Indian 1, Indian 2, Archdemon, & Japanese 2 Pantheon Anaylsis

Please refer to the Master List for directory to the other pantheons and their analysis.

Take a look at my Popular Leaders and their Full Sub List post for inspiration on team building ideas. If contemplating on purchasing a MP Dragon, please check out my Monster Point Dragon Purchasing Check-list Guide.

Keep in mind all of the following monsters qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty in selling dupes.

Indian 1

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Attacker / Devil
Time Extend Skill Boost TPA
TPA Skill Boost Enhnaced Fire Orb
Skill Lock Resist Time Extend
Heart Fire Arrow Enhnaced Fire Orb +heart
Reduce enemy defence 75%
7 turn CD
Awoken Shiva is one of the hottest leads in Puzzle and Dragons as he forms a powerful 20.25x ATK / 2.25x RCV team that is two prong  TPA reliant. Furthermore, his sub pool has no type restrictions other than they must have the fire attribute. This allows for great flexibility with team building along with compensating for fire’s normally low RCV. I enjoy Awoken Shiva’s playstyle as he combines speed and power and can clear high level content due to amazing burst potential. If you wish to read about how to properly construct a Shiva team, please refer to my Team Building Guide.

Unfortunately, Awoken Shiva does falter in the highest level content as his active is relatively weak and his damage output is heavily gated by active usage and may run out of steam mid dungeon. However, do not let this discourage you as he is capable of clearing Challenge 9s and some 10s with the right team and investment. You will also be able to find a huge number of friends due to his popularity.

Lastly, his sub potential is quite low as there are better options for a fire orb enhancer.

Awoken Lakshimi
Physical / God
Skill Boost Auto heal Bind Clear awakening
Time Extend blue + orb Skill Lock Resist
TPA Water Row
4 Question Orb Arrow Heart + 25x ATK heal
8 turn CD
Awoken Lakshmi is an often overlooked water powerhouse as she forms an incredible 39x ATK / 2.25x RCV team that is focuses around water rows Water Row . For comparison sake, most other row leaders range from 10.25-25x ATK. Granted you have to match 6 connected heart orbs to do so (in any shape), but the augmented recovery and built in bind recovery Bind Clear awakening from the your leaders help alleviate team building stress. Your subs ideally need to generate both heart and water orbs and some noteworthy ones include, but are not limited to, Andromeda Bankai Andro, Ryune Ryune, Sumire Sumire, and Gabriel Gabriel.

With a built in heal and heart orb generating active, you can stall for actives with ease and the naturally high base HP on water type monsters allows you to survive attacks that most other non-HP multiplied teams could not. Furthermore, you are able to control your damage output by choosing how many heart orbs to match. This is becoming more vital with the advent of bosses with specific damage absorption shields. Lastly, her awakenings are all over the place and perhaps when her design phase they gave up and just gave her a little of everything.

Lakshmi’s main drawbacks are a difficulty finding friends along with almost no sub potential herself.

Awoken Parv
Balance / Devil
Poison resist Enhanced Wood Orb TPA
Auto heal TPA Skill Boost
Bind Immune Bind Immune
Water Arrow Heart
Green Heart Arrow Enhanced Wood Orb +heart
5 turn CD
Awoken Parvati is another 39x ATK / 2.25x RCV leader who is also reliant on heart orb matching for damage. She is essentially the wood version of Lakshmi Awoken Lakshimi , but focuses on Two Prong Attacks TPA to deal lethal damage. This is fantastic as most of the strongest wood subs are TPA oriented and many have 3 of those awakenings. Furthermore, the bind immunity eases team building as you may not need to bring a bind clearing sub. Unfortunately, she lacks a recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening to help the rest of her team. In addition, with her scaling multiplier, you can control your damage and also elect to not trigger two prong attacks to handle floors with specific damage absorptions.

There is not too much else to say for Parvati as she is a powerful lead who is capable of clearing Arena 1. Her main drawback is her lack of popularity as her leader skill requires some thinking to proc and many people are opting for more mindless/higher output leads.

On the bright side, her two tigers are both cute and majestic.

