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PAD Academy Student Handbook is Valuable


The PAD Academy REM is in full swing and while it is lackluster, the farmable Academy Student Handbook is valuable and worth farming for most players. The Handbook functions as a Weapon Assist that provides the following awakenings: Poison resist Blind Resist Imp HP Imp ATK RCV Latent along with +1s orb movement time for 9 turns on a 14 -> 9 cooldown.

The Student Handbook follows the trend of other Collab farmables i that players need to repeatedly play the dungeon to acquire Bronze-Gold drops and Monster Exchange them for the Rainbow variety. Unfortunately, current Collab events require significantly more farming as each tier requires 5 fodder (5 Bronze -> 1 Silver, 5 Silver -> 1 Gold, 5 Gold -> 1 Rainbow, 5 Rainbow = Handbook). Thus, 5 Rainbow tokens requires a total of 625 Bronze tokens.

Despite this large farming hurdle, the fact that the Handbook is farmable (with large amounts of stamina) makes it quite valuable compared to other Resist options as it does not require limited (Rainbow Event Medals) or Premium (Magic Stones) currencies to acquire.

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Value of a Resist Weapon Assist

Weapon Assists have become invaluable when playing through harder content as they are able to provide additional awakenings to counter various mechanics. At this point in time, those that provide Resistance (Blind Resist Jammer Resist Poison resist ) tend to be the most valuable as they can trivialize certain spawns and mechanics. As such, striving for 100% Resistance against a particular mechanic is a reliable way to improve consistency. Continue reading PAD Academy Student Handbook is Valuable


PAD Academy Review and Analysis – May 2019


The PAD Academy event returns to North America and is simply an underwhelming event. This is often the case with older events as GungHo seldom buffs the bottom rarity cards and PAD Academy is a 5-stone event.

Despite the fact that some of your favourite cards are dressed up in school uniforms, it cannot truly justify the mediocrity of this event and i would strongly encourage players to not roll in this event.

Regardless, this article will outline the strengths and weaknesses of this event to give players an idea of what each card has to offer.

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PAD Academy Pros & Cons – May 10, 2019
  • School uniforms
  • No real top prize
  • One of the weaker events
    • Best to save your Magic Stones
PAD Academy REM
 8 Star base  
 7 Star base Summer Lucifer Summer Isis Summer Athena 
 6 Star base   
 5 Star base Summer Theurgia Summer Sasuke 
PAD Academy REM Rankings – May 10, 2019
C Summer Lucifer Summer Isis Summer Athena  
D Summer Theurgia Summer Sasuke

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them.

Continue reading PAD Academy Review and Analysis – May 2019

Cotton Wins Monster Exchange Survey


The Monster Exchange Survey has come to a close and Cotton has been crowned the winner for North America. For the most part, these types of surveys are problematic because only a single winner can be chosen and it would not surprise me if Cotton had 15% of the total votes as there were 39 different cards to choose from.

The Monster Exchange Survey is different compared to the previous event where the selected card was available for 1,000,000 Monster Points as Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal: will be the primary currency used.

This article will summarize Cotton’s value along with my thoughts on why she was voted for the second time in a row.

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Monster Survey format

Due to the fact that the Monster Survey can only have one winner and the voting pool consists of 39 different cards, it would not be surprising if Cotton had the majority of a minority.

With this in mind, no single card can please everyone and simply opens up the door to mass disappointment. As such, internet bashing those who wanted Cotton is quite juvenile and our voting process did align with the Korean server who has a similar lack of Collabs as we do. Continue reading Cotton Wins Monster Exchange Survey

Maximizing Skill Inheritance and Weapon Assists


The landscape of Puzzle and Dragons has dramatically changed over the course of time and at this point, being able to intelligently use Skill Inheritance/Assists and Weapon Assists is key to success.

At its core, Skill Inheritance enables players to grant a different active skill to a card on their team, however, being able to optimally utilize this mechanic requires a bit more finesse. As such, this article will explain my logic/rationale for team building and utilizing Skill Inheritance to provide the maximum benefit possible when playing through challenging content.

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Skill Inheritance/Manage Assists

In the past, the term used to express transferring new actives to a card was Skill Inheritance which in my head sounds much more pleasant compared to Manage Assists. Regardless, either term may be used in this article but both mean the same thing. Continue reading Maximizing Skill Inheritance and Weapon Assists

Optimal Boards Compilation


Puzzle and Dragons is a challenging game as it combines numerous different elements but the orb solving/puzzling aspect is one of the most endearing aspects. Despite playing for over 2,000 days, I still have lots to learn about optimally solving various boards want to dedicate a post to better solving these.

For the most part, utilizing a bicolour board is the best way to optimize your potential as it usually yields the highest number of combos along with the most concentrated damage. With that being said, there are more optimal ways for solving these for both vanilla combos and for specific awakenings. Continue reading Optimal Boards Compilation

Male & Female Hunter Review


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing and one of the more exciting features is the inclusion of the Male and Female Hunters. These cards are able to be evolved into a total of 12 distinct evolutions while also having the option of exchanging either 3 Evolved Male/Female Hunters for a special new Hunter.

This article will provide a brief summary of what each Hunter does and where how they can be used along with advice on whether the 3:1 Hunters are worthwhile.

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Acquiring Hunters

During the current Monster Hunter event, players will receive one base Male Hunter in the mail and an earn an additional Male and one Female from clearing the Monster Hunter dungeons. As such, some players will be in possession of several Hunters. In addition to these free Hunters, each base form can be purchased for 200,000 Monster Points. Continue reading Male & Female Hunter Review

Skilling Up Monster Hunter Cards


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing and with it comes the special Skill Leveling Dungeon. This dungeon enables players to enter with their newly acquired rolls to skill them up for the low price of 50 stamina.

Generally speaking, this is an amazing medium as it can potentially allow for 5 skill ups for 50 stamina (1 per card) and is the most stamina efficient place to do so.

With that being said, players should NOT be skilling up all Monster Hunter cards, especially those being used as a dedicated Weapon Assist .

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Skill Leveling Dungeon

Skill Leveling Dungeons are one of the best parts of a Collaboration as it enables players to efficiently Skill Up their newly acquired cards. In essence, players check the levels available and simply populate their team with those respective cards. Continue reading Skilling Up Monster Hunter Cards