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Grigory x Grigory Versus Alt. Arena 3


Alt. Arena 3 remains one of the best dungeons to farm on a regular basis due to the Rank EXP, Pys, Killers, and the satisfaction of clearing a challenging dungeon.

Despite being in the game for a modest period of time, AA3 can still be unforgiving to an unprepared player as failing to bring a key Resist or flubbing a kill board could result in an unfortunate ending.

With this in mind, I wish to share my double Grigory team as he tries to revive the TPA TPA meta through his massive multipliers, immunity to Poison damage, and Auto Follow Up Attack.

Despite having many things going in his favour, I found my Grigory team had several issues compared to other higher tier leaders and I believe the issue lies in the fact that I am running double Grigory.

This is because the two strongest mechanics for Leader Skills are 7×6 and Auto Follow Up Attack which will result in asymmetrical pairings. As such, my 6×5 Grigory team had issues with Combo shields along with some problems with damage due to a lack of offensive sub options.

With these points in mind, I wish to explore how I built my own team along with addressing the major hurdles that can be found in Alt. Arena 3.

Video clear

Notable Alt. Arena 3 mechanics

Alt. Arena 3 is currently one of the hardest dungeon available in North America and may push many teams to their limits. As such, it is important to understand the key mechanics that must be addressed.

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Sacred Relic Dragon Saga REM Review and Analysis – March 2020


In a surprise announcement late Thursday night, the Sacred Relic Dragon Saga Rare Egg Machine will be debuting in North America starting on Friday, March 27 and is home to only Transforming cards.

As mentioned in my previous articles, GungHo will be pushing the Transform meta as these cards are stronger compared to previously available options due to the Skill Boost Skill Boost hurdle that is required. As such, many team compositions are drastically changing in order to accommodate these new and powerful cards.

Furthermore, we will now have a more diverse set of Transforming cards in this event as some are all-or-nothing (like Yugi ) or those that provide Skill Boosts/Effective Skill Boosts and then Transform into something powerful (like Fortress Dragon ). I want to stress that cards who help you Transform and then Transform themselves are particularly powerful because they no longer have “wasteful” Skill Boosts any more.

In regards to the Sacred Relic Dragon Saga series, this is a brand new GungHo-owned even which means it should return on a regular basis (like Dragonbound & Dragon Caller (DBDC)) which means there is no “rush” to roll these cards.

With that being said, this is a debut event which mean the first several rolls should be unique for the most part. Furthermore, these cards are also at the height of their power which tends to be the case for any first-time event as it would not make sense to release cards who are already outdated.

One other nice aspect to this Rare Egg Machine event is that because all cards can Transform, there is no Limit Break/Super Awakenings. Thus, these cards have a lower investment cost compared to most other monsters. Sadly, this also means duplicates are lackluster as none of these cards have a Weapon Assist nor can they be inherited.

Regardless, this article will summarize each card’s strengths and weaknesses to give you a better understanding of what is in store within this event.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–


Sacred Relic Dragon Saga Pros & Cons – March 27, 2020
  • All cards Transform
    • Transforming cards tend to be stronger overall
  • Not all cards are all or nothing
    • Some have reasonable awakenings in Base form
  • Low investment
    • No Limit Break/Super Awakenings
    • No Skill Up required
  • Debut event
    • First several rolls should be new
  • GH event
    • Should return on a regular basis
  • Duplicates are less valuable
    • No Weapon Assists
    • No card can be inherited
  • Small rolling pool
    • Easier to acquire Duplicates
  • Monster Exchanging is costly
Sacred Relic Dragon Saga REM
 7 Star base (2% each, 10% total)
 6 Star base (7% each, 28% total)
 5 Star base (15.5% each, 62% total)
Sacred Relic Dragon Saga REM  Rankings – March 27, 2020

All 7-star cards are available for trade within the Monster Exchange

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking.

Icons only show their Transformed evolution

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should almost always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them.

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