Indra row
Dragon / Balance
Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist Light Row Light Row
75% damage reduction for 3 turns
15 turn CD
It is strange how Indra is still lacking an Awoken Evolution as the fire, water, and wood monsters in his pantheon received theirs ages ago. This does put a damper on his viability as he does not have the same power potential as other monsters. Regardless, his 75% damage reduction shield is amazing as you can essentially survive any attack for 3 turns. Granted the cooldown is very long, but will save you during critical phases.

One of his evolutions provides 2 light rows Light Row and allows Indra to participate on some of the newer teams if you need the shielding. His other evolution,  Indra , has god typing which has made him nearly a staple sub on Ra Dragon Ra Dragon teams due to his 2 skill lock resist Skill Lock Resist awakenings. I used to use Indra for that feature when my various teams were less developed as it allowed me to achieve 100% immunity with ease. Lastly, many rainbow teams will use him for the shield as they lack an HP modifier.

Overall, Indra is a vital sub on certain teams, but does not have too many uses for the average player. Perhaps with his Awoken evolution will we have something more meaningful.

Dragon / Devil
Dark row Skill Boost Dark row
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Dark row
Varying damage to all enemies, 1.5x dark ATK
9 turn CD
Vritra appears to have amazing awakenings and upon first glance, but his active is far too weak to be utilized. Dark has numerous options for enhancing their damage via Loki Awoken Loki , Neph Nephthys , and Oku Oku who all provide more burst potential/utility as their secondary effect does not deal small damage. As such, Vritra and his amazing art is regulated to push button teams who wish to farm a dungeon quickly by pressing an active to sweep a floor. Although with the awakenings buff, his other evolution posses the God Killer God Killer awakening and may have a bit more uses on non-button teams.

The HP reset is usually a bad thing, but on teams such as Dark Metatron dtron, it can be a lifesaver if you are unexpectedly healed too much.

Hopefully with an Awoken evolution Vritra will become more useful than a button team sub.

Indian 2

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
God / Balance
Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Fire Row
Skill Lock Resist
Question Orb Arrow Fire + 3 turns fire skyfall
6 turn CD
Krishna only has 4 awakenings and that automatically regulates them into okay status. It could have been strong before, but with the advent of powercreep, we are used to having monsters with 7+ awakenings and 4 is challenging to work around. The problem is further aggravated if you choose to use Krishna as a leader. Krishna does form a hard hitting 45.56x team, but without any HP or RCV multiplier along difficulty controlling damage, you will be hard pressed to find friends who regularly run them. However, if you do choose to use Krishna, you will have an exciting team and can loop your two leader’s actives to enable you to have a permanent skyfall buff.

As a sub, Krishna is okay and may be used mostly to remove other colour skyfall debuffs. Perhaps with an awoken or different ultimate evolution will they gain more awakenings and gain popularity/viability.

God / Healer
blue + orb Skill Boost Time Extend
Skill Boost
Question Orb Arrow Water + 3 turns fire skyfall
6 turn CD
Sarasvati is the blue, prettier, and harder hitting form of Krishna. She also suffers from a lack of awakenings and this reduces her popularity and viability. As a leader, she forms an amazing 56.25x team that can benefit from 100% uptime on her skyfall buff if both leaders are max skilled. Unfortunately, she has no means to control her damage and will be at the mercy of RNG if trying to lower her damage or even stall. This problem is further augmented by a lack of HP or RCV multiplier.

Sarasvati is rarely seen as a sub as her active is not that helpful on teams that are row reliant as the skyfalls do not help generate additional horizontal lines of water. Perhaps with an awoken or different ultimate evolution will they gain more awakenings and gain popularity/viability.

