220k Official Facebook Likes Godfest: Indian 1, Three Kingdoms, Japanese 1, & Norse Review and Analysis

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or compliment your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase a Four Gentlemen card, please read my Review and Comparison HERE.


220k Facebook Likes may be a strange milestone to be celebrating, but at least it is a round number and is most likely to coincide with the 3-year anniversary for EU. Regardless, GungHo is featuring four different Pantheons along with certain GFE at a 4x rate. Unfortunately, neither day is truly outstanding as many of the cards are starting to fall behind due to Powercreep.

Fire Gala of Flame Silk
Day 1
Indian 1 Three Kingdoms
Shiva Awoken Lakshimi Awoken Parv Awoken Indra Awoken Vritra A Cao Cao A Sun Quan A Liu Bei Awoken DQXQ A Lu Bu
Day 2
Japanese 1 Norse
Awoken Hino Awoken Oorochi Susano Amate Awoken Yomi Freyr I&I Awoken Freyja Thor Awoken Loki

Video commentary

Day 1:

The Indian 1 Pantheon finally has all their Awoken evolutions; however, many of them are starting to fall out of the meta due to the speed of powercreep. Furthermore, Shiva Shiva, Lakshmi Awoken Lakshimi, and Parvati Awoken Parv only come into their full power with their awoken forms and will be quite weak beforehand. However, Japan has just announced new Reincarnated evolutions for those three and it may help give them an extra boost in power to help make them relevant again. The main drawback of the Indian 1 is the delay between their uses on pull and acquiring their awoken evolution.

The Three Kingdoms have become one of the most desirable pantheons to own as each card brings a phenomenal amount of power and utility to their respective teams. Whether as leaders or superstar subs, you will want to own at least a few of these mighty warriors and are even respectable before their awoken evolutions so you will have value early on. The current prize to be had is Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei as he trivializes countless content in Coop and many players will be tempted to roll just for him.

Overall, Day 1 is the stronger of the two line ups in terms of pantheons featured.

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[Video] +297 Hera Dungeon Strategies and Guide


To mark the celebration of the third year anniversary, GungHo will be granting players the opportunity to play the +297 Hera “Gift” Dungeon. The word Gift is misleading as it is a challenging dungeon to clear and Gift is only used to indicate that it is a one-time clear and has to be done in solo mode.

Mantastic & Fantastic’s video clears

Mantastic’s Sarasvati 3069

A much riskier team due to the orb hungry nature of Sarasvati. There is a certian amount of praying required to either skyfall a water combo or have enough present to conserve actives. However, it was a pleasure to play with and the damage on Minerva was Nuts Nut 😉


Fantastic’s Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ

DQXQ was a lot safer by comparison due to the less orb hungry nature of her leader skill. I could use the 16x ATK and TPA down the easy floors and only had to form rows starting at floor 5. It also helps that both leaders have a more impactful active skill.

Team used

Will update when I play this dungeon. Myr Miru is the default/easy choice but may try and use a different leader to showcase a more novel strategy.

JP clears

As this is a one-time clear dungeon, I decided to showcase various JP clears with leaders I do not own to provide another layer of inspiration for theory crafting viable teams. You can use the search term as well:  神王妃 絶地獄級

Light Myr Miru

Reco’s clear using Myr. I also speculate she will be the easiest to use for this dungeon.

Ace Best Cat Cross Bastet

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Meta Snapshot: Alternate Accounts and How to Successfully Create One


Today’s Meta Snapshot will explore the rising  popularity of alternate (alt) or additional accounts. This article will define what an alternate account is, how to go about raising one, the viability in today’s meta, and why it feels go to play with yourself. For reference, Mantastic is rank 642 and Fantastic is rank 600 which gives me a strong understanding of how to successfully play two high level accounts. Do keep in mind that I have been playing both account for over 1,000 days so my level of progression will differ from other players.

Video commentary

What is an alternate account?

Simply put, an alternate account is an additional account for a player who already has an existing one (often referred to as their main). In the past, players created alt accounts to help alleviate boredom during the dark days of 10 stamina/min. However, many people did not stick with it due to a lack of coop  and slow progression years ago.

Today, many players have started to make new accounts not only to fight off boredom, but to play coop ‘solo’ by piloting two accounts.

  • Able to play coop at your own convenience
  • Have full control and only have your self to blame for mistakes
  • There is a certain joy when raising a new account (applies to most games)
  • Have twice the stamina to play with
  • Have twice the free magic stones to roll
  • If your accounts are different letter groups, you gain additional time slots to run the hourly dungeons
  • Can tell strangers you play with yourself in your spare time

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Big Updates to my Stream!! Also looking for new Twitch Mods!


