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New Year REM Review and Analysis


The New Year REM is returning to mark the Lunar New Year and this time, there will hopefully be no Monkeying around as this is the year of the Rooster. To mark this festive occasion, GungHo has released several new cards along with buffs to preexisting monsters.

Overall, the NY Collab is quite powerful as it does offer value at essentially every rarity bracket, but it does fall short to the standard that Bleach set. Regardless, the cards available may be of substantial value for many players and whether you choose to roll or not will come down to how much these cards can benefits your teams/box.

All players above rank 50 will receive 1 free pull on the New Year Rare Egg Machine.

Video commentary

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Rolls overview

New Year Rare Egg Machine Overview
8 star rolls 3418 2533 2534
7 star rolls 2537 2536
6 star rolls 2535
5 star rolls 3419 2574 LD Hanzo
4 star rolls 2539 2540 2541 2542 3420

8 star rolls

NY Yomi
God / Balance
4,372 HP / 1,536 ATK / 205 RCV
813 Total
+light orb Time Extend Time Extend Skill Lock Resist +light orb Skill Boost Time Extend +light orb 45

Active Skill:
Enhance all orbs
+5 seconds to orb movement time for 3 turns
8 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
4x ATK for matched ATT when erasing 5 orbs with 1 enhanced. 2.5x ATK & 25% damage reduction when reaching 6+ combos
100x ATK / 43.75% damage reduction
Effective: 1.78x HP / 100x ATK / 1.78x RCV

Pros Cons
  • 100x ATK
  • 43.75% damage reduction
  • 45 2x ATK for Yomi with 7+ combos
  • Ample time extend
  • Can overcome combo shields
  • Flexible team building
  • Some damage control
  • Must make 6+ combos for shield
  • Deals 6.25x ATK to gain shield
  • Vulnerable to binds
  • Stalling is not as practical on fragile bosses
  • Must have an enhanced orb
  • Weak base active
  • Low sub value

New Year’s Yomi is everything I could ever want for Awoken Yomi’s Awoken Yomi future reincarnated evolution as it preserves the fun 5o1e combo leader that is capable of dealing amazing burst damage along with defensive capabilities. Continue reading New Year REM Review and Analysis


Bleach Collab REM Review and Analysis – Winter 2016


The Bleach Collab is returning to North America this Boxing Day and comes with numerous improvements to existing cards along with new additions. Due to the timing of the release, all of the newer/improved cards are well positioned for Powercreep and we actually received this Collab quite quickly after Japan.

All of the rolls from the Bleach REM qualify as assistants for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling.

Furthermore, all players above rank 50 will receive 1 free pull on the Bleach Collab Rare Egg Machine.

Video commentary

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Rolls overview

Bleach Collab Rare Egg Machine Overview
6 star rolls 3353 3357 3359 3355
5 star rolls 3361 3363 Kenpachi Toshiro Kisuke
4 star rolls Rangiku Yoruichi Ishida Chad Orihime

6 star rolls

Ichigo has two viable evolution paths and both are worth considering. The choice of which path to take should be made based upon your monster box and available cards. Continue reading Bleach Collab REM Review and Analysis – Winter 2016

Christmas REM Review and Analysis


This holiday season marks the third return of the Christmas REM and features all the returning favourites along with a few new characters. Several older cards have been buffed to help them keep abreast with Powercreep and this article will discuss how all the featured cards fit in the current meta along with examining their pros and cons.

All players above rank 50 will receive 1 free pull on the Christmas Rare Egg Machine.

Video commentary

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Rolls overview

Christmas Rare Egg Machine Overview
8 star rolls 2511 2512 3379
7 star rolls 3375 2510
6 star rolls 3374 2513 1782
5 star rolls 3377 3376 3378
4 star rolls 2520 Christmas Echidna Christmas Siren Christmas Alurane Christmas Angel Christmas Lilith

8 star rolls

Christmas Kali
God / Dragon
4,025 HP / 1,774 ATK / 355 RCV
876 Total
Skill Boost Bind Immune Time Extend Bind Immune Skill Boost Time Extend TPA Skill Lock Resist Bind Clear awakening

Active Skill:
All Arrow Fire Water Green Light Dark Heart
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
1.35x HP / ATK / RCV God & Dragons. 6x ATK when matching Fire, Water, Wood, Dark & Heal
1.82x HP / 65.61x ATK / 1.82x RCV


Dark Kali Dark Kali has been one of the most popular monsters in Puzzle and Dragons since the release of Ra Dragon. Being able to produce a combo-able on a 7-turn cooldown is invaluable and ideal teams run two. Thus, Christmas Kali is a viable alternative as she is a colour swap of the original along with having an additional 700 HP. This is a significant amount of health as it will translate into 1,575 more HP on the new Ra Dragon 3265 team.

Despite what sounds like a significant upgrade from the GFE alternative, Christmas Kali has some underlying problems. Most notably, her primary attribute is fire and is more susceptible to half damage compared to dark. Furthermore, by having dark as her sub attribute, you must exercise caution when dealing with dark absorb bosses. Finally, when the changes to Skill Inheritance goes live, Christmas Kali may be at another disadvantage as same attribute inherited cards gain additional stats. Continue reading Christmas REM Review and Analysis

Yama P Final Fantasy Buffs


As part of a celebration for the latest Final Fantasy game, Yama P decided to roll the FF Collab REM numerous times and buff the monsters he rolled. This type of randomization buffs can be somewhat frustrating as we may have the wrong cards being improved or those who do not need them; however, you can simply view these as an additional bonus as the Final Fantasy Collab is already one of the best to date.

This post will be showcasing all the buffs and the impact they may have on those cards and how to make the most of them. My Final Fantasy Review will also be updated very soon to reflect these changes.

