Xiang Mei – New 300k MP Monster Review and Analysis


Xiang Mei, or Orchid, is the first of the Four Gentlemen series 300k MP monsters to be released and brings a new play style, a dramatic increase in powercreep, and a somewhat dependency on Skill Inheritance. She is easily the most REM heavy of the MP Dragons to date and should only be purchased if you have the luxury of owning multiple copies of her and the few keys subs.

Xiang Mei
Xiang Mei
2,812 HP / 1.903 ATK / 1,001 RCV
995 Total
Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Fire Row 37

Active Skill:
Question Orb  Arrow Heart
1 turn haste
8 turn CD

Leader Skill:
1.5x HP / 2x ATK for Healer type. 3x ATK when 2 heal combo, 4.5x ATK with 3+ heal combos

2.25x HP / 81x ATK healer types

 # heal combos 1 2 3
 Multiplier 4x 36x 81x

Xiang Mei lacks dual typing and does not have a sub attribute. This seems bizarre for a 300k MP Monster; however, her leadership potential is unrivalled provided you have the right subs, duplicate Xiang Mei’s, and Skill Inheritance. The following video is mostly to illustrate the play style of Xiang Mei without skill inheritance to give you an idea of her capabilities. Continue reading Xiang Mei – New 300k MP Monster Review and Analysis


Player’s Choice Godfest June 2016: Review and Analysis


Player’s Choice Godfest is one of the most anticipated times of the year for all Puzzle and Dragoners. It is a time where the community collectively votes for the most popular gods and is a great way to help populate your monster box with numerous strong cards. In my previous post, I compared PCGF and 4x Godfest Exclusive (GFE) events and came to the conclusion that it is better to roll PCGF for newer accounts/players missing numerous key cards.

Which Godfest to roll?
Frequency 2 times per year  Random
  • New accounts/less developed boxes
  • Great way to fill in the numerous gaps in your monster box
  • Those who are not chasing MP or 6* GFE
  • Veteran players
  • Focus is MP and 6* GFE
  • Those with very developed monster boxes

However, with the promise of 4x rates for all the featured monsters, my approach needs some tweaking. Due to not knowing the true rates of any godfest, we cannot do any mathematical comparisons; however, the 4x rates should imply the featured GFE (and most importantly 6* GFE) are at a similar hit rate. You may still get less MP per stone spent as numerous non-GFE are also featured, but if you are chasing the featured 6-stars AND the other featured gods, this may be the best time to roll. Furthermore, each monster comes out with a +50 to a random stat and this will help you achieve +297 faster. However, take these predictions with a grain of salt as I do not know the rates and can only guess.

In addition, all of these monsters qualify for Skill Inheritance so please do not hastily sell or feed them off without taking a moment to think if they can benefit your various teams. I also strongly encourage you to read my Advanced Strategies post on Skill Inheritance to gain a better understanding on how to make the most of your active skills.

Lastly, if you wish to read about virtually any other REM monster not listed below, please refer to my Master List which will direct you to the appropriate page.

Overview of featured Gods

The voting for North America was done rather well as we managed to include nearly all the top tier cards while having some forethought into voting in cards that will become relevant with the release of the 4 Gentlemen 300k MP cards and new Awoken evolutions.

Top Voted Monsters in Descending Order 
Dark Kali
Scheat Awoken Yomi Isis
rodin Awoken Pandora Awoken Archdemon Lucifer Gadius Ilm
Skuld ult evo Uriel Indra row Shiva Sakuya
Susano Awoken Oorochi Ryune Kali Blue Sonia
Akechi Awoken DQXQ Haku I&I Raphael

Some things that jump out: Continue reading Player’s Choice Godfest June 2016: Review and Analysis

[Video] Challenge 10 “Solo” Blonia Clear

Question of the day: Does it count as a solo clear if you are the only person playing? Even if it is your two accounts? Regardless, here is another video of me playing with myself in this Challenge 10 series:

Everyone is +297 and max skilled. One rainbow resist per team.Blue Sonia Bankai Andro Ryune BL Hermes I&I Blue Sonia
BL Hermes Awoken Oorochi Blodin Mori Motanari

This dungeon was almost made for Blue Sonia as her entire team consists of Dragon / Physical monsters and made it a lot easier to clear as my entire team was benefiting from a 50% increase to all stats. One of the most important aspects of Blue Sonia teams is the ability to heal large amounts of health due to a 6.25x RCV multiplier. This allows for easy stalling and was vital for my strategy as I needed to recharge Orochi for the final boss. Even though my matching wasn’t flawless, I was still able to scrape out a victory and only had to do one attempt.

