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Arenas, Colosseum, WoC/Shura, & MD1 Mechanics Checklist


Puzzle and Dragons is a tremendously deep game that has years worth of content waiting for players. Sadly, there is essentially no in-game information as to what mechanics, spawns, or what can actually happen in a dungeon which in turn creates a terrible guessing game.

Thankfully, we are eventually able to “solve” any dungeon with enough trial and error and for myself, what I find most helpful when trying to tackle a new dungeon is a Checklist of notable mechanics. From this Checklist, I will try my best to address all of the dangerous mechanics while prioritizing unavoidable abilities.

With this in mind, I would like to create a master Checklist for all of the Arena, Colosseum, and World of Carnage dungeons to help players better prepare themselves as knowing what can possibly happen is a huge asset in PAD.

Video commentary

How to use my checklists

With any dungeon, there are avoidable and unavoidable mechanics and it is important to address the unavoidable mechanics first. As such, there will be a priority-like system when looking at dungeon mechanics and you may have to forgo certain solutions depending on the depth of your Monster Box. Furthermore, certain teams/leaders may naturally counter specific mechanics. Continue reading Arenas, Colosseum, WoC/Shura, & MD1 Mechanics Checklist

Optimal Boards Compilation


Puzzle and Dragons is a challenging game as it combines numerous different elements but the orb solving/puzzling aspect is one of the most endearing aspects. Despite playing for over 2,000 days, I still have lots to learn about optimally solving various boards want to dedicate a post to better solving these.

For the most part, utilizing a bicolour board is the best way to optimize your potential as it usually yields the highest number of combos along with the most concentrated damage. With that being said, there are more optimal ways for solving these for both vanilla combos and for specific awakenings. Continue reading Optimal Boards Compilation

Guerrilla Radar Dragon Dungeons are Coming to North America


With the announcement of free 390,000 Monster Points being given out to all players over the course of March along with the highly anticipated evolutions for the original 5 MP Dragons, many players are excited to take the next step in their Puzzling adventure. However, these evolutions are challenging to perform and very few players are actually able to clear Arena 3 and acquire the Radar Dragon they need. Thankfully, we will now gain the ability to “easily” acquire any Radar Dragon of our choosing through a special hourly dungeon.

While this is great for the most part, these dungeons are actually very challenging and feature their respective Radar Dragon in a buffed form compared to their Arena 3 counterpart. However, the dungeon is quite short in nature and there are many different strategies for efficiently dealing with each encounter along with the option to simply stone to continue if you badly need the drop.

I plan to clear and record all of the dungeons and will upload the team/video to this post as they are released.

If you want to read more about which MP card to purchase, please refer to my guide HERE.

Video commentary

—video goes here—-

2716 Hephaestus Dragon

Dungeon for reference
—hippo video goes here—

Hephaestus Guerrilla Team – 21 Skill Boost
Inherit SDR

3069 A Hermes Blue Sonia 3103
3391 A Sun Quan  Blue Sonia A Hermes 3069
Inherit Raphael  SDR
Hephaestus Guerrilla Steps
Floor 1 Player 1: Karin  + Hermes A Hermes, optimal board
Floor 2 Player 21 combo
Player 1
Player 2: Raphael Raphael swipe
Player 11 combo
Player 2: Sun Quan  A Sun Quan, Hermes A Hermes or Blue Sonia Blue Sonia
Player 1: 0 combo, do not kill
Player 2: Kill via ping as Apollo is at 1 HP
Floor 3 Player 1: Mori 3103, Sarasvati 3069 & try to push below 50%
Player 2: Push below 50% if triggered resolve. Use any actives
Player 1: Blue Sonia Blue Sonia, Sarasvati 3069 Kill

Karin  has God and Dragon Killer which enables her to deal incredible burst damage against all 3 floors and 9x to Heph.

You should plan out who will be receiving the 15 turn skill delay and try your best to use actives from that side wherever possible. In my case, Player 2 is delayed.

On the final floor, you can trigger the resolve as it will heal him to 50% HP and 1 health. You simply need to ping with any source of damage to remove the resolve.

Sarasvati could easily be replaced by any high damage glass cannon leader. You should prioritize heavy orb changers as it is simply a burst and kill scenario.

If unable to inherit Raphael Raphael, can simply use him as a sub or use a large shielding sub to survive. Do your best to return to full health every turn.

