Candy Cornucopia Godfest Review and Analysis

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or complement your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post which is in the process of being updated. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase any of the Monster Point cards, please refer to my updated Tier List for help and advice.

I also encourage you to visit my discord Discord server as it is full of knowledgeable and friendly people.


The Candy Cornucopia Godfest occurs on Halloween along with the debut of 2 new Godfest Exclusives. However, the scariest thing will not be wildly dressed Trick-or-Treaters knocking at your door but 5x roll rates for GFE and no featured Pantheons.

Having no featured Pantheons tends to result in poorer overall rolling rates as it is my understanding that every card has a base rolling value which is then multiplied during Godfests. Thus, having fewer cards featured means silvers and less than desirable cards take up a larger portion of the rolls.

On the brightish side, all GFE will come out at level 50 along with occurring alongside the Wisedragons & Heroic Warriors carnival. Sadly, this carnival is lackluster with 2x rates and there are no plus eggs as collateral benefit when rolling. Thankfully, two select 6* GFE will feature 10x rates.

This article will include the usual tier list as well as a brief review of Kamimusubi  and Takamimusubi .

Video commentary

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Rolls at a glance

Candy Cornucopia Godfest

Day 1

No Pantheons

 Eschamali Scheat Australis     Ronove 2991
2993 3414 3416    3372 3371

Day 2
No Pantheons

   3260 Ult Sumire Ult Kaede 3233  Kali Dark Kali
3390 3391 3392 3236    
 3268 3414 3416   

Ranking the cards – Pantheons & GFE

These rankings I assign cards are my own and take into consideration the card’s value as a leader, sub, inherit, and possibly any niche role they fulfill. In order to rank in the highest tier, the card has to excel in their respective role and cannot feasibly be replaced by anyone else. This can also be thought of as a Best in Slot card and tends to have applications on the top tier teams.

Despite my best to remain neutral, there is always the potential for bias and you need to be able to examine a card and determine if it can benefit your unique Monster Box and situation. Continue reading Candy Cornucopia Godfest Review and Analysis


Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Clears


I did all of my Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze clears earlier on in the week on my Twitch Twitch Stream and subsequently uploaded them to my YT YouTube channel. However, I realize this may not reach all of my readers so I will provide a compiled list of them here. Perhaps next time I will post these on my website in a more timely manner.

Challenge 10

Challenge 10 was surprisingly straight forward and was actually done first try on both accounts.

Challenge 9

I realized from extensive testing on Fantastic that the poison skyfalls could easily ruin a promising run.

Challenge 8

Avoiding light and dark teams made Machine Hera easy to deal with as you ignore her 2 turns of light and dark absorb. Continue reading Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Clears

Cosmic Trinity Farming


Cosmic Trinity Annihilation (CTA) is an end game dungeon that features nearly all the bosses in the game in a randomized order with greatly inflated stats. Furthermore, the final floor is home to three new encounters who are intimidating to say the least.

However, with the release of additional cards, CTA has become significantly more manageable to the point where there are a variety of teams that can function as a carry as they have the means to seamlessly defeat the final bosses.

This article will be going over the common carry team set ups as well as advice on what type of compositions all three players should bring.

Video commentary

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What is Cosmic Trinity Annihilation?

Cosmic Trinity Annihilation is a 7 floor end game dungeon that has randomized spawns. The first 6 floors are drawn from a pool of various bosses that gain more inflated stats the further you progress up to the point where they become somewhat silly as they can boast amazing amounts of health, deal lethal amounts of damage, and potentially carry silly mechanics. However, floor 1 almost always tends to be relatively easy and many teams may wish to stall there if required. Continue reading Cosmic Trinity Farming

Halloween REM Review and Analysis – October 2017


I am not sure which is scarier: Halloween or the fact that we got these new cards and evolutions essentially at the same time as JP. This just goes to show that NA/EU can have content released on par with JP but we continue to remain 2-3 months behind as the norm.

Regardless, the Halloween REM features three new cards, a brand new evolution, and two new and Collab exclusive awakenings. This article will review all the cards found within the REM along with a brief review of the two new awakenings.

