JP Stream Changes & New Evolutions Review


I normally do not provide much thoughts on future JP news as it does not apply to NA for usually 1-2 months. However, the most recent JP stream showcased numerous new evolutions, quality of life changes, and new game mechanics. I wish to take the time to review all of the new things coming to Puzzle and Dragons.

The Final Fantasy buffs will be covered in a separate post and the review will be updated accordingly. I will be reviewing Bleach whenever it is scheduled to come to NA.

Video commentary

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Skill Inheritance changes

Puzzle and Dragons is by nature a grind-oriented game. However, there is fun grinding and there is tedious grinding. GungHo is doing their best to cut down on the more boring aspects so you can focus your stamina playing fun content.

Skill Inheritance has been a well received mechanic and it has given viability for cards that had lackluster bodies and powerful actives. Unfortunately, the process is somewhat costly to perform as each transfer costs 2 million coins and requires 4 tans. The coins were usually not too much of an issue, but collecting the right colour tans is mostly a stamina sink/loss as the dungeon is not fun to play and is more of a chore than pleasure. Continue reading JP Stream Changes & New Evolutions Review


Gracious Banquet Godfest: Greco Roman 2, Wisdom Kings, and Three Kingdoms Review and Analysis

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or compliment your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase a Four Gentlemen card, please read my Review and Comparison HERE.


The Gracious Banquet Godfest comes as a bit of a surprise as we have been somewhat overwhelmed by Final Fantasy along with it falling on a Wednesday. However, to tempt players further, the new Wisdom Kings pantheon will be featured on both days alongside two powerful series. In addition, all monsters rolled during the Godfest will come out with +50 to a random stat.

If you are torn between rolling in Final Fantasy or this Godfest, you will have to determine what can benefit your box more? Furthermore, you have to take into consideration that the Final Fantasy Collab is a limited time event (may not return for 6+ months) whereas these featured pantheons will rotate back along with being available all the time.

Green Forest Gala Cameo

Day 1
Greco Roman 2 Wisdom Kings
Awoken Ares A Hermes Awoken Artemis Awoken Apollo Awoken Persephone 3198 3200 3202 3204 3206
rodin Blodin Green Odin Kali Dark Kali Red Sonia Blue Sonia Green Sonia
Ult Zuoh Ilm Ult Tsubaki Ult Sumire Ult Kaede Fenrir Viz Fenrir Kanna
Baby Satsuki
 Gremory Ronove 2991 2993 2997 Sherias Roots Sherias
Balboa Baldin

Day 2
Three Kingdoms Wisdom Kings
A Cao Cao A Sun Quan A Liu Bei Awoken DQXQ A Lu Bu 3198 3200 3202 3204 3206
 Urd Skuld ult evo Verd  Metatron dtron Ryune Saria Sylvie
Fenrir Viz Fenrir Ult Zuoh Ilm Sherias Roots Sherias Baldin Balboa
Ronove 2991 2993 2997 Gremory Eschamali Scheat Australis
Gadius Typhon

Video commentary

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Day 1:

The Greco Roman 2 pantheon is one of the oldest, but still possesses their powerful double orb changer. Granted they have diminished value in a heart cross meta, they are still capable of acting as powerful mono colour subs for their respective teams. In addition, they are capable forming reasonable tank teams that are reliant on matching two different colours. Overall, they are a powerful pantheon and are well positioned for when the meta shifts to powerful Krishna-style teams.

On the other hand, the Wisdom Kings pantheon is the newest one to be released in North America and features monsters who have unique actives and leader skills. All of them offer something new that will add dimension and diversity to your monster box. You may not need them in every situation, but it is worthwhile having them at your disposal. All of the Wisdom Kings have respectable leader skills and come ready to use (no ultimate evolution/awakening/reincarnating required). In addition, Acala 3202 will become a formidable leader when her fire cross buff comes through.

The GFE featured on Day 1 is superior as you have both the Kalis and Kaede featured at increased rates.

Overall, Day 1 is a great way to acquire powerful cards and is worth rolling even if you already have some of the Greco Romans as they are powerful options as assistants through Skill Inheritance.

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[Videos] Fixed Team Challenge Descends


There has been plenty of hype and excitement with the Final Fantasy Collab returning to North America; however, players should also be excited about the introduction of a pure Fixed Team Challenge. This challenge provides players with 5 unique and powerful teams to tackle various descends. All of the teams come hypermaxed (+297 and max skill) so we have the opportunity to play and enjoy compositions we would normally not be able to create. This is also a fantastic opportunity for newer/lower rank accounts

I have compiled all of my clears across my two accounts in solo mode to showcase how these teams play and the general strategies used to overcome the various  hurdles presented in the dungeons.