Killer awakenings are very powerful here as there is no absorption mechanic and the resolves are not too hazardous. You can hit Heph into resolve and then have him resurrect without taking any damage.

2717 Noah Dragon


Dungeon for reference
—noah video goes here—

Noah Dragon Guerilla Team
Inherit A Hermes Carat 3239 Skuld ult evo Susano

3276 Blue Sonia Blue Sonia Bankai Andro 3069
Blue Sonia 3103 Bankai Andro 3069 3276
Inherit A Hermes summer urd Indra Awoken Oorochi

Do not bring a dark team. Also, find a team that has very high damage output. Pretty much the only hard requirements. You can simply stall the 99 turns, but that is quite a grueling experience and if you want to kill faster, you need to have appropriate damage control. Do not use Killer awakenings.

Noah Dragon VOIDS all damage above 5 million. Void means it will deal 0 damage when dealing more than 5 million damage and means cards like Fujin 3414 have no effect.

The above team is pretty much my Arena 3 team.

2718 Gaia Dragon

Dungeon for reference
—Gaia video goes here—

Gaia Guerrilla Team



2719 Zeus Dragon

Dungeon for reference
—Zeus video goes here—

Zeus Guerrilla Team
21 Skill Boost Needed
Inherit Awoken Yomi Green Odin Sakuya

A Liu Bei Tengu Ult Zeus Dios Avalon Drake Ult Zeus Dios
Tengu Ult Zeus Dios Sasuke flex A Liu Bei
Inherit Raphael Lumiel 3270 Sakuya
Zeus Guerrilla Steps
Floor 1 Player 1: 1 combo
Player 2: Raphael Raphael -> Dios Ult Zeus Dios Swipe
Player 1: PASS
Player 2: Ping for 1 damage
Floor 2 Player 1: Green Odin Green Odin -> Dios Ult Zeus Dios Swipe
Floor 3 Player 2: Famiel Famiel -> Sakuya Sakuya -> Hades 3270 -> PASS
Player 1: Sakuya Sakuya -> Yomi Awoken Yomi  -> Dios Ult Zeus Dios Swipe

Assuming the team is at least +99 attack, you will always kill Zeus Dragon even with 1 combo:


This comes out to around 50-51 million damage and you only need 48 million to kill Zeus after the Gravities. Tengu will have a tiny bit more attack when I inherit Green Odin.

I had to make an adjustment to my team as people have pointed out that 20 million damage from the Sakuya Gravity would be voided (I thought 20 million was safe) so I am using Famiel to tickle for 100,000 damage then proceeding as normal. You must use Gravities in the order that is listed.

For some reason my Hera-Beorc hera beorc is missing from my box so I am doing this strategy instead of using her 10% gravity.

2720 Hera Dragon

Dungeon for reference
—Hera video goes here—

Hera Guerrilla Team – 23 SB Skill Boost
Inherit Scheat 2993

3276 3069 3069 Yomi Dragon Mask  9 Skill Boost
 14 Skill Boost 3391 Tengu 2526 Zera 3276
Inherit Carat  –  3270
Hera Guerrilla Steps
Floor 1 Player 1: Mori 3103 kill
Floor 2 Player 2: Hera-Is Hera-Is, Zeus/Hera Zera, Hades 3270, Meri 3276
                     7 combo, kill
Floor 3 Player 1: Indra Indra when going to be hit. Genie Genie after

Make a row + 2-5 combos based on your own damage output

Player 2 can have dark cards as the binds only hit the Player 1. I have 3 SDR Skill delay resist on most of my Player 1 cards and the 2 turn haste from Mori 3103 help brings those cards back up.

You cannot use a 50% damage reduction shield as this Hera Dragon hits significantly harder than the Arena 3 version. On Hera Dragon, you must never match more than 6 connected water orbs in a row formation. You can go for 7+, but it has to be in a blob. The amount of combos you make is dependent on the number of your Orb Enhances blue + orb and Row Water Row awakenings your team has.

The three Gravities push Ceres below her 30% resolve right away and any combination you can configure that achieves the same result is fine.

A very popular strategy is to use Reincarnated Hades 3270 and his massive dark damage reduction to cheese your way through. Just make sure you bring a 10 turn bind clear for the first floor.


I will continue to update and populate the team rosters as I do more research and actually play the dungeons along with uploading the videos right away.

Best of luck in acquiring your Radar Dragons.

Happy Puzzling!