God / Attacker
Enhanced Wood Orb TPA TPA
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend
Question Orb Arrow Green + 3 turns fire skyfall
6 turn CD
Vishnu breaks the trend of mediocrity for the Indian 2 pantheon as he has 7 awakenings and synergizes well on most mono wood teams through his 3 two prong attack TPA awakenings. These allow Vishnu to hit extremely hard and his skyfall active is a powerful way to augment your damage output. He is most at home on Awoken Bastet Bastet teams and many players will run double Vishnu if possible to ensure you have 100% uptime on your skyfall buff. Unfortunately, Vishnu is very tedious to skill up and will require a significant amount of effort as he requires 9 successful feeds. Perhaps the best roll from this pantheon.
God / Healer
TPA TPA Jammer Resist
Skill Boost Bind Immune Bind Immune
Skill Lock Resist
Light Arrow +light orb
Void all damage for 1 turn
13 turn CD
It seems unfair that Ganesha received 7 awakenings while the majority of the pantheon only has 4. This is because Ganesha is one of the worst REM monsters in Puzzle and Dragons. Subs are brought for their actives and Ganesha has a very lacklustre one. Even if max skilled, the situations where you would need it are far and few. Perhaps you may find some niche uses when Skill Inheritance comes around, but for now, Ganesha will be left to sit in your box.

With all that being said, players who are always running low on gold can utilize their leader skill to increase the coin drop rate from the Weekend dungeon. At least the art showcases their wealth and is interesting to look at.

God / Devil
TPA Blind Resist Time Extend
Skill Boost
2.5x ATK God & Devil. Reset HP to 1
8 turn CD
Durga is another monster to fall into the pitfall of no additional awakenings with her ultimate evolution and instead received a buff to her leader skill. Unfortunately, she is easily outclassed by most leads as 25x for a rainbow lead is not very impressive in today’s meta. As such, she may be regulated into a sub role, but with only 4 awakenings, she will often be overlooked for other damage enhancers. The HP reset is usually a bad thing, but on teams such as Dark Metatron dtron, it can be a lifesaver if you are unexpectedly healed too much.

Hopefully Durga will receive an ultimate evolution that features more awakenings to increase her viability as her damage enhance is quite high.


jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Devil / Physical / Attacker
Skill Boost Fire Row Skill Boost
Fire Row Fire Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist Time Extend
Green Arrow Fire  + fire counterattack for 4 turns
7 turn CD
Belial received an evolution of an awoken evolution (sometimes referred to as Bankai) that granted him three types along with large weighted stats. Unfortunately, Bankai evolutions do not create a new active skill like Awoken forms and he is still stuck with his underwhelming active. This is a shame because Belial is fantastic in every other aspect, but requires a huge investment to max skill and even when max skilled, is mediocre. The counter-attack mechanic is useful in very niche situations (such as killing a boss with resolve provided you can survive their 1% attack). If you ignore that feature, a single orb changer on a 7 turn cooldown is not good value. Although it is worth noting that Belial’s active can be used in conjunction with Leilan Awoken Leilan‘s full board changer to form a 2/3 fire board.

Belial needs an active overhaul to become more widely used as a fire row Fire Row sub. Perhaps he will receive an awoken evolution to address this issue.

Skill Boost Water Row Skill Boost
Water Row Water Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist Machine Killer
Fire  Arrow Water  + water counterattack for 4 turns
7 turn CD
The world’s buffest Owl continues to set weightlifting records with his Bankai evolution. Unfortunately, for Amon, his bulging biceps do not increase his viability as his active is still underwhelming when compared to almost every orb changer as he is on a 7 turn cooldown. Furthermore, his active has no synergy with any full board changer for mono water teams outside of the extremely rare Beach Urd summer urd. This pushes him even lower down on the potential sub list and only gets worse considering he is challenging to max skill.

I yearn for the day when Amon flexes his muscles in the right direction as his awakenings are powerful and all could be corrected if he got an awoken evolution that increased his active’s potential.

 Awoken Astaroth
Devil / Healer
Skill Boost Wood Row Skill Boost
Wood Row Wood Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist
Fire Jammer Poison Arrow Green + 4 turn counter attack
7turn CD
Astaroth breaks the pattern of weak monsters in the Archdemon pantheon by gaining an awoken evolution. Through her awoken evolution, her active can now be used to remove poison and jammer orbs which alleviates the need to bring a board changer. Granted she is still on a 7 turn cooldown, but at least has the option of extra utility. In addition to the active revamp, Astaroth forms a powerful 2.25x HP / 20.25x ATK team for wood devils and healers while being focused on forming wood rows Wood Row. This allows her to be both tanky and hit like a truck while being able to control her damage. Furthermore, by being bind immune, you are able to side-skirt some dungeon mechanics.