Awoken Hel Hel vs Deus ex Machina

It was nice how they gave us a nearly 100% farmable team. How do I feel about the poison meta? Hel no.

Awoken DQXQ DQXQ vs Hephaestus Descended

A strange hybrid of water and light subs. I tended to focus on light matches at the beginning and transition over to water rows for the boss

3202 Acala vs Seraphis Descended

It was strange playing a colour cross leader. It was also amusing to see an Odin Dragon Odin Dragon and his ridiculous autoheal awakenings. If you are playing this in coop, you can tank the Limit Break enrage hit from the boss and simply go for the one shot on the first turn.

Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon vs Zeus & Hera Descended

It is somewhat sad how dated Neptune Dragon has become with powercreep as his multiplier is so low considering how many orbs you have to chain together. Hopefully his future evolution will grant him some relevance.

Ult Tsubaki Tsubaki vs Agni Descended

Probably the only time you will ever see a hypermax Sphinx but it was valuable for executing the Tan on the first floor.


The fixed challenges gives players the opportunity to play leaders that would otherwise be unobtainable along with enjoying a fully invested team. I hope GungHo continues to provide more fixed team challenges as it is a lot of fun to experiment with new playstyles as well as granting lower rank players the opportunity to clear variuos dungeons.

Happy Puzzling!

Farming for Skill Delay Resist Tamadras in Special Descend Rush without Awoken Liu Bei


Skill Delay Resist Tamadras Skill delay resist (SDR) are now invading Special Descend Rush (SDR), from the coin dungeons, which makes for confusing abbreviations and a wonderful opportunity to acquire the strongest Latent Tamadra. Special Descend Rush features 6 Rogue Descend Bosses along with the leveling up mechanic to further hinder your progress. However, SDR has very predictable mechanics and is able to be cleared with a Glass Cannon team as there are no lethal preemptives. Many players are using Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei to mindlessly farm, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have him nor the fully invested Dioses Ult Zeus Dios and niche inherits.

As such, I wish to illustrate how Sarasvati 3069 or any other glass cannon leader can quickly clear this dungeon provided you have already invested in that team.

Video clear

My older clear from when Sarasvati was first released and required 12 orbs for 100x

Teams used

I have used Sarasvati since her release when she was a more orb hungry leader that required 12 water orbs for 100x. This would cause additional pressure to use orb changers and slows down the overall process. Thankfully, in her current form, Sarasvati is able to achieve 100x without a connected 6 water. Team A starts the dungeon and does not bring a dark sub to avoid the preemptive bind.

Team A 3069 A Hermes A Sun Quan Awoken Oorochi 3103

Team B 3069 Blue Sonia Ryune Gabriel BL Hermes

There can be many variations to these teams and you mostly have to counter a few mechanics:

  • Floor 3 requires a Delay or Poison to kill Volsung
  • Floor 4 requires a Delay or Awakenings Bind clear (aka Green Odin Green Odin)
  • Floor 6 requires either a bind clear or a buff to be dispelled
  • 6 kill actives for all the floors

Using a delay instead of a Poison or Awakenings Bind clear allows for some stalling/setting up your board. This conserves actives along with letting your floor 1 and 2 abilities to possibly recharge in time.

Other than this, it is a pretty straight forward dungeon: kill before being killed. You have 6 floors and a total of 10 actives so you will have at least 1 to spare at the end. Keep this in mind when team building and remember to take advantage of Skill Inheritance.

Sarasvati strategy

Based on the skyfall luck and locked orb spawns, you may have to adjust on the fly; however, this is the general strategy used:

  • Floor 1 Awoken Hermes A Hermes, kill (A)
  • Floor 2 B/L Hermes BL Hermes if required, only need 9 water orbs (B)
  • Floor 3 is done in 3 steps:
    • Awoken Sun Quan A Sun Quan, Sarasvati 3069, set up board (A)
    • Use 9+ water orbs, kill and trigger resolve (B)
    • Finish off Volusung as he is at 1 HP, Conserve heal orbs (A)
  • Floor 4 abuses Orochi’s delay to wait out the awakenings bind
    • Move heart orbs out of the left and rightmost columns (B)
    • Orochi Awoken Oorochi and heal as much as possible (A)
    • Remove locked fire orbs, conserve water orbs, and heal (B)
    • Remove locked fire orbs, conserve water orbs, and heal (A)
    • Remove locked fire orbs, conserve water orbs,  and heal (B)
    • Mori 3103 to remove poisons and sweep with 2 water rows and 100x (A)
  • Floor 5 Blue Sonia Blue Sonia and sweep (B)
  • Floor 6 is the boss floor
    • Remove locked orbs and make sure Sarasvati’s active is rolling to bait out the status void instead of bind (A)
    • Ryune Ryune + Hermes (may have to pass turns) and sweep

If you get an invade, you can either delay it or burst through or stall. You have to use your judgement.


