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Fist of the North Star Collab Review and Analysis


“In the midst of the post-apocalyptic wasteland, Kenshiro struggles to keep moving forward: to seek revenge against the man that betrayed him, and to find his lost love, Yuria. Fortunately for him, he encounters allies: strong warriors and friends in the form of Toki, Rin, and Fudo! His epic unfolds by discovering the true nature of those that face him–by battling with his fists!” – GungHo North America

I am not familiar with this Anime and am left wondering why the protagonist is less rare than his long lost love. Regardless, the Fist of the North Star (FotNS) Collab as a very hand-on feel with all these flying fists. Hopefully, you will not require a fist-full of magic stones to acquire all the cards you desire!

Video commentary

Overview of the Collab REM


Fist of the North Star REM
Six Star Rolls Five Star Rolls
yuria Raoh toki kenshiro
Four Star Rolls
 1875 huey nano rei juza rihaku fudo shin shew thouzer juda

Every card in this Collab qualifies as an assistant through Skill Inheritance due to all the four stars having an evolution.

Six Star Rolls

2,685 HP / 1,255 ATK / 704 RCV
754 Total
Light Row +heart Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend

Active Skill:
Question Orb  Arrow Heart
3 turn heart skyfall
6 turn CD

Leader Skill:
1.5x ATK with 1 heal combo. 2.5x ATK with 2+ heal combos. 2x ATK with 4 connected light, max 3x at 6+ connected light
56.25x ATK

Heart Pros Heart
Poison Cons Poison
  • Skyfall active
  • Scaling 56.25x ATK LS
  • Thigh Highs
  • Available for 250k MP
  • Low value as a sub
  • LS is outdated
  • Six star rarity
  • No light orb generation

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PAD Cross Review and Analysis


PAD Cross has finally arrived in North America to celebrate the Puzzle and Dragons Anime that can be found somewhere on the internet. Hopefully people are not too Cross about the delay in gaining these new evolutions. Thankfully, unlike other Collabs, PAD Cross does not involve an extra REM to roll from. Instead, it provides ultimate evolution options for some existing farmable and regular REM cards. This is fantastic as players do not have to spend additional magic stones and may already own some of the required cards from Godfest rolls. None of these evolutions are mandatory, but give players the option to modify some of their favourite cards.

Video commentary

New REM evolutions

Ana Typhon
Cross Typhon

Dragon / Balance
 Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Dark row Bind Immune Bind Immune Devil killer

Active Skill
All Arrow Fire Water Dark Heart
2 turn haste
13 turn CD

Leader Skill
1.35x HP / ATK for Dragon and Balance type. 6x ATK and 35% damage reduction when forming a heart cross.
1.82x HP / 65.61x ATK / 57.75% damage reduction
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PAD Island REM Analysis and Review

Introduction & Overview

Let’s go to the beach, each. Let’s go get a wave eh. Poor singing aside, summer is in full swing and GungHo has decided to spoil their fans by releasing one of the most exciting Collab REMs to date. Like the June Bride REM,  the PAD Island REM features a diverse array of monsters that are valuable at both the 8-star level as well as 4-star tier. Their power combined with festively drawn artwork and beach-wear attire is simply Myraculous. The prizes of this REM include Bikini Eschamali Beach Escha, Summyr Beach Myr, Goemon B Goemon, and Navi B Navi. However, nearly every single card in this REM brings something to this beach party and is well worth several rolls, even if just for the silver eggs. Overall, this collab promises to be a Splashing success.

As a side note, they missed the glorious opportunity to have a topless Lifeguard Odin. Antonio could have had a new Halloween costume.

Antonio Odin

June Bride REM
 8 Star base Beach Myr Beach Escha B Claire
 7 Star base B Meta B Sonia B Pandora
 6 Star base summer urd B Chester Meimei B Lakshmi
 5 Star base B Kurone B Fuu
 4 Star base B Awilda B Goemon B Navi Armadel

Video Commentary

Naration of this article in my Mantastic voice. I don’t read word for word and is more so a summary so reading is still a good idea!

8 Star Rolls

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Beach Myr – Worth the 500,000 Monster Points? Review and Analysis


GH Boss: “We need to increase revenue, think of an idea!”

GH Peon: “Recolour Myr,  make her prettier, less Lolli, and 500K MP?”

GH Boss: “What a Myraculous idea! 5 magic stone pay raise, go roll yourself a new silver egg!”