Just bear in mind that the Halloween REM is features mostly older cards that have not been updated and have subsequently fallen behind due to Powercreep.

Video commentary

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Halloween Collab at a glance

Halloween REM Rarities
8-Star Base 3222  HKali 
7-Star Base 2406  
6-Star Base 3224 3225 2409 H Vampire Halloween Alraune
5-Star Base 3226 3227
4-Star Base
Halloween Izanami 3230 3228 2412 3229

Rankings are in no particular order within each tier

Halloween REM Rankings
B 3222  2406 3226 3227
C 3224 3225 2409 H Vampire Halloween Alraune Halloween Izanami
HKali 3230 3228 2412 3229

Costume Rankings by Pancaaake
S coming soon?

Perhaps the most important ranking table in this whole article. This is just for fun and should not be the reason you roll.

New awakenings

The Halloween REM will feature two brand new awakenings: Skill Charge  and Super Bonus Attack . Both of these will hopefully pave the way for future cards possessing these new mechanics as they will greatly influence your team building decisions and compositions. Unfortunately, they are only available attached to rare Collab rolls so it may be a prolonged period of time before REM cards begin to acquire them. Continue reading Halloween REM Review and Analysis – October 2017

Red Myr and Light Hera Dragon Review


Red Myr  and Light Hera Dragon  have both been released in the Monster Point shop for 750,000 MP. This places them in Dark Athena 3193 territory and are 2.5x more expensive than the regular MP cards. As a result, players are wondering if either of these two new cards are worth their price tag and what factors should be taken into consideration when making a purchase.

This article will summarize my thoughts on these two new monsters along with how I approach purchasing a MP card.

On a side note, I have successfully moved into MOMtastic’s home and content should begin to roll out once again on a regular basis.

Video commentary

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How I value MP cards

Before I even look at Red Myr and Light Hera Dragon, I want to establish my internal checklist for evaluating a MP card’s worth and this will greatly influence my opinions on whether or not to pursue a purchase.

When thinking of a purchase, I ask myself the following questions: Continue reading Red Myr and Light Hera Dragon Review

Player’s Choice Godfest Results and Reactions – October 2017


Player’s Choice Godfest results have been officially announced and with it comes surprise, excitement, and a what the fujin moment (have to keep this PG-rated).

This article will express my thoughts and reactions to the voted 25 along with comparing it to my previous predictions of the winning line up.

PCGF will feature 5x rates and each card coming out at level 50 in addition to 10x rates for Ney  on Day 1 and 10x rates for Yog  on Day 2. Finally, this Godfest occurs alongside the +60 Carnival which means all pulls will result in +20 to each stat. Official announcement can be found HERE.

The arrival comes at a wonderful moment as I have just enough time to squeeze out one last article before I pack up my computer and move this weekend.

Video commentary

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The results

Player’s Choice Godfest October 2017
1-5     3385
6-10 3414   Indra 
11-15   3071 3236 
16-20   A Liu Bei Dark Kali 
21-25 2997 3271  3386 Ryune
  • Nine 6-star GFE
  • Six 6-star Pantheon
  • Ten 5-star Pantheon

The actual voted results are not too far off from my own predictions made in my last post: Continue reading Player’s Choice Godfest Results and Reactions – October 2017

Tamadra PEM Carnival – Thoughts


The Tamadra Carnival is in full swing and offers players a guaranteed chance at either a Baby or Adult Tamadra. Each pull will cost 500 Pal Points and may be contesting with the Plus Egg Pal Egg Machine in terms of appeal and value.

This article will quickly look at the stamina value/efficacy for using this special PEM along with some sample rolling.

Video commentary/rolling

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Stamina value

The purpose of the Pal Egg Machine is to save players time and stamina as the rewards are often found in tedious dungeons or those that do not have collateral benefits. At this present time, the strongest events are the Plus Eggs and now Tamadras as both have amazing and direct stamina savings (there will be a future PEM that features rare boss drops such as Orpharion parts but that is not for the average player). Continue reading Tamadra PEM Carnival – Thoughts