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Second Live Streaming at 6pm PST

My second stream via Twitch goes live tonight (Thursday, June 16) at 6pm PST. You can catch me at:

Looking forward to seeing you all there tonight.I am going to try and adhere to a Monday & Thursday 6pm PST streaming schedule. I will only stream for 2-3 hours at a time; however, I will try my best to interact with my viewers. So please drop by to ask any questions you may have as your queries are probably shared by other players.

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Happy Puzzling!

P.S. New Shirt =D

Deal With it Shirt

Fantastic Rank 500 Box Tour

Today has been an exceptionally Fantastic day as I hit rank 500 on my second account as well as Mantastic unlocking 300 max stamina shortly after. To mark this grand occasion, I did a video recording Fantastic’s box that showcases the teams I run along with my plus egg distribution and next pad goals. I am fortunate that I have two high end accounts as I always have a partner ready to go for coop and I could rank up exceptionally fast if I was motivated due to the half stamina costs to enter.

Also, go me on finishing a Scarlet Scarlet icon system =D It does not really have any uses aside from novelty and I will record some game play in a future video so you can see what hours of time farming can produce. If you want to learn more about how I have been farming Scarlet, please check out my post and video dedicated to her HERE.

I have been (im)patiently saving stones for a very long time now and dearly hope a 4x GFE comes soon as I need more things to work on. For more reading as to why I am waiting for 4x GFE over PCGF, please read this article HERE.

I will include various screenshots in case you do not wish to sit through the video and simply want the highlight reel: Continue reading Fantastic Rank 500 Box Tour

Final Fantasy Collab REM Review is on the Way!

As the title implies, my review for the Final Fantasy Collab REM is currently in the works and will be ready before the release on Monday. There is a lot to cover so just check back regularly or follow the various social media platforms below:

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I have finished my analysis and if you were directed here via search engines, please read my full post HERE.

Happy Puzzling!

Have a MOMtastic Mother’s Day!

May 8th is Mother’s Day and this year I have the opportunity to share my love for my Momtastic Mom in a unique and entertaining medium. Many of my readers already know my Mom is an avid Puzzle and Dragoner and has surpassed 850 login days and rank 468. She has a burning passion for the smoking hot Awoken Shiva Shiva but sometimes dabbles in Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon and will have a hypermaxed Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ ready upon release.

I am quite fortunate to have a close relationship with my mother even though I moved out several years ago and a large contributing factor has been Puzzle and Dragons. Throughout my life, my family has been relatively anti-video games and it came as a surprise she took to PAD with enthusiasm. Perhaps it is the puzzling aspect that appeals to her as she has quite the analytical mind as she has no interests in collecting pretty/cute cards. Regardless, I think she mainly started playing as a means to bond with her son (as most parents struggle to find a way to connect). I do not know many parents who would make this level of effort and I will always be grateful to her for more than just PAD. As a way to make this Mother’s Day extra special, I am hoping all you Awoken Shiva (and Yomi Dragon and future Awoken DQXQ) users can send her a friend request as she does have hers Pentamax with 5 attack latents.

Momtastic ID

Hopefully you remembered to call that special someone in your life to remind them that you care. Perhaps you could also surprise them with the gift of Puzzle and Dragons with a freshly rerolled account that has a strong starting monster! If you are lucky, you may begin to receive wonderful messages and have someone else who understands why you need to disappear for an hour when Star Den opens.

Mom text message

Happy Mothers day and Happy Puzzling!

Greco-Roman 2, Three Kingdoms, Greco-Roman 1, and Hero God Pantheon Analysis

Refer to the Master List for directory to the other pantheons and their analysis.

Take a look at my Popular Leaders and their Full Sub List post for inspiration on team building ideas. If contemplating on purchasing a MP Dragon, please check out my Monster Point Dragon Purchasing Check-list Guide.

Keep in mind all of the following monsters qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty in selling dupes.

Greco-Roman 2

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
God / Physical
TPA Skill Boost Blind Resist
Fire Row Skill Lock Resist Fire Row
Fire Row

Heart Water Arrow Fire
8 turn CD
Ares is one hot fire team sub and was once crowned the title of highest ATK base stats in the game. However, time has seen his place shifted around to his current form of a fire row Fire Row powerhouse. Furthermore, with his god typing, he makes an incredible Shiva Dragon Shiva D sub. Unfortunately, Ares is unable to be as well utilized on other top fire teams such as Awoken Shiva Shiva or Gadius Gadius as he will either create too many fire orbs and prevent sufficient combos or remove heart orbs.