I find that it is best to wait out the awakening bind on Linthia before using your delay as you can then have an uninterrupted 5 turns to kill her without having to deal with any execution mechanics. In addition, you should try to keep your heart orbs away from the outside columns as she has a high chance to remove them.

I also cleared challenge 9 with the same team, but sadly forgot to record.

Ch9 clear

What did you use to clear this series of challenge dungeons?

Happy Puzzling!

Fantastic Rank 500 Box Tour

Today has been an exceptionally Fantastic day as I hit rank 500 on my second account as well as Mantastic unlocking 300 max stamina shortly after. To mark this grand occasion, I did a video recording Fantastic’s box that showcases the teams I run along with my plus egg distribution and next pad goals. I am fortunate that I have two high end accounts as I always have a partner ready to go for coop and I could rank up exceptionally fast if I was motivated due to the half stamina costs to enter.

Also, go me on finishing a Scarlet Scarlet icon system =D It does not really have any uses aside from novelty and I will record some game play in a future video so you can see what hours of time farming can produce. If you want to learn more about how I have been farming Scarlet, please check out my post and video dedicated to her HERE.

I have been (im)patiently saving stones for a very long time now and dearly hope a 4x GFE comes soon as I need more things to work on. For more reading as to why I am waiting for 4x GFE over PCGF, please read this article HERE.

I will include various screenshots in case you do not wish to sit through the video and simply want the highlight reel: Continue reading Fantastic Rank 500 Box Tour

Skill Transfer: Advanced Strategies


In my previous post where I thoroughly analyse Skill Inheritance and its uses, I give a large disclaimer at the bottom that reads as follows:

What do I do with this/how do I choose what to inherit?

This is a horribly loaded question and is probably on the forefront of most player's minds. Sadly, there is no perfect answer as skill inheritance will be used to fill the voids in your team when facing specific dungeons/mechanics. If you need a bind clearing active, you select a bind immune card, go to the list of bind removing actives, and inherit. If you need a board changer, same logic applies, but you can choose your least valuable active to use as a base. You need to systematically go through the list of assistance subs I provided above and find what you have at your disposal and determine if you need to bring those for that specific encounter.

And this is true for the most part as it is very challenging to give specific examples of what to do as everyone has a different team with varying shortcomings. Skill transfer is deigned to help address holes/flaws in your team’s roster as a means to tackle harder content without sacrificing subs who provide ideal awakenings, typing, or colour coverage. However, after more digging and research, I came across three helpful links (here, here, and here) which are all in Japanese, but the pictures help me gain a general understanding of the current meta in JP. As such, If anyone can link me to other sites such as these, it would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea how to navigate around. I will use these as a rough template paired with my own knowledge/point of view to give some specific examples of how to make the most of your active skills.

Video and Example Inheritance Options

Stand out assistance monsters

There are of course all the popular options you are very familiar with, but these are less common and immensely powerful cards you may have idling away in your monster box.

Jewel Princesses

The Jewel Princesses are fantastic for skill inheritance due to their amazingly high multiplier for damage enhancement. They grant  enhancement based on unique criteria such as specific awakenings so do not let their colours deceive you. Unlike the Norse Gods, they only boost damage for a single turn, but their enhancement is far greater.

 Silk Carat  Cameo Facet  Sheen
Enhnaced Fire Orb +light orb +heart
Skill Boost
Wood Row Dark row
Time Extend

Continue reading Skill Transfer: Advanced Strategies

Skill Inheritance: Impressions and Strategies


Skill Inheritance is finally going live in North America and is one of the most anticipated features to come to Puzzle and Dragons. The goal of this post is to help transfer my knowledge to you on how Skill Inheritance works, when to use it, and advanced strategies to get the most value from your actives. Skill inheritance (or transfer) will allow you to link two different monsters together as a means to have access to additional active skills.  The base monster can be used as normal, but your linked monster (assistant) cannot be sold or used on your teams. The base monster will still retain their normal active on their regular cooldown, but will also be able to use another monster’s active at a longer cooldown (base monster’s cooldown + assistant monster’s cooldown). Furthermore, if the second skill is charged, you cannot use the your base monster’s skill. Using a skill at any time will reset both skills and must wait again to use either. This restriction can be problematic if you select a high priority monster as your base.

