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Awoken Pandora or Bankai Pandora, a Comparison

With the very fast release of Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora and finally the release of Bankai Pandora Bankai Pandora in NA, players now have a tough decision to make: which evolution do I do? This is perhaps the first time we actually need to weigh the pros and cons of an evolution tree as most have been quite straight forward as one was always the outright winner. However, each Pandora has their own pros and cons and I wish to analyse their roles as to better help you decide which evolution is right for you. If you are fortunate enough to have 2 Pandora, you should make one of each evolution as to benefit from the best of both worlds.

 Awoken Pandora
Awoken Pandora

 Bankai Pandora
Bankai Pandora
 Type  Devil / Physical  God / Devil / Healer
 Stats  802.60 Total
 839.27 Total
 Active Green Arrow Dark
Light Arrow  Heart + 1 turn haste
9 turn CD
Green Arrow Dark
Light Arrow  Heart
8 turn CD
Leader Skill  1.56x HP & RCV / 25x ATK for connected 8 dark orbs  25x ATK for matching 10 connected dark orbs
Yomi D Yomi Dragon sub?  No  Yes
Awakenings  Dark row Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend
Skill Boost Dark row Dark row
Dark row Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
Dark row Time Extend TPA Time Extend
Fits on
which teams?

Awoken Archdemon Lucifer Awoken Lucifer
dtron Dark Metatron
Awoken Pandora Herself

Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon
Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi
Castor Castor
Haku Awoken Haku
Awoken Pandora as a sub

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Awoken Artemis vs G/D Artemis: A Comparison and Analysis

GungHo is slowly releasing monsters with multiple evolution paths that fulfil different roles and purposes. This is also making it harder to choose the best fit for your team and is somewhat encouraging you to keep duplicate monsters. With the release of Awoken Artemis Awoken Artemis , we are once again presented with two viable evolution paths and I wish to weigh the pros and cons of each to help you choose which Artemis is best for you.

Awoken Artemis
AWOKEN Artemis

G/D Artemis
 Type  Attacker / Devil  God / Attacker
 Stats  814.00 Total
 735.33 Total
 Active Fire Heart Arrow Green + wood skyfall for 2 turns
8 turn CD
Fire Heart Arrow Green
8 turn CD
Leader Skill 2x HP & ATK for Wood
Att. 2x ATK when matching WT & WD
2x HP & ATK for Wood monsters
 Yes No
Awakenings TPA Skill Boost Blind Resist Wood Row Enhanced Wood Orb
Skill Lock Resist TPA Enhanced Wood Orb
TPA Skill Boost Blind Resist Wood Row Skill Lock Resist
Wood Row Wood Row
Fits on
which teams?

Awoken Artemis
Awoken Artemis
 + Awoken Freyja Freyja
Astaroth Astaroth
Spica Spica
Bastet Awoken Bastet
Verd Verdandi
MeiMei Awoken MeiMei

Awoken Freyja + Sylvie Sylvie
Bankai Perseus Perseus

At a quick glance, it would seem that Awoken Artemis Awoken Artemis is superior in most aspects. This is true for the most part as she comes with a superior active, base stats, leader skill, and artwork (although I still struggle to tell what exactly is happening). However, the skyfall buff does compete with Australis’s Australis active (and Vishnu Vishnu ) as the two will override each other and thus diminishing their potency. You may also feel hesitant to use any of their actives as you would have not fully benefited from the entire skyfall duration. Continue reading Awoken Artemis vs G/D Artemis: A Comparison and Analysis

Efficient Plus Egg Feeding Strategies

10x plus eggs in Descends is in full swing and with the advent of 1.5x drop rate Tengu-30 stamina from the coin dungeon, players of all skill levels should be rolling in the pluses. However, you may find yourself running short on in game gold as plus egg feeding can become a costly affair. As such, I wish to show you my method for minimizing the coin cost as you are already overburdened by the cost of entering coin dungeons.

Sort your plus eggs

Firstly, you need to organize your plus eggs and thankfully, GungHo has implemented a means to sort your pluses by HP, ATK, and RCV. You have to go into Chng Ordr-> Special -> choose:

Sorting + eggs

Form +6’s of the same type

From here, you can see all of your pluses sorted by HP, ATK, and RCV Continue reading Efficient Plus Egg Feeding Strategies

My Crowning Achievement?

Dtron 102k

So I said I was going to wait till the weekend before retrying the ranking dungeon in my previous results POST, but patience is a virtue I may or may not posses. I spent some time theory crafting my run and where was the optimal place to use my actives. I also realized I could utilize dark TPA TPA on every floor except Neptune (8) and Athena (10) as a means to conserve dark orbs. Of course I had to move VERY fast while avoiding heart matches except for the first floor and once between floor 2-6.

  • Durga Durga on floor 1 and 10
  • Claire Dark Valk on floor 3 and 8
  • Lilith Lilith on floor 4 for the PreDRAs Fire PreDRA
  • Persephone Persephone on floor 10 for guaranteed 2 rows to hit damage cap

For the first blind attack, I revealed 2/3 of the board and made a TPA match, then revealed the remaining portion on the next floor. Floor 9 I revealed the entire board so I could see where my 5 combos and 2 rows could be placed.