Unfortunately, Astaroth has a very limited sub pool and may require extensive effort to collect all of her ideal subs. These include, but not limited to Awoken Artemis Awoken Artemis, Freyja Awoken Freyja, Green Valkyrie GValk, and Michael Michael. For further reading, please refer to my previous post on Astaroth HERE. Lastly, Astaroth is very cute and adorable while being one of the better rolls from this pantheon.

Devil / Attacker / Healer
Skill Boost Light Row Skill Boost
Light Row Light Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist Multiplayer Bonus
Water Arrow Light  + light counterattack for 4 turns
8 turn CD
Baal is similar to Belial and Amon in that he has fantastic awakenings, base stats, 3 typings, and horrible active. To make matters even worse, Baal is on an 8 turn cooldown at max skill for a single orb changer and minor counterattack. Furthermore, his orb change can only be combo-ed with Superman 2824 and that is perhaps the best team to use Baal on as they can generate a 2/3 light board. Otherwise, you may be better off using a different single orb changer on your mono light teams as the sheer investment in max skilling Baal coupled with an 8 turn cooldown diminishes his value.

Perhaps one interesting use you can use Baal for is his bind immunity and when Skill Inheritance arrives to transfer a bind clear active.

   Awoken Lucifer
Awoken Archdemon Lucifer
God / Devil
Skill Boost Dark row Skill Boost
Dark row Dark row Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist God Killer
3 Question Orb  Arrow Dark + 150k true damage to 1 enemy
8 turn CD
Awoken Lucifer is the savoir of the Archdemon pantheon by forming a powerful 1.82x HP / 16x ATK / 1.82x RCV lead for devil and god type monsters. This is fantastic as his sub pool consists of some of the strongest monsters in Puzzle and Dragons. He is capable of farming Arena 1 and clearing Arena 2 along with Challenge 10’s. He is also able to utilize Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon as a sub for access to bind clearing and heart orb generation.

Awakenings wise, dual Lucifer leads provide a walloping 6 dark row Dark row awakenings and 6 skill boosts Skill Boost which ensures your actives are ready by turn 1. However, it is his God Killer God Killer awakening that is his defining feature as it allows Lucifer to deal 3x damage to god type bosses. This enables you to burst for incredible damage as you can stack multiple dark rows. In addition, you can also control your damage by choosing to not match a horizontal row of dark orbs to not trigger the row bonus and this becomes vital when facing bosses with small damage absorption shields. For further reading on how to build your Lucifer team, please refer to my full Team Building Guide.

The main drawback of Lucifer is his active as it largely goes to waste as the 150,000 true damage on a single enemy is only used to either kill off monsters with extremely high defence or push a monster who is on the cusp of a specific HP threshold. As such, an 8 turn cooldown for a 3 dark orb generation is weak and is further complicated if using him as a lead.

Japanese 2

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
 Ame no Uzume
God / Balance
Enhnaced Fire Orb Auto heal Auto heal
Fire Row Bind Immune Bind Immune
Skill Boost
1.5x RCV for 4 turns and 4 turns bind clear
8 turn CD
Ame no Uzume is one of the few options fire teams have for bind clearing as most only have the bind recover Bind Clear awakening awakening which is less reliable and also means you will spend a turn unable to utilize those monsters/actives. Her awakenings are largely defensive oriented, but is missing a skill lock resist Skill Lock Resist which can place constraints on your team building.  Looking at her active, the 4 turns of bind clearing is quite powerful and the 1.5x RCV for 4 turns means you are able to heal 50% more from each heart or match. This allows you to stall longer and helps alleviate fire’s tendency of low base recovery.

Overall a situationally valuable sub for fire teams for bind clearing and covering the water attribute for all attribute required dungeons. Lastly, she can form a 12.25x ATK team for fire monsters if you can keep your HP above 80%. Mostly allows for mindless farming, but becomes problematic if you take damage and the enemy is on a 1 turn timer.