I have been streaming Puzzle and Dragons on Twitch for a brief period of time with only two short streams a week. I do have reasonably strong views by PAD standards, but I wish to improve the experience for both myself and viewers. While recovering from my eye surgery, I had a lot of time to think about the direction I want to take for my stream and came up with a lot of fun and exciting way to evolve my stream from a 5-star to 8-star status! The two most notable changes will be more streaming sessions to help catch people in different time zones along with implementing a viewership reward system that awards a currency from passively watching which can be redeemed for Fantastic prizes!

Video commentary

More streaming sessions!

People love watching me play with myself, in coop, with my Mantastic and Fantastic accounts. As such, I wish to provide more times in which you can be entertained while trying to provide streaming sessions that are more convenient for viewers who are not on the West Coast. Note all the following start times are in PST:

  • Monday at 6pm
  • Thursday at 3:30pm
  • Friday at 3:30pm
  • Saturday at 2pm

I will try my best to adhere to this schedule and may still shift times/days around as needed. The best way to stay informed is to follow my various social media platforms as I will make announcements for when I go live and any delays that may happen:

Mantastic Icon Mantastic Social Media Mantastic Icon
FB icon Facebook twitter Twitter YT YouTube Twitch Twitch

New currency system

One thing I always try to achieve while streaming is engaging my audience through verbal interaction and entertaining gameplay. However, I want to go above and beyond the average streamer by rewarding my viewers with an in-stream currency to give them more options to interact with me and have a lot of fun at the same time.

I had a test stream on Friday and one viewer (forgot the name, sorry!) suggested I name my currency Myracle Stones as it is both punny along with tying into my love for Myr. Viewers will earn 1 Myracle Stones every 3 minutes they spend watching (Oh look, it is just like stamina!) and there is a large list of rewards they can redeem that will have a message pop up on stream along with a flashing an image and audio component. Continue reading Big Updates to my Stream!! Also looking for new Twitch Mods!

Awoken Izanagi & Anima Review and Analysis


Awoken Izanagi Awoken Izanagi and Anima 3083 were part of a small evolution release and I want to discuss their value and why they are significant to your monster box and gameplay.

Video commentary

New evolutions

Awoken Izanagi
Awoken Izanagi

God / Balance
+light orb TPA
+heart Skill Lock Resist +light orb Skill Boost TPA Time Extend

Active Skill
2x ATK God & Balance type
100k Light attack to a single enemy
Reduce player HP by 50%
6 turn CD

Leader Skill
7x ATK and 50% damage reduction with heart cross. 2x RCV for God and Balance types
49x ATK / 4x RCV / 75% damage reduction

Awoken Izanagi makes a wonderful debut as yet another heart-cross leader. The heart-cross mechanic is currently the most powerful ability in the game as it allows teams to deal amazing damage while having incredible survivability as you can greatly reduce incoming damage and survive gravity based attacks. As such, Izanagi becomes a potent leader and has great leadership potential when paired with Myr Miru. Continue reading Awoken Izanagi & Anima Review and Analysis

PAD Cross Review and Analysis


PAD Cross has finally arrived in North America to celebrate the Puzzle and Dragons Anime that can be found somewhere on the internet. Hopefully people are not too Cross about the delay in gaining these new evolutions. Thankfully, unlike other Collabs, PAD Cross does not involve an extra REM to roll from. Instead, it provides ultimate evolution options for some existing farmable and regular REM cards. This is fantastic as players do not have to spend additional magic stones and may already own some of the required cards from Godfest rolls. None of these evolutions are mandatory, but give players the option to modify some of their favourite cards.

Video commentary

New REM evolutions

Ana Typhon
Cross Typhon

Dragon / Balance
 Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Dark row Bind Immune Bind Immune Devil killer

Active Skill
All Arrow Fire Water Dark Heart
2 turn haste
13 turn CD

Leader Skill
1.35x HP / ATK for Dragon and Balance type. 6x ATK and 35% damage reduction when forming a heart cross.
1.82x HP / 65.61x ATK / 57.75% damage reduction
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[Videos] Clearing Challenge 8, 9, & 10 with a variety of teams


I managed to stream for a brief period today and was able to successfully clear Challenge 8, 9, and 10 with a variety of teams. I tend to blink a lot and may not be able to see the orbs with the same clarity as I usually do, but hopefully my Mantastic skills pull through in the end!

Challenge 10 vs Sarasvati

Definitely not overkill on Kali….

Challenge 9 vs Blue Sonia

Another Splashing success!


Challenge 8 vs Dark Metatron

Hit me harder


Playing with one eye is a lot harder than it looks. Eye hope eye am back to normal shortly.

Happy Puzzling!