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Farm a Servant, Assassin


The Fate Collab is now in full swing and while Rare Egg Machine portion is reasonable, the Farmable Servant, Assassin  is an incredibly valuable card and should be acquired by most players.

The reason for this is that he functions as both a double row generator along with possessing a special Button nuke.

Servant, Assassin can be acquired through either 5 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal: or by heavily grinding the Fate event dungeon. Either way, one can find Servant, Assassin in the Monster Exchange Event tab for the duration of the Fate event.

Video commentary

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Servant, Assassin at a glance

 Servant, Assassin

Active: Change 2nd row from the top & 2nd row from the bottom into Wood orbs. Inflict damage equal to ATK x200 to 1 enemy. Affected by enemy element and defense. (15 turn cooldown) Continue reading Farm a Servant, Assassin


13 Million Downloads Ranking Dungeon Strategies


In addition to the Fate Collab and Samurai Super Godfest, North America is also being blessed with another Ranking dungeon that can be viewed as unfair if ones does not own the key pieces.

This is because the scoring system has been heavily skewed to favour L  awakenings to the point where players can run into negative time and still secure a Crown (top 3%).

This article will be mostly to showcase how and why Bicolour + 2 turn Haste abuse yields the highest scores.

153,600 run

Currently at 0.4%

127,000 Zeus Verse

Currently at 2% and has so much room for improvement

Haste loops with 7×6 bicolours

The main strategy in this Ranking Dungeon is to use as many bicolour boards as possible in conjunction with 2 Haste to loop your actives together. This leads to every or nearly every floor being a bicolour which is significantly easier to solve. Continue reading 13 Million Downloads Ranking Dungeon Strategies

Samurai Series 3 Review + Thoughts on 10 Magic Stone Samurai Super Godfest


Continuing the trend of 10 Magic Stone Godfests is a special event that also acts as the debut for the Samurai Series 3. These new cards are the first 7-star pantheons to be released which will begin to pave the way for even rarer non-Godfest Exclusive (GFE) cards.

This may feel frustrating as a whole as new and powerful cards are being released while older pantheon cards sit idle in developed boxes. Regardless of how one may feel towards new high rarity cards, this is an impressive event overall due to the higher total rates for both GFE and the Samurai Series 3.

All cards in this Godfest will come out at 7-star, max level, max awoken, and +297. For the most part, these collateral benefits are largely wasteful as only new players gain meaningful value as all those perks are easily farmable. Despite the doubled Magic Stone cost, it is still a better event to roll in compared to regular Godfests.

Official GungHo posting can be found HERE.

Video commentary

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Samurai Series 3

The Samurai Series 3 all feature identical Leader Skills (except for specific colour activations) that yield 6x ATK and 25% Damage Reduction when matching 2 specific colours. This would have been underwhelming but all of the Samurai Series 3 cards are able to boost Rank Experience by 1.5x. Continue reading Samurai Series 3 Review + Thoughts on 10 Magic Stone Samurai Super Godfest

Fate/stay night Collab Review and Analysis – January 2019


The Fate/stay night: [Heaven’s Feel] Collab is another 6-Magic Stone event that features powerful cards along with NA receiving all of the buffs JP had to wait for immediately. This gives them significantly more power right out of gate and is a tempting event to roll in. Unfortunately, the 6-star cards (highest rarity) each have a 2.5% chance of being rolled (10% chance total) along with requiring 5 trade fodder to acquire.

Another potential hurdle for rolling in this event is the simultaneous release of a potent Super Godfest. Regardless, the decision of whether or not to roll comes down to your own individual Monster Box needs.

This article will summarize each card’s strengths and weaknesses to provide a better idea of what to expect in this event. On a side note, the farmables available in this event are quite powerful and are worth acquiring.

Video commentary

—-video coming soon—


 Fate/stay night: [Heaven’s Feel] Collab REM
6 Star base   
5 Star base
 Fate/stay night: [Heaven’s Feel] Rankings – January 25, 2018

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them

Continue reading Fate/stay night Collab Review and Analysis – January 2019

Alt Arena 2 & Arena 5 Cleared


In addition to the Enhance Material Stacking, new Evolutions, and New Super Awakenings, the most recent maintenance gives us two new and ridiculously hard dungeons to play through. I managed to clear both of them in solo mode on my surprise Twitch Twitch stream today.

Alt Arena 2

Alt Arena 2 is akin to Three Hands of Fate on Crack as it features an obnoxious array of spawns that feature 180k preemptives (that one occurs on Floor 2) along with everything having greatly augmented abilities. Dungeon information can be found HERE.

Dark Metatron  is my leader of choice as she has enough effective HP to survive all preemptives while also having enough healing to sustain herself. This was my first attempt and managed to turn into a clear after a grueling 120 minutes.

Arena 5

Arena 5 is a bit more straight forward assuming one brings sufficient counters to various mechanics that can pile up and become lethal. Having Fenrir  inherited trivializes the various Poison Skyfall encounters (cannot be stopped otherwise) along with using Cloud Resist , VDP , and Fujin  style active skills. Once those are achieved, the dungeon becomes significantly more manageable.