On the bright side for Awoken Shiva Shiva teams, Ares just had an Awoken Evolution announced Awoken Ares. This will grant him Devil / Attacker typing and causing him to become TPA TPA oriented with massive base attack and an enhanced fire skyfall active in conjunction with double orb change. This is also great news for Raoh teams as the double orb change helps flood the board with fire orbs. Unfortunately, this will remove his presence on Shiva Dragon Shiva D teams so exercise caution before committing. I will also do his own special post comparing his evolutions at a later date.

God / Attacker
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Skill Boost
Water Row TPA Water Row
Water Row
BL Hermes
God / Physical
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Skill Boost
Water Row Devil killer Water Row

Green Heart Arrow Water
8 turn CD
Awoken Hermes
Awoken Hermes
Devil / Attacker
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Skill Boost
Water Row Water Row TPA
blue + orb blue + orb
Green Heart Arrow Water + 2 turn water skyfall
8 turn CD
Hermes is one of the few monsters that has 3 unique and powerful options for evolution trees (which I will be covering in a more extensive post). The decision of which evolution boils down to the type of leader you are using.

  • B/D Hermes is best on Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon teams
  • B/L  BL Hermes is a physical Blue Sonia Blue Sonia sub (or Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon )
  • Awoken Awoken Hermes for every other water team except for Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon and Blue Sonia Blue Sonia

Regardless of which evolution path you choose, all the Hermi (Hermeses?) are outstanding mono water team subs on row Water Row based teams as his active overflows the board with your desired water orbs and can be combo-ed with nearly every full board changer to generate a 2/3 water board.

Please read my Hermes Evolution Comparison Post for a more detailed examination of which path is best for you.

Awoken Artemis
Awoken Artemis
Attacker/ Devil
TPA Skill Boost Blind Resist
Wood Row Enhanced Wood Orb Skill Lock Resist
 TPA Enhanced Wood Orb
Fire Heart Arrow Green + 2 turn wood skyfall
8 turn CD
God / Attacker
TPA Skill Boost Blind Resist
Wood Row Skill Lock Resist Wood Row
Wood Row
Fire Heart Arrow Green
8 turn CD
Artemis is still in an awkward position even with her branched evolution tree. Her double orb changer is similar to Australis Australis and Liu Bei Liu Bei , but she cannot as easily be placed on any team as both those counterparts do their job better.

Australis Australis has 5 Wood Row awakenings and a more powerful active as her skyfall buff lasts for 4 turns. Liu Bei Liu Bei has 3 TPA TPA awakenings and by default hits harder (maybe the skyfall mechanic negates this). Regardless, playing Artemis on a TPA oriented combo team such as Awoken Bastet Bastet is problematic due to overflowing the board with too many wood orbs and potentially causing you to be unable to form 7+ combos required for full leader skill activation. You can arguably use Awoken Artemis  as a leader on her own to form a 4x HP / 16x ATK team but must work around awkwardly matching water and wood orbs.

However, one thing Awoken Artemis shines at is being an Awoken Astaroth Astaroth sub as her team is normally quite restrictive in their sub choices.

Please read my Artemis Evolution Comparison Post for a more detailed examination of which path is best for you.


Apollo (blue)
God / Attacker
+heart +heart TPA
Skill Boost TPA Light Row
Light Row
Heart Dark  Arrow Light
8 turn CD
Awoken Apollo
Awoken Apollo
Healer / Attacker
+heart +heart TPA
Skill Boost +light orb TPA
Skill Lock Resist +light orb
Heart Dark  Arrow Light + 2 turn light skyfall
8 turn CD
L/B Apollo Apollo (blue) is a fantastic light row Light Row sub for Saria Saria / Thor Thor teams as his active floods the board with numerous light orbs and almost always ensures you can manufacture 2 unique rows. Furthermore, his dual orb changing capabilities allow him to combo with most full board changers. Unfortunately, a lack of SBR Skill Lock Resist or time extend Time Extend diminish his utility value.

On the other hand, Awoken Apollo Awoken Apollo is quite the horny and majestic unicorn (seriously, his art is just mind-boggling) and appears to have less synergy with most teams as he lost his row enhances. The strange part of the entire Greco-Roman pantheon’s active favours row formation due to flooding the board with their respective colour. Regardless, Awoken Apollo gains the healer typing and opens options to be used on Awoken Ama Amate , Light Metatron Metatron , and Light Zhuge Liang Light Zhuge Liang teams. In addition, the new wood typing means Awoken Sakuya Sakuya teams do not need to bring a wood sub and may ease team building. Of course, the overflow of light orbs may make it problematic to adequately combo, but can be used after Light Kali Kali ‘s active to ensure a more combo friendly board. Furthermore, the enhanced skyfall mechanic may add lethal amounts of additional damage.