I am quite happy with this result as there are most likely very few non-Shiva Dragon Shiva D teams in the top 1%. This should safely secure a top 1% placement as the cut off for 1% was ~98.5k (at time of posting) which is over 4,000 points lower than my score.


Hopefully this ranking dungeon allows you to hit a new personal best.

Happy Puzzling!

Athena Ranking Tournament Top 10% Scores

GungHo has kicked things into overdrive by overlapping Athena Tournament, Bleach Collab, and 10x Plus Eggs in Descends. Even with 480 natural stamina every day, it may feel overwhelming as there is so much to play! With that being said, I only spent a few runs in Athena Tournament to ensure my top 10% placement. Perhaps there will be some movement as more people participate, but I am confident my place will be secured. For full reading of my initial strategies in a previous posting, please click HERE.

Due to no restrictions for Athena, I decided to mirror my success I had in the Izanami Tournament by using Dark Metatron dtron for Mantastic. It only took a few attempts to safely secure my top 10% and I am on the verge of 1%.

Mantastic Rank

Mantastic 97k

dtron Persephone Dark Valk Lilith Durga dtron

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[Video] Plus Egg Farming with 30 Stamina Tengu Descended on 1.5x Drops

With the advent of 1.5x drop rates influencing coin dungeons overlapping 10x plus egg drop rates in descends, we are given a new (and highly lucrative) opportunity to farm plus eggs. The 30 stamina Tengu Descended from the coin dungeon tab is now one of the more viable places to farm plus eggs. In fact, it is the most efficient place to farm in terms of stamina/plus egg (7.03 stamina/+ or 4.27 pluses per completed run) and only loses value due to granting very low rank experience.

Descend Floors Average +’s Stamina/+ Exp/Stamina
 Tengu Desc Tengu 30 Sta.  5 4.27 (3-5)  7.03  212

Full breakdown of all the descends can be found HERE. However, Tengu is incredibly easy to clear for players of all skill and progression levels along with having the opportunity to be push-button farmed. Clearing the dungeon faster does not yield more pluses, it simply lessens the mental capacity required and eases your sanity. Below is a video of my pseudo push-button team:

 Ra Lu Bu rodin Yamato Shiva

My team has just enough skill boosts to allow me to use Red Odin rodin on turn 2 as the auto kill from Awoken Ra Ra and Lu Bu Lu Bu do not reduce the cooldowns of my other team members. Yamato Yamato is purely used for the 3 skill boost Skill Boost awakenings. Your team can differ and you do not need to push button every floor, it just simply saves a couple of seconds here and there.

Full mathematical breakdown of Tengu’s efficacy was compiled by Michael Yano, Jeffrey Lee and An Do:

Tengu Data

Best of luck in your plus egg endeavours.

Happy Puzzling!

10x Plus Egg Descend Chart and Strategies

With another round of 10x descends coming up, it is worth planning ahead on which dungeons to repeatedly farm. You should have 100% success rate in clearing the descend as any failed run will set you back and make even the most efficient dungeon unideal. Everyone has different goals in terms of number of plus eggs they wish to farm along with the number of stones used to refill stamina and the chart prepared below should help you plan out your next event. Please read my Plus Egg Fusing Guide for more information on how to quickly form +297s with minimal gold usage and thinking.

The chart assumes the highest level of difficulty and on regular 1x drop rates. Number of pluses increase with enhanced drop rates. This also applies to coin dungeons and these become the best to play with 1.5x or 2x drop rate as you are more likely to hit the higher number of pluses per run.

**Do note that the 30 stamina of Tengu from coin dungeons on 1.5x drop rates is amazingly efficient and has a follow up post HERE to better discuss it.**

 Thieves Den icon Star Den  5  5  10  172
Descend Floors Average +’s Stamina/+ Exp/Stamina
 Tengu Desc Tengu 30 Sta**  5 4.27 (3-5)  7.03  212
Kanetsugu Desc Kanetsugu 7 6 (5-7) 8.33 571
Hera Sowilo Hera-Sowilo 10 5.5 (4-9) 9.09 591
Dues Ex Deus Ex 7 5 (2-7) 10 753
Aamir Descended Aamir  8  5 (5-8)  10  313
Tengu Desc Tengu  5 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 193
Guan Yin Ping GYP 6 4.5 (4-6) 11.11 332
Zhang Fei Zhang Fei 6 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 414
Awoken Hel Hel 6 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 480
Grimoire Grimoire 7 4 (4-5) 12.5 378
Zhao Yun Zhao Yun 6 4 12.5 266
Zeus Merc Zeus Mercury 10 4 (4-7) 12.5 685
Pad Z PAD Z 6 4 (3-6) 12.5 413
The Thief Desc Goemon* 5 4 12.5 193
Almight God Zeus* 5 4 12.5 202
Goddess Desc Valkyrie* 5 4 12.5 125

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