics can greatly alleviate team building restrictions as you are able to address two different but important aspects of team building.

Generally speaking, the Skill Boosts have the most value on Transforming teams which tend to be the dominant cards at this point in time as their Skill Boost requirements are offset by a stronger card post-Transform.

The following are the new Weapon Assists for the Samurai 3 cards:

 Takeda Shingen

 Uesugi Kenshin

Date Masamune

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Tokugawa Ieyasu

Despite the fact that the Samurai 3 Pantheon will also have Reincarnated forms in the near future, their Weapon Assists are far more unique/valuable for the majority of players as they cannot be replicated by any other card. As such, when these evolutions do go live, it would often be best to pursue their Weapon Assist form.

Rolling line up

7* GFE (1.5% each, 13.5% total)
6* GFE (1.5% each, 13.5% total)
3268 3235 **
Samurai 3 (1.5% each, 7.5% total)
Story Mode Protagonist (2% each, 4% total)
Other Pantheon cards (1.37% each, 61.65% total)

*Note, Ney comes in one of her 5 Evolved forms but the total chance of rolling any Ney is 1.5%.

To roll or not to roll

Generally speaking, Super Godfests cost 10 Magic Stones and feature at worst, 1/3 chance for any Godfest Exclusive. While the chances for any Pantheon card is higher compared to these “normal” rates, I have decided to keep the Samurai 3 cards separate as they are actually something you would be happy to roll. If this shift is made, the chances for any other Pantheon drop down to 61.65% which surpasses the baseline for Super Godfests along with us having a 2 Magic Stone discount on each roll. This discount means that 80 stones will equal 10 instead of 8 rolls.

Furthermore, there is a healthy number of 7* GFE that can be rolled along with the four newer Witches being available who are capable of leading teams for end game content. On top of this, Blue Odin and Aten 3268 are both featured who are arguably the best 6-star GFE available.

I am well aware that there are always future events coming out in JP along with the fact that they are around 2 months ahead. As such, new stuff will constantly be teased/featured and we can potentially get stuck in a continuous loop of saving and never rolling because the “next big thing” is on the horizon. In our case, it will be the release of the new 7* GFE, Remu who is able to beautifully pair with Dante . With that being said, they do have modestly restrictive team building requirements which may make it impractical for all players along with this Super Godfest being quite strong overall.

As such, you will have to bite the metaphorical bullet and roll at some point and this 8 Stone event is solid overall assuming you desire the Samurai 3 Weapon Assists. With this in mind, I plan to stream some rolls this afternoon as I would love to acquire the Samurai 3 Weapons along with trying to actually roll some 7* GFE for either future Trade Fodder or current use.


The current 8 Stone Super Godfest is a favourable event to roll in assuming you want the Samurai 3 cards for their future Weapon Assists that provide a Skill Boost Skill Boost and 80% protection against Blind Blind Resist, Jammer Jammer Resist, or Poison Poison resist.

Overall, the rolling rates for something of value is on par with normal Super Godfests but the 2 Magic Stone discount helps push this event to another level.

With that being said, let me know what you think about this event in the comments below and whether or not you plan on rolling. If you did roll, let me know how it went.

Happy Puzzling!

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16 thoughts on “8 Magic Stone Super Witches Godfest Review”

  1. Hi! I’m completely new to this game, but I dig the gameplay so I’d like to get more serious about it. People have always said to roll during a Godfest, but after reading your article, I was wondering if it would be a good idea for me to roll this particular Godfest or if I should wait for another. What are your thoughts?


    1. This is a reasonable event to roll in, for both new players and veterans.
      I’ve played the game more than five years and I will be rolling a bit.
      I will be saving some stones, versus fully rolling out, for the next few collabs coming over the next month or two, e.g. persona, evangelion, etc.

      You get a slightly lower general gfe exclusives rate, but a better than usual GFE great witches rate, most of which are strong cards, and you have some overall good GFE cards like Aten in the possible candidates set. So it’s fine to roll. The Samurai equips are useful even to new players as equips. Very fresh new players should look for base subs and team leads before inherits and equips, just that the godfest rolling value is fine.


        1. I agree with what Jason said as it is still a favourable event to roll in and generally speaking, Godfests tend to be more friendly towards newer players as collabs/seasonals tend to be more niche


  2. I started with an Awoken Odin. My 3rd, alright, sure.

    Then I rolled a Nelle and an Aljae, and now I’m like “NOPE OKAY I’M DONE.”


  3. 27 rolls, 1 7* (aljae), Ilm, Takeda, Kenshin. Everything else pantheon (two Grodins and a ronia which are useless these days)

    Probably the worst rolls I’ve had in a while, then again I beat the odds for DMC so this is just RNG coming back to bite me I guess.


  4. I’ve only been playing for 2 months but I’ve saved enough for 12 rolls. I got Ney on the first pull. I’m still new to the game but is she a desirible leader or sub? Or is she starred just because you have a chance to pull 6 versions of her? I’m barely scratching mid-game content so I genuinely have no clue.


    1. In terms of end game content, Ney is not particularly desirable and will most likely end up as Trade Fodder.

      But in your case, she may be wonderfully viable/potent for your given teams and level of progression. PAD is kinda strange in the sense that it is possible to breeze through the early/mid game with a diverse set of cards due to how Powercreep works

      In regards to her 6 forms, it is mostly to give her flexibility for putting on various teams.


  5. I have a GH Yomi and a Norza, but I rolled another Norza… is this second Norza trade fodder-to-be? /thinking emoji


  6. New:
    Takeda Shingen

    Green Sonia
    Red Sonia
    Sun Quan

    Feels bad, man.


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