The following chart illustrates which active you can use and on which turn when having Awoken Isis Isis as your base monster and Dark Kali Dark Kali as the assistant.

 1  2 3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10
Isis Isis Isis Isis Isis Isis Isis Dark Kali

In this example, you will still have your regular bind clearing ability from Isis on a 3-turn cooldown, but have the option of waiting 10 turns for the board refresh (and making the bind clear unusable). This means that you can use Isis on turns 3-9, but be forced to use Dark Kali on turn 10 and above. Using an active at any time will immediately reset you back to the beginning of this cycle.

How to transfer skills

You can use any 5+ star REM (or collab REM) monster as the assistant onto a card of your choice (the base does not have to be an REM monster). In order to do so, you will require a new material called Tan. These Tan will be available through a special 50 stamina dungeon (or MP shop), but the colour you receive is random and will require you to run numerous times to acquire the correct combination. You can cancel the transfer at any time, but will not have your TAN or gold refunded. Continue reading Skill Inheritance: Impressions and Strategies

Version 9.03 Major Buffs and Notable Changes

Version 9.03 is finally live and brings a tidal wave of changes and buffs to all aspects of Puzzle and Dragons. With this post, I wish to summarize the most important and notable changes that will be made. A separate article dedicated solely to Skill Inheritance is also available as I wish to focus on the other aspects coming with 9.03. This is not the complete patch notes, only the parts that I feel are meaningful.

Additional Awakenings:

Minerva Neptune Awoken Ceres Venus Awoken Hades Greco-Roman 1 + Skill Lock Resist

The Greco-Roman 1 Pantheon is one of the oldest and was designed to tackle significantly older content that had different mechanics. They finally have been given a skill bind resist Skill Lock Resist awakening to help alleviate the burden of achieving 100% immunity. This will hopefully give them more play time as their actives are situationally useful and can be subbed in as need without fear of having your skills locked.

Awoken Hino Awoken Hino + Skill Lock Resist

Awoken Hino has been a fearsome triple two-prong attack TPA fire sub who would burn through monsters on Awoken Shiva Shiva teams. With the added skill bind resist, Hino now becomes a nearly staple sub as he now offers everything you could want on a fire sub.

Leader Skill Changes

Skuld ult evo Skuld -> 27.56x ATK

Skuld has been seeing more potential as a sub on Rukia Rukai Kuchiki teams, but was often neglected as a leader. However, she now gains an added component to her leader skill if you match 5 orbs with 1 enhanced (5o1e) to peak at 27.56x ATK and 4x RCV for water/wood cards. This may not be game-breaking, but gives players an option to begin using water TPA TPA cards again such as U&Y U&Y, Nut Nut, and Orochi Awoken Oorochi.

rodin Blodin Green Odin Odins gain 1.5x ATK for clearing 4+ connected orbs

This mostly applies to Red and Blue Odin as they already feature a 1.5x HP / 2.5x ATK multiplier and this additional damage pushes them up to 3.75x ATK.  This means you can use them as a pseudo replacement for Raoh Raoh and Ryune Ryune when paired with Freyr Freyr and I&I I&I to form a 1.5x HP / 12.19x ATK / 2.5x RCV team.

Metatron Light Metatron gains unconditional multiplier

Light Metatron is now an unconditional 1.82x HP / 12.25x ATK leader for healer type monsters. She is also the butt end of numerous jokes on receiving so many micro buffs in hopes of giving her more relevance. Thankfully, this buff is valid, but she will still most likely be passed over for other options.

Kali Light Kali becomes 56.25x ATK (36 -> 56.25)

Probably one of the most significant buffs this patch as Light Kali now achieves 56.25x ATK (up from 36x) at 6+ combos while matching Fire, Water, Light, and Dark orbs. This dramatically increases her consistency and viability as she is superior to Sakuya Sakuya‘s damage output provided you cannot achieve 8+ combos every turn. Furthermore, Light Kali has one of the most powerful actives as she guarantees an activate-able board. Continue reading Version 9.03 Major Buffs and Notable Changes