I chose once again to use Dark Metatron as she has the highest survivability along with being able to stall out problematic floors that would otherwise be too difficult.


The new Arenas provide a new and exciting challenge for players at end game and subsequent attempts will probably result in spectacular death.

Let me know what you think about these dungeons along with what team you plan to use.

Happy Puzzling!

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[First Impressions] Great Witches Weapon Assist Evolutions – Madoo, Reeche, & Zela


The North American server is 2-3 months behind Japan and while this is can be problematic, it does give us a chance to fully prepare for any new content coming to Puzzle and Dragons.

The First Impression series is a type of video I produce on my YT YouTube channel and lets me voice my opinions on newly announced content.

For this video, I gave my initial reaction to the Great Witches Weapon Assist  evolutions along with the precedence it sets along with what I feel makes a strong Weapon Assist.

Video commentary

Weapon Assist forms

All Weapon Assist forms are able to transfer over sizable stats due to their high weighted stats.

Madoo:  Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row  Imp HP

Reeche:  TPA  Imp HP

Zela:  Wood Row Wood Row Wood Row Wood Row  Imp HP

General thoughts

Weapon Assist  evolutions enable the card to transfer over awakenings when inherited on another monster. The Weapon Assist retains the same base stats and active skill while also permanently committing them to an inherit as the process is irreversible.

For myself, I look for three things in a Weapon Assist: beneficial awakenings, a useful active skill, a long cooldown to act as a better skill delay buffer.

With this in mind, Reeche’s Weapon Assist is the big winner of the three released as she covers all the criteria. This is because she is on-colour and can provide massive stats to Beach Fujin  which means she can take the 7 Combo 45 Super Awakening to bring her personal damage up to 8x.

The main concern I have for this trend of continuously buffing 7* GFE is that GungHo is raising the Powercreep for rare cards. In the past, many teams were locked behind 6* GFE which made many of them inaccessible to the average player even if they had some of the cards.

Over time, the need use 6* GFE has declined and most are now used as trade fodder for rare Collab cards. While owning a 7* GFE is nice and is not mandatory, the fact that GungHo is continuously buffing them (Super Awakenings, Weapon Assist) is somewhat alarming when you consider how little love is given to Pantheon cards. I understand that this is a business but when you realize that the majority of teams run little to no Pantheon cards is alarming.


The Weapon Assist forms the Great Witches gives them even more value and flexibility. With that in mind, it would not be wise to convert any into a Weapon Assist if it is the only copy you own as they provide a great amount of value in their base/evolved forms. Furthermore, the Weapon Assists would also act as a deterent for using them as Trade Fodder for 10-stone events.

Let me know what you think about these Weapon Assist evolutions in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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6th Anniversary Tournament Crowning Run


The 6th Year Anniversary Tournament is in full swing and is one of the most straight forward Ranking Dungeons. In essence, if you can combo well you will achieve a high score as it only becomes a manner of luck hitting Damage Cap on Floor 3. Furthermore, the top 6% of players will receive a Crown so this should be an ideal time for those who have been close in the 3% events to push a little harder.

Due to the No Skyfalls clause, scores will be somewhat capped as one cannot get lucky and fall into numerous combos.

138,758 (1%)

Speed is king

No Skyfalls will put a cap on the possible number of combos that can be achieved on a given board along with punishing cascades (combos that fall into place after other orbs have been removed). In essence, each combo made is worth 5000/7 = 714 points (minus minor animation time) while each second remaining yields 500 points.

Thus, if you are able to make an additional combo within a single second, it is worthwhile. If you have already secured enough combos to kill a floor and additional ones will take too long to move into position, just stop comboing.

On this same train of thought, the first 2 floors can be quickly swept with minimal combos and can be pursued assuming the combos can be made in a blazingly fast manner.

Actives to use

In essence, players should use Zuoh on Floor 3 to try and achieve Damage Cap (10,000 points) and Red Valkyrie on the final floor to ensure Slepnir dies along with possibly granting an extra combo to overcome the 8 combo shield.

In theory, Bastet can be used throughout the dungeon to sweep other floors with minimal combos and can be done if one is trying to have a blisteringly fast clear. If pursuing this path, one must ensure the 4-5 combos are done within a second or less.

Style Points

Style Points are a relatively new mechanic that grants additional points for matching a specific pattern. For the purposes of the Ranking Dungeon, they are not worth pursuing with only Guard Break  having true relevance as it will naturally occur on many floors.

With that being said, if you already have a specific pattern ready made due to the No Skyfall clause, preserve it and continue matching as normal.


The 6th Year Anniversary Ranking Tournament is an enjoyable event as the amount of luck required is reasonably low along with the 6% Crown threshold providing a larger window of opportunity.

Let me know how well you have been doing and whether or not you have managed to achieve a new personal best.

Happy Puzzling!

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