I do not know how long it will take for these buffs to come to NA/EU and I can only presume it will be soon and ideally before the Collab is over.

Video commentary

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Physical / Attacker
TPA TPA Skill Lock Resist
Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend
Skill Boost Skill Boost Devil killer
6 star base
4 Question Orb Arrow Dark
+1 combo for 1 turn
7 turn CD
1.5x HP/ATK/RCV but cannot erase 3 connected orbs. 3x ATK with 3 combos. 6x with 6+ combos
2.25x HP / 81x ATK / 2.25x RCV
1.5x HP/ATK/RCV but cannot erase 3 connected orbs. 4x ATK with 3 combos. 7x with 6+ combos
2.25x HP / 110.25x ATK / 2.25x RCV

Noctis now scales significantly faster as the combo clause is a modest issue when you are unable to connect 3 orbs. This also means he is able to deal up to 110.25x ATK and results in higher burst damage that may reduce the need to bring a damage enhancing active. Quite powerful overall Continue reading Yama P Final Fantasy Buffs

Halloween REM Review and Analysis


Some people love ghosts and goblins, others prefer fiends and ghouls; however, for all of you Puzzle and Dragons lovers, you probably love Puzzle and Waifus the most. This year’s Halloween Rare Egg Machine features returning favourites as well as new characters festively dressed up for the occasion. Let’s just hope that the only scary thing you encounter is a mischievously dressed up child and not next month’s Visa statement.

Many of the featured cards are coloured-swapped characters who have received various buffs and like the Beach or Wedding REM, which grants them new uses and viability.

Video Commentary

Pancaaake rolling!

Rolls overview

 Halloween Rare Egg Machine Overview
8 star rolls 3222 3223 HKali
7 star rolls 2406
6 star rolls 3224 3225 2409 H Vampire Halloween Alraune
5 star rolls 3226 3227
4 star rolls Halloween Izanami 3230 3228 2412 3229

8 star rolls

Xiang Mei
2,812 HP / 1,903 ATK / 1,001 RCV
995 Total
Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Dark row 37

Active Skill:
Question Orb Arrow  Heart
1 turn haste
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
1.5x HP / 2x ATK Devils. 3x ATK with 3 heal combos, 4.5x with 3+
2.25x HP / 81x ATK


When the fire Xiang Mei Xiang Mei was released, she completely shook up the meta as she was the next level of powercreep as she was able to form a system, deal spectacular damage, and was tanky by those standards. However, the level of powercreep has also evolved at a nearly unprecedented pace and a 2.25x HP leader is no longer durable in today’s meta. If you look at the JP tier lists, fire Xiang Mei has almost been completely removed. This can be misleading as she is by no means weak, but instead, is not as strong as the other options currently available (the tier list also assumes perfect teams). Xiang Mei can still clear plenty of content, but she is faltering when compared to the heart-cross leaders. Continue reading Halloween REM Review and Analysis

Fist of the North Star Collab Review and Analysis


“In the midst of the post-apocalyptic wasteland, Kenshiro struggles to keep moving forward: to seek revenge against the man that betrayed him, and to find his lost love, Yuria. Fortunately for him, he encounters allies: strong warriors and friends in the form of Toki, Rin, and Fudo! His epic unfolds by discovering the true nature of those that face him–by battling with his fists!” – GungHo North America

I am not familiar with this Anime and am left wondering why the protagonist is less rare than his long lost love. Regardless, the Fist of the North Star (FotNS) Collab as a very hand-on feel with all these flying fists. Hopefully, you will not require a fist-full of magic stones to acquire all the cards you desire!

Video commentary

Overview of the Collab REM


Fist of the North Star REM
Six Star Rolls Five Star Rolls
yuria Raoh toki kenshiro
Four Star Rolls
 1875 huey nano rei juza rihaku fudo shin shew thouzer juda

Every card in this Collab qualifies as an assistant through Skill Inheritance due to all the four stars having an evolution.

Six Star Rolls

2,685 HP / 1,255 ATK / 704 RCV
754 Total
Light Row +heart Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend

Active Skill:
Question Orb  Arrow Heart
3 turn heart skyfall
6 turn CD

Leader Skill:
1.5x ATK with 1 heal combo. 2.5x ATK with 2+ heal combos. 2x ATK with 4 connected light, max 3x at 6+ connected light
56.25x ATK

Heart Pros Heart
Poison Cons Poison
  • Skyfall active
  • Scaling 56.25x ATK LS
  • Thigh Highs
  • Available for 250k MP
  • Low value as a sub
  • LS is outdated
  • Six star rarity
  • No light orb generation

Continue reading Fist of the North Star Collab Review and Analysis

PAD Cross Review and Analysis


PAD Cross has finally arrived in North America to celebrate the Puzzle and Dragons Anime that can be found somewhere on the internet. Hopefully people are not too Cross about the delay in gaining these new evolutions. Thankfully, unlike other Collabs, PAD Cross does not involve an extra REM to roll from. Instead, it provides ultimate evolution options for some existing farmable and regular REM cards. This is fantastic as players do not have to spend additional magic stones and may already own some of the required cards from Godfest rolls. None of these evolutions are mandatory, but give players the option to modify some of their favourite cards.

Video commentary

New REM evolutions

Ana Typhon
Cross Typhon

Dragon / Balance
 Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Dark row Bind Immune Bind Immune Devil killer

Active Skill
All Arrow Fire Water Dark Heart
2 turn haste
13 turn CD

Leader Skill
1.35x HP / ATK for Dragon and Balance type. 6x ATK and 35% damage reduction when forming a heart cross.
1.82x HP / 65.61x ATK / 57.75% damage reduction
Continue reading PAD Cross Review and Analysis