 Umi Yama
God / Healer / Physical
blue + orb Enhanced Wood Orb TPA
Blind Resist blue + orb Skill Boost
TPA Enhanced Wood Orb Skill Lock Resist
Fire  Arrow Water
Heart Arrow Green
7 turn CD
Vigorous Hunt Gods, Umisachi & Yamasachi is a mouthful to say and is often shorted to U&Y. U&Y was the first high end lead for my alt account and was used almost exclusively for 1.5 years. His current evolution provides 36x damage when using an active skill. Unfortunately, 36x ATK for a rainbow team is rather lacklustre when comparing to the other leads available. However, you should not let this dampen your spirits as U&Y is still a fantastic lead as he has the most offensive awakenings of any rainbow lead with his double two prong TPA and 2 water orb enhance blue + orb . Furthermore, his active has amazing synergy with his leader skill and awakenings by creating an ideal board with plenty of water orbs. For further reading on how to use your U&Y, please read my full Team Building Guide.

As a sub, U&Y has some potential on TPA oriented teams such as Skuld Sklud and Rukia Rukai Kuchiki. His triple typing and high base stats also allow him to be used on other mono water teams, but without any row enhances Water Row, he may be passed up for other options.

I still pray to this day for U&Y to receive an awoken evolution he desperately needs to propel him back into a top tier status he once enjoyed.


God / Healer / Attacker
Enhanced Wood Orb Bind Clear awakening +heart
Time Extend Wood Row Auto heal
Enhanced Wood Orb Skill Boost
75% damage reduction for 1 turn
8 turn CD
Kushinadahime is a mouthful to type and is often referred to as Kush. She is currently in an awkward place in the current meta due to her not doing anything that well. Her awakenings are all over the place and the recover bind Bind Clear awakening is largely mute when not bind immune or having a heart orb generating active. Her high base stats are nice, but stats are not as crucial with the advent of easy access to plus eggs. The 75% shield is helpful, but only lasting 1 turn on a very long cooldown of 8 turns diminishes her value. Finally, her leader skill is far too much effort to achieve high end damage when compared to other combo multipliers. Kush’s main role will be a situational damage reduction sub on mono wood and rainbow teams.

I know this all sounds very negative, but Kush is simply not the best choice in almost every situation. She is okay at what she does, but does not excel. Hopefully with an awoken evolution she regains viability with an active, awakenings, or leader skill rework. On a final note, she makes a reasonably strong starter and will train new players in the art of comboing.

God / Balance
+light orb TPA +heart
Skill Lock Resist TPA Skill Boost
Skill Boost
2x ATK god types
8 turn CD
Izanagi is often compared to the 6-star godfest exclusive Kanna Kanna because they both share a similar active and heavy TPA TPA oriented awakenings. For the most part, Kanna outclasses Izanagi in most aspects except for the dark typing coverage. It is this dark typing that allows Izanagi to excel as a rainbow team sub as the top tier teams are light based and can sometimes be challenging to accommodate a dark sub. Some examples of ideal placements include Light Kali Kali , Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ , and Awoken Ra Ra  teams. With the advent of stronger bosses with larger health pools, a damage enhancer is coming back into the meta as teams are being forced to one shot or be one shot and Izanagi addresses this problem.

You may not need Izanagi all the time, but it is nice to have him on hand. He is also due for an awoken evolution which will hopefully preserve his dark coverage and buff his active to either 2 turns or provide some sort of utility.

God / Attacker
Dark Orb Enhance Time Extend Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost TPA
1 turn delay and 1.5x ATK for dark
8 turn CD
Okuninushi is a name I fail to pronounce correctly and he is also the most widely used monster from the Japanese II pantheon. His god typing allows him to be used successfully on Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon teams as a nearly staple sub for both the damage enhance, delay, and high base attack combined with two prong TPAawakenings. This allows him to punch through high defence monsters with ease. Oku can also be used on Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer or Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi teams as the delay can be used to safely navigate around bosses with perseverance (such as Hino in Arena).

Overall a fantastic sub to own for both mono dark and rainbow teams and is perhaps the strongest roll from this pantheon.

Happy Puzzling!

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