Now is the best time to farm for Skill Delay Resist Skill delay resist Latent Tamadras. Special Descend Rush may be challenging, but is doable with an invested team and a solid strategy.

Let me know how you have been farming this dungeon and what was your set up.

Happy Puzzling!

Wisdom Kings Review and Analysis


The Wisdom Kings are the newest pantheon to be released in Puzzle and Dragons. None of these monsters have an ultimate evolution and to help compensate for the anticipated Powercreep, they have received additional awakenings along with a unique kit to keep them interesting (they should have new evolutions in the distant future). All of the Wisdom Kings provide something new and valuable that helps add dimension to your monster box.

As a forewarning, any defensive multiplier is lost if your leader is bound. Conversely, the multiplayer bonus Multiplayer Bonus provides 50% more stats to these cards which helps bring them more inline with Reincarnated/Awoken evolutions as their base stats are around 700.

Video commentary

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Puzzle and Dragons Abbreviations – A Reference Guide


All games and activities have a certain degree of lingo or abbreviations made by the fans to help streamline discussion or to convey complicated thoughts more easily. Puzzle and Dragons is no exception and for players who have been playing for several years, the lingo and abbreviations are not too difficult to keep up with. However, if you are just venturing out of Departure Tower (the starting dungeon), you may be overwhelmed with information and unable to understand what is being said on the various forums or Facebook groups. The purpose of this article is to provide a handy reference guide to all Puzzle and Dragons (PAD) terminology and if I miss any abbreviations, please let me know in the comments below.

Video commentary

Puzzle and Dragons abbreviations

In order to streamline your search and reading experience, I have tried my best to categorize the various terms.

Magic Stone related

Magic Stones are the premium currency in Puzzle and Dragons. These are used to expand our box space, friends list, continue a failed dungeon, as well as rolling the Rare Egg Machine (REM). These can be acquired via clearing a dungeon for the first time, logging in every day, or by purchasing with real life money.

  • Stones simply refers to Magic Stones. Sometimes used in the past tense (stoned) to imply you continued a failed dungeon
  • IAP or In App Purchases is a term used to convey spending real life money for additional magic stones
  • F2P / Non-IAP stands for someone who is Free to Play and does not purchase Magic Stones
  • Whale or any other aquatic animal is a term used to describe someone who purchases a lot of magic stones. The larger the animal (with Whale being the largest), the more they spend.
  • MP or Monster Points is a secondary currency that can be used to purchase various powerful monsters
Godfest related
  • GF is a Godfest where certain monters are featured at increased rates. Often confused with Girlfriend.
  • PCGF is the short form of Player’s Choice Godfest. This is a special Godfest in which the players vote for the featured monsters. I do not know when it will occur next
  • GFE are Godfest Exclusives that are only able to be rolled during Godfests
  • 4x GFE indicates that certain GFE are featured at 4x rates. This number can change/vary
  • Pantheon is the featured non-GFE monsters
  • Troll Gold is a monster that comes out as a gold egg, but is really just an evolved silver

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Krishna – New Savior for Fire Teams: Review, Analysis, and Team Building


Krishna 3068 has finally received his new ultimate evolution and has been transformed into a top tier leader. While he may not be as overpowering as some of the heart cross leaders, Krishna has numerous advantages including the most flexible team building, ability to focus on rows or TPA, along with being able to fully utilize any given board. Krishna is capable of clearing end game content including Arena 3.

Video commentary

 Krishna at a glance

God / Balance / Devil
3,735 HP / 1,767 ATK / 353 RCV
845 Total
Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Fire Row Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Time Extend Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb

Active Skill:
+15% fire skyfalls for 3 turns
Question Orb Arrow Fire
6 turn CD

Leader Skill:
1.5x HP/ATK/RCV to fire cards. 3x ATK with 2 fire combos. 4.5x ATK with 3 fire combos
2.25x HP / 45.56x ATK / 2.25x RCV

Krishna Scaling Leader Skill
# Fire Combos 0-1 2 3+
Multiplier 2.25x 20.25x 45.56x

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