Please read my Apollo Evolution Comparison Post for a more detailed examination of which path is best for you.

God / Healer
+heart +heart TPA
Skill Boost TPA Dark row
Dark row
D.R Persephone
God / Devil
+heart +heart TPA
Skill Boost God Killer Skill Lock Resist


Heart Light Arrow Dark
8 turn CD
Persephone was far prettier in her dark/fire D.R Persephone form and is only evolved to dark/wood because of the additional awakenings and most notably 2 Dark row . In addition, the 2 +heart awakenings add significant increase to healing that should not be overlooked. Furthermore, the enhanced heal orbs will be converted into enhanced dark orbs. Row based teams love actives that can flood the board with dark orbs and D/G  Persephone is an amazing candidate. Main drawback are a lack of Skill Lock Resist awakening and may place constraints on team building along with no devil typing. This changes with the D.R Persephone evolution at the cost of 2 Dark row and TPA.

However, Awoken PersephoneAwoken Persephone was just announced in JP and brings yet another tough decision to make in terms of viable evolution paths. I will be making a special follow up post at a future date with her pros and cons, but I will just leave you with her becoming Attacker / Devil typing and being orb enhance Dark Orb Enhance and TPA TPA reliant.

Continue reading Greco-Roman 2, Three Kingdoms, Greco-Roman 1, and Hero God Pantheon Analysis

PAD is love, Plus Eggs are Life

PAD playtime

10x descends is quite hectic and I may be going a little overboard at the moment. I am actually closing my eyes and seeing the plus egg drop and that wonderful *ding* noise along with using different fingers to prevent fatigue. Perhaps it is the sign of madness, but I have also farmed ~1,000 plus eggs across both accounts over the course of these 2 days. After the weekend, things will begin to slow down again as my 2 favourite dungeons, Kanetsugu Desc Kanetsugu and Hera Sowilo Hera-Sowilo, end their rotation (however, Hera Sowilo does return next Sunday).

All att team

All att team 2
Teams used for all attribute

I chose to play Kanetsugu Desc and Hera Sowilo because they offer a wonderful amount of rank exp along with 5-6 plus eggs on average per run. I prefer this over Almight God Zeus or the other push button farm dungeons because I lack a push button team and it feels more wasteful due to less plus eggs and no collateral benefits. For more information, feel free to check out my chart detailing plus egg rates and exp/stamina in the more popular descends HERE.

PAD playtime 2

Hopefully everyone still has their sanity and is reaching their plus egg goals/target.

Rest your eyes
Words to live by!

Happy Puzzling!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, kindness, affection, chocolate, flowers, etc. However, I want to take a step back from all the conventional societal standards and focus on something we all love and care for: Puzzle and Dragons as the only GF we need is 4x GFE ;). Everyone has a certain monster that they cannot live without; whether it be your starting roll, wonderful waifu, or hunky husbano, there is something enchanting about our favourite monster. Our love may be strongly tied to their art work as it is one of the strongest connections to our monster box. Unlike other video games, our monsters do not move or talk, but we still cherish them just the same.

For myself, I have an irrational love for Sakuya  Sakuya  Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!

Rank 500 and beyond

Rank 500
The prestigious 11th team slot

Right before the release of coop dungeons, I hit the coveted rank 500 milestone. I meant to do this post then, but was swept up in the frenzy of coop and the Cauchemar ranking dungeon, I had to put it on hold.

Lifetime exp at 501
Takes just under 88 million exp for rank 500

PAD as a whole has been advancing quickly with the advent of 3 minute stamina, numerous best friend resets, experience of a lifetime, and now coop dungeons. All of these give players the opportunity to rank up at an increased rate. Regardless, it still takes a very long time to reach rank 500. This journey took me over 850 days to reach. For fun, 88 million experience translates into: Continue reading Rank 500 and beyond

3 Minute Stamina and the Implications for PAD

Japan has just announced they will be reducing the stamina recharge rate from 5 minutes to 3. This will allow for 20 stamina per hour and thus 480 stamina per day (instead of 288). This is a sizeable increase and first impressions are of course jumping for joy. I remember when stamina took 10 minutes to refill and was simply a nightmare as you could barely accomplish anything on a day to day basis. The change from 10 to 5 was badly needed and allowed players to enjoy all the content that was being released. However, when changing from 5 to 3, the implications go beyond simple quality of life improvements. Continue reading 3 Minute Stamina and the Implications for PAD