Perhaps this played out differently than my imagination, but it is akin to the trend of making an Eschamali in every colour. It has already been well established that Light Myr Miru is one of the top tier leads and is capable of clearing any dungeon Puzzle and Dragons has to offer (you can see my Arena 3 clear/video HERE). 49x ATK may not sound that impressive; however, when paired with a 75% damage reduction shield and the ability to stack row enhances, you are capable of delivering lethal damage while benefiting from 4x HP/RCV when forming a heart cross.

Unfortuantely, Beach Myr Beach Myr is an 8-star Collab roll or 500,000 Monster Points and is a colour swap of the 100% farmable Light Myr. With such a steep price tag for what essentially amounts to something you can acquire through a lot of hard work and dedication, is it really worth the cost? If you wish to read more about Light Myr, feel free to check out my discussion HERE. If you wish to read my full PAD Island review, please check out my next article HERE.

Mantastic video comparison

Here is me discussing my article in my Mantastic Voice. Simply another medium to absorb the information:

Beach Myr at a glance

Beach Myr
Beach Myr

Dragon / Machine / God
4,380 HP / 1,710 ATK / 660 RCV
1,000 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist TPA Water Row blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Question Orb  Arrow Heart (except from Water)
Freely move orbs for 7 seconds
7 turn CD

Leader Skill:
7x ATK & 50% damage reduction when matching 5 hearts in a cross formation. Extends time to move orbs by 2 seconds.
49x ATK / 75% damage reduction

  • Damage and shield carry over on a sweep and persist if no preemptive
  • You can touch and hold a heart orb after using Myr’s active to cancel the change the world effect without triggering an enemy’s turn

Sample gameplay

Beach Myr has a unique playstyle and is one of the few leaders to utilize the heart-cross formation to deal damage. Furthermore, the extensive additional time to move orbs allows you to fully set up your board. Light Miru has been heavily utilized by the Japanese player base and Beach Myr is also capable of Myraculous clears.

Solo Arena 3:

Solo Arena 2:

You can do your own searching via
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Ruroni Kenshin Collab REM Analysis and Review

Introduction & Overview

Heart-crosses are now a thing whether you like it or are cross about it. However, GungHo has decided to branch out and start creating leader skills that are reliant on colour-crosses to deal damage. This has led to the highest multipliers in the game; however, can overwhelming damage compensate for a lack of survivability? Furthermore, how powerful are the non-6 star rolls? Outside of the colour cross theme at the top, the lower end monsters offer numerous True Damage options to truly let your button teams shine. To top it off, all the following monsters qualify as assistants for Skill Inheritance due to evolving into a 5-star form.

Ruroni Kenshin Collab REM
 6 Star base Kenshin Saito
 5 Star base Aoshi Sanosuke Sojiro
 4 Star base Kamiya Kaoru Misao  Megumi Kamatari Yahiko

Video Overview

I am trying something new here by summerizing all the rolls from the Kenshin Collab via a YouTube video to give you another medium to learn all about your favourite cards and may become a trend moving forward for other Collab/Godfests/major Monster Analysis articles.

6 Star Rolls

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June Bride REM Analysis and Review

Introduction & Overview

Let the church bells ring, hear the fan boys sing. There may be the background wail of countless wallets crying out in horror, but nothing can dampen our spirits for the June Bride Collab! This festive REM features some of the most loved characters in Puzzle and Dragons all dressed up for their big day to tie the knot. Sporting flowing dresses and dashing suits, this event is sure to please every player. Furthermore, the overarching theme for this June Wedding is Light and if you are looking to brighten up your team, this may be a great place to spend your magic stones. In addition to the great value the rare rolls provide, Light Izanami W Iza is perhaps one of the best 4-stars to ever come out of a Collab REM.

June Bride REM
 8 Star base W Escha W Gadius
 7 Star base W Satsilo
 6 Star base W Ra W Bastet
 5 Star base W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
 4 Star base W Echidna W Cinderella W Sopdet W Iza W Lilith

8 Star Rolls

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Summer PAD Academy REM Analysis and Review

Introduction & Overview

School’s out and summer is in full swing. Does that mean beaches, sunshine, and lazy afternoons? Maybe for most people, but we have Puzzle and Dragons to play! Furthermore, GungHo is spoiling us with some of our favourite characters dressed up in fancy school girl/boy uniforms. The Summer PAD Academy REM features a diverse array of cards that are not only pleasing to the eye, but powerful as well.

Summer PAD Academy REM
 8 Star base Summer Kali Summer Sakuya
 7 Star base Summer Athena Summer Lucifer Summer Isis
 5 Star base Summer Sasuke Summer Theurgia
 4 Star base 2816 Summer Snowwhite Summer Thumbelina Summer Cinderella Summer Sleeping Beauty

8 Star Rolls

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